Cute amateur blonde teen blowjob and she finishes swallow xxx sneaking into your pals

Cute amateur blonde teen blowjob and she finishes swallow xxx sneaking into your pals
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#################################### From Legacy203/Bigaim24.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU. Sorry for the lack of updates but the season was too good to miss out on.I'm back now and the posting will be back on the following stories 1 DESTINY IN A WORLD OF HEROES. 2 GAME OF THRONES:LOVE AND VENGEANCE. Also new series will be posted such as Mark saint (Hero of the Destiny in a world of heroes series)in the naruto universe as well as a star wars series. Also this new series of The Harry potter world.


Enjoy and a HAPPY 2015 TO YOU ALL. Also any person willing to post toned down chapters of my stories on may do so as long as they don't change the plot and cite me as the original author.They may also use my plot ideas to create better stories of their own.

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Peace out. #################################### CHAPTER 1 "FUCK ME.OHHHHH YES.FUCK THAT PUSSY BABY." If it had not been for the privacy spells and wards on the room,the female's voice would have carried on for miles.The female in question was none other than Susan bones,a former member of Hufflepuff house at Hogwarts and one the ladies with the biggest bust in the school at the time.The redhead beauty was currently laying on the soft hotel bed naked with her leg as her owner and husband pounded into her hot and soaking pussy.Even though she was a pureblood from an ancient and noble house,her aunt Amelia and her had been branded bloodtraitors.Her aunt was killed and Susan was put on sale at the slave auction.It was there where her husband had found and bought her.

Harry potter,her husband and owner.The boy she had gone to Hogwarts with had taken her as his mistress for 1000 galleons,the auction owner assuring him all the way of the quality of his purchase.The owner,Daron Malfoy,had cited her beauty,pureblood lineage and Fertility.She would be perfect for harry,he assured him.Harry hadn't cared about that.He was only helping a friend.

Unfortunately,magic bonded the two as mistress and owner as soon as the purchase was completed.She could never go to another now.She was his.Pure and simple.Not wanting his parents and family to know, he bought an expensive well furnished flat in susan's name and gave it to her.He visited her discreetly there when the need was there.Just like now.

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Harry rammed his thick length into her welcoming pussy.Her juices were leaking as his assault on her can't went on.His cock filled every part of her pussy completely and her cries of pleasure seemed to fill the apartment.

"Fuck me master.Claim your mistress.Pound my pussy like the slut I am.Ram that can't hard and treat me like your whole.Use me like the bitch in heat that I am.Pour your cum into my fertile snatch and let me bare your child." Susan knew that harry didn't realise her need.He had been content to let her live her life after he bought her but it wasn't that easy.A child by him would give her security in this new age of darkness.She needed his child and she needed it now.Having the child of an heir to a still noble house was a sure protection against any damage from the new society,even if she wasn't his wife.He had wanted to leave her with a sizeable fund in a bank account in Gringo the but she wasn't letting him go that easy.He was hers and she would have his cock,seed and children by hook or crook.or seduction,whichever worked first.


Harry hardened even more at her mention of children.The world had gone to shit when voldemort won the first war.Muggleborns were discriminated and half bloods were under the pureblood rule.Only pureblood wizards and Witches held government and Wizengamont positions and Muggleborn witches were sold as sex slaves as soon as they cleared school.If a child was what would make Susan happy he would give it to her.

His cock pounding increased and his balls tightened as his cock prepared to cum.With a final thrust deep into her wet cunt,his cockhead pushed passed her cervix and into her fertile womb as he began to spray what seemed like buckets of thick,hot and healthy sperm into the busty witche's fertile pussy,making her moans of pleasure even more.

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"Take my load you redhead slut.Bear my child whore.Give me a strong heir for my name." Susan screamed in ecstacy as harry poured more and more cum into her.She could almost feel his sperm penetrate her soaking,fertile eggs and impregnate her.Soon she would grow gravid with his heirs. #################################### Harry panted as he came down from his cum phase.He pulled his wet cock from her now impregnated snatch with a pop sound and watched as his seed leaked from it in large white globs.Susan crawled next to his tired and sweating form,her crimson hair pasted to her sweaty face and leaving a trail of leaking sperm behind her.Reaching his now wet and limp cock,she tossed her hair behind her back and began sucking and cleaning his dock of their combined juices.

With a final long suck and kiss to his cockhead and balls,she lay next to him,her own sweaty body clinging to his and her bust now pushed against his chest.


"Are you ok,Harry?" Harry couldn't say for sure if he was ok.Voldemort now ruled Europe and things were getting worse.Since the death of Albums Dumbledore at the dark lords hand none hand arisen to challenge him.Pureblood supremacy was being preached everywhere.Trades and businesses on Muggleborn,bloodtraitor,Veela,Vampire and most recently Demon and Night and Day elf females was increasing as they were sold as slaves.Though Susan didn't know it,he had to use more than 50,000 galleons to buy former female friends and colleagues as his mistresses at auctions and buy them places to live under the patronage of House Potter.

He visited each of them from time to time and yet he still felt useless as he saw thousands more slaves brought in.He had just recently bought Angelina Johnson,his old quidditch teammate from an auction and settled her in a new lavish apartment complete with house elf for her needs and all had insisted on sleeping with him and having his child.He was certain that Hermione now carried his daughter in her womb,having shagged him senseless in gratitude in buying her and over bidding Draconian Malfoy for her purchase.

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He sighned and kissed his redhead lover gently. "I'm fine Susan.Just wondering when this madness will stop." "You mean the dark Lord?" Harry nodded and nestled his head into her soft red hair as he pulled her to him possesively.She did the same and held him tightly.Not being his wife in law, only magic,she knew he would have to leave in the morning.But for now she held him as if he were her only and slept soundly in his arms,one of her hand rubbing her belly where his seed had taken hold and begun to grow.


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