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Pleased to meet you, my name is Nick, I am a wrestling coach. I wrestled in high school, paid my way through college wrestling, and now I teach it. I am not one of those coaches that is a teacher that just happens to be available to coach also.

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I have a regular job and I spend all my late afternoons and most of my weekends during wrestling season at the local high school or at meets. I met my wife Billie while we were in college so she has grown to love wrestling as much as I do. Billie and I have another thing in common when it comes to wrestling.we both like the view! Besides loving the sport on its own merit we both agree that there is nothing hotter than a toned teenage boy in a skin tight singlet.

Now I know what you are thinking, "But you're MARRIED!! And a GUY"! I know that.let me explain. Many, many years ago, when I wrestled in high school I found something out about myself. I am a wrestling induced bisexual. I know.what the hell is that you say. Well I'll tell you. I can honestly say that I have never had a sexual thought about a man in my life. I don't fantasize about the guys I work with or my mechanic or any male celebrity.well except for maybe Clay Aiken. Just kidding about Clay, while I'm sure he is a great guy, he really doesn't do a thing for me.

It was a little joke. Besides I think he would look terrible in a singlet! LOL!! Seriously though, it started the very first year I wrestled, which would have been the 8th grade. That's when I had my first sexual thought about another guy. Something about the smell of mingled sweat and skin tight spandex just turned my crank. But as soon as the season was over so were the thoughts.till the next year.

But I digress.that is another story. Suffice it to say that I love my wife, I ADORE her, and I would NEVER cheat on her for ANY reason. I have never fantasized about another woman since I met Billie, but those boys in their singlets are another thing. We BOTH have hot fantasies about them. Billie and I have often whiled away many a day and night talking about our fantasies and fucking like bunnies on E.

Ok, now that I've explained, lets get on with the story. Like I said before, I am not a teacher/coach. I am just a coach. I take it very seriously.

I take video of every match my boys have. I have video of all of their serious competition. Before a meet we go over the video of the boys they are to wrestle that day. My guys are prepared. I coach hard and give a lot of my time and resources to them. During wrestling season my whole life revolves around the team. That and the boys' hard work have made for a great team. This particular year we had a small varsity team but they were all champs.

All 8 had made State and placed high enough to go to Regionals. This was going to be a great year! The Saturday we went to the States we rocked the meet!

The bus ride back was a riot, literally! The boys were hanging out the windows, hollering at and flirting with anyone that passed us. I was driving so all I could do was look in the mirror and shake my head and laugh.

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The bus belonged to Billie and I, we had bought it just for this reason, that's why I was driving. Our school wasn't wealthy and they couldn't afford to send the guys to the State and Regional competitions and only the closest regular meets.

So a few years ago we had a chance to get our hands on this bus and the boys helped us trick it out for our needs. We kept the first 8 seats in each row and took out the rest. This gave the guys a place to lay down if they were tired or to stow their blankets and pillows and such.

Anyway, like I said they were completely stoked. This was the first time any school in our district had the entire varsity team going to Regionals! They had a right to be proud! It was well after dark when we pulled down my driveway. I felt a momentary twinge of pity for Billie.

I had called her on our way back and told her the good news so she had some idea of how nuts everything was going to be but I still pitied her this mad hoard of victorious, hormonal and VERY hungry warriors that was, at this very moment, descending on her. You might be wondering why they were all coming to our house. It's simple really. When we got the bus I asked the guys if they would mind having their parents pick them up at our house instead of having to go back to the school and then come home.

This turned into they just decided to stay at our house on those Saturdays nights. Billie would have pizza or chicken or something when we got there and we'd have breakfast with them the next morning. We would then load into the bus and go to the school if there was to be a group practice that Sunday or they would get rides out if not.

Needless to say Billie and I were fine with that! Even though Saturdays were sometimes VERY long days we would always have the energy for some crazy hot sex when the boys were sleeping in our finished basement/rec room. We often wondered whether they could hear us fucking like maniacs right over their heads. Funny thing though, every time we asked each other that question it only made us cum harder and make more noise!!


Billie never made more noise or came harder than when I was telling her what I imagined those hot young studs doing to her body and mind! We would also wonder if any of them were laying under their blankets, in the dark, rubbing their cocks while listening to us. That might have something to do with it too. LOL Well this Saturday was no different. Billie and I fucked the night away, it was extra hot cause we could still hear them talking and laughing into the early hours, and we were pretty sure they could hear us.

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We both came so much that Billies bald pussy was still drooling while she made breakfast. None of the boys had made it upstairs yet so we were being kind of nasty in the kitchen. She likes to wear these little short, cotton nighties and she never wears panties with them. I talked her into sitting on each of the kitchen chairs and wiggling a bit while I spread her puffy pussy lips so her juices would get on each seat.

I fingered her big clit and whispered in her ear while she did this, telling her that the smell of her cunt would be on all of their shorts, kind of like marking her territory. This made for quite a wet spot on each of those chairs! By the time she got to the last chair she was moaning like a bitch in heat and my cock was rock hard. I pulled my sweet wife up off that chair, spun her around, bent her over the table and shoved my dick to the hilt into her very wet pussy!

I had fished my cock out of the fly in my pajama pants about halfway around the table so I didn't even have to stop to do that.

