Schöne College Mädchen Sex von pov

Schöne College Mädchen Sex von pov
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I had to do it. My wife and I made an agreement with our friends, Tom and Sonya, that on each of our birthdays the rest of us would fulfill the fantasy of the birthday person.

My wife's fantasy this year definitely suggested that maybe she was watching way too much online porn! "Last year, I loved watching you take Tom's cock in your mouth.' my wife, Natalie, said. It was the first and only time I had ever sucked a cock and it turned all of us on, especially since it was a new experience. After an evening of straight sucking, licking, fucking and watching each other, it ended with Natalie holding the back of my head while she watched Tom fuck my mouth.

The taste of her pussy juice was fresh on his cock until he orgasmed in my mouth. Both Sonya and Natalie said that seeing his cum dripping out of mouth was a definite turn on. It must have been because. "This year I want to watch you suck lots of cocks and have them shoot their cum into your mouth." "Well, my love." I said.

"it's your birthday! Whatever pleases you!' .not knowing quite what she had in mind. "Well, that's a good thing because Sonya and I have found 20 guys with really nice cocks who have agreed to help me fulfill my wish. I won't tell you how we convinced them, but we can assure you that they do have very beautiful cocks and great tasting cum." The thought of sucking cock again had crossed my mind occassionally, but 20? We had watched some of the bukake sights online before and I could tell Natalie really enjoyed it, but I never imagined that she had me in mind as the receiver of all that cum.

Before I had time to really grasp her desire, Sonya went to the front door and the agreeable guys they had "persuaded" began to show up.

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Without wasting time, Sonya and Natalie began unzipping their pants and getting them hard. At this point both Tom and I were simply staring at the scene, until Natalie asked us to stroke our cocks while they went from man to man, priming their pumps.

I had never seen so many hard cocks and the fact that I was going to suck them all hadn't quite registered.

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But what could I do? It was her birthday. "Ok honey.


Are you ready for the first one? On your knees. This one isn't going to last much longer." The first guy had an average size cock, 6 or 7 inches. The feeling of taking it in my mouth was a little strange and a little familiar.

Within 10 seconds his hot load filled my mouth with strong spurts.


Just as I finished squeezing and sucking the last drop from him, the next man with a much bigger dick stood in front of me, his pulsating member up against my face.

My tonque instinctively began licking his big balls, scooping them into mouth. One, then both of them, as I swirled them around, covering them with the first guy's cum.

As I plunged my mouth down on his cock, sucking it in and out, I felt a wave of enjoyment. With his load, the cum was running out of my mouth and I was already eager for the next one. I sucked off three more guys. The next guy I let fuck my mouth while I kept my head still, just enjoying the feeling of his cock going in and out, in and out, waiting for his thick load. While I was blowing him, Sonya guided another cock into my mouth with her hand.

Natalie had bent over the edge of the couch getting fucked in the ass by Tom. "Oh God. I love watching you eat all of that cum while I have cock in my ass." she groaned in pleasure. "Oh yes, two cocks in your mouth. Do you like all of that cum? Do you like watching Tom fucking me in the ass? Do you like seeing my tits sway while he pounds me. Do you like watching me suck cock while I have a cock in my ass?" She couldn't say more as she went down on the guy sitting on the couch in front of her.

Both cocks in my mouth exploded at once sending big glops of white cum flowing out of my mouth, running down my chest and onto my own throbbing dick.

Phew, I had to take a breath. 7 blow jobs already. I was beginning to feel a real rush from so many cocks and so much sex. The smell and taste of cum had me craving for lots more, as much as I could get. I loved cock in my mouth, sucking balls and feeling the power of men's orgasms with my lips wrapped around the pulsations.

I could feel myself submitting to everyone's lust as I became the object of their climaxes. Seeing me kneeling with no one in front of me, Sonya walked up to me. "How about some pussy juice for a change of taste?" as she pushed my face into her swollen shaved wet cunt.

She straddled my face as my tongue savored her musky pungent vagina and clit. While I as eating her, she leaned over slightly as someone behind her entered her pussy. More cock. Sonya was in seventh heaven. Suddenly she leaned forward, letting the cock slip out of her and onto my tongue. He didn't miss a stroke as his pussy-soaked cock fucked my mouth. Back and forth between her cunt and my mouth until he creamed a huge load into my mouth.

Just as he pulled out, Sonya screamed; "Open your mouth. Drink my cum. I want to see you drink my cum with his cum in your mouth." With my mouth open wide showing her a thick, white load, hard streams squirted from her pussy. One, then another, then another, then another in what must have been a whole cup of cum.

My entire mouth was filled with cum juices as another guy came over and ejaculated all over my face and then stuck his cock into my mouth, forcing pools of hot cum out of my mouth, over my face and body. I was entering an altered state of total submition that I never knew existed. I wanted more cock, more pussy. I wanted to be used. Natalie motioned me over to suck the guy she had been blowing.

Now I was on my hands and knees doing the guy sitting on the couch, my head bobbing up and down on his member. His cock was really, really large.

