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Chinese young filipino gay sex first time Straight boy goes gay for
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I had been going through a very rough patch in those years, my husband of three years had eloped with some foreigner and was now a Canadian Citizen, and a very Stress full and nasty divorce was in process.

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I was always good in studies and in last three years, during divorce proceedings, have been trying to compete for some govt. Job and as they say, times they have a way of changing. The month I got the divorce I also got selected as Cultural officer in Ministry of External Affairs, I was posted in Kathmandu after initial training, my parents moved to Kathmandu along with me, but they had to return for nephew's delivery, satisfied that I could take care of myself in a foreign country.

I was barely 27 then. After a year and half I was transferred to Sudan embassy in Khartoum, I was not very excited but it was a challenging job and I was made responsible for cultural interaction with the Sudanic community, and my brief was to build as good relation with them as possible.

My parents were initially worried for me not because I was going so far but for my future, they wanted me to get married to some good Indian man, and there would be very few of them in Sudan. In a few months in Sudan, I was able to develop quite a lot of programs in Khartoum, I had a nice small bungalow with a servant quarter where a Sudanic family lived and served me well. They were 6 people, parents 3 boys, 1 girl all was going well except that my personal life was very boring, there were many Indian men in embassy but none of my age and Sudan was not very safe place to be alone, even before their civil war broke out.

Whenever I went out in the city, men stared, jeered and commented openly. I know that I am a good looking woman but the reaction of these men was outright disgusting, they even made obscene gestures. I am 5'5", with 34 d -27-36 figure and weighing just about 56 Kgs .my complexion is quite white and have dark brown big typical Indian eyes, long black hairs.

Little on plump side but enough sexy to make heads turned many times. I do a lot of exercise and yoga, which is not common in Indian women. Small fights were breaking out in southern part of country and people were moving all the time from one part of the country to other, one fine morning my servant family came to me and requested a leave of few days and permission to leave youngest son alone there till they return.

I accepted not knowing that this little gesture will change my life forever. They went but never returned, Abit was 11or 12 then, I waited for couple of days then weeks, then started to get concerned as young boy was always wanting to be around me and I was left with no privacy at all, not that I feared him but he was ugly and dirty, moreover staying with him alone in one house in conservative society was becoming a problem for me.

I decided to take it to my superiors, but their point was that if I let go of child now my efforts of making good relations with Sudanic community would take a beating, as they might perceive it that we had left a child in these uncertain times without support in a country where no government support was available anyways. Soon I discovered that young Abit has taken over all the house hold work and was super-efficient and politewhen I returned back from office he knew instinctively what I needed and when and I found myself getting more and more comfortable and fond of him so I decided to teach him Englishhygiene etc.

Once I had to go out on cultural program to Bor for few days and I returned in the evening quite late and tired so I told Abit that I did not want to eat anything and he can go and sleep as I am too tired to have anything but sleep. Abit came to me and said that he can give a foot massage that will make me feel better. Surprised and hesitating, but agreed and lie down on bed, he sat on the floor and starter pressing my soles, I had not had any one touch me anyways for last many years, and so I was a bit tensed feeling his hand on me, I lie there awake and tensed but soon I realized he was really good at that, his fingers knew exactly where to press and how much pressure to apply and I started to become comfortable and aware that I had found something really good.

Next day in the office I waited eagerly for the day to end so that I could rush back home for that wonderful foot massage. My evenings had now become better, there now was something to look for ,soon It became my routine to get Abit give me a foot massage before taking bath followed by dinner every evening.

It definitely set up a connection between us though there was nothing sexual about it. Abit was growing tall and strong and so was our relationship, over the next 4 -5 years I gained some of the lost confidence on my own self, and started enjoying life more. I flirted with some of office guys, drank, danced, went to parties, movies etc. And above all had Abit to give me a wonderful massage.

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On one very worm Sunday afternoon, I was lying lazily having nothing else to do, asked Abit to bring me cold beer and asked him to give me massage as usual. Usually I wore a full length gown and proper undergarments during massage sessions Abit had to press my legs fully covered with gown, and I preferred it mostly on floor on a carpet rather than bed, but that day I was not wearing any undergarments, Abit started as usual pressing soles and feet and moved to calves, suddenly I felt naughty and hot, blood rushing to my groin and a strange feeling I had not known for a long time.

