Rocco Siffredi fucks milf til she squirt

Rocco Siffredi fucks milf til she squirt
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She was alone in her two bedroom house for the first time in years. As a responsible, single mother, she put her needs last. She spent many nights alone, online. A few months ago, she began joining adult websites. She needed her desires fulfilled.

She needed to orgasm by the warmth of another. Heck, she was 35 and her son just went off to college. She had freedom. It was decently early. Extremely hormonal. Wanting and needing someone to ravage her. She saw that one of her potential lovers from a website was on. They both turned on their webcams. The usual chat of fantasies started. "Name one of your desires?" Chuck said. "I have several, but right now I am in need of an adventure." Anne replied.

"What kind of adventure? Would I be able to assist?" "Ha. If you could bring me your rock hard shaft and a stunning pussy, most certainly" "Really?" Chuck wondered about this. The thought of this beautiful brunette MILF wanted him and a female. There had to be a catch. Does she really want this? Would she really be up to it? "Yes, Chuck. I want to cum. I want to make another cum. I want to ravage and be ravaged.

It has been far too long. You wouldn't happen to know anyone would you?" "Give me a minute." Chuck said, quickly leaving the web chat. Oh No! I've ruined my chances. Anne was afraid she would be alone, yet again.

She began to dig through some porn, even picked up a dirty magazine. She was lying naked on her bed and began to slowly caress herself, gazing over at the laptop. It's been nearly a half hour since she opened her webcam to Chuck. She gave up hope. Surely he would have messaged me or called by now if it was going to happen. Chuck and Anne had been conversing for nearly two months.

They shared many phone and cam sex sessions the past few weeks. Chuck was of the Italian decent.

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Dark hair, dark skin, distinct and well toned. She figured him to be around 5'11" or so. She was 5'6" with beautiful breasts, slightly toned abs and an ass that would turn the head of even the most homosexual man. Her blue eyes and luscious lips made Chuck grow a semi when the cam turned on. As Anne was nearing her first, over common orgasm of the night there was a strange light from outside. Headlights. They flashed twice then went dim. She quickly grasped a robe and looked out.

There was a man and woman parked out front. They both looked young. She figured they were high schoolers sneaking away. She lived on a quiet, dead end road. A common spot for kids.

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With an orgasm on her mind, she watched closely. Recognizing the man, or so she thought. Didn't think much of it. They began to caress each other. The young woman began to undo her blouse a little, but not all the way.

The young man grasped her full breasts and gave them a kiss.

He slipped his hand below line of sight. Anne knew he was going to tease her pussy into climax. She was jealous. She wanted to be her. She needed to be her.

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All of a sudden, he shut off the car and they got out. They began to walk towards her front door. She was confused. Did they not see her home? Were they planning on fucking in her house? How dare these brats! The man reached for his cell phone and then Anne's rang. Could it be? Is it really Chuck? She didn't pick up. There was a look of disappointment on his face. Little did they know that she ripped off her robe to greet them naked. To surprise them!

Chuck and this gorgeous woman were peering through the window when the door opened. "Looking for me?" They both grabbed her and pushed her inside.

Anne didn't know whether to be scared or excited. Mixed with the raging hormones, excitement took over. Chuck threw Anne to the couch and this mystery woman began to eat her out. She spread her legs open wide as this woman made love to her pussy. She knew exactly what to do.


The tongue ring only enhanced the pleasure. Her tongue circled the clit, slowly then licked it. Anne was soon filled with not one, not two or three fingers, but a huge dildo.

A beautiful, thick dildo, perhaps 9" long and 3" thick. Chuck rammed it inside of Anne as she screamed in erotic pleasure. This mystery woman still licked, sucked and she arranged her body so her now naked and shave pussy was on top of Anne's face.

Giving her no choice but to repay such orgasms. Anne began to repeat the movements of this other woman, sucking the clit and inserting two fingers into this amazingly tight and slightly wet pussy.

Chuck managed to strip himself down while viciously fucking Anne with this imposter.


He quickly pulled the now sopping wet toy out to replace it with himself. "Cassie, I want you to swallow this as far as it can go!" Chuck said. This mystery woman now has a name and a command. Anne looked up to watch and Cassie took that toy and nearly gagged with only an inch or two more to be swallowed. This aroused Anne even more.

As Chuck rammed Anne fast and deep lifting her legs to a ninety degree angle, Cassie got up off of Anne. She began to sit and play with herself on the other end of the couch. Sliding the toy in and out, in and out of that sexy mouth. Anne couldn't keep her eyes off this woman.

Not until Chuck flipped her around putting her doggie style with her feet on the ground. He invaded her ass and they both moaned in ecstasy.

Cassie saw this and went under the both of them. She reinserting the dildo in Anne's now dripping cunt. Anne jumped as it was inserted all the way. Feeling both holes filled like never before, she let out a beautiful scream. Chuck and Cassie knew she wanted more. They both got up and began to walk away. Anne was confused by this until they walked into the bathroom. They noticed that her shower head could be detached.

Cassie grinned and turned the water on. She went out and got Anne. They entered the shower and Cassie refused the joining of Chuck. Not yet, she didn't want to share her right now. Cassie began to caress Anne. She placed her hand on her stomach and up to her breasts. She began to suck on the nipples and circles the nipple with her tongue ring. Anne never felt this way before. Cassie dropped one hand to her own pussy, fingering it while sucking on Anne's plump breasts and reaching for the shower head.

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Cassie slowing kissed Anne's stomach to her pussy with the shower head following. Cassie began to eat out Anne with the assistance of the shower head, forcing the high pressure to penetrate Anne's clit and vaginal wall. Chuck was standing stroking his rock hard, cum dried cock as this was going on.

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He couldn't hold out much longer, he needed to fuck those women to their ecstasy. He walked in behind Cassie and slowly inserted his shaft into her tight, wonderful cunt.

Cassie screamed and moaned as Chuck fucked her harder and harder until she reached her climax. He reached around to finger her clit and she was about to cum, then he pulled out. Waited three seconds then inserted his shaft into her ass. She came. Her cum flowed down her legs as she began her second climax. Anne saw this and lowered herself to below them. She licked what was left of her woman juice and followed it up her leg.

She replaced his fingers with her own tongue shooting Cassie to an ecstasy that made her nearly collapse in the shower.


Seeing that Cassie needed a break, Anne pushed Chuck out of her and into her mouth. Chuck was about to explode and he did. All over Anne. She was disappointed, but knew they could use a drink before she would extract a few more rounds from these beautiful bodies before their departure.