Courtney was born to fuck

Courtney was born to fuck
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The young girl was brought out, and dragged onto the table. She offered no resistance as her captors raised her hands above her head, and placed them in shackles.

She was long broken, any will to resist her fate taken from her long ago.

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One of her captors suckled one of her breasts before they left, causing her nipples to stiffen in anticipation. The door was opened, and the first male was let in.

This one was an older male, about 40 or so: a soldier in the army. The girl spread her legs in anticipation: she knew that this one would be quick, rutting in her maybe once or twice, for two or three minutes, before having his fill and moving on. As expected, the male clambered between her legs, and awkwardly fucked her, grunting and humping quickly before giving an exhausted grunt, and spurting his seed inside her.

He lay there for a moment, resting his head on her breasts as he gathered his strength for a second assault. He managed to cum once more, and unceremoniously disengaged himself from her, cum dripping from his flaccid penis and onto the table and floor.

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He pissed onto the floor, the urine running into the drain. The girl lay there, in a semi aroused state: she hadn't expected the man to last long enough to bring her to orgasm: that wouldn't happen for another two or three lovers.

Such was the daily routine for her: in the mornings, the older males who could afford to have first shot at her would come in, and hump her for a few minutes, blow their load, and move on to other business, leaving her wanting and panting for her first orgasm. By the time she managed to have her first orgasm, four men had blown 6 loads in her. The hot cum ran out of her pussy and down her asshole.

She let the pleasure of the orgasm take her away, as the beast atop her artlessly thrust and poked at her. It was easier this way, to simply let her body react and comfort her as she was repeatedly violated. Her legs would clench around her lovers, and her body would sweat in excitement, and later exhaustion, as she was used over and over again throughout the day.

Most of the older men weren't malicious in their fucking, so much as uninspired, droll, and selfish. Occasionally you'd get one in who liked to play with their food: fingering her, kissing her, and suckling her erogenous zones before relieving themselves in her.

The eighth guy, or was it the eleventh, did just that. He fingered her, suckling her tits, licking and sucking on her earlobes, coursing his hands around the curves of her tummy and kissing her navel.

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Some men enjoyed molesting their prey, while it couldn't protect itself. Not that she would have if she could: she moaned and shuddered in ecstasy, as the man brought her to several more orgasms, one after the other. When he was done teasing and tormenting her, he pulled out his cock, long, stiff, hard, and purple, and stuffed it into her mouth. She suckled eagerly, and the male came almost instantaneously, shooting his frustrated seed down her throat.

Grunting, he slumped over onto her, his head resting on her tummy. She enjoyed his pleasant weight on her, resting softly against her warm, tingling, now cum filled womb. After a time he stood up, and offered his cock to her again, semi flaccid. She eagerly took it into her mouth, and suckled it to orgasm once more, taking her time to suckle and lick around the tip of his cock. She brought him to a shuddering orgasm, and his balls clenched against his cock as he shot his second load into her.

He wiped his cock off in her blonde hair, and thanked her for her services. She felt a tingle of delight rush through her: it pleased her when the men thanked her for her pleasure, as opposed to just walking away. The next couple of men weren't so considerate though, simply mounting up, and humping, cumming quickly in her already spunk filled cunt.

By this time, there was a sizable puddle of cum running down her legs and onto the floor below, and the smell of her sex and spent male seed filled the room.

The gate was locked, and her jailers came in. They dumped cold water on her, to wash away any bodily fluids that had accumulated on her and the table. Unchaining her from the table, they led her to a bucket. She squatted over it and pissed.

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When she had filled the bucket, she was given a bowl of water to drink, to replenish her lost fluids, which she drank eagerly. When she was done, they led her back to the table, and chained her in her original position, leaving her taut, nimble, supine body vulnerable once again. Now it was the younger males turn. She enjoyed these fucks more: the younger men had more stamina, and took more pleasure in fucking her. The older men were generally selfish, and came in to get their nut off.


These younger men enjoyed sex more, and took particular pleasure in getting responses from their mate. They would actually take their clothes off, and not just pull their pants down.

They would take her fully, wrapping strong, muscular arms around her, and thrusting artfully, slowly, deliberately, determined to get a pleasurable response from her, as proof of their virility and proficiently. By now, she was already fairly stimulated, and when these males fucked her, the waves of pleasure coursed freely through her body, and she would actively moan and coo, and clasp her legs around her lovers, humping and thrusting to meet their rhythm.

Many times, she would cum about the same time they did, if not a little before. However even if they didn't manage to make her cum the first time, these males had enough stamina to make three or four attempts, and by the time they were done, none of these males had ever failed to make her cum at least twice.

They were also somewhat more varied in their methods of fucking her: they would regularly finger her, and suckle her tits. They would also pay special attention to her ass, something she particularly enjoyed around this time of day. They would take the dripping cum from her pussy, and use it to lube up her anus.

Then, eagerly, the would shove their hard, stiff rods in her ass, causing her ass and cunt to contort and contract with pleasure. Often, the males would finger her cunt as they thrust away at her ass, doubling the sensation.

Her ass and cunt would move with a life of their own, clenching and pulsing with ecstasy as she was repeatedly violated. Eventually she would squirt repeatedly onto the table and the floor, the anal orgasms causing her to lose complete control. This went on for some time longer than the previous group of clients: she fucked the same amount of men as before, but as each man could last longer in her, the entire process took longer. Also, these men enjoyed afterplay a bit more, lingering a bit to thank her for her pleasures, and talking a bit about their day as they raped her.

By the time this group was done, she was ecstatic with bliss, her whole body tingling with warmth as she lay on the table, every breath, every current of air causing a storm of ecstasy on her skin. When her jailers came in this time, their cocks were stiff. One of them had their prick already out of their pants.

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They unchained her, and she took the expected position, getting on all fours and spreading her legs, and eagerly taking the exposed cock into her mouth.

The other slaver mounted her unceremoniously. Together, the two males rutted and vented their sexual frustration, relieving the built up frustration they had felt watching her mate with dozens of males up till then. The male atop her characteristically shot his load into her, clenching her close to him as he came.

The male she was felatting withdrew his cock, and squatted down, masturbating into her food dish. Eventually, he shot a thick, white load into her bowl of gruel.

Without hesitation, she began devouring the thick viscous mixture semen and all. As she slurped the thick cereal up, she felt another male clamber onto her, and begin thrusting.

She continued eating, even as the male humped himself to orgasm. It was common for the jailers to satisfy themselves with her while she was eating her lunch: they didn't even wait for her to finish, and it no longer bothered her that they didn't.


She lapped up her water eagerly, then, raising her head, accepted a nearby, erect cock into her mouth. Her meal was washed down with several loads of cum and urine before her jailers, spent and satisfied, gave her her toilet bucket to relieve herself in, and dump a bucket or two of cold water on her and the table to clean her off for her next clients.