I was lying on my back suddenly I put one of my foot on his lap, he did not mind and kept doing his job, he used to stop at knees and move to my neck and shoulder and that's it. But this time I told him to go up furtherand as his fingers touched my thighs my heart beat increasedmy mouth went dry and I felt sexual tension building. What am I doing I thought, this would lead to &hellip. My God no sex with this ugly, black man no way, I shivered with the thought. No waymy heart told me this was just an innocent massageI was never going to do this, not with this ugly boy, never!!!but no harm in enjoying my own sexuality, I would control it when needed, I always had so far.

I popped myself up and gulped the whole glass of beer and signaled Abit for refill. As he got up I looked for any sign of sexual sign in his loose half pants, nothing! That made me comfortablehe returned soonplacing the glass near me and sitting down and restarting where he had left, I placed my foot in his lap again and his hands grabbed my thigh in both handsfingers digging in my soft muscles, dancing around sending waves after waves of pleasure to my mind ,after going up few incheshe hesitated again I taunted himAbit are u tired ?

No Mam, not at all!!! Oh!!! Then I realized, he had hesitated because the thin cloth of my gown has taken form around my swollen pussy lips, making its entire profile visible, his eyes were kind of stuck up there.


Any other day my reaction would have been to cover it or close the legs immediately but not today, I even felt getting wetter but did nothing. His hands moved up again till I started having difficulty breathing, so I asked him to do it on other thigh, he reached to the other knee and started up again, his fingers, pressing, massaging, feeling my thigh, Beer was having its effect and my shyness and sense of judgment was getting reduced, taken over by my desire, pleasure and intense lust.

Then I decided to turn on my stomach, placing my arms under my headparting my legs a bitAbit shifted his position accordingly and stared massaging my calvesby the time his hands reached my thighs, my head was bursting from pressuremy pussy had never been wetter and my whole body was mass of sexual tension. When he reached around my hips, he stopped again, I looked back, he was looking at me, I reached back grabbed his hand and put it on my hip saying.

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Wwhhole bodyyy Abbit!!! He squeezed my hip where I had placed his handand I felt I was going to come, in the heat, acting totally irrationallyI grabbed his other hand and placed it on my other hip. He squeezed them both simultaneously with his large hands coving almost all my hipsHis fingers digging in ,twisting, squeezingpressing had me gaspingisss!!!


Shhhhh!!!!!, ummmmmm!!!!! Gooooood!!!! He had started enjoying it too, soon there was no more hesitation, and his hands were now dancing all over my hips and thighs. Sending waves after waves of pleasure through me. I wanted to come, wanted release from excruciating sexual tension. but something was holding me on It was not rightimmoralI was being pulled in two opposite directionmy body wanted releasemy mind was saying no. Suddenly, I heard Mam, want some more beer? Yyyesss!!! And a cigarette please I said shivering in warm hot day.

Ddoo yooouu? Abit stopped What? If. If u want, I can&hellip. use oil&hellip. massage he said in hesitating breaking voice. I popped my head and looked at him, he looked innocent, no aggressions, What if he was sexually aroused, what if he became aggressive and rapes me?? I thought. Years of trust and loyalty was to be tested. I don't know whether it was beer or sexual desire that I said "yes bring it" I stayed as it is, sipping beer, soon he returned with oil bottle and pack of cigarettes, he sat down, squeezed my thighs, then patted my buttocks gently, I wondered how good he was, he knew all the tricks.

Then without hesitation he lifted my gown up from my legsI lifted myself a bit to ease it from under memy heart was racingthis was going to be first time he was going to touch my bare skin. He poured oil on each of my thighs and rubbed it gently all along back of my knees, calves and thighs sending shiver and shiver through my spinewith shaking hands almost panting I popped myself on my elbows and lit a cigarette, a long puff made me feel better.

I rested my head on one side of my arm and just got engrossed in the pleasure. His hands moved so slowlygentlyslick with oil, pressing all around my thighs moving up and up sliding the cloth higher and higherI gently closed my legs fearing he may be touching my pussy anytime and it felt little embarrassing as it was so very wet.

