Adorable teen plays with a one eyed monster

Adorable teen plays with a one eyed monster
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I don' t know how long we sat there but the water tank for these places must be fucking huge as the damn thing didn't go cold on us before we could get off the floor and get Jackie cleaned up. I got out of my now wet clothes and we took the time to get the layers of dirt off.

The drain on the shower was able to take it all and I did the little things like wash her back and thank god my girls showed me different ways to deal with long damaged hair. You just can't put shit in and pray you have to work it and after a while I see Jackie start to finally relax as we get the last of the soap off and dry ourselves. My clothes are going to be dry in hours if not later so I settle for just a towel as Jackie tests out some of the clothes I got which leaves her in a loose ugly colored top and some brown baggy pants.

We sit quietly and I see her staring at the food and watch as she grabs a banana and barely gets the peel off before devouring it. It goes that way with all the fruits and some of the vegetables as I order a pizza and soda, then at Jackie's request a large order of chicken strips and ranch sauce. I don't know what to say to her and once the food arrives and I pay she's so busy devouring all in her path, it's like a food horror movie.

I'm trying to numb myself as she finally get's full half way through a pizza with almost everything on it and sits quietly on the bed as the sun has set outside. We have the lights on but she can't seem to look at me as we sit in the silence. "How long have you known," She finally asks quietly. "Almost three weeks, I owe a favor to a friend and my whole family is worried as I told them I won't be home tonight," I reply solemnly.

"You aren't going home," Jackie asks concerned," Mrs. Delauter won't like that and you should be with your family." "No I need to be here, I have been so worried about you this whole time that I had days where nothing could keep me pinned down. Everyone said to be calm and now I have you here, safe and I'm not taking any chances," I tell her with my blood pumping in defense mode. "What about your girlfriends," She asks finally looking at me. "They understand. Honestly they do and they want me to take care of you so that I'm not distracted all the time," I tell her getting a small look of disappointment.

"You should be with your girls," Jackie says with a level of finality. "And Steven should be a corpse but I haven't killed him yet," I reply remembering who started all this. "No, he could change his mind.

You can't want me to raise my child knowing that one of the best people I've ever known has killed its father," Jackie says desperately. "Knowing it would hurt you is the only reason he still breathes," I say calming down so that I'm not raging on her. We bag up the trash and she uses a hotel fan to dry my underwear so I can at least remove the towel.

We pack up her old stuff in the old bag and she starts sorting her new things. I watch as she goes through uses and what she calls tradeables when she finally realizes what she's doing. "Oh my god I don't have to barter with this stuff," she finally says starting to tear up again. "Jackie it's going to be okay," I tell her kneeling down and taking her face when I see tears and a smile. "It might actually be okay for once," She says calming down and wiping her tears. She explains to me how she got into the camp.

We go over her panhandling for change on corners and dumpster diving for food. She even used her I'm pregnant and the Daddy left me to get food a couple times from businesses. I just sit and listen as the more I hear the more I want to kill when she touches my hand and tells me 'I'm okay'. It's not good enough for me in the long run but it is good enough now. I am still sitting in the chair when I watch as Jackie passes out with the TV on and her body under the blankets of the bed.

I sit back down in my chair and somewhere in between letting my girls know that I'm okay and won't be home and them messaging me back I fall asleep. I am woken the next morning to silence, too much silence. I get up from my chair and see that Jackie is gone, I see her old stuff, and some of the supplies are missing too and all the new clothes. I'm starting to freak out putting on my damp cold clothing and I wrench the door open and take two steps when I see her walking up carrying a new bag of stuff.

She sees my face and gets me back inside as I'm trying to calm down with my hands shaking. "Guy it's okay I didn't go anywhere I just traded in some of the clothes you got for ones that fit and I got a bra," Jackie tells me sitting me on the bed. I nod absently and she sits down next to me and starts to rub my back when she realizes how cold and damp my clothes are and helps me strip out so she can get them dried a little better.

We sit quietly on the bed with the TV on and me under the covers from the waist down. She cuddles up to me and we're quietly just relaxing when my phone starts to go off.

I grab it and see that it's ten in the morning and Kori is calling. I grab the phone and answer. "Baby are you doing okay," Kori asks skipping formalities. "Honey I'm fine, we're fine," I tell her stoically.

"Oh thank god baby, where are you? I know you can't bring her back here but everyone is going nuts wondering where you are," Kori asks as I can hear people in the background asking a million questions. "Honey we're at a ratty little motel about thirty minutes away," I tell her before she cuts me off. "Guy Donnelly, I can tell by the sound of your voice that everything is not fixed and not even close to alright.

I love you, we love you now tell me where you two are so we can help," Kori says with a determined tone. "Honey I'm looking for the name on something in here as I'm in my underwear," I say before clarifying," My clothes got soaked and they haven't dried well." "We'll bring you some but what motel," Kori asks again not letting it go.

"Buffalo Ranch Motel, it's off the interstate north," I tell her as Jackie hands me a card with the info on it from the nightstand.


As soon as the words are out of my mouth the call is ended and I'm staring at my phone wondering what new hell is coming as I turn to Jackie who looks a little concerned.

"Well we're gonna have company," I tell her as look to make myself presentable and realize that's impossible. We sit quietly until I get a text asking the room number I let them know eight before watching Jackie duck into the bathroom. A sharp knock at the door and I open it a little as I see all my girls dressed nicely and all ready to break hearts as I let them in and immediately Kori pins me to the wall and does her soul gazing, I see her finally soften and smile.

"It's getting better, and we're here to help," She tells me as the rest of the girls have filed in and just kind of looked around. I get dressed in fresh clothing as my girls sit or stand waiting for Jackie to come out of the bathroom. I almost want to get her when Imelda's hand stops me and I get a head shake of no and settle back into my place on the TV stand. The door opens and Jackie comes out slowly still in her clothes I got her the night before and with her hair done a little bit but as soon as she sees my girls she stops dead in her tracks.

My girls, my beautiful hair done, nails done, nice clothes and even good makeup girls standing in front of my friend who is less than a day out from being covered in enough dirt to bury a body. Jackie starts to tear up and almost retreat but her legs fail her and I start to move when I'm cut off by Mathilda.

I watch as my Amazon takes Jackie in and starts to hug her. I hear sobs and Matty is right there being herself, strong and kind. I see my girls are starting to tear up as well when my Amazon finally starts to let Jackie go and introductions are done.

All my girls hug her and smile; it's friendly and warm as we let Jackie sit and start to relax. "You're all so beautiful I couldn't help but think why Guy ever even had sex with me," Jackie says as the girls laugh. "You're special, I can tell just by looking at him. I don't have a word for it but you're important," Kori says as the girls agree. "You should have seen him when he found out," Katy says going into theatrics about me breaking the door and arguing with my girls. "I wasn't a good friend to him though, I don't know if he told you but I hid things from him.

I hurt him and pushed him away," Jackie admits starting to feel sad again. "He told us what happened, if we weren't his and we'd gone off and just found someone we'd be scared to hurt him like that too," Imelda says taking Jackie's hand and calming her down.

"So I gotta ask, who ate all the food," Katy says holding up the trash bag. "That would be me," Jackie says sheepishly. "Hell did you even eat anything Guy," Katy asks turning to me as I shake my head no. "I haven't been hungry," I say just focusing on all the women in the room. My girls all caring and attentive to Jackie like angels with a charge. I'm a little outside myself at the moment and grab my coat to step out and breathe a little.

I'm not outside for a few moments when I hear someone walking up to me and get a firm hand on my shoulder as Matty joins me. "Can I be honest about something and pray you understand," she says quietly. "I hope so," I reply holding her hand. "You are the only man I've ever been with," Mathilda tells me pausing," But you almost weren't." I freeze and turn to see she's got a sad look on her face, I'm more than a little confused and wondering what I did as she holds my hand tightly to keep me near.

"Back after you Tracy and I did that thing in the locker room I was kind of confused and thought I could go out a little. We hadn't started talking and I was working out in the Gym and started talking to a junior, I don't remember his name, but we were talking a lot every day and we were working out together. I wore a very special pair of underwear under my sweats one day and when we were together and alone I tried to kiss him. He flipped out on me and starting going off about how he wasn't like that and when I took off my shirt he said&hellip.," Matty pauses and I see pain on my strongest girl's face," he said he thought I was a guy." Mathilda is starting to break as I rush in and kiss her hard and deep.

I'm wrapped up in her arms and surprise the hell out of her lifting her up as we continue to kiss. She finally breaks our kiss and I set her back down and while she's feeling better I see doubt. "Were the underwear yellow," I ask getting a light nod and smile," Those were the same ones you wore our real first time." "Yeah, I'm sorry you weren't the first to see them," She says softly. "Mine and you are sexier without any lingerie," I tell her as we head back inside.

We head back into the room and see the girls are going through their planning phase as I start to listen. "Well we can get more money and put her up," Rachael says trying to contribute. "That's good but I can talk to Ma and that's a bit more permanent.

She'll have to get a job to help out but that shouldn't be a problem," Imelda says bringing things a little better but Jackie's face says more bad news. "I don't have any training, I haven't even got my diploma and I'm pregnant. People don't hire you with the three strikes," Jackie says disheartened. "Jackie look at Guy for a second," Kori tells her and she complies," He doesn't stop, he doesn't fail." "I did, it's why we all here have to do this now," I say still feeling like shit.

"No, I did this. You weren't able to be here because they are important to you and I see that, Guy we're friends but they are your love," Jackie says trying to help me.

"I love you too," I say getting quiet in the room. "You do but not like them, it's not the same love but it helps me feel better that I can be loved and that I have a friend who moved the earth to find me and put a gun in a man's mouth just because he wronged me," Jackie says starting to tear up again. "You put my gun in a man's mouth," Imelda asks as I hand her piece back to her. "I'm sorry but we have a few problems, one right now I think both Imelda and I want to fuck Guy silly. Sorry but him going ape shit is a turn on, second if he doesn't eat I'm going to tie him down and we're going to force feed him, and then comes the silly fucking," Katy says getting everyone up and moving.

We all get packed up but when I try to put Jackie on my bike I get Katy instead as the girls lead the way to a big family restaurant. We start to get seated and I pause as all the girls wait for me to sit when so they can surround me in the booth. "Keys," I say holding out my hand. The looks on their faces is one of shock until I smirk and they all laugh a little and Kori explains reference to Jackie. She's a little nervous being surrounded by all my women but they let her sit next to me as we place orders for breakfast.

