Young girlfriend tries out anal fucking on homemade sextape

Young girlfriend tries out anal fucking on homemade sextape
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I live in a small cul-de-sac. One of the ones where everyone knows each other, all the kids are best friends, barbeques in the summer, those kinds. The road was a long road of just trees that led to the opening which was our cul-de-sac. I lived right in the middle. It was a nice house. It was just me and my dad. My mom left when I was little.

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My dad worked two jobs so we wouldn't have to move, so he was never home. I grew up with the kids in the cul-de-sac and everyone has stayed, no one left. We were all so close. Until 6 months ago, my closest friend, Alex, had to move.

His parents couldn't afford to live there anymore. All the kids were heart broken. While his parents were looking at a new house in another town, we all went over and hung out. It was me, Alex, Brandon, and Kate. We were the oldest kids in the neighborhood. The next oldest kids were like 12, so we didn't really hang out with them. We threw a small going away party for him. He left the next day. A new family moved in 2 weeks after, and that's when everything went crazy.

The new family moved in, and we had a "Welcome" party at my house.


The entire neighborhood came. I, Brandon, and Kate all went up to my room. We were all talking and watching TV when my dad came in and told us to introduce ourselves to the new neighbors. As it turned out, their son was our age. We brought him up to my room and we all hung out for a while.

He was the most perfect human being I had ever laid my eyes on. His name was Kyle.

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He was 6'3" and had this medium length brown hair. It had a little bit of a flow to it. Kyle was also kind of tannish too. He was really funny and nice as we were talking. It was really hot out, being the middle of the summer and all.

I had a pool with an adjacent hot tub, so we decided to go swimming. We got changed and swam for a few hours until it got dark. It was too dangerous to swim, so we got into the hot tub. We talked and talked until everyone's parents were ready to go. "Hey dad, can everyone sleep over?" I asked.


"Sure, I don't see why not. Let's just make sure their parents are ok with it." My dad was leaving in a couple hours for a business trip so he probably didn't want me to be lonely, or else he would have said no. Kate's parents were ok with it, which they usually are. But as for Kyle and Brandon, their parents didn't feel comfortable leaving them with 2 girls alone, so they left.

Kate and I got dressed and went up to my room. The window in my room looked straight at Kyle's new house. Alex's room was right there, so we would see each other all the time, send notes, and stupid stuff kids do with their friends.


We got changed into some pajamas and sat on the couch I have in my room. "Kyle is so hot." Kate said. "You two totally hit it off Jess." "Really?" I was drying my hair as we were talking. "I thought he was kind of shy." "No, he was totally into you, and if he was into me, I wouldn't be able to do anything about it anyways." She said.

Right after she said it, she covered her mouth as if she had just did something she regretted. "Why not?" I asked confused as hell. Kate didn't have a boyfriend, she didn't even have a crush. "Ok, I've been meaning to tell you this, but there's never been a good time." She seemed anxious. "Brandon and I have been hooking up." "What kind of hooking up?

Like making out hooking up, or having sex hooking up." I found this humorous. I never would have seen them together. I thought Kate would have been better with Alex to be honest. "We've been doing the in between stuff, but I think he wants to do more." She was really didn't want to have sex until she was out of high school.

"How long have you guys been hooking up?" I was curious how long I have been missing signs. "About 3 months now." "Wow Kate, I can't believe I've been missing the signs for that long. Hey, look out the window." Kyle was unpacking stuff in his room. Alex's old room, had become the room of our new neighbor. "Wait hold on a second." I said just realizing something.

"How have you guys been getting around your parents? Your parents never go anywhere." "When our parents go to the store. He would come over my house and vice versa." She admitted. "Nice." We were both watching Kyle.

He was so sexy. His muscles were perfectly toned and he had a nice 6-pack. We were both pretty much drooling over this kid. I had a note pad on the window sill from when I and Alex would write notes.

There wasn't a big gap between our houses. It was about 15 feet.

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He finally looked over and saw us. We waved and he waved and smiled back. I took the marker and wrote a note on the note pad. "Want to come over once my dad leaves?" He nodded his head yes.

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Kate and I were both so excited. "Can I text Brandon and see if he wants to come?" Kate always assumed she needed to ask. "Kate you don't need to ask, he's one of my best friends too." I got up and searched my closet of something more comfortable than my unicorn pajama pants. I put on some galaxy spandex and a white tank top.