He had his hands each on my thighsas I closed my legs he moved them outward and covered both my buttockspawing themI instinctively tightened my legs more. He stopped and shifted towards my headsitting next to me ,reached to my neck and shoulderwhat a reliefI got a strong smell of male perspirationhe spent few minutes on my neck and shoulder and then as I was hopingslid the gown from my shoulders without asking or hesitating.

I lifted myself a bit to let it slide down giving him full side view of my boobsonce the gown was off my shoulder he firmly pushed it down to my hips. I was hoping he would push it all the way down and off but he let it remain, just a bit covering my buttocks. Soon his hands were roaming freely on my back from neck to hips, when he squeezed my love handles I gasped and shiveredmy whole body shookknowing that I liked it he did it again and again.

I was on the verge of losing control but I tried not to, then as his hands moved to my buttocks and pawed them squeezing hard I lost all my vanity and thrust my hand between my legs and started rubbing my clit shamelessly, my ass arched up as if to meet his hands, I needed relief now so badly, sounds of divine pleasure were escaping from my mouth inadvertently. I was gasping, Ooooooh, isssshhhhh my heart was beating so fast that I could hear it.

Suddenly, Abit turned me on my back, shocked, I pulled my hand away and covered my bare breasts as a reflex action. He gently and firmly removed them, I looked at him his eyes were shining with lust too but I knew that I had crossed the line.

He poured oil between my breasts and starting rubbing it on them, squeezing and pulling gently, I closed my eyes, my heads was turning from side to side. He was thoroughly enjoying itone hand playing with boobs other moving all over stomachit went down to bellydown till his fingers touched my unshaven pubic hairs, I was not going to be able to stop himI screamed with delight ABbbiiittt as his finger moved on my engrossed clitI tried pulling his hand away weeklybut gave up as his long thick finger slid in my flowing wet holehe did not have to work it for long as I came immediately as I had never knownshudderingshakingthrashing almost screaming.

I did not know how long it lasted but when I returned to senses I saw my legs were partedand I was lying completely naked my gown was lying on side and his finger was still moving in and out of me rapidly. I felt drained, exhausted but waves of pleasure were still passing through me like they do in ocean. I pulled his hand away and turned to a sidemy head swinging either from drink or pleasure or bothfinally I got up, steadied myself and walked to bathroom not caring a damn about being stark naked.

I sat down under shower and tried to soap myselfI almost dosed off doing itthen felt hands all over meall I did care was enjoy the feeling. Abit woke me up in the evening, "good evening Mam, Coffee" I opened my eyes trying to remember how the hell I came here. Abit told me how he found me sleeping in the bathroomso he bathed me and dried and put in bed to sleepOhhhh I realized that's why I was all naked in bed.

I felt a sudden bout of shame and overpowering guilt, and I started crying, what the hell I had done, it may ruin my life if Abit started telling people. Next few days were most difficult I avoided Abit and refused massage, he seemed upset too, but I thought I must communicate to him that if he opened his mouth both of us would be ruined.

After few days I gathered enough courage to call him and told himhe lowered himself on kneeshis hands closed as if praying and kissed my feetI was surprised by his reactionhe said"u are like my God I can't think of bringing any harm to you ".


His innocence brought smile on my face and huge relief to me. I put my hand in his hairs and said "why are u so sad then"he replied immediately " because you are". " now I am not " then smiling a naughty smile kicked him softly saying " get upgo and bring me a drink and give me some oil massage.

He jumped up as if he had seen a mamba. He was back in a flash before even I finished thinking what should I change in to. My heart started beating fast as he helped me up and before I could speak my gown was down in my feet. I was standing just in bra and panties and he did not hesitate to unhook my bra too, I grabbed his hand as he reached for pantiessmiling and panting I said " later" I was wet even before I lied down ,my heart was beating fasterblushing I closed my eyesshivered as first drops of oil touched my boobs.

I was cooing the moment he touched my breasts, he was really enjoying digging in fingers in my soft flesh, twisting my nipples gentlypressing squeezing, moving down again to my belly ,then he shifted towards my legs and gave massage as usual then turned me on my stomachhe massaged all over back of my thighshe was very patient and took his own time to move to my shoulderarms and back before pulling my panties downby then I was hot and dying for reliefnext few minutes he gave special attention to my buttockssqueezingpatting twisting turning and kneading and that had me calling his names thrashing around, it was pure ecstasy.