Conversation is light when Kori decides to make it a bit heavy. "I don't want you to miss out on half of senior year for college and I don't want you to miss walking with us at graduation," Kori says as the group gets ready for another argument. "Okay but why, me getting it started would be a good thing," I reply actually very calm about the topic. "Because We'd miss you for starters, I want to go to a few dances as a senior and so does Matty," Kori says causing Matty to blush a little," Also Matty has sports so she couldn't do what you are planning to keep up and I am not that smart as to get through all my classes in half a year." "Okay, that makes sense.

You really want me to walk at graduation," I ask getting a cautious nod," Done. But I will front load my classes so I can just take one class for the rest of the year." "But then you can't do the presidency," Kori says before realizing she made a mistake. "I think that's still in his court Kori," Katy says poking her in the ribs. We get served and while I'm hungry and done eating I watch my girls stare at Jackie who has devoured her entire plate and is looking around for more.

When she finally realizes that they're watching her she gets embarrassed until each of my girls gives up some of her food onto Jackie's plate. I see her smile and hug Kori who is on the other side of her. The meal actually ends well when my girls start to get that look on their faces. "We want to take Jackie out to get done up a bit and get her some new clothes," Rachael says with a little authority. "I am fine with these, Guy got them for me and they're not bad," Jackie replies trying to save my budget.

"They are hideous, no offense Guy," Rachael says with some sympathy," You are our friend now and you are important. I'm the newest girl but from what I can tell when we help we don't stop till things are fixed so Guy you will go back and get some rest while the girls take some cash and do some shopping." "I'm hanging out with Guy," Katy says immediately.

"Me too," adds Imelda. I hand them off money and watch as the rest of the girls leave in Bethany's truck. I get Katy on my bike and watch as Imelda starts to lead us back to Loretta's house. I get in and immediately get ambushed by Loretta with a hug that has me almost ready to tap out.

I finally get released and the questions begin. I answer them honestly when I see Loretta's face soften. "Does she hate me," I get asked which puts me in a confused state. "No, if anything she understands.

I didn't bring her here because you can't have her here and keep doing your job," I say rubbing my Mom's back. I get a smile and start to see where Katy and Imelda have ducked off too when Mr. Delauter, who is home at an unreasonable hour for him, beckons me into his office.

He's behind his desk working as I come in and sit down across from him. "So we have a bit of a problem," He tells me as I start to worry a little," You and your friends are costing me a lot of money." "But you said it's only money," I reply trying to keep things peaceful. "I did yes, but when money is being spent on pointless circular problem, well that is when I start to become concerned," He says showing me my recent transactions on a laptop screen.

I do a check on the dates and see that mostly its food until I get to Jackie yesterday. I explain why I bought what I did and where I'm spending it. I can see he's unimpressed as he turns the computer back towards him.

"When Mark was growing up I made him spend his money on things that were more important than toys and games. My daughters have had the same upbringing," he tells me with authority," Now it's your turn." "Alright so what do I have to buy," I ask a little disappointed.

"We will be doing some shopping very soon, you and I," I am told with a level of finality," We need to get you some more mature clothing because you are going to be helping me out with a few things at my office." "Wait, you want to take me shopping so I can go to work with you," I ask before getting a nod," And I'm just going to guess that I need to do this in a way that leaves you above reproach and probably doesn't end in a bloodbath." "See this is why I like you Guy, you're a smart boy.

Now I'm not going to task you with anything just yet BUT once your friend is fully taken care of and SOON, we will begin my tasks," Mr. Delauter tells me before dismissing me. I get out of the office and say hey to Devin and Masha in the TV room before heading up stairs to find my bedroom door is closed. I open it and get only a few feet inside when I'm grabbed suddenly and flung onto the bed before a pair of lips are mashed against mine.

I feel someone working over my pants and sure enough once my member is free there is a pair of lips wrapped around me and I'm moaning into my partner's mouth. I can pretty much guess who's got me pinned and I grab a pair of breasts with my hands. Not as soft as I was expecting this gives me Imelda kissing me as Katy is using her mouth to get me hard.

Imelda breaks our kiss and I watch as she starts pulling off her clothes. I get my shirt off and see Katy already has her pants down and my hands are being held down by Imelda as Katy straddles my hips and starts lining me up.

There is no hesitation as she slams her hips down engulfing my cock inside of her. She's hot and wet as she wastes no time or motion slamming her hips up and down onto mine. I can see Katy's D cup breasts are out and flopping around when I see Imelda staring down at me waiting for me to fight back. I smirk and turn my hand so that I can beckon her down towards my face. "I think you might want to hold onto her tits a little more than my hands," I whisper smirking.

"Nope, you get to lay there and take it big boy," Imelda tells me firmly. "I warned you," I say as my smirk stops. I wait for Katy to go up and slam my hips up into hers throwing her off balance as she comes crashing down and as soon as my ass hits I pull my arms down to my side quickly launching Imelda forward.

Not too far but enough that I have her sweet pussy in my face and with my hands free grip my Latina girlfriend's hips and bury my tongue in her pussy. She tastes bitter sweet as I'm going for broke on her hole and Katy is not stopping as she resumes slamming her hips against mine.

"Katy, help me he got loose," Imelda moans as I tongue the inside of her hole. "Katy, kiss Imelda," I say just after her before resuming my meal. I feel Imelda straighten up and stiffen a lot before finally relaxing, her hips pushing back towards my waiting tongue and mouth.

I hear Katy gasp and start moaning as she goes from bouncing to grinding and I feel a hand touching my pelvic bone but turned away from me and moving fast.

Imelda is almost pulled away from me and I glance into the mirror to see my Latina girlfriend rubbing my punk girlfriend's clit and sucking on one of her large breasts as she grinds on me moaning. "You are such a whore Katy," Imelda says as I tongue her faster. "You wish you were a whore like me sometimes because I can take the best&hellip. fuckings and&hellip. my eyes roll back in my&hellip. head from the … OH FUCK," Katy groans loudly as I feel her start to cum all over my cock.

Her orgasm is intense and she doesn't move as she comes, only leaves me there inside her to feel her pussy quiver around my cock before being pushed to the side and Imelda's mouth quickly replaces Katy's pussy as she goes to work finishing me off. It's a race now and I press my thumb against Imelda's asshole just enough to get her to moan on my cock as we try to get the other to cum first.

I'm frantically licking her clit and I can feel her body shudder a little as she tries to engulf my entire member when my body gets a full surge through my nerves and I start to cum in Imelda's mouth. Her own orgasm hits and I feel her hands grip my thighs and nails dig in as she tries to keep me inside her mouth as I fill it with my seed.

Finally her mouth comes off of me and I see her crawl over to Katy and they kiss/swap fluids before both turn to me and grin wickedly. I watch as two of my tigresses crawl over and pin me in on either side to cuddle me. "It was our turn to get some from you without you having a say," Imelda tells me quietly. "Well me not having a say is a lot different if I was to say no then if I was to say yes," I tell them both giving each a kiss as we settle in and rest a little.

Relaxing in bed is good for a bit but I feel like my feet are burning as I grab my coat and head out on my bike. The girls still have Jackie out and are having girl time I guess but I need some me time as I'm hitting lap on the freeways just doing a loop around the city I start to feel like I have a shadow and sure enough a small pack of guy on heavy bikes.

I don't recognize them but when they look to overtake and surround me but I've got more speed and pull out of the pack with my acceleration and zip off the freeway through the nearest off ramp and into a grocery store parking lot. I'm definitely in the a not so great neighborhood but it's the middle of the day and I decide to wait as after a few minutes and grabbing something to eat from inside I see the biker pack pull in and park next to my bike before looking around it takes me a minute but I recognize the patches as Devil's Best.

I almost want to call out as they seem to be waiting for me to come back. I finish my food and almost want to walk over when I hear more rumbling of engines and a small group of five to six turns into a pack of twenty. I don't like the odds and I don't like being hunted down as I see Sid start to have people fan out but stop as he sees me bee lining it for him. "You looking for me," I growl getting in between two bikers and right in Sid's face.

"Actually yes now drop the attitude," Sid tells me defensively. "You have your boys try to overtake me on the freeway in force. No I won't drop shit when people try to ambush me," I continue as he backs me up. "If I was gonna have you taken out kid it would have happened already," Sid tells me before smiling," besides I'm not looking to take out someone who's good friends with the Old Man. He actually put me onto you for something I need help with." "Wonderful, seems like I'm dealing with everyone's problems except the one that I need to get fixed.

Sorry but I really can't help right now, too much on my plate," I tell him stepping around him and moving to my bike. "I'm not used to being told no for any reason and consider it a trade, you help me and I'll get you something worth the time," Sid tells me as I mount my bike," I'm in a bind here and I'd have one of us do this but we're not 'allowed'.

It's not anything too big and you can probably get it done quickly enough for me, that's it but I need someone who isn't affiliated with us. I talked to the Old Man and he recommended you since you are capable and discreet." Fucking Old Man, I'm not one of his and I barely know Sid and here he is with more shit to heap on my plate.

I shake my head and grab my helmet but a hand on my arm is stopping me. Sid isn't going to take no for an answer.

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A back pack gets handed up to Sid and he pushes it against my chest. "There are two packages in here, take the smaller one to a lady at this office," Sid shows me the address on a piece of paper and then a second one," And this one drop it on the desk at this auto shop." "What are they for," I ask quietly.

"Details you don't need to know just get it done quickly man," Sid tells me stepping away," In the next two hours." I put the pack on and my helmet before racing off and down the road. My first trip takes me about forty minutes and puts me at a legal building and the name on the package is Mrs. Carla Rosetti. I get inside and ask the receptionist where she is and get directed to the elevators.

Up a couple floors and I'm past another receptionist who points me to her office. I'm greeted by a sweet looking older woman as a secretary and when ushered into the office I see my quarry. She's a very businessed up woman with black hair done tightly and not a lot of manners as she turns to me. "Who the fuck are you and what the fuck are you doing in my office," She barks with a heavy New Jersey accent. "Delivery boy," I tell her pulling the smaller of the two packages and set it on her desk before turning to leave.

"Who the fuck is this from," She demands coming around her desk and grabbing my arm. "Open it and find out," I say stopping and turning. I watch as Mrs. Carla turns back to her desk and pulls a letter opener out before cutting the package open in her hands. What falls out is no less than a nice pile of wrapped bills and a small box. I watch her soften at the sight of the box. "Thank you, tell him I said 'You're welcome'," She says to me in a soft tone. "You know who this is from I guess," I reply plainly.

