Virginity girl romantic fucking with her boyfriend

Virginity girl romantic fucking with her boyfriend
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If you haven't read the first part of this, here's a quick catch-up… I 'met' my slave, Boy, a couple weeks ago on the forum here at xnxx.

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We've had some hot chat-sessions in that time and to make it a bit easier I'm posting my fantasy here as a story, rather than going back and forth chatting… So, Boy was bad he let a drop of my spunk drip from his mouth as I was feeding it to him, some of my piss dribbled from his mouth as I fed him that too… A little while after I used his virgin ass, I wanted to fuck him again but instead of bending over for me like a good slave should, he complained that his ass was still too sore from getting his cherry popped… Even though I fucked him good and hard, slapped his ass until it was bright red, Boy still needs to be punished for his insolence… (BTW, this is a first and only draft no editing.

so the grammar-police can suck me!) Earlier tonight, I fucked his ass and filled his guts with a big wad of cum. I popped a butt-plug inside him to keep my cum from dripping out of his hole and told him to get dressed… I took him to a po-dunk bar out in the sticks and made Boy blow a few guys (who paid me with beers), before taking him out to him parking-lot where I charged the rednecks $5 for a blow-job from Boy… Then, for $10, I let one of the hicks fuck my slave (after pulling out the plug, of course, and the redneck didn't even mind he was fucking an ass already full of my spunk).

A big, beefy, handsome hick offered me a crisp one-hundred-dollar-bill to take my slave home with him for the night.


I agreed, but said that I had to come along too… By the time we got to the beefy redneck's dilapidated trailer in the middle of the woods, I'd figured out that our new friend (I'm calling him John) was not so much interested in using my Boy, as he was being used himself&hellip. Oh, this is going to be fun&hellip. (from here on out, I'm addressing my slave… Boy, this is for You!!!) I finish my beer, feeding you about half of it by spitting it into your mouth… You are nervous, that much is plain, yet you're also wiggling on the couch beside me, moving the butt-plug around inside you, stirring the two loads of cum you already have inside you… I can see the lump in your pants and I know that you're still just a horny slut!

And by the lump in John's pants, his legs spread sitting in a chair across the small room from us, I know that he's just as horny. "Get me another beer," I say, a commanding tone in my voice. I feel you twitch beside me and I see John sit up a bit straighter too, but neither of you get up to obey. My voice is softer but harsher, "I've got two worthless sluts here but no beer.

I don't give a fuck which one of you serves me, I want a beer!" You both jump up. It's rather comical, watching the two of you trying to get to the fridge first.

John nearly knocks you over as you both rush to obey me. He gets there first and there is a big grin on his face as you two return, him with a cold brew in his big paw, you empty handed. I take the beer and you both just stand there looking lost, watching me pop the top and taking a big swig.

I almost laugh.

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This night has turned out so much better than I expected. "Boy!" I say. You come to attention and await my command. "Strip!" Your face goes even redder, but you comply. You pull your shirt up and over your head, dropping it to the floor. Then you start to work on your pants. But, you're not going fast enough for my liking.

I get up and slap the side of your head, "Faster slut!" Seconds later you are standing there naked, head bowed in shame, though you're looking down at your stiff prick, which proves just how turned-on you are and only makes you feel even more ashamed.

I sidle up beside the hunky hick and put a hand on his back. I feel his body go tense at my touch and he glances quickly to my face, but then he's back to staring at your hard, little boner.

"You ever suck another guy's cock?" I ask John, my hand moving over his broad back. I'm amazed at just how muscular he is and I can't wait to see him naked. Without looking at me (his eyes are locked on your rigid dick) John grunts negatively.

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Like a flash, my hand is off his back and reaches up to smack the back of his head. "Words!" I yell. "You might be built like a fucking ox, but I'm hoping you're not as stupid." I can tell the big hunk isn't sure what to do and he's still staring down at your dick.

I grab a fistful of his hair, force him to look at me and say, "When I ask you a question, I expect you to answer with words. You aren't a fucking grunting animal." I tighten my grip in his hair and, pulling his head down so that our faces are mere inches apart, I ask again, "Have you ever sucked dick before, you fucking ox?!" I'm pulling his hair so hard that his handsome face is scrunched-up in a wince. "No," he whimpers.

The big baby isn't going to start crying now… Is he?


"No?" I counter, tighten my grip in his hair even more, "No, what?!" His eyes widen a little and I can almost see the gears cranking behind his eyes.

He has no clue what I want. I've never dominated a man so much bigger and stronger than me. I'm getting so fucking hot! I almost forget about you, Boy, standing there naked. John (then again, I think I like 'Ox' better)… Ox and I still fully clothed and I'm not exactly sure what you're feeling, other than intense horniness and surely a bit of humiliation. Are you jealous? Angry? Does it turn you on? How do you feel watching your Daddy with another slut&hellip. "No," Ox whimpers, "I've never sucked a dick before" Better, but still not what I want.

