Engulfing previous to fucking interracial and hardcore

Engulfing previous to fucking interracial and hardcore
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This is my first story so if you guys like it I'll make more. It seemed like the loneliness and horniness would never end, sure I was a teenage boy but seriously it was beginning to cause issues. Ever since I was a kid I had been extremely shy, and that had been my downfall it seemed when it came to relationships.

I had just turned 15 and it seemed like I was never going to have a girlfriend or anything. I had tried working out and even going out for the football team, but my shyness always drug me right back down.

I had a huge crush on Christina, a medium height girl in my class with shoulder length dark blonde hair and green eyes. I always admired her body as she walked down the hallway. She had 36C boobs and an ass that created many a wet dream for me. I knew I'd never be able to fuck that body but I can always fantasize about it. A few months after the school year started I was standing at my locker grabbing my books when I saw her talking to her boyfriend.

The rumor going around the school was that he had tried fucking her when she stayed at his house the night before. He had allegedly gotten her pants off and was about to stick his dick in her pussy when his parents burst in(after hearing her screams) and pulled him off of her.

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They were standing there, arguing and yelling at eachother. She walked away from him and, to my utter and amazed surprise started walking towards me. She came right up to me and hugged me. I hesitantly hugged her back, I could feel her bra less tits pressing up against my chest and it felt wonderful.


"John I'm so tired of all these guys that all they want is sex and pussy! You seem like the kind of guy that wants to please a woman and not just himself, will you go out with me?" "Uhm, sure, I mean, you always ignored me in the past why are you asking me now?

Ugh, what I mean is yes I will." "Great!" she said while jumping up on me.

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A few weeks later I was heading over to her house for the first time. I was hoping to get laid, but I wasn't sure I could do it. Christina had helped me out with my shyness and had encouraged me a lot, but it seemed like she too had some issues that needed resolving and I hoped she would let me help her out to.

"Hey!" She said opening the door only enough to stick her head out. "Hey! You said you wanted to see me?" "Yea come on in, I got a surprise for you!" "What is it?" I said coming into the house. As soon as I walked in she closed the door behind me. I turned around to see her standing there in a bath robe. "My parents are going to be gone for a few days, I was hoping you could help me." "Sure!

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What is it?" "Well, see I'm still a virgin and I've been really -" "YOU'RE a virgin!? You could get any guy at the school to fuck you!" "Well, you see I've been waiting for a special guy, one who can satisfy my needs.

I was hoping to wait a while and slowly ease you into it but after what I've heard about the size of your cock around the school I just can't stop thinking about it!" She wasn't lying, my cock was pretty dang thick and about 7.5 inches long.

It was by far the largest in my grade. "So, wait wait wait, let me get this straight you want me to fuck you?" "Yes." she said with lust in her voice. She undid the strap on her bath robe and let it fall to the floor. She was completely naked from head to toe, and I could see her perfectly shaved pussy was extremely wet and her nipples were erect. She walked up to me real sexy and put her arms around me. I let my hands probe her body and grab at her ass.


Her lips tasted so sweet, and it wasn't long before I wanted more and began to push my tongue through her lips and into her mouth. My tongue and her tongue twirled in her mouth. Meanwhile she had begun unbuttoning and unzipping my pants. They dropped to the floor and she stepped back. I took off my shirt as she dropped to her knees and began admiring my cock.

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"Its so huge!" "Yea and its all yours Christina." She stood up and gave me a finger motion instructing me to follow. I followed her down the hall and to her parents bedroom where she turned around and layed back on the edge of the bed. "Fuck me John, I want your big cock in me soooooo bad!! Fuck me on my parents bed!!" "Don't have to tell me twice!!" I walked up and crawled ontop of her, positioning my cock at the entrance of her pussy.

"This is gunna hurt for a while, but it'll feel great for both of us in a bit." I shoved into her pussy with a lot of force, apparently enough to push through her hymen. She began to cry out in ectasy and pain. I started kissing her neck as I bottomed out my cock and began pulling it all the way back out and shoving it back in. She kept crying out "oh fuck, fuck me John!!" and comments like that.

Eventually my balls began to tighten and my cock began to swell inside of her tight pussy.

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"Christina I'm cumming!!" "OH fuck!! Cum in me baby!! I wanna feel your cum fill me up like your cock has!!" I rammed my cock all the way down in her and shot three humungous loads.

Right as I did I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock as a humungous orgasm racked her body. "Oh fuck!! I'm cumming too!!!" she moaned. I held my cock all the way down in her until I could pull it out. Tons of my cum and her pussy juices squirted out onto her parents bed and soaked into the sheets. "Are you on the pill?" I asked, hoping she was.

"Nope! I wanted to have our first child conceived on my parents bed without them knowing, feels so dirty!" "OMFG, you wanna have kids? AWESOME!!" "Yea maybe some day when our kids come of age we can teach them about sex by fucking them like we just fucked!" "Yea I'm sure if we had a daughter anything like you I'd love to fill her up with my cock and she'd love it too!!" THE END If you like it please say so in comments and give me feedback, this is my first story so its not that great.