"Someone I helped out a little while back who's repaying me in more ways than I care to count," she says smiling as I leave. I check my clock and see I've got about an hour left and check the GPS on my phone to find that my drive time is going to be close to that.

I don't know why I have to do it in two hours but if the Old Man recommended me I'd better hurry. My drive takes me to the shop but it looks closed and there's nobody inside even as I kick the door open a little with my boot and look around. Sure enough nobody's here and I drop off the package on the desk before hopping on my bike across the street.

I stop and check my phone a couple messages from the girls asking me how I'm doing, I tell them I'm okay and they let me know that Jackie is doing fine. Apparently Loretta joined up with the girls and they're all having a better time than one would expect. I'm about to put my helmet on when I'm knocked off my bike. My ears are ringing and I'm dazed as I look up and see the shop I was just in on fire.

The doors are blown off and what little people there were on the street are staring in awe. I get up and right my bike as I realize that I'm bleeding from my head and my right arm. I get my helmet on and fly away from the scene. I don't know what compelled me to drive over to the tattoo shop. I pull up and see more than a few of the Devil's Best sitting around and Sid is there talking with the Old Man and they're having a laugh as I walk up and pull my helmet off and people see my blood dried on my face.

Everyone looks at me with concern as I drop the bag in front of Sid and turn to the Old Man. I rip the Pariah patch off my jacket and see his face go slack. "We're done," I tell him dropping it and walking away. "Kid what the hell happened to you," the Old Man calls after me as I get to my bike. "Hey Guy are you okay," Vicki says rushing out to see me before stopping in her tracks as the sight of my bloodied face. I just stare her down before turning my gaze back to the Old Man who is staring between Sid and me.

The Old Man is confused then pissed off and it's not in my direction. "You fucking told me that it wasn't anything important, I let you use one of my free hands," I figure that's my work title as the Old Man is chewing out Sid," And now he's bleeding all over himself and I'm out good help and a solid prospect." "Hey I told him in two hours, he should have had enough time to drop shit off and get out.

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And besides you were never going to take care of that old building anyway so I just did you a favor," Sid says remarkably cool. "Out, you get off my property now. Till further notice Devil's Best are not welcome on Union territory," the Old Man barks picking up my patch and heading inside the Tattoo shop. "Are you fucking serious Jim!? I needed to get this done and you said the kid could handle tough shit.

He walks then fuck him he's not cut out for man's work anyway," Sid says as Vicki stops me from getting on my bike. "Guy come inside and let me patch you up," Vicki says concerned. "No, stick with Mark but your family can stay the hell away from me," I tell her as I see Smitty come out the shop and over to me with a speed I'm not used to seeing on the big man.

"Guy my Dad wants you to come inside and talk with him," Smitty says as he pulls Vicki back from me a little.

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"And I don't give a fuck what your Dad wants," I retort fuming mad. "Please, just let me fix you up while Grandpa talks. When I'm done go," Vicki says quietly leading me inside the shop. I can see a few artists are staring at the blood and once in the back office Vicki helps me out of my coat and starts to assess the damage. Somehow I have a gash on my upper right bicep and checking my coat see that the leather is torn open.

I'm almost as pissed about my leather jacket than the fact that I nearly got blown up. Vicki starts going to work as the Old Man comes in and sits down in his office chair. "Kid I'm sorry you got mixed up in this, Sid said it was a couple of small things that needed an outside hand," the Old Man says as I cut him off.

"Twice now, you and your people keep me in the dark. Twice I find out the hard way that I've got a fucking bull's eye on my back and this time I nearly become a fucking stain on the pavement. Explain to me how 'Sorry' is a fucking explanation for your god damned incompetence," I growl at him. "I went off of what I knew and the first time we settled between us," he says as Vicki starts to realize she's out of the information loop.

"So then another thing happens, then another thing. You seem to think of me as expendable," I tell him as Vicki hits my head gash with antiseptic. "Not expendable kid, dependable and I can trust you to not turn on me or the Union," he says quietly," All I've got for you is my word that I'll fix this and make it up to you." I sit there and think as I hear Smitty starting to argue with what sounds like Sid at the front of the shop.

He wants to speak to the Old Man and Smitty is telling him to get out. I reach past the Old Man to his desk and open a few drawers before finding his big revolver. Vicki is petrified as I walk out barely bandaged and carrying the fucking cannon in my left hand, my dominant hand. Sid see's me and then the cannon as I level it at him. His hands go up and the whole place freezes. "Kid you need to calm down, killing me starts a problem between the Union and the Devil's Best," Sid says trying to talk me down.

"No it doesn't, I'm not Union. I'm unaffiliated and I'm without fucking compensation for damages received in the line of work.

Also you are trespassing and that is a crime which in the state of Texas means that the offended and his occupants can defend themselves as they see fit," I tell him in a cold passionless tone. "So you shoot me and then what, call the police," Sid asks almost mocking me. "Yes, I have a few friends and a we're close enough that I could probably not see the inside of a jail considering the high priced lawyer I have for a Step Father that makes your friend that I delivered the package too look a little underpaid.

Now you will fucking walk away and when you figure out some form of apology and compensation for me you can contact the Old Man and he'll decide whether it's enough or not," I say backing him out of the door.

I turn and walk back to the office to see Vicki and the Old Man staring at me, she's in shock and the Old Man is just smiling and shaking his head. I get seated and let Vicki finish her job when the Old Man hands me back my jacket, he put the damn 'Pariah' patch back on and I see some fishing line stitching on the gash in the sleeve.

I put my coat back on and slowly head out of the shop and back to my bike. I don't care what anyone has to say as I see more than a few of the Devil's Best still hanging around as I hop on my bike and head back towards the crappy motel I've got set up for Jackie. I get in and send a text message to the girls telling them where I'm at and that I'm resting after a day of bullshit. Sure enough instead of quiet my phone starts going psycho with text messages and I have to shut the volume off to rest.

I'm not down an hour when the door comes busting in and my girls along with Jackie and Loretta. I'm barely able to sit up when they see my bandages and Kori is the first one to get to me as Katy grabs my jacket and sees the damage.

"Did you wreck," Katy asks concerned. "No I was asked to help someone that I thought had my health and well being in mind and they didn't," I say as Kori checks my arm then my scalp. "Why am I seeing splinters and glass," Kori asks with an angry look.

"I must have landed in some when I fell off my bike," I say getting an annoyed look," I was doing a favor for a friend of a friend, something that I hoped I could use for Jackie's sake." "Guy I never wanted you to get hurt just to help me," Jackie says sounding a little broken up. "Okay, everyone wants to get on my son's case about what happened or do we get to work fixing Jackie's problem," Loretta says taking control of the room.

My girls and my mom go over their days with me, I learn that they did some major shopping and overhaul on Jackie's wardrobe. They even got her hair done and styled a little which has her looking a quite a bit better. Everyone talks about heading home but when they get up and I don't move which attracts all attention. "Honey you should come home," Loretta says grabbing my coat. "This isn't done, I don't leave her till this is all finished," I say feeling the effects of my knock down earlier," Get things moving if you can, girls get the crew together and make sure we're having some fun while I recover and above all else track Ben.

You know why." I get nods of acceptance and get to my feet long enough to get a hug from each girl and I quick look from Kori of acceptance to the situation. I get them out the door and move back to collapse on the bed and stare at the ceiling. Soon after I'm down I hear the TV kick on and groan a little as I try to rest with it on.

I feel tugging on my boots as they get pulled off and I look down to see Jackie helping me into bed. I sleep well enough and wake up a few times being held by my friend. Next morning I'm up just shy of noon and Jackie is up and about with the TV on. I'm given some food for brunch, mostly fast food but I'm hungry as hell and Jackie for once doesn't out eat me. We watch bad day time TV and when she pulls out her own phone I stare hard at her. "Your mom got it for me," She says with a little shyness.

I find out that Imelda's mom could take her in but it wouldn't be permanent and I put that on hold. The girls tapped Jun to see if there was a job market for her or some sort of assistance but its all paperwork and waiting lists. My day is not turning out for the better and with my body in a dull ache and my head throbbing as Jackie ushers me into the shower.

I stretch and take care to keep my bandages dry as possible but that fails and I'm bleeding a little as I exit the shower. Jackie is right there once she sees me and I hand her some cash and watch her head out of the motel room. She's back after a little bit with some medical supplies and I get bandaged up again, Jackie's touch is a bit gentler than Vicki's.

I settle in on the bed in my shorts as Jackie heads into the shower and I'm lying on my side facing away from the bathroom and towards the door to the outside. I'm half awake and mostly just aching from my knock down, thing I'm learning is that when you get hit like that you ache for at least a day or two afterwards and it sucks.

I hear the shower stop and the door to the bathroom open and close before the lights go off and I'm joined in the bed with Jackie's form shifting the weight on the other side. I'm worried about what comes next for her and still running through options for what to do to help her as I feel her fidgeting on her half of the bed. "I'm cold," Jackie says hoping I'm awake. "I'm warm," I reply a little groggy. I feel her shifting and her cool body is pressed against my bare back and an arm wraps around my side and hand gently touches my chest.

She's not sleeping; I've learned that women can be heard thinking when things get really quiet and this is one of those moments. "Steven was really good for a long time. We went on dates; I stayed at his place a bit but never too long. We talked about what to do when I was out of high school, he wanted to get some more college and we'd even thought about marriage," Jackie tells me quietly," I got pregnant and things changed, it's like reality just kicked us both hard. Now here I am in bed, with you, who should have left me to my problems." "It's not who I am, I'm just figuring myself out most of the time but there are somethings that don't change me.

Friends need help and they come to me, if they can't come to me then I go to them," I explain as I pull her in tighter by her arm.

I lay there on my side as I feel her warm a little and we continue in silence. I start to feel something odd on my back and it takes me a minute to figure out Jackie is kissing my back.

I feel her hand trail down my stomach and slowly work past the waist band on my shorts before I feel her cautiously take my member in her hand and start to rub life into it. I've been so gun ho about getting her safe that I haven't had the slightest bit of physical attraction with her around but that is changing rapidly and my 'better' sense is coming around for some reason. "Jackie you don't have to do this," I groan as I harden and her gentle touch continues. "I need to," She whispers in between kissing my back.

I still ache, I'm still sore but instead of trying to talk her out of it to save us from a more emotional moment that either of us can deal with I roll over to face Jackie and kiss her deep. Our bodies intertwine together and she's warm to my body pressing against hers and I feel some smoother clothing than what I've seen her in and pull it and her tighter to my body.