I tighten my fist even more and feel the first few hairs pop from his scalp. His face scrunches more and I can hear a soft, high-pitched whine coming from the big stud. "No," I repeat his response again, "I've never sucked dick before&hellip." I yank a bit, feel a few more hairs come free, "What!?

You stupid, fucking Ox!" I see the first tear drip from his eye. I feel a throb between my legs. I can't believe this big fucking redneck stud is in tears already. Oh fuck, could this be any more perfect. Now Boy, I didn't actually forget about you. Ox is whimpering, pleading with me, he has no clue what I want from him. Before you realize what's happened, my other hand whips out and grabs you by the back of your head.

I push your face into his, making them bump, before pulling back just a bit, so you can look at each other. "Boy!" I yell, "Tell this dumb fucking animal what he needs to say!" "Yes Sir!" you spit out, "Sir, call him Sir." I loosen my grip in your hair just a bit.

Good Boy. I tighten my grip in Ox's hair… Tears are dribbling from both his eyes now.

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"So, have you ever sucked dick before?" "No Sir," his voice sounds so pitiful. I'm so fucking turned-on. "That's better, Slut," I say, loosening my fist in his hair too. But I don't let him go completely.

I'm keeping your face and his inches apart, you're almost on your tip-toes and he's hunched over. "You ever kissed another guy?" "No Sir," he sounds so weak. "Well then," I chuckle, slowly pushing your two heads closer, "I'm thinking that tonight you're going to do a lot of things you never have before." His eyes are wide now, looking right into yours.

Closer and closer. You can both feel the others breath. Your lips touch. Both of you are still wide-eyed. Neither of you moves on your own. "Kiss!" I say, pressing your faces tight together and then releasing you both. At once the two of you separate without me keeping you together. It pisses me off. "I said Kiss!" I shout. "Put your god-damned lips together, your arms around each other, and start making-out! And I wanna see plenty of tongue too!" I'm not sure which of you snaps-to quicker.

I step back and look at the two of you. Ox is still fully clothed, flannel button-up shirt, newish jeans held-up by a thick leather belt, buckled with a big horseshoe. You are not a small man, but in the embrace of this big Ox, you look tiny.

That you are naked doesn't help.

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I can't tell if it's you rubbing your body (your stiff prick included) against him, or if Ox is in control and is moving you against him.

Either way, it's hot. You two are going at it like a couple teenagers who are just learning to kiss. I see plenty of tongue, so much so that before long, both your faces are wet with spit and there's even some dripping down your chins. I sit on the couch, watching the two of you and grab my beer.

After a couple minutes there is a change in your kissing. It isn't as hard, as deep, as passionate… I say nothing and continue watching. A moment later, there's a big change in your kiss.


Now it seems almost robotic. The heat of Lust is dwindling and you're both letting reality sink in. You are being made to kiss. And you are being watched. I see both of you sneak peeks at me. I'm sitting there, beer in one hand and my other hand gently rubbing the bulge in my pants, enjoying the show. I say nothing for a while.

The kiss between you two becomes almost sterile. You're doing it just because you have to.

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You're no longer grinding against each other. There isn't so much tongue action and your spit is drying on your faces. I'm throbbing, knowing that the only reason you two don't stop is because I haven't told you to yet. I let you go just a little longer before moving on. "Ox!" I say finally. The two of you pull apart. Holy Shit!

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I can't believe the bulge in his pants. I'm thinking Ox is the perfect name for him, he's gotta be hung like a Bull. You are still hard too, and I can see the smears on his shirt where you've been dripping. "Time to suck dick!" I say. He's staring at me, his eyes widen as my words sink in.

You are standing there, hands at your sides, looking at the floor. "Now you stupid fuck!" I bellow, "Get down on your fucking knees and get Boy's fucking dick in your cocksucking mouth and get the fuck to work, you stupid fucking slut!" The big stud only hesitates a second before dropping to his knees, bending over a bit and, looking at your angry-red, rock-hard, dripping dick and hesitates again. If I were standing right there, I would have shoved his mouth on your dick.

Instead, I scream, "Suck it! Now, you stupid Ox!" I see more tears in his eyes as his mouth opens and he gets his first taste of dick. But those aren't Cocksucker's-Tears. Not like the ones you get when I'm ramming my cock down your throat. Those tears will come, for both of you.

Soon&hellip. "Boy!" I yell, "You're gonna dump your load down that big slut's throat, but you better not pop before I give you permission&hellip. " Ox's reaction is more dramatic than yours&hellip. He's just realized that I'm going to make him drink your cum. All you have to worry about is keeping control of yourself until I allow you to shoot.

(More later… I can't wait to see what Ox has got inside his pants. and I can't wait to see you, Boy, gagging on it, and I just know it's going to stretch out your asshole like nothing ever has before.

Only, I have to decide if I'm going to make you suck my cock while he's fucking you, or if I'm going to make him suck me while he fucks you&hellip. Or, maybe I'll fuck his ass, while he's doing you… hmmmm.???)

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