Club thot saggy boobs jraytv and redbone

Club thot saggy boobs jraytv and redbone
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This is my first story, I have more in the process so please comment and rate what you think. Thank you Mom and son make a deal Growing up in a small town I was always lucky to have my dads looks, I have blond hair, blue eyes and an average build from swimming.

My mom was quite the looker too, even as her son I had noticed what a charm to look at she was. She had long brown hair, blue eyes and a body that made grown men cry.

She had the curves in all the right places.

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It was just going on summer vacation and I was close to graduating highschool, the last day ended up being a half day which was pretty pointless. It was more so to say good bye to all the teachers.

Ive had plenty of dates from high school but never anything to sexual, as these thoughts were playing through my head I started to become horny but luckily I was just walking down my driveway.

As I went in I dropped my bag by the door amd stepped into the kitchen, I guess my mom Anne hadnt heard me come in because she was on her hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor as I stepped in.


I took advantage of this moment and just stared at my mom bent over swaying back and forth as she scrubbed. She was wearing a pair of tight jean shorts and a tight white shirt. She had finally looked over her shoulder and noticed me goggling over her. "honey I didnt hear you come in" as she stood up to face me I couldnt help but notice that she wasnt wearing a bra and that I can see her hard nipples through that wonderful shirt dampened from water.

I stared for a moment lost in thought until she said something "how was your last day? Any idea as to what your going to do this summer" I looked her in the face and said I have no idea. Probably just take it easy, as I started to walk away trying to hide my awkward erection she had stopped me and asked where I was going. Upstairs I said. "your going to leave all this house work for your lonely old mom?" she asked jokingly.

Just give me a couple of minutes I said with my back to her, little did I know she was right behind me reaching for my shoulder. She turned me around and asked whats wrong but then my worst nightmare happened.

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Or maybe my best dream? She glanced down to my crotch and noticed I was spotting a tent, her face turned red when she looked me in the eyes then back down to my pecker. "what caused that" she asked innocently pointing to my pants. I knew my face was red and I was embarrassed as ever before.

"i dont know im just not used to seeing you cleaning like that and not wearing a bra".

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She then quickly realized she wasnt wearing a bra and looked at her own chest to notice her hard nipples poking through "oh so thats because of me then" I stammered and said yes in a cracked voice. "you think your own mother is hot dont you?" as I was saying no she cut me off and said that she had a proposition for me.

"ill tell you what, if you help me through out the summer, maybe I will help you with your problem" as she eyed my erect penis through my pants.

What do you mean, my voice cracked again.

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"finish scrubbing the floors and ill give you a taste of what I mean. Or maybe I should say ill be doing all the tasting" as she licked her lips and walked away. I stood there alone in awestruck repeating the words in my head as if this didnt even happen.

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Was she serious. Even if she wasnt there was no way I could pass down the slightest chance, as I said my mom has a tight hot body and a rack that could make me cum in seconds.

I grabbed the scrub from the bucket and started right then, I washed every inch of the kitchen floor. I was hot and sweaty and headed towards the shower before I told mom I finished. As I walked by her room she called out to me "did you wash the floor hun" yes I replied. "then come here for a minute". I entered her room and she was sitting at the edge of the bed still wearing her dampened white shirt. When I came to standing in front of her she kneeled down onto her knees "lets see what were dealing with shall we" She was actually serious in the kitchen.

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She was undoing my pants right then and there and I instantly became hard from the thought. When she undid the button my dick flew out almost hitting her in the face.

She gasped and whispered "my my you have grown up" she stared at my dick and I could feel her breath. She grabbed it lightly and jerked alittle "its so warm" as she picked up the pace. She looked up at me "does your penis feel good in mommys hand" y y yes I said.


She tightend her grip and didnt leave eye contact I was coming close to cuming when I guess she realized it and said "its okay to cum on my face hunny" alittle after I did. Stream after hot stream flew out and covered her beautiful pure face with her own sons semen.


She gave one last stroke before standing up. She had my cum on her cheek and upper lip. "if you help me through out the summer doing more house work there will be more where that came from" suddenly her tongue came out and licked her lip taking in some semen "hmmn thats good stuff" as she began walking to the bathroom.