Our hips are grinding together a little harder and I feel my cock rubbing against her skin and the same smooth fabric as she pulls me over on top of her slowly. I follow and I feel her legs come up around my hips on either side as she takes me in her hand and breaks our kiss. I feel her lower her head like she's anticipating the worst and I pause as I feel her guiding past some loose silk panties and right to her entrance. "Jackie we can do this slowly," I groan as the head of me enters her folds.

She is warm and damp on the outside but tight and hot as she pulls the first few inches of me inside of her. She's groaning and it sounds like pain and I try to pause where I am only to find Jackie isn't stopping in spite of herself and with pulling on me and shifting her hips I get seated all the way inside her and we come to rest against each other.

I lower my body down to hers and she wraps her arms around me before pulling me in for another kiss, this one hotter and I'm swept away as we start rolling our hips against each other. Our first time I was in control and just trying to make sure she felt good about what we were doing but this is built out of her need and I'm just hoping for no casualties after as she breaks the kiss.

"I've wanted this since I woke up the first night and you were asleep in the chair," Jackie tells me in a husky tone. "I didn't know," I say a little stunned as I keep our pace steady. Every time we move against each other I feel like I'm getting deeper and deeper even though I'm at my base.

She's so much different after a year and now we're back at it again as I feel her stiffen a little and watch as she bites her lip. I don't stop moving and she opens her mouth lightly and gasps as I keep giving her my all in long slow thrusts.

I hunker down onto my elbows and with her thighs against my hips keep I don't know how much longer I can last as she starts whimpering a little. I pause but get a sharp head move by her and lips pulling me into her mouth and her hips rolling against me for more.

I'm hot and she's hotter as we press against each other with the best need ever before I watch Jackie's eyes open and her mouth comes off mine in a soundless moan, her body starts milking me and I involuntarily arch my back hard and proceed to send my seed into her deep and hard.

Jackie is kissing any part of my body she can as I start to come down from my orgasm and I feel a lot better, still achy but better none the less.

We hold each other for a time before I fall from her and back off, I can see she's got some sexy lingerie pajamas on as she rolls out of bed and heads to the bathroom.

I flop back onto the bed and lie there when I feel a warm damp cloth start to clean me up before my shorts come up and Jackie cuddle up to my side. "Thank you," she tells me quietly. "Thank you," I reply smiling.

I get a soft kiss on the lips and we cuddle against each other before finally I hear her rhythmic breathing and I finally fall asleep.

I'm vaguely aware of what's happening in the room as I sleep, I hear Jackie get up once, the bathroom light come on, after a while I doze back off.

I'm not aware of what's going on but I'm on my back as my senses kick on and I feel myself being taken in and while it's not deep or experienced there is an enthusiasm and a purpose behind the hand stroking my base and the mouth working me over.

I groan a little and my friend pauses as I finally pull the blankets off and see Jackie's eyes staring up at me as she is between my legs with her head down and her ass in the air.

"I'm sorry I didn't want to wake you," She says before resuming her work. "Liar, you definitely wanted me awake," I reply as she keeps up her pace.

"I did but I know you need sleep, I was hoping I could have some more while you slept," She says putting a harder effort. She's relentless and finally I can see why as she straightens up and I fall from her mouth, her other hand is a little sticky in the light as it's been between her legs. I watch as she rubs her juices on me before turning away and straddling my hips. I make a few adjustments and see what appears to be a little black thong on Jackie's hips as she backs her pussy onto my cock.

She's still tight and hot but this way in a reverse cowgirl with her leaning forward on her hands I can tell she's a bit tighter because of the angle. She gets most of me in her and I watch as she starts fucking me hard, trying to get as much of me in her as fast as possible before retreating and then resuming her heated thrusts downward.

I marvel at Jackie's thong wearing ass as she continues to work me over harder and harder till I feel a quick shudder come from my partner.

Her mild orgasm has her pausing but I don't wait as I grip her hips a little and push up into her slightly getting a surprised yelp from Jackie. "Give me a moment, still a little sensitive," Jackie says still facing away from me. "You started this and I'm getting mine again," I tell her giving her a light slap on the ass. I feel her jump a little but sure enough she starts moving again this time a little faster and with a bit less enthusiasm as last time.

I sit up and pull her backwards till she's up off of me and rest on her feet with her hands on my chest. I grip her hips with my hands and instead of letting her fuck me I bring the fucking to her faster than she was trying to do me before she came. The room is filled with the sounds of our bodies slapping together and I'm not giving Jackie's body a second of reprieve, I'm not going hard into her but it's fast enough to make her moan.

"Oh shit, you're going fast… are you gonna cum fast&hellip.," Jackie asks in between moans. "Don't like fast," I ask slowing down. "I love it," She says before pulling off of me," But let's try something that is a bit more comfortable." Jackie hops off of me only to turn around and face me before lowering herself down over my cock and impaling herself onto it.

We groan a little but with me sitting up and her gripping the headboard there is no slowing down as we start bucking at each other hard and fast. I'm feeling my orgasm but Jackie is in a state of autopilot and that's not what I want from her, I want hard orgasming woman. I see her wonderful C cup breast bouncing in my face and find there are no bolts like there were last year.

I let go of Jackie's hips only to place them on her breasts squeezing them firmly and getting her to stop the bouncing and start to grind against me biting her lip. As soon as I get a nipple in my mouth Jackie starts grunting and slamming her pussy against me hard with hard loud slapping filling the room.

"Oh Fuck I'm gonna cum again&hellip. fuck&hellip.," Jackie goes from grunting to whimpering as her orgasm starts. Something about her shuddering and grunting against me has me grunting and I let her breast fall from my lips as I cum in her hard.

We're grinding out hips together hard as we ride out our orgasms and I get my head pulled back from her chest as a fierce kiss from Jackie makes me jump a little inside her. We both moan at it and finally she pulls herself off of me and shakily heads to the bathroom for the second time this night, or should I say morning as I see it's past one. I get another nice clean off with a warm rag as Jackie crawly into bed with me and this time I'm cuddling up to her in her thong as we try to settle in for some more sleep.

Mercifully my wake up is of the normal variety with me stirring from bed before Jackie and even though my body is a little sore I'm really refreshed. I see my friend sleeping soundly and figure a shower is probably a good idea; I grab my shorts and a fresh towel and head into the bathroom.

I get the water on and it's only then that I start to feel fully aware of my aches but they're small in comparison yesterday but still going to want to take it easy or my girls will lose their shit on me for rushing back out to get things handled. I'm almost done soaping up when I hear the door open and Jackie slide in behind me.

"I missed showers," She says as I back out of the way a let her have the water. She's in happy glow mode as she hums to herself and I get a look at her in the light. Wasn't noticing it a couple days ago but being homeless shed some of her weight but I figure she'll get that back in a few months with the baby weight.

I help her soap up a little and my cock twitches as I work but I keep it to myself until she notices it and starts laughing at me. "Such an eager thing isn't he," Jackie says playfully," But I don't think so, Steven couldn't even get it up this often and he was like a rabbit some days." I don't know what it is about hearing his fucking name but it makes my blood boil and I'm getting harder as I watch her ample ass sway a little in the shower before bending down and trying to pick up a bottle from the floor.

I move up behind Jackie and rub my cock head against her slit and feel her jump in surprise. I am almost fully hard when I push inside her and I see her place her hands on the wall for balance as I start shoving myself inside her with force.

I can feel her tighten up and start moaning, I grip her hips and move one hand to her shoulder to get added leverage as I slam myself into her. "I am not Steven, you seem to think that I am so now we get to question time," I growl at Jackie as I pound her," Did Steven ever fuck you like this?" "Noooooo, he just made love to me," Jackie replies moaning.

"Did Steven ever make you feel like walking the next day would be an aching situation," I continue to ask as water runs down Jackie's back. "No&hellip. he was really gentle… all the time," Jackie gasps as I take her hair in my hand and turn her to face me a little gentler than the rest of what I'm doing.

"Now who the fuck do you think I am," I ask her speeding up. "You're the man who is making me cum," Jackie moans as I feel her start to shudder. I watch as Jackie starts to fall but my arms go under her quickly and while I fall from her she's not banging her head on the floor of the shower. We get righted and I feel her absently take my cock in her hand and start stroking it like she's going to get me off like this but I'm not close enough for a hand job and she's needs to learn a lesson about me as I cut the water off.

We exit and I dry myself off a little and she does the same before I take her by the arm a little forcefully and deposit her ass first on the bed before pushing her back and burying my face in her pussy, she's shaved and I have no trouble finding her clit and sucking on it hard while grazing over it with my teeth. Jackie was moaning in the shower but now she's howling and thrashing as I pull her ass to the edge of the bed and work a finger into her hole. I can get her to cum like this but with me getting fully hard.

I line my cock up with her pussy after removing my face and slam back into her dripping wet cunt with more force than I had in the shower. Now I'm not balancing us both or trying to keep my grip as I hold her hips in place and start to pound her pussy like a hammer on a piece of steel. "Oh Jesus&hellip. Oh fuck me&hellip.," Jackie howls as her head rocks backwards. "I'm going to cum in you again and this time that baby is no longer Steven's, he has no right to your child or your body anymore do you understand me," I ask growling.

"But he's the father," Jackie moans desperately trying to gain some control as she puts her body up a little so she can see me fucking her. "Not anymore, this baby is yours but no man get's you ever again with my say so," I tell her as I start to feel my orgasm building," Am I understood?" I see Jackie nodding and I see the desperation in her eyes and finally acceptance, I grunt and she moans loudly as the first shots of my orgasm rip out of me and into her warm now well fucked pussy.

I'm still inside Jackie and as my orgasm finishes I back up and out before walking into the bathroom and giving myself a quick rinse off.

I hear a knock at the door and come back into the main room to hear another knock at the door. I get my shorts on and pull up my jeans in enough time to beat the third knock on the door and pull it open to see Kori and Imelda in front of me with wicked grins on their faces. Both push me out of the way and close the door after themselves. "You know we tried texting you but apparently you were busy," Kori tells me sitting me down in the chair before heading over to Jackie who is under the covers and relaxing.

"I was settling something," I reply as Imelda leans up against the TV and Kori sits next to Jackie. "Didn't I warn you not to get him too riled up," Imelda says to Jackie.

"I didn't think three could be done," Jackie mutters recovering. "Apparently you shouldn't be thinking about Steven when you're asking me for permission to have sex with Guy," Kori jokes poking a little fun at Jackie. "I feel empty," Jackie says relaxing as Imelda moves over and helps her up and to the bathroom. Kori moves over to the foot of the bed close to me and smiles at me with a knowing expression.

