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Nice juvenile luscious babe licks old dick oldvsyoung hardcore
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It had been about a week since I had taken my pet to my place. Her disappearance had been all over the news for the first four days.

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The police swore up and down they were close to finding some answers. They werent, and I knew this for certain. I kept my pet locked in the basement most of the time. I've bought her a new collar, a good one. It even has a dog tag on it. The tag reads "bitch". I find it funny. I woke in the morning and stretched, enjoying the stretching of muscles sore from a long nights work. I went down stairs and fixed breakfast, making sure there was enough for my and bitch. Then I unlocked to door that lead to the basement and went down the stairs.

Bitch was laying on the twin bed i had brought down into the basement. Her collar had a chain going from around her neck to the headboard of the bed. The collar couldnt be removed without a key, which I had hidden. For the first two days bitch had fought her captivity. I left her alone, telling her I was going on a trip and would be gone for a couple of weeks.

A look of terror had crossed her face when she had realized that bolted to the bed she would starve to death with out me. As bitch screamed and cried her fear I had calmly walked out of the room.

I didn't go back into the basement for two days, instead i sat by the door and listened to her sobs of terror. When I went back into the basement after the second day she was more cooperative.


She lie there sleeping and I didnt disturb her. Instead I sat in a chair a few feet from the bed and quietly read. About twenty minutes had gone by and bitch began to stir. I put down my book and sat on the edge of the bed, watching her.

As she woke I put my hand on her stomach and slowly caressed her body up towards her throat. She cringed slightly at my touch still, but was getting more accustomed to being handled. I hadn't made any sexual demands from her since the night I took her, choosing to give her this week to recuperate and grow used to her captivity. Bitch stared up at me silently with a nervous look on her face.


I leaned forward and bit her ear lobe, laughing low in my throat. "Don't look so afraid bitch. I don't plan are hurting you, and your behaviour has been better than I had anticipated. You haven't been eating much lately, are you hungry?" I asked.

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She looked at me and nodded, still avoiding looking me in the eyes when she could. I stood and retrieved a plate of eggs and a spoon, handing bitch the food. "Eat. today you'll need the energy." I told her. She looked at me fearfully for a moment, and then took the food and ate slowly. After a good while she was done.

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Once bitch was done I stood and rejoined her on the bed, marking my page in the book I was reading. I reached over and. pulling a small key from my pocket, unlocked the chain from around bitches collar. Then I stood up beside the bed and looked down at my sex slave who only a week ago had been a 19 year old virgin named shalisa who had wanted to be a veterinarian.

I smiled inwardly as I mentally celebrated owning such a prize piece of property. "okay bitch, this is what I want you to do. Get on your hands and knees on that bed and crawl over here." I told her. After the slightest moments hesitation she obeyed. I grinned and said "Good. now we can begin to enjoy ourselves." I unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick, watching bitch to gauge her reaction.

A look of reluctance and degradation crossed her face, but only for a moment. I paused for a moment, standing there with my cock out, bitch looked up and caught me looking at her. To my surprise she leaned forward and took my dick into her mouth.

Her face still convoyed disgust. It was clear she hated what was happening, but she knew what I was going to say I guess, and set to it with out needing to be told.

Bitch sucked my dick ok, but she would need training before I was satisfied with her abilities. I began instructing her as she worked. Before I finally came in her mouth, immediately after which she swallowed my cum without having to be told to do so, she had licked, kissed and sucked my dick and both of my balls.


I began thinking that this girl had potential to be an excellent slave. I looked forward to helping her reach her potential. After she was done giving me head she resumed her all fours position on the bed. She sat there stoically, waiting for more instructions. "Stay on your hands and knees, but turn around. Show me that rear back end of yours bitch." I told her.

She shuffled in a half circle until she was facing away form me. I climbed up onto the bed behind her and straddled her ass, lining my dick up with her pussy. I pressed to tip of my dick against the lips of her womanhood. I heard her sobbing softly at the invasion. It seemed she was still not used to me taking her in such a way.

I leaned over her and whispered in her ear "You hate this,but you'd better get used to it. your body belongs to me. I'm going to use you. Eventually I will have fucked every fuckable hole on your body. And if I want it to be so I'll give people I know permission to use you. You are nothing but a piece of meat. Your only worth anything so long as your a good fuck." As I finished my sadistic statement I bit down hard on her ear and thrust myself into her tight cunt.

I began fucking her brutally then. I moved my bite from her ear to over her shoulder bone, and reached under her with both hands. One hand groped her breast, the other hand played with bitches clit. I drove into her over and over again, controling my breathing and my excitement.

Bitches body began to react to the treatment. Small moans began leaking from her lips in between the soft sobs of humiliation. She began thrusting slowly against me in time with the rhythm of my pelvic thrusts.

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I kept up my pace, thrusting harder, biting harder and playing with her clit more violently. After a few more moments I felt bitches body tighten and with a long low moan bitch convulsed as she came. I stopped as she came and watched her body twitch and shudder. I stayed there, my dick buried in her and my hands on her body. After her orgasm she was silent for a moment.

then she began to cry softly, her humiliation and shame running down her face in the form of little girl tears. As she cried I let my control and thrust three times in quick succession. I felt myself coming and pulled out of bitch. I grabbed the back of her neck and in one motion I flipped her over and pinned her against the bed.

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I pivoted into position and came on her throat and face. I stood and stepped back from the bed to look at the girl. I almost felt a twinge of guilt as I looked at this girl. This girl who's virginity, which she had been saving for marriage apparently, had been raped away. This girl who had been taken from the life she knew and was now nothing but a piece of property. This girl whose future was dire and miserable, though she had no idea now how bad it would get.

I almost felt guilty, but not quite. Bitch lie crying on the bed, so i sat down and began to read.

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She cried herself to sleep on the bed, legs spread and throat and face peppered with dried semen. I read for a couple of hours and then stood and relocked the chain around her collar.

I took a cloth and wet it with warm water from a sink in a small wall less bathroom behind bitches bed. I wasn't a complete animal, if she needed to clean up or use the restroom the facility was within the distance of her chain. I took the wash cloth and cleaned her face and throat where the semen was, then I pulled a cotton blanket from a small stand by the bed and covered bitch in it.

I grabbed my book and went up the stairs, turning off the light before walking through and shutting the door. I locked the door, planning on waking bitch around dinner time for more entertainment.