He spread my ass cheeks wideran a finger in ass crack ,tickled it gentlythen pressed a fingertip on my ass hole ,that made me arch my back and call out " Aabbbbitttt Pllleeeeasee, yyyeeeesssss", oil dripping down to my pussyhe slowly and gently pushed a finger in my ass, twisting and rotating and other in my pussyand that made me cum in a jiffy, OOOOoh Oh, Oh oomaaaascreaming and twisting aroundpanting and perspiring like I had run a marathonsaliva dripping from my mouth even my eyes were full of tears .

Finally I lay there with his 2 fingers still in my holes. I grabbed his hand and pulled a bit as a signal for him to pull out. He went away, I stayed there for half an hour then he came and picked me in his arms and took me to bathroom and gave me a thorough wash in and out. I had grown very close to him so much that I even walked around house naked which I always had loved to, and became more open to him than I had ever been with my ex hubby.

While with him I had started behaving like hot slut queen who cared nothing for others sensitivities, when he was massaging me or finger fucking me, I would give him directions, do this do that, even put his hand or fingers where I wanted them, he was kinda slave for me, never saying no, never objecting nor showing any kind of emotion Abit seemed to be enjoying it too, though he spoke little but his enthusiasm said everything, he would shave me, wash me, so slowly as if savoring every moment.

But I had never touched him anywhere except his hands or arms that too for my own benefit, other than that I had kept control except looking at his groin area for seeing the effect I was having on him but there was no sign of any erection, soon I started wondering what the hell was going on, why did he never had an erection, something was wrong, either it was my behavior or some problem with him, I decided to find out. I bought him a couple of nylon nickerskind of those sprinters wear while running, skin hugging and thin.

And in one of my weekly sessions, I told him to wear one of these before starting, he wore them and came back, Wow!!!!

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he looked gorgeous, thin nylon hugging his muscular thighs and tight small ass, he sure had all the assets in place, he sure had big organs, I made him turn around, slapped his ass hard and said" Abit u are a sexy man man", he only gave a small smile. He began his activities, his hands all over me, pressingsqueezingrubbing, feelingpattingwhile I just enjoyed my drink and smokeonce I was real hot I opened my legs wide and Abit got the signal he went for my pussyhis thumb rubbing my clit, he roughed it up a little by rubbing his palm on it hardthen playing with two fingersI was hot and wanted to see the effect on himso I popped myself on my elbows and turned him towards me and the moment I saw it I almost fell back gaspingOOOH myyyyyyshhhiitt…… Wwwhhhattt isss thhhiiss??.

My idea of doing anything with it disappeared in thin air. He stood up on his knees on my side, His dick was peeping out his waist elastic band, Dark black, and thick and looking menacing. I looked up, our eyes met, I was shivering from fear and surprise, shocked!. " Itsss sssoo biiiig Abbbitt" I whispered. "U like itt Maaam"? I nodded "Its sooo Biiiggg" I repeated and I had only seen its head yet. Abit hooked his finger on its elastic band and lowered his short to his knees, as he straightened, my heart jumped to my mouth, beating as it never did, and I could clearly hear its beating.

"OHHHhhhhhhh!!!!!, mnaaa (mother), whhhaatt is this", I could only murmur. It was standing erect and was crossing his naval, It was straight till around two third length and rest one third was bent downwards in a curve, as if looking down from its single eye and had triangular shape, shaft was flat across top, slanting from sides then forming a round ridge along the length on lower side, It had conical glance, circumcised, its base was covered in big, curly, black hairs.

It was blackest part of his body no doubt. All I could think was, "forget about it Rekha, unless you wanna get split in two and even if u survived it, ur pussy would be damaged, it would be rendered useless for a normal guy.

I sat down and placed my hand on it ,and withdrew it quickly as if it was going to bite me any moment, it felt like a steel rod covered with soft rubber, slowly I placed my hand on it and closed my fingers around itmy!