I pull my shirt on and check my arm bandage before addressing her. "So you gave her permission," I say quietly. "She asked, she said she was feeling very 'needy' and with her hormones going crazy she was kinda desperate," Kori explains," She asked all us girls and we said it was fine if you were okay.


Good to see you're not hung up on pregnant girls." I shake my head and just marvel at the level of planning that goes on when I'm not there is kind of startling but also reassuring. Jackie and Imelda rejoin us, Jackie clothed now and we start to discuss options that everyone is still going over for Jackie.

It's not looking good and Mr. Delauter is even checking a few things but it's still not good news, just barely hopeful news. We eat and go about our days, Kori puts me in 'you sit and rest' while Imelda and her take Jackie out to go handle some more business. I sit alone for the day and check on Liz back in with our parents, everything up there is going alright but Liz is getting more information about Ben and I tell her about how I gave him the chance to tell her and she thanks me for it.

I ask her if she would have accepted it and Liz tells me she doesn't know but to ask him to try to be honest with her again in the future and to stop taking him to strip clubs where he ends up having sex with a guy in drag. I shake my head at it and say I'll do my best and end out text message conversation. I'd like to say that Sunday evening we were able to get some good news going for Jackie; I'd also like to say that I won the lottery and was able to just skip college and live of interest for the rest of my life.

Sadly no good news or prospects for come when Jackie returns that evening, Monday and Tuesday are no better and while I've paid a bit to the Motel my time is running out and I need to pay again for a few more days when I get the worst news. "You're card has had a hold put on it," the older woman tells me with no real compassion Wednesday morning," You have by three to pay or have the room cleared." I'm stunned, I didn't think I'd run out of money and a quick phone call to Mr.

Delauter answers my questions in a unhappy manner. "I put a hold on your card until you can come to me with this Jackie problem resolved," He tells me over my cell phone. "But I have nowhere for her to go permanently, what am I supposed to do put her out on the street again," I say furious. "You're sinking money into a solution to a problem that is only going to escalate to a worse scenario. You need to get a hold of yourself and start handling the situation like a man would," He tells me in a stern tone," A little boy would just say 'please spend more money on it' but you're not a little boy so figure out a plan or find her a half way house." "If it comes down to it I'll sleep on the street with her, you can explain it to Loretta and everyone else where I'm at.

If you can find me," I tell him coldly hanging up the phone. I get back into the room and Jackie is shuffling her feet like she knows what is happening. I sit her down and go through my pockets, I've got about a hundred and fifty bucks on me cash and the card is dead without Mr.

Delauter to reactivate it. I could go to Loretta but I don't want to get her and Mr. Delauter in a fight just because of me. I start to pack things up when Jackie starts to talk. "There is a mission house I can go to," She says quietly," They don't have a lot but I can sleep there and you can come back for me every day so we can go check out my options." "No, and we can't go to Imelda's mom because I still need to help her out with her job situation," I say getting frustrated.

"Guy just take me to the mission house, I'll be fine," Jackie says trying to put on a brave face. We finish packing and she points out where the place is before we leave and return the hotel key around Noon.

I don't know what I'm doing but we're riding around for hours and while I know where the mission house is I can't take her there but I don't know where else to go.

We stop for fuel and food before hopping back on my bike and cruising around till the sun starts to set. It's later than I'd care for it to be and we're nowhere near the mission house when I decide to swallow my pride and pull up to a very familiar business. The tattoo parlor's closed sign is up but I know people are still inside as I lead Jackie up and knock on the door loudly. I get a 'we're closed' but I knock again louder and finally Vicki comes up to the door and sees me there before opening it excitedly.

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"Hey Guy, I'm glad you came back," Vicki says hugging me before noticing Jackie," Who's your friend?" They do introductions and we head inside with Vicki locking up the door after us.

I can see the Old Man in his back office and Smitty is putting things away as I start to make my way back to the Old Man. "Hey Vicki could you please keep Jackie company for me while I handle this," I say walking past Smitty and into the office closing the door.

"Well you look like you're doing better and worse all at the same time kid. I'm glad to see you back though and I'm still sorry about what happened to you with Sid the other day," the Old Man tells me as I sit down," You don't come around this late for… well ever." Get sat down and I want to speak but I'm at the end of the road here and it's down to overpasses and sleeping on pallets.

The image of Jackie when I saw her again comes back into my mind hard and fast causing me break down and start crying in front of him. It's only a few seconds before he's got his hand on my back and is trying to calm me down. "Take your time kid, if it's this serious and you can't go home talk to me. I owe you that much at least," the Old Man tells me in a fatherly tone. "It's my friend Jackie; I've been putting her up in a crappy motel for the past few days.

Before that she was living on the street, she's over two months pregnant and the father kicked her out. She has no home, no family and it's my fault," I say choking on my words. "Kid how the hell is all this your fault," he asks confused.

"I didn't take care of her like she did me, we had a bad fight and instead of doing the right thing and making sure she was okay last year I left.

Now I have no money and I'm out of options," I tell him feeling a little beaten by the world. "Okay but you're both here now, I can get her a spot to sleep and food in her belly, hell maybe a job or something if that's what you think she needs," the Old Man offers scrambling for options.

"She needs a family," I say hanging my head. I sit in quiet pain and fear as the Old Man is just sitting with his hand on my back, as I finally start to feel like I should leave a firm hand on my shoulder holding me in place. "Her name is Jackie? And she needs a family," He asks as I nod and see his face has grim determination," She's not crazy or nothing, has no major problems and her ex isn't some high up asswipe?" "He's an assistant manager for a pizza place in the mall," I tell him getting a chuckle.

"Rules boy, that patch ever comes off and she's out of your life get me," He says as I nod in acceptance," And we're square you and me, all friendly and looking out for each other and you give me the fucking benefit of the doubt when I throw something your way and it goes sideways." "I'll let the Devil's Best slide too," I say before he cuts me off. "The fuck you will, that asshole owes you and I'll see that damn apology and tell him what he can do to fix shit between him and me to your benefit," he says firmly," Now those are my terms, can you handle it?" I nod my head and resign myself to whatever he has planned as I watch him start rummaging through a locker in the office before pulling something out of a box.

He leads me out of the office and our audience of Smitty, Vicki and Jackie are staring as he sits me down on one of the waiting chairs. "Girl you come here," the Old Man says as Vicki starts to move before he stops her," Not you Vicki, her." Everyone is looking at Jackie now and she's a little scared as she stands up and moves over to the Old Man, I watch Smitty get him a chair so he can sit down in front of her.

"Well you are a pretty little thing for being up shit creek without a boat or hip waders," the Old Man says to Jackie before turning serious," You got no family? Nobody who can come and help you with this situation?" "No sir, my family went away years ago and I don't want to see them again," Jackie says with a pained expression. "And this baby you got coming, father is out of the picture as far as you're concerned," He asks plainly. "Yes, he didn't want our child so he doesn't get MY child.

And I'm not giving my baby up," Jackie says with resolve twinged with fear. "My family doesn't give up on our young'uns, I'm an old bastard but I've kept my boy and my granddaughter safe and happy by any means necessary," He tells her taking out a similar looking patch to mine and starts stitching it onto her beat up brown leather jacket.

"Sir I don't understand what you're talking about," Jackie asks confused. "From this point forward Jackie I'm Grandpa or Granddad if you want it? Here we take care of our own and I needed you to understand that before you accept," the Old Man tells her softly. Jackie is stunned and looks to me for some answer but I put the ball back in her court, it is her decision but I don't have anything for her more that I can do. I see she starts welling up and then hugs the Old Man tightly.

He's a smiling old bastard and after a few moments he gets Jackie to break off the hug and stands up. "Vicki I want you to be nice to your new cousin Jackie and help her out as she'll be staying with you for a while," the Old Man says as Vicki's face sours. "No, not cousin. Sister," Vicki shoots back taking Jackie by the shoulder and pulling her close.

"No she's your cousin, your Dad wasn't that much of a roamer," he says getting frustrated. "Well what about that girl in Santé Fe with the big," Smitty says referencing breasts with his hands," Or the girl I met in Baton Rouge that I shacked up with for a couple of days." "Oh for fuck's sake fine she's your sister and your daughter now get her home and settled in. and you," the Old Man says turning to me," Get your ass home I'll be seeing you at the next meet." I nod in acceptance and get a big hug for Vicki and a bigger one from Jackie who is tearing up again before we separate.

"I'll see you soon and you have my number," I say heading out of the shop. I get on my bike and wait just long enough to see Jackie getting into Vicki's car with her before heading off towards home. I get in way past dinner and my footfalls go unnoticed for about half a minute before Loretta aka Mom comes flying out of Mr.

Delauter's office and grips me in a fierce hug pinning my arms. "Oh my god I thought you were serious about sleeping with the homeless," she says still squeezing me. "I was, I just fixed everything that needed to be fixed before it came to that," I say before she lets go and looks at me hard.

"See, it's better to just apply yourself to the problem then to throw money at it," Mr. Delauter says coming out of his office. "Yeah except I am prepared to take whatever punishment I have to for my friends. I will sleep in the shit and live in the mud before I abandon them," I say coldly.

"Hey you can be angry with me if you want but what you were doing was stalling for something better that you knew wasn't coming. You needed to be spurred back into action and if I'm hard on you for it then I'm sorry but it had to be done," Mr. Delauter tells me in a stern tone. "Yeah well it got handled and now she's got a family and a home with people who can care for her that I trust.

Thank you for 'spurring' me into action but at the same time, fuck you," I say as I hear my girls come rushing out of our room upstairs. "Guy drop the attitude, another fight isn't going to help," Rachael says with a shove. "No he's okay to tell me off, a little bit. Being forced into fixing the problem isn't always a comfortable thing and he made the consequences and could live with them. Some people need to learn how to do that but he gets it," Mr.

Delauter says warming up a little. "Guy are you okay," Kori asks taking my hand. "I feel drained a bit and I need to be held, can we do that please," I ask feeling weaker now that I'm with my girls than I should. I get lead up stairs and pass my crew who are patting me on the back for fixing everything and even Ben is in his own room alone and nods to me before we get to my room and my girls strip me down to my underwear and pull me into bed where I tell them what happened and what I did to solve it.

