Hawt kitty gets a lusty and salacious oil massage from fellow

Hawt kitty gets a lusty and salacious oil massage from fellow
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Sonia was on her knees giving Paul headthe 55 year old cumslut had been married for 35 yearsbut not to Paul. Paul was her 21 year old master who she had met 6 months ago at the mall. Her husband Bill was now a cuckold & like Sonia was under mind control.

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You see Paul was a great hypnotist & Sonia was his first sex slave.

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Facefucking the previous faithful mother of twoPaul loved how the shorthaired brunette swallowed & deep throated his prick. She had be trained to lose her gag reflex after sucking him off hundreds of timesPaul still dated women his own agebut Sonia the old wench still gave the best head & she also had a nice fat ass for fuckingGrabbing Sonia by her leashPaul jammed his 10inch prick to the back of her throat & unloaded a load of jism which Sonia immediately ate just like ice cream Chapter 1- The Next Day Sonia was dressed in a yellow bikini & spiked heels.

Bill she called outPaul is coming over soon he wants you out of the house he's bringing a guest over he wants me to meet, " yes" dear Bill said I'm leaving now as he shut the front door, he was going to the pub to watch the game. Meanwhile a few minutes later Paul pulled up in the driveway & opened the car door and let his latest acquisition out.

Last week he had played with his second sex slave. Like SoniaMonique was a married lady of many years.

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A tall sexy Colombian lady with long hair she 'd be a perfect fitwith his English cum whore Sonia who stood a couple inches shorter at 5ft 6. Dressed also in a bikini& leopard skin heels Monique was collared & leashed as he rung Sonia's doorbell.

Sonia answered the doorshe didn't know what to thinkshe thought after all that she was Paul's only sex slave.but she had no time to think ,as Paul ordered the skanks to french kiss. Once inside Paul had Sonia put her collar & leash on also. Paul, now grabbed both wenches by their leashes& both were told to get on their knees. As Sonia starting giving Paul a rimjob Monique blew him.

After 10minutes the milfs switched placesboth were on there way to becoming complete submissives. Chapter 2- Golden Champagne After Paul exploded all over Sonia & Monique.And both had their faces covered in jizz .He grabbed them by their respective leashes and brought them both to Sonia's marital bed which she shared with her wimpy husband Bill.

Paul took out his cellphone and filmed the two sluts licking each others faces and decided now was the time to go to the final humiliating step. Both were told led in the doggy position by their leashes.

As they reached the bathroomBill had to take a piss. But instead of using the toilet. He placed Monique & Sonia in the bathtub & urinated all over their faces. Both were shocked but obedient ,they were under hypnosis after all and their master always gave them the most pleasure.From now on they would be trained to be his human toilets.

Chapter 3- Anal oooh dont stop Paulmaster that feels so good up my ass screamed Sonia.

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Monique licked Paul's assas he made her new bffs ass gape. Monique was giving her first rimjob. She would never dream of doing this to Jose( her cuckoldwimpy husband). It had been 1 week since Paul had put her under mind control.

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She was 47 and til Paul she had never fucked anybody but Jose. Now she was turning into a slut. Monique has such a sexy ass too thought Paul as he pulled out of Sonia, lubed up his fingers & anally finger fucked Monique before he shoved his 10incher up her shit hole.


AAAAAAH that hurrrts master Monique screamed in pain. Hold on whore it only gets better.

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As her asshole gapedMonique began to experience ecstasy as she received her first anal creampie. Sonia was only watchingso Paul grabbed her by the head and shoved her head into Monique's ass. Sonia ate the cream pie out of her new girlfriends ass. Monique came from the lezzie rimjob, Sonia had just gave her. Chapter 4 Melvin was filming his wife Abigail riding her new master cowgirl style. They had met Paul yesterday at the book store they frequent & now his wife of 30 years was riding the massive prick of a 21 year old guy.

Melvin was turned on. Paul was wearing a ski mask and now Abigail was being roughly facefucked. Abigail was a teacher a B.S high & Paul had been one of her students a few years back and now was loving getting a bj from one his crushes.

Abigail had nice big tits 38dd & now Paul had Abigail stretched out on her bed as he tit fucked & facefucked her simultaneously. The 52 year old red head was wet and ready to fuck. So Paul put his former teacher in the doggy style position & pounded her pussy with his wangas her massive natural boobs swung.


Paul must have fucked her in the doggy position for 30 mins straight before he turned her over & exploded a massive load of sperm over her now cum slut face. Melvin was still filming. So Paul told Abigail not to move and stay on the bed.


He got Abigail's ruby red lipstick & wrote Paul's Cumslut on her forehead. This was how the xxx film would end. He'd show it Paul thought when he, Abigail, Monique and Sonia would have their first foursome.