My!!, my fingers were not able to touch my thumb, I pulled away my hand sliding off his rod till its glance, still forming a ring between fingers and thumb, Oh god!!!, I looked at the round 'O' formed between my fingers and thumb, this would be the size of my pussy, If I tried taking him, I thought, the hole was larger than my entire pussy.

No way !!!! Dissappointed, I placed my hand on his cock again and moved it up and down his entire shaft, I felt its twitching, Abit was watching my reaction. Suddenly he stood uppulled me on my feet and picked up and took me to bathroomwhat is his planI wonderedI knew he would not rape meIf I said no he would stop. He gave me a quick bath cleaning away all the oil, washed, dried and took me to the bed, I have been trembling all the while with fear and anticipation and did not utter a word.

Both of us were naked, I was shivering, what if he penetrated me?? ? I feared even the thought. He placed me on the bed, my buttocks on the edge, then parted my legs as far away as possible and sat down on his knees, his face inches away from my pussy, his hands moved down my thighs towards my pussy, he pulled my pussy lips apart by thumbs and looked into it, he had never looked at it like this before, I was watching his action with anticipation without saying anything or interrupting him.

I enjoyed his touch, the brutal, overwhelmingly exciting touch of his large fingers all over my private and sensitive parts, Kneading, spreading my ass cheeks roughly. He suddenly dived between my legs, Abit was teasing me, playfully sinking his teeth in my thighs, letting go, and then biting down towards the center. It was his game, his way of firing me up even more without touching my cunt. But I wanted his touch there, wanted him touching my clit, the inner folds of my pussy.

I wriggled my ass a little as an invitation for him to explore more and moreI was surprised when I saw his thick black lips touching my opened pussy and he started licking itOhh this was new ,his hot tongue flickedsending waves of pleasure covering my labiaclit and back againdown and down then going in my pussy ,OhhhhhhhAhhhhhhyeeeess DOO ITT BAbbyyyy, I loved itI pulled his hairstightened my thighs around his headthis was really better than finger fuck. Abit's tongue had entered the pussy, forcing the swollen cunt wide enough for him to suck out my juices.

I felt the muscles contracting, spasming against the probing tongue, trying to grasp it as if it were a prick. Tonguing, oh, why did it feel so good, almost better than a cock -- Abit's spit oozing into my crack. How I loved the smooth, silky rub of that tongue, a set of lips like Abit's were an extra treat as they forced my cunt lips apart. Toying with my pussy, teasing me, driving me up the wall. All I knew, all I wanted, was this tongue, this wonderful tongue doing all those wild things to me.

OH nooo, it slid down to my ass hole, OOHHHOOOO I gasped, arching my ass up in air "God!" nOOooooo, what is this, as he pushed it in as much as he could and back again in pussy, he was tongue fucking my pussy and ass alternately, sending me thrashing around, out of control, screaming. I felt my body burning, felt the flooding juices of cunt seeping out. The tickling of his licking was so crazy, so wild, and so hurried. Oh, how he licked deep into my fuzzy pussy, searching for hotter and hotter places, and then I felt him draw back, rimming the rubbery lips of my pussy.

I stiffened, feeling a rush of sexual, electric feeling hit my cunt. "Ohhhhh God, what. what are you doing to me?" I cried. I started to cum. And yes, yes, I was Cumming, climaxing in the big boy's mouth suddenly for the first time ever, I squirted arching my ass up and holding his head in my legs as if my life depended on it, a thick stream of my squirt hit his face again and again as if in slow motion, but he did not let me go.

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"God, God!"Goooddd !! I came and came and blacked out. Now that evening took our relationship a notch up, Abit started taking liberty with my body and so did I. SecretlyI desired his cock in me but its size deterred me so I continued getting his tongue insteadwhile I played with his huge dickOne evening when Abit tongued me to heat I pushed him on bed his huge black cock erect at an angle on his belly like a giant cobraI sat on his side and oiled it gently then straddled him and sat on his shaft bending forward making my clit rubbing on it as I rocked forward and backwardhis glistening rod sliding over my cunt lips ,my hands on his chestas my orgasm built up I kept moving up and up my cum building up suddenly I was so up that the glanced slipped below my clit and hit my opening that made me go madI bent a little more and pressed downwardspressure of its head stretching my pussy made me go crazyit was my heightened ecstasy that made my fear disappear and with overpowering desire to take him I pushed down slowlyOoohhhhh !!!!