Kate was a little bigger than I was. So she just went home and grabbed clothes real quick. Kate and I went downstairs and watched Netflix until my dad left. He jumped in the taxi and left in a flash. He was gone for about 5 minutes when Brandon came over. I went upstairs to let Kyle know he could come now. I wrote the note and taped it to the window. He must have seen my dad leave because he was on the couch when I came back down. "Oh hey. I just left a note saying you can come over now." I said sitting on the couch next to him.

"Do you guys want to do something?" Kate asked.

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We all nodded our heads. "Does anyone want a drink?" I asked. "Yeah I'll have one." Kyle said. "Let me help you." He got up and followed me into the kitchen. I grabbed two beers from the fridge and gave one to Kyle.

He opened his no problem, but I needed some help. "Here let me help you." He opened my beer exactly how he opened his. We stayed in the kitchen and drank our beers talking and laughing. I know I'm shorter than him and he has to look down to talk to me, but he couldn't stop looking at my boobs. We finished our beers and we each grabbed another one and returned to our friends. "You guys good over there?" I asked jokingly to Kate and Brandon. Kate giggled and Brandon's face turned bright red.

"What do you guys want to do?" I asked going back to Kate's earlier statement. "Ummm, I don't really know. How about we just watch some movies until we fall asleep?" Kate suggested.

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"Sounds good." I grabbed the remote and put on Insidious. This way if I got scared I had an excuse to be close to Kyle. About halfway through the movie, I noticed Kate and Brandon were asleep, but Kyle was wide awake. "I want to show you something." I whispered to Kyle. "Follow me." We climbed up the stairs as quietly as possible so we didn't wake up Kate and Brandon. I led him into my room and he just stood there. I searched my closet for the book. I bent over to search the floor and he slapped my ass.

I turned and looked at him and he looked so innocent, it was laughable. I giggled and went back to looking for the book. "Here it is!" I got up and we sat down on the couch. I opened the book and everything was still in it. I hallowed it out a few months ago. I had a small stash of weed, some condoms, my birth control, and most importantly pictures of me, Alex, Kate, and Brandon.

"Why did you want to show me this?" He asked. "I wanted to show you what we looked like when we were little, good memories, hopefully I can create some with you and put them in the book." I said flipping through the pictures. I looked out of the corner of my eye and he was looking at my boobs again. I put everything away except for a single condom and closed the book. I looked at Kyle and he was still looking at my boobs even though I was looking right at him.

I leaned over and kissed him. I noticed the tent in his pants was growing as I kissed him. I got up and straddled his legs with his tent just beneath my moistening pussy. We continued making out and I took off my tank top. He took off his shirt and he fumbled with my bra as we continued making out. I giggled and guided his hands. I took off my bra fully and he was in shock.

I'm pretty sure his jaw hit the floor.

I got really insecure and embarrassed because he wasn't doing anything. I started to get up, regretting my decision to kiss him, when he pulled me back and kissed me. We made out for a while more when he stopped and got up. I started to get nervous as if I did something wrong. I stood up to close the blinds and Kyle spun me around and kissed me again. We backed up against the wall. He had his hands on my butt and I wrapped my legs around him.

He was so strong and sexy.

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He carried me to the bed and threw me down. We continued making out as he undid his pants and he helped me with mine. He grabbed his hard dick and guided it to my shaven pussy. He rubbed it up and down my slit teasing me. I was dripping wet. He finally pushed his cock in slowly. He reached my hymen and looked at me confused. "What's wrong?" I asked. I always thought I did something wrong because I was a virgin. "How is a beautiful girl like you a virgin?" He asked as he started to kiss my neck.

"This is going to hurt a bit, I'm not going to move after I break it so you can adjust." I just nodded. He was so demanding it was so sexy. I held my breath as he pulled his dick back slowly and thrust into me breaking my hymen.

I let out a howl in pain and tears started rushing to my eyes. He wiped them away and waited for me to signal him to keep going. I kissed him and he took that as his signal. He was thrusting into me hard but in rhythm. I was moaning really loud as he thrust. "Baby don't stop. Keep going." I thought Kate and Brandon would wake up I was moaning so loud. He thrust harder and faster as we went on.

He only slowed down right before he came in me. He pulled out and redressed all except for his shirt. I stayed for a second, trying to wake up from what could only be a dream, but it wasn't. I actually had sex with this sexy human being in front of me. I got up and started dressing. We heard a scream come from downstairs, and realized they must be awake.

We stayed in my room and smoked a joint before going downstairs. We came down and they had obviously just finished dressing because Kate was buttoning her pants followed by the few on her shirt. I checked the clock, 6:00. "Its 6:00. Do you guys want to go get breakfast?" I asked. A unanimous "Yes" from the group came. I grabbed some sweat pants and we all headed out for my car.