Busted Riding Dick In A Club Toilet

Busted Riding Dick In A Club Toilet
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She was riding her bike along the trail today it was so very hot she needed to be cooled down. She knew there was a small lake just up ahead since she had ridden this trail a million times.

After a few moments she turned of the main trail and was at the lake. It was so calm on this hot day. And she guessed it would be so nice and cool. She kicked off her shoes off and peeled her wet t-shirt from her body. She unbuckled her shorts and pulled them down and stepped out of them. She reached down and took off one sock while balancing on one foot, then just the opposite for the other foot.

She stepped up to the water's edge. She dipped her perfectly pedicured toes into the water.


It was very nice and cool not too cold but just right. She began to wade in then had a thought.

She looked all around, and saw nobody. The lake was small and not very well known.


She thought one more time then a small wry smile came across her face. She reached around and in a well practiced movement her bra fell revealing a wonderful pair of dark breasts, she had always liked her breasts. Her dark nipples were so very sensitive. She tossed it on to the pile with the other clothes. Again she took a look around then did the same with her panties. She now naked as the day she was born turned and dove into the nice cool lake.

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She swam for about a half an hour. Then she thought she needed to get back home.

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So although she didn't want to she figured she should get out. So Marisol swam to the shore and stepped out. She bent down to pick up her clothes. As she did she saw him standing there, he was tall muscular and handsome. He also happened to be naked. His cock was enormous, long and very think. He caught her looking, that madder her blush.

She also realized that she was, as he, fully exposed but she didn't know why she wasn't covering herself. "Hello there." He said. I thought I was the only one who swam here. She was snapped back to reality and quickly tossed one arm across her breasts and her hand covered her well-kept mound. "How dare you?" She demanded. She tried hard to sound shocked and angry but for some reason she was neither. There was something about the stranger, something intoxicating and arousing.

She could stop looking at him, and he made no modest gesture at all. He began walking toward her, and she noticed how his large cock bounced against his thighs.

She could swear she felt her pussy getting wet. He reached her and spoke, "I didn't mean to startle you. I'm very sorry." Then with out another word he grasped her cheeks in both his hands and kissed her passionately on her lips.

His mouth was like the sweetest wine she had ever tasted. She opened and welcomed this stranger's tongue into her hot waiting mouth.

His hands moved. One to the small of her back the other to her breast.

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She made no move to stop him in fact not even realizing it her hand was grasping his thick cock and she was stroking, it grew hard in her hand. Her hand did not even fit around the shaft. She grew even wetter as he pinched her nipple hard she let out a soft moan. Marisol was usually a very conservative woman. She never in a million years ever thought she would find herself in this situation. But she couldn't stop herself she just had to have this man. She kissed him harder still.

This time she forced her tongue into his burning hot mouth. She slid her hand across his hard and broad chest. The firm and large muscles underneath made her need him even more.

Again without even realizing what she was doing she found herself on her knees. In front of her face was now the largest cock she had ever seen and It was standing straight up and hard as a rock. She stroked it a few times and then kissed the engorged wide tip. Tasting a small amount of precum. She had to have this man now. She opened her mouth and took his cock in. She was almost cumming her pussy was absolutely drenched. There was no turning back. His cock tasted so good.

Marisol could barely put her mouth around it. She sucked it in as deeply as she could but still saw half his shaft. His large hand grabbed a hold of her hair as he forced her mouth farther down his shaft.

She gagged a little, but took it willingly. Her pussy was aching. She reached down and was rubbing her clit with one hand and squeezing his hard strong chest with the other. She was moaning and shivering with pleasure as he slid is cock in and out of her mouth.

She could tell how wet her pussy was just from how wet her clit was getting. As he pushed her head harder onto his throbbing cock she heard him moan loudly.

She liked that she was the cause of him making that sound. Who was this man? "God yes! That is so fucking good, Suck my cock!" He said between moans. She obeyed, she could resist even if she wanted to. She sucked more and just as her mouth was getting tired as if he could tell he pulled her off. She could see his cock dripping with her saliva.

It was so big the tip was purple with blood and huge. He gently laid her on the soft sandy shore. She lay on her back, he knelt down in front of her. He took her left leg in his strong hand and lifted it up kissing the underside of her knee. How could he fucking know that was one of her favorite spots?

The shivers came again. He kissed her calves and ankles then shocked her. He took her soft dark toes into his mouth. He greedily sucked them all at first then taking his time on each toe. His mouth and tongue were so wet and hot that is sent tingles all through her body. How could she be so turned on by having her toes sucked?