It's going in, I thought more!little more and biting my lips I kept increasing the pressure, its head slipped in my pussy and I felt it going in deeper and deeper, accompanied pleasure with that stretching of my juicy pussy further reduced my fear, almost on the verge of Cumming, I screamed "I ammm cummingg Aaabbbbittt"and pushed down till it became too painful though not even one third of his cock had entered me yet but I knew he was already deeper in me than anything before.

Pain from my overstretched cunt had multiplied my pleasureI could take no more and began to cumshakingcryingscreaming my eyes widemouth opentears rolling down my faceevery muscle of my body twitching uncontrollably, my mind tormented in trying to balance pain and pleasure by pushing me down on advancing thick black cock and stopping, and then again " mnaaaa !!!!!

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Aaaammmmm !!! Fucccckkkkk meee Abittttt. Pleasure was increasing and darkening, and I was sinking in it, I don't remember anything after that. That was another step change in my life. The pain had energy, the desire and over all supplemented the pleasure, this was new knowledge I gained. I got up in the morning only that too when Abit woke me up, my first reaction after coming to senses was to reach my pussy with one hand to assess the damage.

Alas no, nothing except little soreness and wetness. He had not tried to do anything after I had blacked out that gave me extra assurance. Which resulted in my pulling Abit on bed and giving him a real hot wet kiss and squeezed his dick. Now he had become my sex partner, and my lust was increasing, I would stay hot entire day, thoughts of sex remained in my mind all the time. Massage sessions had turned into sex sessions, with Abit lying between my legs exploring my open pussyplaying with it for hourssucking biting and I was becoming more vocal calling him names and telling him to do thingswhich if I heard from someone elsewould have made me sick.

My boobs and hips both had grown a size bigger and tighter, shine on my face made some of my colleagues doubt that I was having an affair. One night it was raining heavily and Abit was busy feeling me and I had my one hand on his cock and a drink in anothera naughty idea popped in my mindI took a mouthful of drink and pulled Abit's head closer kissing him and passing on the drink to his mouthhe immediately liked it and smiled broadly, I asked him to reciprocateafter a few swaps of drinksAbit slid in between my legs and started licking my pussyI was feeling naughtier and naughtierI started pouring gin just above my pussyit flew down to Abit's busy mouthhe licked it dry, and looked in my eyes for more and moreThis was fun, soon we were getting drunk and horny.

I don't know how I did it but I turned and grabbed his cock and took it in my mouth ,Abit looked up socked !!, and stopped doing what he was doing for a few second I felt a strong repulse but it soon disappeared.

I sucked the huge dick slowly taking more and more and licking its conical head all around, I licked it, sucked it and I kept trying different things with it till my mouth become tired of constant opening and sucking. Finally, I lied down and told Abit that I needed his cock in my pussy and now, then as he started to move between my legs I took his cock in my hand and told him only this much, marking it with my finger nail which was about half his length and there it was thickest, and I did not want to risk getting torn by taking more.

I never actually was fond of big cocks, having had only one which was less than 5 inches but was enough for me. He picked up oil bottle and poured a hefty amount on his dick and on my already soaking wet pussy and quickly adjusted himself to level his dick against my pussy and connected it and pushed gently, its hardness made its way in before I could guide ithe had slid in few inches without a problem shooting pleasure confirmed the penetration, I lifted my head and looked down, yes!

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The black head was already buried in my open pussy. There was no need to guide it any more so I just lied down and enjoyed his slow abut powerful thrusting and withdrawing then thrusting a little deeper, increasing my pleasure and getting me closure to my orgasm, his powerful hands holding my hips down.

Soon I could feel the limit of my pussy was approaching and pain was becoming more and more uncomfortable with each forward thrust and that made me scream, "noo! Nooo!!! Stoppp, Aaabiit nnooo pleeease go slow its hurting bad ". He would stop for a moment and then go at it again causing me to turn and twist, cry and scream again and again. " stttop aabbit u havee reached the liiiiiiimittttt I screamedpllleeassee nnoooo moore!! hh! h! hhh!, ure tearinnnn mmy pussssy Aaabbbiiitttttt " I looked in his face and a normally somber look had changed into sadistic one, with a slight smile he was staring at my pussy.