I'm getting some praise and some skeptical looks in equal measure when Natsuko pops up from the foot of the bed. "If it was the wrong idea you'd feel horrible right now, do you feel horrible," She asks pulling a separate blanket over herself. Honestly I don't feel horrible for Jackie; I'm actually feeling better about it than I thought I would before I talked to the Old Man. He really took it in stride what I was asking for and honestly I can't think of many other people that I know who can guarantee the level of safety that an organization like his can give, plus Vicki is happy which will spill over to Mark and that should be a good thing.

We all settle in and before I sleep I remember Mr. Delauter saying 'you need to help me with a few things at my office'. Fuck me what now are the last words in my brain before I drift off to sleep. Sure enough I'm woken up Thursday by an unfamiliar form and pull myself out of my girl's grip to see Lilly in junior business clothes and I stagger to follow her down stairs after pulling my jeans on. I get greeted by Mr. Delauter who directs me to his room where I see three plastic bags with hangers coming out of the top.

I get a look at the contents and blanche at the sight, suits. "I had them tailored to you since you're probably not going to get any taller," Mr. Delauter tells me," You work with me you wear a suit, you didn't think that I was going to let you walk around in a leather jacket in a law office where my aides make two hundred and fifty and hour when consulting alone." It's a big business but I still don't like being out of my own clothes, I check and see there is a brown suit, grey suit and a black one.

I take the brown one and get dressed up before Mr. Delauter comes back and helps me with the tie. "You look like a professional now," He says checking me. "I professional tool," I mutter. "People take you seriously in your circles because you dress in a way that commands attention.

In business what you wear does the same thing however the suit is a start but it needs a few finishing touches," Mr. Delauter says calling Lilly in. I see her going over things like a tie clip and collar jewelry but I stop her, I don't want anything more to make me feel like someone else.

Loretta sees me and is fawning over her 'precious boy' in his new suit. I honestly want to vomit right now but I figure a brown tailored suit with a darker brown tie sets the tone for being a mindless drone. I'm not allowed to take my bike as it will mess up the suit which leaves Lilly and me to ride in Mr. Delauter's Mercedes to his office. The trip takes us well over a half an hour and I didn't see the time till we're almost there and it's just now hitting eight in the morning.

No breakfast and I'm in a suit, I'm thinking I'd be better off delivering packages as we exit the underground parking structure and make our way into the elevator. We take a quick trip up the elevator and I finally have a grasp of how much get's done when as soon as we're out of the elevator about three feet when the barrage begins for Mr.

Delauter. There are about four people taking turns asking him about at least a dozen different cases and I watch as Lilly is mentally taking notes as we follow my step father to his office.

The man has not one but two secretaries who both start going of the 'dailies' with him as he grabs a cup of coffee from one and they follow him inside closely trailed by Lilly and I. "Sir you have three meetings on the docket today two are settlements and one is a challenge for the assault and battery case," the older secretary says as Mr. Delauter sits. "Get me the briefings on the third and I'll make my minimal attendance to the others, we can have aids see things through on that one but have them meet with me first for a briefing.

Maude I need you to take the young man here and find him something to do," Mr. Delauter says as the older woman starts to lead me out of the office.

I follow Maude who is old enough to be called my grandma starts to lead me to another elevator and down we go till I'm in a filing office and see people going through different screens and a few actually printing and copying files for review.

I'm told all the little things when I get to the back and am directed to a stairwell. "Go down one floor and ask for Collin, tell him Maude said you needed something to do. I'll call down for you when Mr. Delauter needs you again," She tells me before leaving me to my new hell. Another floor down and I realize that I'm in the oldest records room known to man and the only people here are a few clerks organizing and an exceptionally overweight white man almost as older than Mr.

Delauter sits with more hair on his face than the top of his head and is wearing what was probably at one time a fitting suit. "I'm here to see Collin," I say getting the fat man's attention. "What do you need kid," He asks in a concerned tone.

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"Maude sent me down, said for you to give me something to do," I say as everyone freezes at my words save for the fat man. "Well kiddo I'm Collin and I got something just your size," He says finally pulling himself up and out of the chair which groans in relief. I follow Collin as he waddles past the desks and to a door in the back called 'Archives'.

I let him open it and am greeted with a minor apocalypse. The whole room looks like it was hit by an earthquake, there were once rows of filing cabinets but the cabinets are spilled in every direction and sometimes at random. There are some that have been opened and just left where they spilled their contents. "So we had a party here a few months back and some of the staff got really drunk and decided to see how much of a mess they could make. As you can see they nearly totaled it but I'm just glad we're underground and they had no windows," Collin says chuckling," Get it all picked up and righted kiddo." And with that he closes the door after exiting, the room is big enough to house a decent sized party and I grimace before realizing I'm not dressed for this as I take my coat, shirt and tie off.

My dress shoes have no traction so they are next to come off with the socks and I even roll up my dress slacks leaving me in a thin white tank top and I get to putting the cabinets in order first and foremost. I don't check my phone, I don't look at the time I just bust my ass.

I don't know how long it has taken me to get to the point where I had all the cabinets upright and even organized by where they must have been by tracks on the floor before I set to putting contents back in where they're supposed to go.

The filing system is pretty easy to follow and when I'm finally done I sit on at one of the few desks and realize I could kill and eat a man and drink an entire lake of water. My limbs are weak and shaky, at one point my bandage on my right arm started bleeding again and I had to tighten it before continuing.

I finally muster the strength to get up and check my phone, I freeze for a moment before my rage sets in and the shaky feeling of no food is replaced by pure rage. It's four fucking thirty in the afternoon, they fucking left me here all day long. I get my socks and shoes on before marching out and past the desks, Collin is the only person left and he's shocked to see me.

"Hey kiddo, did you get any progress made on&hellip. the… room," He asks as I freeze him in place with a glare that could kill. I keep moving past him and up the stairs and into the filing office and apparently my expression and the fact that I'm covered in sweat and bleeding a little out of a bandage on my arm has people concerned as I get to the elevator and wait.

I can tell other people are staring and I could not give a fuck. I enter and hit the button for the fifth floor where the debacle started. I get to the top and exit the elevator to be greeted with more stares as I am clutching my upper attire in my right hand so I can punch someone with my left.

I can see the secretaries are in full swing working as I march up and Maude's face is horrified as she sees me. "Son you can't go in there right now he's in a meeting," Maude tells me trying to curb my frontal assault of the office.

"I just spent nine hours rearranging a room that looked like it got hit by an earthquake. I don't care if he's in a meeting with God himself," I say starting to push past when she puts me back firmly. "I'm sorry but I cannot allow you to just barge in there and interrupt," She says holding her ground. I've never wanted to hit an older woman but this is trying my patience. I take my coat shirt and jacket and drop them on the floor and exhale audibly when she starts talking again. "Are you feeling a little calmer," Maude asks trying to lead me to a side room.

"Nope, you're a good secretary so tell your boss this: The 'young man' you assigned to the wrecked room in archives finished his task alone and working for nine hours plus with no help and no breaks of any kind. The conditions were hot with no form of air conditioning that you lovely higher ups seem to have been enjoying. Furthermore I was forgotten about when it came to things like a meal or when to take a break or even where the fucking water is. Now I am leaving like this because I'm done being a tool," I tell her before heading to the elevator and hitting the button for the first floor.

I get to the lobby and pass the reception area before hitting the outside and realizing that its summer and I'm in more heat. I walk for a good couple of blocks and finally feel my body start to give out when I step into a fast food place and weakly order some food and a glass for water. I'm tired but it's cool in here and nobody is staring at me as I look and see that not only am I being called by Mr.

Delauter but it's not the first call. Funny that, now I'm being notified of something.

I pull up the call wait for the voice on the other end. "Guy are you there, I just got out of my last meeting and Maude told me&hellip.," is about where I cut the phone off.

I wait a few moments to see how long the asshole kept talking till he figured out I hung up. Sure enough another call from him that I put on ignore and almost immediately there is a voice mail and sure enough another call. I figure I need to get home somehow so I can work out new arrangements for my friends and I as I pull up Imelda's number and let it ring before hearing her answer. "Hey Baby, you coming home from work with Mr.

D," She asks pleasantly. "No I am not, I'm currently half dressed and sitting in a burger joint that is on," I look around for a second," I don't know where I am and I need to get out of here so I can get us out of here." "Baby you sound really bad, I'm coming fast but I need a street," Imelda tells me with a level of concern in her voice.

I ask at the register and as soon as she has the name of the street she's off the phone as I refill my water and use the bathroom.

I am sitting for about an hour and have ordered some more food when Imelda shows up on her bike, as soon as she sees me I can tell she's in control mode. "Honey I know I'm the worst person to say this but you're really mad but think about what you want to do and tell me first before we walk in there and you start throwing punches on your family," Imelda says as we get to her bike. "I don't know what I'm going to do but I know what I'm not going to do," I tell her getting a level of understanding that she and I have.

My girls know my anger but none of them feel it like Imelda does and when she sees that I'm hot and justified I know that I'll have my girls as back up as she'll get them on board with whatever I do. We're on the bike and down the road for about an hour when we finally pull up to the house and into the garage, I see the Mercedes is here and Mr.

Delauter has already arrived home. I enter the house and can hear people talking as I cross the foyer. Sure enough Mr. Delauter and Loretta come out of his office and my girls come out of the TV room very concerned.

"Guy are you okay," Loretta asks concerned at my physical and mental state. "Mom I'm fine, and I want to thank you for what is now the last trip I will ever take down here and while we planned to stay for the whole summer I'm unfortunately going to have to cut the whole thing short and request that we leave immediately so we can get back home," I tell Loretta calmly as horror comes across her face before turning to my girls," Get everything together, we're getting out of here.

Everyone on board and out the door in thirty minutes, I'll have drivers here in an hour." The level of devastation that Loretta feels is counteracted by the determination of my girls as they head up to our room and as I presume start to pack our stuff and relay the exit strategy.

Loretta is starting to tear up but that's not my problem as Mark Jr., Abigail and Bethany come out of their rooms concerned. "Guy what happened," Mark asks as he reaches me. "Mark do your family a favor, at no point in time are you to allow me to get within five feet of your father," I tell him as I start to head up the stairs.

"Okay but why," Mark asks confused. I just stop and stare at him before looking at Mr. Delauter who is currently looking calm as his family is wondering what happened. It's Loretta who breaks the silence and starts crying as I reach the stairs and almost walk into Lilly as I pass her and Jun's room.

"Guy I am so sorry&hellip.," she says before getting cut off. "No sex with Jun for one month unless he wants it," I tell her as Jun comes into view and stares at me by the order," Jun do we understand each other, not a single bit of sex unless you want some and only on your terms or you answer to me." Lilly's face is horrified and Jun slowly nods in acceptance as they head back into their room to pack.

