Nisha from Bangalore have me in choice of love

Nisha from Bangalore have me in choice of love
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Marci arrives home at the end of a long and wearying morning. When she enters her loft I'm sitting in a chair dressed only in a robe.

My robe is open showing that I'm nude with a rock hard cock bobbing up and down. I stand greeting her at the door and enfolding her in my arms. Marci gasps then wraps her arms around my waist and lays her head upon my chest. Leaning back, she raises her head and I take her face gently between my hands and kiss her softly, then with a smile, I whisper, " Morning, Marci." Marci smiles back and replies, " Morning, John.

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What are you doing here?" I don't answer, I take her hand in mine and we walk back to the bedroom, where I have her sit on the bed. I'm standing in front of her, I lean down kissing her.

" What are you doing, stop," Marci said passively as she can hardly push me back.

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" Come on Marci, You know why I'm here and what I want." I said as I push her back onto the bed running my hand down her stomach. I reach behind her unzipping her dress pulling it off her shoulders and unhooking her bra. Then I pull them down and off. I lean in again, kissing her as I slid my hand inside the front of her G-string.

My hand slides over her thin line of pubic hair as my fingers feels for her slit. She is frozen in shock and she can't believe this is happening. She hadn't expected me to be back in New York so soon. " No John, I am not going to fuck you, so quit getting yourself worked up," She said.

Marci had no sooner finished talking when she feels my finger sliding inside her tight slit. I said, " I thought you may say that so I need to remind you that you are mine whenever I want." Marci is in shock that I'm finger fucking her that she did not notice I'm naked my robe is now on the floor.

I'm standing there, my hairy gut rubbing her face. " Stop this right out now," She said. She turns her head to find me standing over her. My monster hard thick penis is slapping her face.

When she tries to ask me to stop for the third time, I push my thick penis into her mouth. I hold her hands down against the mattress with one hand as I slowly pump my cock in and out of her mouth.

Marci is so pissed. She cannot believe I'm fucking her face. With my thick penis in her mouth I grab her body pulling her so her head hung off the side of the bed.

With her in this position I lean forward slowly pushing my hard cock deep inside her mouth. My balls slapping her chin as she feels me squeezing her breast and pulling on her nipples as I grunt with each deep pump.

" UUUUUhhhhhhh.UUUUhhhhhh.UUUUUhhhhhhh." She is being face fucked by a wealthy son of a bitch. " Suck it Marci." I said.

Wanting this to end she begins sucking my hard throbbing cock. " Oh yeah Marci," I said as I rip her panties off. I pull my cock from her mouth, kneeling down between her legs.

I'm sliding my thick fingers in and out of her tight slit. I suddenly pull my fingers out of her. I immediately slide my tongue inside her. Suddenly I stand up jamming my cock back into her mouth. She tastes my pre-cum, I use one hand to pull on her right nipple. " I am going to cum Marci," I said. She feels me sliding two fingers back inside of her.

" Swallow my cum Marci. The way you have been sucking my cock I know that you want me to give you a mouth full of cum." After a few more pumps, she feels my tight hairy balls slap her chin.


Her eyes watering as she feels my cock throbbing and twitching. I begin cumming, my warm salty cum filling her mouth. She knows what to do she starts swallowing. After a minute or two I slide my semi hard cock from her mouth. Marci wants to cry, she can't believe she had just been forced to suck me off. Worse yet, she has swallowed my load. I said, " Thanks sexy. That was nice. We are not finshed." Marci got up, as she walked by the mirror she notices her nipples are still hard.

She walks into the bathroom she hears a door shut. She turns around and sees me. I lock the door looking at her with a devilish smile.

" You are looking very sexy. You must have known I was coming back," I said as I sat my glass down on the counter. " Get out of here John. I don't want anything to do with you. What happened a few minutes ago was you took advantage of me," She said with a frightened voice. Suddenly I step to her wrapping my arms around her. I place my hands on her ass as I begin kissing her neck. " Let go you horny animal." She said as she tries to push me off her.

I step back unlocking the door, grabbing her arm pulling back into the bedroom. She falls onto the bed.

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" Shut up now, you are mine. Remember I can end your career and send you back to Miami broke." I said. Marci didn't know what to do so she starts begging me to go. " No way. I've been watching your sexy ass since seeing you in Miami. Now I am going to stuff you full of my cock again." " Please I'll suck you off again, just don't fuck my ass. Please." Marci begs as I move closer. " Shut up and take it like you have on previous occasions." I said.