She pushed the question out of her mind and just let it happen. She realized her hands were on her full tits. She squeezed and rolled them in her hands. She pinched her nipples moaning the whole time. "Yes! Yes! Please more." She heard herself saying. He lifted her right leg and did the same to the toes of her right foot as to not neglect it. He then laid down in front of her kissing slowly up her thighs kissing each inner thigh in turn. Right shiver, left shiver, right moan, left moan.

The closer he got to her soaked pussy the more she moaned. He kissed her just near her waiting hole. So close she could feel his hot breath on her moist lips.

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She pinched her nipples even harder. Inch by inch he kissed. The anticipation was too much for her to take. She was going to burst if he didn't do it now. Just as she was about to scream from the waiting his large tongue plunged deep inside her soaking and willing pussy. She cried out "Oh fuck yes! Lick that pussy!" She howled. His fingers explored her now fully throbbing clit. She was in heaven. "More please! More!" Came her response. He lapped up her pussy juices like a man just rescued from the desert.

By this time her hands had moved to his thick head of dark black hair. She, like he did before, grabbed his hair and pushed him deeper and deeper inside. She cried out and then let go the hardest orgasm she had ever known, shouting and pulling his hair as she came. She filled his mouth and he drank it down.

Marisol's entire body shook. Her toes pointed like a prima ballerina. She had never cum that hard in her entire sexual experience. God who was this man? As she came down from this high and calmed her body she opened her eyes and he was looking at her. His dark brown haunting eyes were so captivating, and she kissed him deeply. She pushed her tongue deep into his mouth. She could taste her juices mixed with his mouth. It was wonderful. It was like nectar of the Gods. They kissed and shared their sex with each other.

Then he moved to her neck kissing ever so softly gently down her chest to her breasts. He took one full in his hand and squeezed it. Marisol shook yet again. He put his warm mouth on her dark erect nipple.

He kissed it so sweetly then sucked it into his mouth. Then rolled his tongue around it. Her hips raised her breath quickened. She was in his trance yet again. His kept sucking and licking her nipples first one then the other. Then he moved down and gently every so gently kissed her stomach. She had always been shy about her tummy. It wasn't hard and flat. But he seemed to like it that way. He came back to her breasts and licked them harder still. He moved up again to her neck, then her chin, and her mouth again.

But just as she felt his lips press against her's she felt something even better. He was pushing inside of her. She gasped and his kiss held her back. She had never known she could accept something that wide.

She felt like, well she didn't know, just that it hurt. But not in a bad way, but in a way that made her want more. Marisol felt the tip first, it was huge and engorged he pushed inside her even more. She felt some of the shaft, and adjusted her body to accept the girth.

She dug her nails into his muscular back and moaned loudly, this was so amazing. After he felt she was comfortable with the size he began to thrust slowly and rhythmically.

"Yes please! Yes!" She cried. He was, she guessed only about half way in each time but she was unsure she could take any more but how she wanted to try. Oh how she wanted to try. His breathing was becoming heavy and his muscles were getting taught and his body was glistening with sweat.

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She leaned up and kissed some of it off his barrel of a chest. He tasted so good. "You are so amazing." He said.

"So fucking amazing. Your pussy is so tight. I love it so much. Squeeze my cock more" he pleaded "harder." She obeyed and he cried out. "Yes god yes!" He pushed himself up and took both her legs and closed them across his chest so that her knees were together and her feet were in his face.

He again sucked her toes and kissed her soles all the while thrusting that perfect cock deep inside her pussy. He was going deeper now that she was wetter and could take more. He was sliding in and out faster now and his cock was throbbing even harder. She could almost feel each and every vein in his huge cock pulsing with blood.

"God yes! Fuck me! Fuck me with your big cock!" Marisol could not believe that just came out of her mouth. But this man had made a new woman out of her she was changed forever. "Yes your cock is so big in my tight little pussy. Fuck it! Fuck my little wet pussy harder! Harder!" She demanded, he obliged her and began thrusting deeper and harder. "I want all your fucking cock in me! Every fucking inch! Fuck me!!" As she said that Marisol came yet again harder this time than before. As she did so she grabbed her nipples and pinched them hard, his mouth still full of her dark toes.

He took her toes from his mouth and shouted. "Yes fuck yes!" As he did so Marisol was still in the mists of her second orgasm but felt the gush of cum fill her pussy. He pushed one last time deep inside just as the cum poured out he held her legs to his chest. They both cried out in pleasure.

She loved the feel of them both cumming at the same time mixing together in her sweet pussy. He pushed her legs aside and took her in his arms and kissed her so gently it was almost like nothing at all. They fell asleep in each other's arms. When Marisol woke she was alone. She rolled over onto a single red rose tied in with a white ribbon and a folded piece of paper.

It read simply: My Dear, That was the best ever in my life. I hope we can meet again for a swim. I will be waiting for you to come back. Until then let this rose remind you of me. -Love Murphy!