Model Wearing Lingerie Does A Striptease

Model Wearing Lingerie Does A Striptease
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I noticed that the Lab never let up on Billy's ass and kept licking it and licking it. Billy looked at me and smiled and said it felt good.

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I bet I said then i looked at the dogs penis and it had a red tip then i looked at Billy with horror and said that dog is gonna fuck you. He said what's that? I said your gonna find out soon. At that the dog jumped on top of Billy scratching him all over.

The dog was a mess he had dirt on him and smelled kinda like skunk.


Anyway he was rolling Billy around over and over like he didn't know what to do. His pecker was jabbing all over the place.

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Billy started crying because of the unknown and then I started talking to the dog real nice. Here boy here boy. The dog listened to me and started smelling my butt. Billy and I locked eyes as he knew what I did and then he seen the dogs penis and knew i was gonna take it instead.

The dog did not even have a name that i knew of but i called him Butch.


Here Butch here boy. He jumped on me and instead of wiggling around i tried to get my ass in the air to take it. To tell the truth I have always dreamed of being fucked in the ass just not like this.

Anyway he mounted me with his big paws and grabbed my waist meanwhile pocking his big red pecker all over until he found my hole and he just jabbed it all the way in. I looked in Billys eyes with this pleasure I cannot describe. It felt so good to have this giant pecker in my ass and the dog was panting real close to my head with his tong out.

Billy could not believe it and he became hard. His penis was about 4" and mine was hard also and it looked bigger than 6" The dog quit after about 5 min then turned around. He started walking into the other room and he was taking me with him What was going on I am being dragged across the room by this Lab.

I was still on my front keeping my head tilted to the side and trying my best to raise it When the Doctor came in he laughed and said he was sorry. He thought maybe the dog was fixed and was sorry to leave us alone with him.

He explained that the dog gets a nut ball in his penis and until all the cum comes out were stuck. I said I did not mind it felt kinda good. He looked at me with confusion.

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I said I need to be milked because I was hard as a rock. He said he was too busy right now and he only needed it for work. He took me over to the blanket on the floor where Billy was waiting. He put my facing his boner and Billy facing mine. This is as close to a penis I have ever been and Billy too. Billy thanked me for calling Butch over to me instead of him. He said he was scarred to death it was going to stick it in him.

He asked me if it hurt and I said it did in a good way. I said now I have a boner and can't touch it. You can suck me off as payment if you want haha (i was kinda joking but still kinda not). Billy said ok he would and he scooted best he could so he could suck my penis into his mouth. ahhh it felt so good as he rubbed his tongue around the bell and started down my shaft. I could of lasted longer but I thought he was just helping me out so I said ok move. But he kept on my head and sucked it like getting last of milkshake out of cup.

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I said here it comes and yet he stayed. Now I know he has seen the doctor milk my penis at least 3 times a day and he knows how much comes out but he stayed. I reached over and sucked at his 4" harden and sucked it in my mouth. I even got to suck his balls in my mouth. I was at peak and shot my load right in his sweet young mouth as he gulped it down.

I laughed and said well at least you have your protein today. He didn't laugh just kept sucking it all down. I kept sucking him too and he started to shake and squirm around then he quit and i let go. The doctor came in as he finished not knowing i guess what Billy did to me and me Billy.

He scooped us up on under each arm and said he had a great surprise for us. I am going to say that I am not happy to be where I am now. I am on a roll around table with this younger boy named Billy and were being held prisoner in this quack of a doctors bunker while he is thinking he is a genus and is going to make a serum that will grow limbs back on people.


He in the meantime he has cut off all of Billy's limbs all the way up to his torso and mine as well. He made sure we were never in any pain when he did this but at same time he is sick because he fed us out own body's to keep us alive. He said now that he has a dog he will buy extra food and we will no longer be eating human flesh again. Little did I know that he would feed us dog food. He even bought the crunchy kind so our teeth will stay clean. What a jerk but at least it was better that eating human.

He would feed us celery and carrots now and then to satisfy our snacks. He milked my cock two or three times a day saying he is on a break thru and soon he will be rick and famous. All the time we are stuck on poles just for his amusement. At least he has kept us alive. He claims he isnt going to kill us because he saves lives not take them.

He is twisted because he took my life and Billy's away from us. Were not good for anything now that we have no legs or arms. He had made us a special bed that we were able to move around in.

He took away the poles we were attached too. It had sides like a baby bed This was so nice and comfortable. He also had the same water contraption but also had a clean water fountain we would soon learn to operate. He also showed us how to pee in this hole he made and when we need to shit we push our rear against this hose and a vacuum comes on and sucks the shit away.

He put a dish down with some dog food in it and said now we can eat on our own. He said that he is going to install a TV on the ceiling to make it easier to watch.

He also promised he would never let us get all dirty again and said he was sorry he left us like that. He had regrets and thought if he got caught with a young girl he would go to jail and we would die.

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He also said that he has not given up on getting a girl that is at least 10 or 12 sometime in the future when he builds up enough nerve. Right now he said he will be busy working on anther experiment. Eureka we hear a shout from the other room. The doc comes running to where we are and said he has found a serum that will make things grow. Were happy for him at last he found the missing link why frogs grow limbs and humans don't. I say great try it on us. He said it isn't that kind of serum he is still working on that but needs a girl first to have eggs.

We were wondering what was he talking about? now he has lost his mind. He starts out with one thing then changes mid stream. He explains that he has been working on my sperm and mixing up my DNA with frogs but so far no success. Then he told us that when the dog mounted me he snatched up some of the dogs sperm from my ass and he thinks he found a growing serum that will make things bigger. He then said were going to be his test subjects. WTF here he is lieing to us all this time. Were just his little pawns i guess nothing we can do about it.

He leaves for awhile and we wonder what he has in mind to do to us? We both get a little nervous but are hopeful he will grow our limbs back. TO BE CONTINUED.