My girls aren't packing when I arrive; I get that look and explain what happened as I am moving on adrenaline alone. I see them start to pick up their stuff and everyone has a determined look on their faces when I get called to the banister by Loretta.

"Guy please come talk to me," Loretta sobs as I see Abigail and Bethany consoling her. "People hold your posts I'll be back with final orders," I say rushing down the stairs and helping Loretta into a side chair. I kneel there in my sweaty tank top and dirty slacks as she cries and apologizes for things that I never blamed her for even when I was upset with her.

I finally get her calmed down and I tell her why I'm upset, I explain how jerked around I felt when her husband cut off the card. I go into my day and watch as her sadness turn to a level of rage I'm very familiar with as I go through my whole day in great detail everything I did up to and including nearly kicking the door in on his office as I watch her calmly stand up and turn her attention upstairs. "Unpack your clothes and get ready for dinner," Loretta says to my friends and girls as they stare at me uncertain of what to do.

I nod towards them to do it and they start to unpack by the sound of it when Loretta turns her attention to the children and her husband. "Kids I need you to do a major pizza run, I'm really not in the mood to cook tonight so grab the extra funds card from my purse and take Bethany's truck, Mark Junior you let her drive," She tells them as they slowly comply before turning her attention to her husband," Mark, honey, we three need to talk in your office." I see him nod and we follow him into the office, I watch as while we're walking she pulls her shoulder length blonde hair back into a pony tail and kicks off her heels at the door as we hit the carpeted office.

Mr. Delauter moves to his desk and Loretta motions me to a seat across from him before joining us and standing in front of his desk. "Mark we've been together for over seven years now, when we talked about getting married we discussed that the children would always be protected and cared for no matter what. I've been a good mother to your girls and Mark Jr. this whole time and we've never had any reason for us to fight or even raise our voices in anger. We've been able to talk about everything that happens and work through it wouldn't you agree," Loretta says with a calm and understanding tone.

"Yes honey we have," Mark senior says calmly from his seat. I can almost see the blood moving in my mother's veins as she goes from ice to demon mom in less than a second. I thought my rage was deep or even my dad's but Loretta has us beat as now I'm feeling a little scared. "So then my husband who I love with all my heart after all we've been through together," Loretta says calmly before the volume goes up to dragon's roar," Explain to me how you forgot MY son in an archives room for NINE FUCKING HOURS while you sat around working!?

I am shocked by the level of audacity that you have been taking with him and you will fucking answer to me NOW!" "Loretta honey calm down and try to be…," Mark Senior says before she cuts him off. "I will NOT calm the fuck down and if you say one FUCKING thing about my language I swear I'll see you in a therapy office by the week's end to explain this BULLSHIT to a marriage counselor," Loretta yells at her husband.

"It was a mistake, I simply said to for Maude to take…," Mark senior freezes as he remembers the words," the young man and find him something to do." "So you have one of your secretaries take MY son to the FUCKING basement to rearrange a room you said would take a small army to get right and just for-FUCKING-got about him!

You're day was so busy and important that you FORGOT about MY son in the FUCKING basement," She says quieting down but losing none of her intensity. "Honey it was an honest mistake on my part and I am sorry that it happened&hellip.," Mark starts again before she cuts him off. "An honest mistake is forgetting a dinner with the family.

An honest mistake is not making it your daughter's recital because of work. It is not an honest mistake when you FUCKING leave your step-son in the FUCKING basement to work like a slave so you can teach him a FUCKING lesson," Loretta snaps causing Mark Senior to fold again.

"Mom stop," I say as she turns her attention to me and her rage stifles itself," Mom please go see what Kori is doing. She worries about me a lot and I need you to tell her I'm feeling a little better." I see her nod and undo her hair from the ponytail as she picks up her shoes before exiting the office. Mark senior is attempting to regain his composure and I let him do so for the first time in since I arrived back at the house. I watch as he rest his face in his hands for a minute or two before leaning back in his chair and addressing me.

"I have never seen that side of her," he tells me undoing his tie. "Yeah I'm pretty sure nobody has," I say still feeling my rage but I'm letting it cool as for the first time today. "I'm sorry Guy; I had all intentions of having you work on something more important to me than fixing a room that we haven't used in months. I am really at a loss for how badly I screwed this up today," Mr. Delauter tells me with more humility than I think a lawyer should show. "So you did have a plan for me today, not just some ridiculous bitch work that I completed in nine hours," I ask a little stunned.

"Yes I did have a plan for you&hellip. wait you picked up the whole room," He asks now stunned himself. "I was told to work and that's what I did," I explain calmly," I just sat down when I got done and checked my clock, I didn't realize the whole day went by." "I had worked through lunch as well but that's no excuse for what happened," Mr.

Delauter says leaning back in his chair," And now I still need your help but there is no way that I'm going to get you back to my office." "What is so damn important that you need me at your office," I ask a little frustrated," Honestly I'm more out of place there than at a hippie commune." "It's complicated but I need you to see it sooner than later but I'm just going to have to spur myself into an executive decision concerning the matter," Mr. Delauter tells me trying to relax.

"Okay but why me? That's the one thing I can't seem to figure out, why you need my help," I ask still frustrated and a little confused.

"To use a term you're kind of like an Occam's Razor, you cut through things and you notice things that normally get missed by others because they've been there," Mr.

Delauter explains," that is what I needed." "Okay I'll go back," I say getting up and starting to leave the office. "You're mother won't allow it," He says as I exit. I get up the stairs and my crew sees me coming and is double checking me to see my mood.

I'm not sure what is in store but after today I figure any bullshit and I'll just turn Mom loose on whomever causes it and that will be the end of them. I get to my room and see Loretta stand as I enter; I smile and walk over hug her big. "Mom," I say quietly and I can feel her soften. "My boy, I'm sorry this happened. Please don't leave," Loretta says quietly hugging me. "I have to, mom," I say as she pulls back to look at my face," I am going back to the office tomorrow." And the collective breath has left the room; it only takes a few seconds before Loretta finds her words again.

"No no no no and fucking NO," I hear her growl," I love my husband but this it too much." "I'm choosing to go," I say as she loses all her rage," He keeps saying that he needs me for something and if it happens again I won't leave but I will call you so you can take his ass to the cleaners again in front of his entire office." "Yeah Ma'am, we could hear you up here," Katy says smiling," It was awesome." "I thought his office was sound proof," Loretta says shocked. We sit as Loretta, in her slight horror, as her words recanted back to her in stellar fashion by my girls as she is somewhat horrified until she figures out its praise and is a little embarrassed.

She heads down stairs after a little while to go talk with her husband in his office. Pizza and mild merriment take over as my step siblings are regaled with Loretta cutting down their father in a parental fury. We relax and laugh as I feel sore and tired before heading to bed early. On my way up I hear someone coming up after me and turn to see Lilly sheepishly following me now that I know she's there. I keep moving but my Asian stalker is following me slowly and since I saw Jun down stairs I'm fairly certain she's up here for me.

"I swear you are not very stealthy," I say turning to face her. "I'm sorry Guy, I got caught up and distracted," Lilly says ashamed. "Still punished," I say turning and heading to bed. "Come on, I'm sorry. Jun's already making me wear pajamas to bed," She says grumpy and following me. "Well get used to it. You wanted to be the sidekick to my step father, now you get the punishment with him," I say sitting on my bed and taking my shoes off.

"Come on, I'll do anything," Lilly says desperate.

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"Well then if it's anything you'll do then I guess you can do a month on Jun's terms or you take the one time offer that I make to you after discussing it with him," I say as she lights up but then thinks about my words. "Nothing weird," Lilly says as I laugh. "You had him tied to a bed and we're a sex vampire bleeding him dry, you don't get to comment on the weird to me," I say before ushering her out.

I get settled into bed and am only woken when my girls come in themselves for bed. They whisper about how peaceful I look and how tired I must be. As soon as I feel Rachael crawl up next to me I pounce and startle the bed. I pull her in for some comfort and the girls snicker at it before settling down themselves. I'm woken up by a grumpier Lilly as she is ready to go before me once again. I get into the grey suit and my muscles are a bit sore from nine hours of manual labor in a dungeon but I'm moving again and down stairs with a black tie added thanks to Mr.

Delauter before we load up in his Mercedes and head off to the office. Half an hour trip or so later and up the elevator again and the barrage comes again with different information that he goes through before issuing orders and making sure things are on task as we hit the office and he gets his coffee as I watch the two secretaries follow him in and I hold the door for Lilly who is trailing a bit behind us.

We get inside and I hear Maude start in on daily business. "You are due to sit down and have your weekly board meeting to discuss cases to take and ones to settle before lunch, Collin down in archives is hoping to speak with you today considering what happened yesterday," Maude says glancing my way," Aside from that the aides will have little things to sign here and there while we file for Monday's court date." "Good, a relatively light day. Well since I have you here again and Maude couldn't keep you busy yesterday it's your turn Kelsea to keep my young associate busy today," he says turning from Maude to Kelsea," Keep him with you all day and make sure that he doesn't get lost in the basement like yesterday." "Yes sir, Mr.

Delauter. Come on handsome lets go get the day started," Kelsea says with a very chipper attitude. I follow her out and take notice of her in my now aware state, almost 5'11" but wearing some very high heels with black skirt that ends about six inches above her knee and leaves nothing of her shape to the imagination with her obviously toned rear.

She's got a light weight pull over top in beige that is mostly loose until you get to her breast which is a B cup but firm and perky as all fuck. Long brunette hair that comes down to her shoulder blades and must have taken some time to do every morning. Smart and sexy make up with red lipstick and hazel eyes round out the package as I follow her to the filing offices. We get down and I start working on the packets she hands me organizing them and the whole time she has guys staring at her ass.

I smirk and she finally notices me smirking. "Something funny handsome," she asks quietly. "Other than the fact that I'm counting potential sexual harassment suits as we stand here from guys staring at you," I say getting a chuckle.

"I'm not the only one who notices but I've got my sights set higher than the filing offices," She says with a wicked grin. "No secrets this early in the relationship Kelsea," I say being playful, she's hot and I'd fuck her, what can I say.

"You are a bad boy aren't you," Kelsea says batting me with a file playfully. We chat idly being pleasant and sweet towards each other till she checks the time and realizes its lunch. I watch her call up her boss, my stepfather, and ask him what to do with me. I watch her grimace for a second before agreeing to whatever is said and hanging up.