I stood there naked, telling her to turn onto her stomach. She did as I said. Marci begins to cry as she feels me move between her long tan legs pushing them apart. " Nice," I said. Looking at her exposed shaven slit. I bend over licking her slit a few times, before I throw what was left of her thong on the floor. I stood behind her stroking my big hard thick cock. " Oh god, please don't," Marci said. I reach over to her nightstand picking up a tube of lubricant and put some lubricant on my cock and then on her slit.

I force her legs farther apart as I laid on top of her. She feels the head of my cock lining up with her slit. Slowly I begin to sink my cock inside her.

I slid my free hand up under her, squeezing her breast and pinching her hard nipple. I said, " I love fucking your tight pussy.

I am going to fuck you hard Marci." Then without any warning, I'm thrusting the full length of my thick cock up inside of her. Each thrust drives my cock deeper inside her.

After about a minute or two I'm all the way inside of her. Her naked body is pushed down on the mattress. My hairy chest and belly are rubbing roughly against her naked flesh.

Her slit is wrapped tightly around my cock, Marci thought I was going to split her in half " Oh you are one tight bitch Marci," I said. My cock is buried all the way inside her, my balls are slapping her ass with each thrust. Her pussy is struggling to accommodate my thick cock. I grab a handful of her long black hair as I fuck her young sexy athletic body roughly.

She feels her ass bouncing with each thrust of my cock. Suddenly there is a knock on the door. I slowly thrust my thick cock deep inside of her and said, " Be smart." Marci said, " Who's there?" trying not to sound like she has a 250lb man fucking her from behind. " It's Mollie, is everything alright." I let out a little laugh resume fucking her slowly. " I'm fine I just got sick my stomach is hurting." She said while holding back tears. Her breasts swaying back and forth.

I reach around grabbing her breasts as I kiss her back. I wait a minute for Mollie to walk away. Then I grab her hair again and said, " let's get back to fucking this tight cunt of yours". I begin fucking her harder from behind. She is embarrassed that she is being fucked by this older man. Her breasts swing back in forth and her ass bounces with each deep thrust. " I never thought that I would meet another sexy latino woman.

I can tell you like it, so we'll do this more often," I said. I let go of her hair and put both hands on her waist as I slammed into her.

Marci looks over at the mirror to see me smiling at her. I'm watching my ass rise and fall fucking her in the mirror. My hairy balls are slapping her body with each thrust. I'm breathing heavy, she knew it wouldn't be long before I came. " Please don't cum in me. Please pull out.


Oh Marci, it is so thrilling to feel my cock throbbing and jerking wildly deep inside woman. To feel my cum shooting out filling her full." I groan. I continue thrusting in and out of her like a engine piston. " Damn, you're soo tight, I can't hold back. I am going to pump you full of my cum. Get ready Marci I haven't gotten off in the last four hours. My thrusts were steady a rythmn as I place both hands back on her hips.

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Then I suddenly thrust my thick long cock deep inside of her four more times. I let out a grunt with each hard thrust. Marci can't believe this is happening to her. She looks over at the mirror and I'm staring at her naked body, her bouncing breast with their hard nipples as they swing back in forth.

Suddenly I slam my cock all the way in her and said, " take this Marci; I've been saving it for you." Marci feels my cock throbbing and jerking inside of her as my warm cum unloads into her helpless naked body underneath me. I kept cumming for about 20 seconds. It feels like a gallon of cum is inside her. I held her in place by her hips until my cock went limp and slids out of her slit.

I stood up pulling my robe on. Marci tries to standup, I had fucked her so hard it is hard for her to stand straight up. Marci feels my warm cum dripping down her legs. I laugh and said, " Will be doing this again in four or five hours.

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The next time I will fuck your pussy and tight ass. You are one hot sexy latino woman and you belong to me. I bet you never thought you'd get fucked by a man like me. I promise it will happen more often. "Ok, you can have me whenever you want, just don't hurt Mollie." I reach down and pick up her thong and put it in my pocket.

" I'll see you in four hours Marci," I said as I smelled her thong. " Thanks for the fuck. Oh, by the way, don't worry about getting knocked up I know your on the pill. Even if you were not on the pill, I would provide you with birth control," I said with a laugh.

She grabs a towel and goes to the bathroom to take a shower. I open the door to her bedroom grabbing my drink and left. For the rest of the morning all Marci could think about is my gallon of cum swimming deep inside of her and knowing I will be back to fuck her again.