Cute guy gets pissed on before sucking dick and anal fucking

Cute guy gets pissed on before sucking dick and anal fucking
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to all the neg comment writers-Ok so i not the worlds best writter never said i was. so if you can follow the story with the problem fine if not don't read and trust me i see way worst then me on this site. David and I had gotten together many times after what happened and I had never been happier.

Then after class one day as we were walking towards his car an ambulance pulled up outside the school. We were just watching the EMTs heading inside when one of my girlfriend's friend ran up to us. "Mike you need to come something happened to Ashley." Before I could say anything she took off and David and I followed her.

She led to a restroom on the far side of the school that wasn't us much and I saw EMTs rushing her out of the girl restroom. She had been beaten and stabbed multiply times. The principle was being asked questions by a police officer next to the girl restroom. "Do you have any idea who could have done this?" He shook his head. "Judge by the writing near her whoever did this was target gay and bi.

Do you know if she was either?" "She was bi-sexual." I said as I neared them. The office asked who I was. "I'm Mike Downs Ashley my girlfriend.

What the hell happened?" He wrote down what I said but didn't answer me. "Do you know anyone that could have done this." I laughed. "There are kids here who are open about who they are and get pick on because of it.

Also the same kids the pick on them do it to other just because they think they are.

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But the only one I could think could have done anything like that was suspended about a week ago." He thanked me and walked away without answering my question so I repeated it to the principle. He took me by my shoulder and led me into the restroom. There was blood all over the ground and above it was a massage written in Ashley blood.

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Gay and Bi-Sexual ways are a sin. This is how we will deal with the sinners. I slammed my fist into the nears stall and David rush up and pulled me into his arms. "Don't worry I sure this will be handled and Ashley will be fine." I jerk free of him.

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"Yeah and who will be next before that happens? You, me, Kelly Ashley girlfriend, there are at least thirty kids that could be next." I walked passed him and keep walking until I got home. Over the next two weeks four more kids had been beaten and stabbed and yet the cops had no leads.

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A lot of the open kids left school, but me and the ones who parent didn't know about us had to stay. I started avoid David and I guess that was a mistake because I was the next. I was in the restroom washing up after lunch when a group of kids walked in. Like any other time I tensed up but they went about their business or so I thought because before I could react some come up from behind me and slammed my face into the mirror.

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He brought his face close to my ear and said "sinner." That was the last thing they said too. I've seen the kid around school but didn't know his name and when I tried to scream for help he jerked my hair and threw me to the ground. Then him and five others guys started kicking the shit out of me.


Most of their blows were to side and stomach. I tried to crawl away but someone grabbed my hair from behind pulling me to my knees. The guy who slammed me into the mirror had his cock out and was rubbing to an erect before stepping in front of me. I tried to push him away but his fist slammed into my face several times causing me to cry out.

As I did he shoved his cock into my mouth and started face fucking me.


He force his dick so far down my throat that he cut off my air supply and held it there as I trashed around trying to force him back. Then he finally pulled back only to do it again. After several minutes of this I felt his cock Swell in my mouth and his cum spud into me.

As he pulled out I spit it to the ground and got a few more punches to my face which knocked out a tooth.

Then another guy to his place, but when he came he shoved his dick down my throat forcing me to swallow his come. The other four men took their turn and when the last cum I prayed that it was over. They pushed me back to the ground and started kicking me again. Then one started to remove my pants. I kick back at him and tried to get a grabbed on something one of the held a knife to me but I refused to stop fighting. Then a foot smashed into my nose dazing me. While the world spun they managed to pull my pants down and force me onto my stomach.

Two of them grabbed my arms and pulled me to my knees again. The guy who had started this kneeled down behind me pushing his dick against my asshole. I tried to beg them to stop. Man I had dream of David and I taking this step together but not until I was ready and here I was about to be rape and all I want was for David safe me like he did before. Something was forced into my mouth and I tried to spit it out. Then I felt a fire spread around my asshole as I was force open as the guy slammed his cock the how way in without any form of lube.

I screamed at the top of my lungs but my gag cut most of it short. He pulled back out and jammed it back in.

Tears filled my eyes as I heard them laughing. He continued pounding his dick into me for about five minutes when I felt it swell and he blasted cum filled me. He slapped my ass as he pulled out only to be replace by another then another until everyone of them had fuck me. When the last guy pulled out they continued holding me and I feared what was to come and was thankful when I felt the kick to my stomach. It had to be ten minutes before they stopped kicking me. Then the ones holding my arms pulled me up and I felt a sharp pain in my stomach as the knife buried itself.

I was stabbed six more times before they let me fall to the floor. I was barely conscious when one of them reached down and jabbed his finger into my stomach. When I came too I found myself at the Hospital in the IC.

I had been there two days, in and out of surgery. I spent six days at the hospital before I was release to go home.

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Thanks to a year book I was able to point out who had attacked me. And this my friends is where my life took a worst and best turn. After I was release I told my parents that I was bi-sexual my father start yelling at me say that I was no son of his and that I got what I deserved for leading a disgusting life. He told me unless I change my life then I was not allowed under his room because god did not allow that life.

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I called David and told him what happen and he told me he be there in a moment. When he pulled up he jumped out of his car and tried to push passed me. My father came out just them.

"And this must be your ass bitch friend who got you into this life." It happen before I could stop myself, I spun and punched him as hard as I could sending my father to the ground. "No this is my boyfriend and I know who I was long before I meet him. And no one deserved get beaten, raped, and stabbed because their different." I get into David car and started crying. It was the first time I had done that in year well exempted for what happen in the restroom.

David took me to his house where he told his parent what happened. Now I never talked about his parent to you but I really like them.

David told them that he was bi when he was fourteen and they accepted him without question. Now they were taking me in like a second son and even allowed me to stay in David's room. Chapter four will be out soon and you will see how my life has change for the better.