At least 12", but fortunately not so thick that I couldn't take a lot of him in. Natalie's face was right there watching me up close and personal, you could say, her body jerking back and forth from Tom's anal thrusts. Sometimes she would hold the base his cock or his balls while I sucked. I could tell I could suck this guy for a very long time and it made me happy and I also knew he would have a lot of cum, which made be happy, too.

I wanted Natalie to see me take his cum. While losing myself on this stiff rod, I felt a few drops on my ass. It didn't take much to figure out what was next. Sonya came over to my face with a large strap on. "Suck this to get it ready for your ass." Natalie's face lit up. "Now you're going to feel what I'm feeling. This was a night for firsts. After lubing me some more, Sonya worked a finger into my ass as I returned to inhaling the real thing.

As I relaxed, two, then three fingers made way for the strap on. "Are you ready to get fucked? Are you ready to feel this strap on go into you?" Slowly it entered me, then deeper and deeper until all 8" of it was inside. I let myself go with cock in my mouth and the strap on penetrating my ass from behind. Now I knew why Natalie loved anal so much. After several minutes, Sonya pulled out and I felt a warm, thick cock against my rectum.

"Oh yes. Fuck me. Fuck my ass. I want your cock up my ass. I'll take your hard cock up my ass." By now, all resistance to anything was gone and I just wanted cock.

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He fucked me until I felt a warm pulsing deep in my ass. His cock was immediately followed by another which went in so smoothly lubricated by the cum.

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"Oh, yes. that cock feels so good in my ass. I want my ass to get filled with cum." After two more anal fucks, the cum was dripping out of ass onto my balls and down my legs.

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I couldn't resist. I stood up, turned around and lowered myself onto this massive dick I had been sucking, cum running out of my ass. Even though he was so huge, I took him in easily, riding him in and out of my ass, up and down, in and out., up and down with his big dick covered with cum.

I could take his whole cock into me in this position and it felt so good to move up and down on him. I liked feeling his cock with my hand as it disappeared into my ass. Sometimes I would insert my fingers into my own ass while he fucked me.

While I rode him, letting him watch his cock going in and out of my ass, I sucked off another guy. Then another. Then another. Another shot his cum into my face and hair while I was blowing another cock. This was amazing. With this massive cock in me, Natalie, still anally fucking Tom, bent down to suck me.

The pressure from being fucked and sucked simultaneously was too much and I gave Natalie a tremendous load deep in her thoat. "I think it's time for a throat fucking." Natalie begged. I pulled myself up from the cock in my ass, lay down on the couch with my head hanging down.

Natalie said just to swallow when his cock hits my throat. I took him all in, his balls up against my face. He fucked my throat. I couldn't believe I had this cock in my throat. His huge load went straight into my stomach. At least the first few jets. For the rest, he pulled out of my mouth completely to let others watch his cum enter my hungry mouth. He did have a lot of cum. I rolled over onto the floor, flat on my back exhausted, my face, hair, ass cover with cum.

But.that was only an opportunity for Natalie to lower herself onto my face and grind her cunt into me. "Open your mouth. Open you mouth. You're going to take my golden nectar into your mouth before you get face fucked again. You are enjoying yourself, aren't you? After I pee into your mouth, this gentleman here is going to put his cock into your mouth full of pee and fuck it.

You're going to taste my pee and his cum together." She released a long, hard stream of warm piss straight into my mouth. After it filled my mouth, she flooded my face and hair with the golden shower.

The "gentleman" lay on top of me as I watched his cock come towards my waiting pee-filled mouth, sloshing it around, pumping in and out with a noisy face fuck. The slurping and pee made him cum quickly. Another cock as I lay there, fucking my face like it would fuck a cunt.

More cum. Another cock as Sonya peed into my mouth and over my face. Another man laid down next to me and Natalie told me ride his cock. I sat over him and with my hand brought his hard pole up to my warm, wet pleasure hole.

"I'm going to sit on your cock and your going to fuck me. I want your cock deep in my ass while everyone watches you fuck me. Your going to shoot your cum deep in my ass while you look up and watch another guy put his cock in my mouth.

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Feel your cock going into my ass. Oh, God, I want cock. More cock." I sat down on his cock and immediately felt another shaft entering my ass. Double anal. As they both fucked me, more cum came out of my cock. And then another in my mouth. Double oral. All four emptied themselves into my mouth as I lay on my back.

Another man lifted my legs and put his cock to my ass, both Sonya and Natalie stood over my face, flushing the cum out my mouth with their pee as I toook cock in and out of ass.

Their salty stream continuing, a cock fucking my ass, the last man went on top of me in 69 position. He pumped his dick in my mouth as the women kept peeing on my face. His balls slapping my face, we came together.

As his dick relaxed in my mouth, his last drop of cum changed to a warm flow of pee and I felt the now familiar splurge as the cock in my ass completed it mission. 11 different men put their cocks in mouth as I drank in their streams of pee and let it flow over my body. Sometimes I was lying down. Sometimes I was kneeling in front of them. Some if them were sitting and I took the pee up into my mouth.

Sometimes I was getting fucked while drinking pee. Sonya and Natalie drank other's pee and sometimes directed the shower onto my face and cock. I craved one more anal fuck as Natalie sucked my cock while Sonya was peeing onto it, I was very, very grateful for her birthday.

I think she was, too. Next year, 100 cocks.