"We get an hour lunch today and after yesterday you get the company budget for your meal," Kelsea says quietly. "Very nice, now to figure out what to spend it on," I say mulling over the options," Any ideas?" "Well if you really want to get your money's worth there is a French restaurant up the street a ways," she tells me as we hit the elevator.

"Wonderful, so let's go," I say getting a stunned look from her. "What do you mean 'let's go'," Kelsea says confused. "Well I was told to stay with you and if this restaurant your idea then I should bring you around with me so that I can get the full feel of place and at the very least enjoy a meal with an absolutely gorgeous woman," I say getting her to blush a little.

"Okay I'll clear it with my boss, so what are you two anyway," Kelsea asks curiously. "I'll tell you that after appetizers," I reply smiling but internally I have a warning bell going off. We reach the fifth floor and I let her head off to go talk to Mr. Delauter. As soon as she's gone I shoot him a text message asking him what to tell her about me and our relationship.

He says to make up something fun and mysterious but not to say anything about us being related. I am puzzled and am only waiting a few more minutes before I see her come back with her purse. She hands me a company card and smiles before I let her take my arm and we reboard the elevator to the lobby.

"We could take my car," Kelsea says as we head out past reception. "You are a beautiful woman and I am lucky to be seen with you," I reply getting an absent brush of her hair in embarrassment.

We walk and continue our chit chatting from earlier but now she's a bit freer with her words and she talks about how she barely made it through college Law classes and was lucky that she got in at the firm where and when she did. I see the restaurant she was talking about and I'm very grateful I'm not paying for this as we are seated by a very snobbish man and an equally asshole of a waiter. I get the chair for her and sit down in the next seat as opposed to across from her.

It's comfortable and pleasant save for the fact that I have no clue how to read French, Kelsea on the other hand does and starts to explain things to me. I let her drink a little when she sees that she can have a mimosas but I stick with plain orange juice as we order a simple appetizer and our entrée's. I watch as after her second drink she's feeling a bit more relaxed and we eat croissants and fruit when I see her eyes shift from playful to purposeful.

"So tell me, who are you really," Kelsea asks with a steely tone. "I'm a helping hand," I reply as she stares at me intently causing me to continue," That rude waiter we have. What would you do if he insulted you?" "I'd call him on it and have him fired," she says with a malice that I'm liking.

"See that's where you and Mr. Delauter differ, he doesn't need to say anything to him or his boss because he makes a phone call and I find him after his shift and we have a conversation about his manners.

The next time Mr. Delauter sees him he's polite and courteous and when he gets his tip it'll help offset the medical bills." "You're lying," She says but I can see the curiosity in her eyes," Prove it." I smirk and get up and walk over to catch our waiter as he's heading for another table and take him by the arm.

"Listen and don't talk, there is fifty dollars being placed into your hand right now," I tell him as she watches from a distance," I'm going to bend your arm behind your back and make a bit of a scene, you won't be hurt but when I'm done just follow my instructions and there will be more in the tip after I pay. Do you understand?" I see him nod and smirk a little as I bend his arm and put his face on the bar hard.

Its a little commotion and I can see Kelsea is intrigued as I start talking. "You want to tell me what you muttered about my date as you were walking away," I demand with a twinge of anger. "I wasn't saying anything sir," the waiter fakes as I keep him 'pinned'. "Are you calling her a liar you cowardly little piece of crap," I growl. "Messerer I must ask you not to manhandle the staff and please lower your voice," the maitre D' says with his very snooty accent. "Back off or I break his arm," I lie to the possibly fake French fuck," Now I'm going to let you up and you will walk over to my lady friend and apologize.

Do you understand me?" An emphatic head nod from the waiter and I release him, he even feigns pain in his arm as we walk over to the table and she accepts his apology and even seems flattered as I sit back down and relax in my chair.

"You are brazen and very straight forward," Kelsea tells me with a sinister smile," I like men like that." "Is that why you work for Mr. Delauter," I ask plainly. "Maybe, let's see if that waiter can refill my drink in the next two minutes and if he doesn't you can straighten him out again," Kelsea says as we continue to talk a little more. Our main course comes and goes and she has stopped having her drinks and is settling in as we laugh and share barbs about her coworkers.

"I heard about what you did in the archives room, you must be very fit to do all that in one day," Kelsea says looking me up and down. "Well in my line of work lazy is out of work. Besides you look very fit yourself," I say giving her another appreciative look. "Well I'm glad you noticed, sadly I'm not having the effect on our boss that I'm looking for," She says finally giving me the insight I've been waiting for.

"So you're looking at the crown and castle too," I ask trying to get more information. "Secretly I'm looking for my retirement," She says coyly," I'll have a baby with him that he can't deny and once I get that I can end his marriage to the 'woman' he uses for child care." "I've met her, she can grate on your nerves," I say keeping my emotions in check but fishing for more information. "She's a bitch who thinks that just because she got lucky that someone younger and with more teeth can't come along and take it away.

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Besides I'm thinking I might just have someone who could help me with that," She says with a very seductive look. "Not going to ruin my meal ticket and sadly I still owe the boss. I had some serious trouble last year and he's the reason that I'm down here and not in jail," It's true enough that I can sound honest with it. "Awww, doggie still likes his leash," Kelsea says getting up from the table," Pay the check and I'll go powder my nose. I let her get up and I wave the waiter over and after a quick bit of information and some help from the Maitre D' get some privacy as I head to the women's bathroom.

I get in and the attendant leaves allowing me to lock the door. I wait a few moments after checking to see only one pair of feet under the stalls and when she comes out she sees me leaning up against the door waiting. "This is the ladies restroom," Kelsea says taking her time in the mirror as she gets out her makeup. "Then why are we here," I say covering distance slowly and patiently," I mean I'm just a doggie right?" "Yes a good loyal doggie," She says before I grab her arm and make her face me.

"Maybe I need to let you know that a hungry dog can smell its own kind. You didn't get that earlier because maybe you need to be reminded," I say taking her face gently but firmly in my free hand and backing her up," because a hungry dog like me can smell a bitch in heat, like you." "Don't call me that," Kelsea says firmly as I back her against the wall.

"No you are a bitch, you got teeth and you are waiting for that big prize to drop so you can take it for your own. See I'm a hungry dog too and I'm waiting till my master is asleep so I can raid the table," I tell her as her eyes widen a little," You didn't think I was going to just take being a work puppet for that asshole forever did you?" "You said you weren't going to ruin your meal ticket," Kelsea asks getting a grasp of her situation.

"No I won't ruin my meal ticket but maybe I will let another dog in that I know and trust come in and take everything she can before we cut out and divide the spoils," I say as I can see her wheels start turning at high speed. "You're proposing an alliance," She says as I move my body closer to hers.

We can feel each other's form and I let her hand work its way inside my jacket and she's pleasantly surprised at my body as I move my hand from her face and trail my palm down her body. She's very fit and very tight. I see her smirk a little before she gets my attention with a look.

"So I get the money for us and we split it up and go our separate ways or," She says before pulling me closer," Or we see how well this partnership fairs in the long term." "Maybe but I want proof that my partner is 'willing' to 'work' with me to our grand conclusion," I say smelling her out of reflex.

Our bodies connect and while she is hot and ready I'm physically there but mentally I'm grinding my teeth. This greedy fucking cunt wants to ruin my family and risk my mother's marriage so she can get a payday and sail off into the sunset with an asshole.

Granted I am a bit of an asshole but I'm not for sale to someone who would probably keep the money and sell me down the river. "I'm willing, but soon so that I can get into a frame of mind and body to get pregnant," Kelsea says almost purring in my ear.

"I'm coming in to work tomorrow, I'll get rid of him and we can find a hotel or something nice to play around in," I tell her keeping her firmly pressed against me. "No I have one better, you and me in his office bedroom," She says as I look her in the eyes," He used to keep it for when he was working late and going through long trials so he wouldn't have to miss a thing. He doesn't use it much and I can get the key.

You take me on his bed while he's out and I think we'll be able to trust each other till the end." I smile in agreement but I'm currently working everything we've discussed in my head as we separate ourselves from each other and I let her get primped up before we leave the restaurant.

I tipped the waiter and the Maître D' just to look disapproving and upset as we left which made her laugh as we walked back to the office. We were gone for two hours but with our business faces on we power through the menial tasks of the office when five rolls around and the drones start putting together what they plan to take home and work on over the weekend if they're not partying. I get a wink and a nod from Kelsea as she says her good bye to Mr. Delauter and Maude before promising she'll be in bright and early tomorrow.

As soon as I'm in the office alone with Mr. Delauter I drop my façade and get a drink of water. "So how was lunch," He asks as I sit down. "That was what you wanted me to see wasn't it," I ask getting a nod," Yeah well she's after a baby and a paycheck in the form of retirement somewhere that serves drinks with umbrellas." "I 'inherited' her from a partner firm and she was so highly recommended that being assigned to me was beneficial but too many advances on me makes me cautious about anything," He tells me as I raise an eyebrow.

"And my mom didn't find you attractive and make advances," I ask quizzically. "No actually I persuaded her, it's a long story and you know the end of it but let's just say that when she found out I had money I actually had a more difficult time getting her to return my calls," Mr. Delauter says with a smile," I knew I loved her from the moment she was arguing with a taxi driver about her location." "Some temper I take it," I say smiling.

"And she's got a son who proves it's hereditary," He says as we both laugh," so what is she planning?" "Well we're 'planning' for you to get her pregnant, but first she needs to prove her conviction to me," I say as his eyes widen," I know it's tacky but we can put this situation to rest now then we can have you fire her." "You are thinking this through right? You will be sleeping with a woman who for all intents and purposes is trying to win you over to her side and hurt your family in the process," Mr.

Delauter says with some concern. "She is a motivated and very determined manipulator, she will not stop until she realizes that there is no out way but what you give her. And as for thinking it through I had to bite back my want to slap the shit out of her for the insults she had about my mother and had to lie and smile as she said them before making up my own. I will bed Kelsea and when I'm done you can do whatever you need to handle her," I say letting my rage seep out.

Lilly walks in interrupting us as the secretaries have left and the legal aid she was trailing has gone home for the day. We pack up and head home. I've got a long day ahead on Saturday and I need to be ready for the performance of a lifetime. A nagging feeling in the back of my mind has me going over how either unbelievably trusting Kelsea is or how she's planning to set me up hard and fast to gain favor tomorrow.

So until further notice the comments section is down on my stories thanks to the site and not to me, I personally am upset because I can't read your comments. The section is open and hopefully you will be able to comment at your leisure.