Crying ,I looked down at my helpless pussy impaled on a rock hard black spear like cock, it was stretched so wide that the entire pussy had become a ring of stretched flesh around his black rod, even major labia were reduced to thin skin stretched around the clock. My clit was rubbing against the flat shaft ,with each inward thrust it felt like my clit was being pushed in my pussycrushed against taught inner pussy walls and the hard shaft but that crushingsqueezing of my clit this way only helped increase my pleasure which kept on increasing threshold of my pain bearing capacity.

Deeper it went, soon thickest part of his dick was approaching my pussy, Abit was now timing it expertly, as soon as pain become unbearable he would withdraw a bit and give few thrust till pain reduced and then went in a little more till I screamed again. My pussy was now sending mixed spasm of pain and pleasure to my brain, confusing it, I could only twist my head sideways and scream, his powerful hands were keeping me from moving my lower part. I knew now that my pussy was going to be torn if not already, some fluid was flowing down from my pussy to my ass holeI reached it with my fingers to see whether or not it was bloodOhh !

Thank God, so far not!! Few minutes and a shearing pain shot through me, Screaming OOOOOOOOOOOoooooohh!!!, Nooooooooo!!!, pppleasePleeasee!!!, I popped up trying to stop him ,and looked down at my helpless pussy, that thick black shaft was buried more than half in it, the thickest portion had now just entered itstretching it beyond its capacitycausing shearing pain as tissue gave way to the black monster.

I panicked and started begging, ABBIiit, Pleeease no moooooreee please, I ccaan'tt take it nooo pllleease, ssttoooppplease take ittt oouttt please. oooooh!!! Panting, slithing, crying, weeping, hanging on to his hands. He stopped but did not withdraw it, he stayed that way for few seconds till pain started subsiding in my pussy going numb, I reached around for a cigarette, lit one and placed my head down, tears rolling down my eyes.

I looked in the side MirrorI was helplessHe was sitting on his knees between my legshis arms passing under my kneeskeeping them benthis arms firmly holding my belly. he was enjoying it thoroughlyafter a minutes or so ,It felt much betterI wiped my face with my arm and nodded to him to go ahead.

he withdrew an inch or so and pushed back init felt painful but manageablethen againand again ,now with longer strokesI felt it advancing in me deeper and deeper with each forceful stroke my orgasms building up againstronger than everall I could feel soon was pleasuredarker onemore as if my whole body had itself become a pussystretched around a pleasure rodnothing but blackdark pleasure. He was now going faster and harder and deeper with each thrust, my pussy was either numb or this over powering ecstasy had left me with no other feeling except sexual.

Every inward stroke of his made my lower portion slide up in bed, pushing my clit in with it, making it swollen to double its size, every stroke outward made me feel as if my cunt lips were being pulled out. Suddenly, my orgasm built up and hit me so hard that I only remembered screaming and arching my belly up with full force my muscles cramping and again and again.

I screamedAAAHhhhhh!!!!!! fcuuucccckkkkkk meeeeee, AAAAAbbbbitt, and he thrust it deeper and deeper and I felt him in my stomach. I started Cumming again and again, squirting and everything started becoming dark pleasure, dark black animalistic pleasure!!!!. I did not remember anything after thatwhen I returned to my sensesI quickly felt my pussyGod !!!, it was over flowing and sloppyloose and it hurt like hell.

Slowly, I sat up, my head swinging and aching, I looked down between my legs, there was a huge patch of wetness, thick white fluid and spots of blood. It took some efforts on my part to stand upmy head swinging badlywhen finally I could controlled myselfI felt thick fluid running down my thighs ,I felt it with my fingers it was Abit's thick white cum, and it kept flowing down as I moved towards bathroom my pussy hurting with each step. He must have cum gallons, I thought, it kept flowing out, mixed with blood, I was worried, was my pussy torn?

I sat down on the toilet seat and felt my pussy again, all my four fingers entered in my numb, sloppy and overflowing pussy without resistance, Oh God noooo !!, it was torn, I fainted seeing blood on my fingers.