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I was pounding into her like a demon. I had to hold her hips tight to keep the table from moving across the floor with each thrust. I noticed one of the guys' singlets hanging over the back of the chair next to me. I grabbed it and put it to my face, taking a huge sniff. My cock surged inside of Billie and she let out a loud groan. I decided to share it with her so after taking a lick of the salty spandex I shoved it into her face.

It took her a minute to realize what it was but I knew exactly when she figured it out. Billie took in a deep breath and all at once I could feel her juices rolling down the front of my thighs. She was cumming like a waterfall! This made me pound into her harder and faster. I was getting ready to cum and I could feel that Billie was there again too and then we heard someone at the top of the stairs. I pulled out, so close to cumming that my dick dripped precum onto the floor and, if she hadn't been laying half on the table, Billie would have fell to the floor too.

We hurriedly adjusted our clothing and tried not to let on what we had been doing. I don't think we pulled it off though, at least the smile on Brandons face said we didn't. He had seen us scrambling and fussing with our clothing and at that moment I saw the singlet lying on the table in front of us.

I nonchalantly swiped it off onto a chair, hoping he hadn't seen that at least. Billie was already back to fixing breakfast and doing her level best to get her breathing back in order. Brandon was still smiling as he walked into the kitchen. He had only a pair of shorts on and I could tell by how low his waistband was, and the outline of his cock against the material, that he was going commando today. I watched as he walked right over to the chair with the singlet on it.

He picked it up and slung it over his shoulder, never breaking eye contact with me and smiling the whole time.

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"So this is where I left it, I really should keep my sweaty, smelly clothes off of your furniture, sorry Billie". My poor flustered wife muttered something about it not being a problem but didn't turn around. I don't think she was ready to look at Brandon just yet. I decided that it would be best to keep my alpha male spot so I just smiled back at him and shrugged my shoulders. I realize that by doing that I had removed any doubt he had about what was going on when he came up and possibly even about the significance of his singlet, but it kept me on top, so to speak.

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Not that I was worried about Brandon in any way but he could be a cocky little smart-ass sometimes and God knows he didn't need any help. Brandon was a stunningly good looking guy and he was cool with that fact. Almost to a fault at times. I had seen him be incredibly shitty to the cheerleaders that shared the gym with us, but far as I know he never dated any of them.

It seemed to me that he was more than willing to trade stuck up and pretty for smart and witty any day and that earned him more than a bit of respect from me. This morning that cocky also came with a big helping of ballsy.

Billie was at the sink doing something and didn't notice that Brandon got a glass out of the cupboard. He came up behind Billie and pressed against her back to reach the faucet. He played it innocent by saying "Don't let me stop you Billie, I'm just getting some water. You know how dried out we get after a day of wrestling. Seems like I can't get enough".

He gulped down one glass without taking his hand off the faucet handle and reached to fill his glass again, his body pressed snugly against my wife the entire time, effectively pinning her between him and the edge of the sink. Being both about the same height I knew his swinging commando cock was pressed into Billie's left hip and, by the notable change in the way the front of his shorts looked when he turned, Brandon noticed it too.

I could only imagine the effect it was having on Billie. I knew her well enough to know that her pussy was probably tingling like crazy, her meaty clit hard and throbbing. I guess I was right cuz I could see she was squeezing her thighs together trying to tone down the pulse in her crotch.

Brandon came over to sit at the table, looking at me and smiling the whole time. That little shit not only knew what he was doing but he was doing it on purpose! My cock thickened a bit more thinking that this boy was aware that he had the power to turn us on. He was no longer looking at me but he sat there with that little crooked smile that let me know he was enjoying himself a whole lot. A few minutes later Billie was back at the sink doing something and Brandon drained his glass and was on his feet in an instant.

I decided right then I was going to turn the tables on him. He padded across the kitchen on silent bare feet so Billie didn't hear him coming. Again he pinned her to the sink under the guise of being "soo thirsty".

Since I too was barefoot he didn't hear me either. I had been drinking OJ and I polished it off when I formed my plan. I moved up behind Brandon and pressed against HIS back. "Hey Brandon, hold the water a sec, I need to rinse this glass. OJ and milk won't mix so well".

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As I said this I reached around to the right of our little group to get the milk from the counter. To do this I had to slide my body to the right while my left arm circled around Brandon to keep my glass in the running stream and since there were two people between me and the counter I had to put a bit of pressure on him to reach everything.

I felt my slightly chubby cock fall into the crack of his ass as I dragged across him. Immediately the blood flooded my dick. How could it not? This was exactly like so many of the fantasies I have had about hot young wrestlers. Having one sandwiched between my wife and I was a personal favorite and here we were with just a few layers of cloth between us.


I know Brandon could feel me pressing my hard-on into the crack of his ass. I wondered how he was going to take this as I finished rinsing my glass. I had the milk and headed back to the table. I didn't have to guess anymore once Brandon turned away from my wife. He was red in the face and his dick made a respectable tent in his shorts. By the look of things Brandon was full on hard!! Now it was my turn to turn red.

It's one thing to have a fantasy, it's a whole other ballgame when you get a hint that there could be a way to act it out. I wasn't quite sure what to do with this information but apparently my body knew, I was as hard as a rock!

At this point I was really glad I was sitting down. Brandon sat down also, probably for the same reason, but I got the feeling he wasn't embarrassed. He slowly met my gaze and smiled and shrugged his shoulders!

Right then we could hear what sounded like a herd of buffalo coming up the stairs and a lot of chatter. I think we were all three glad of that. At least for now the tension would ease and things could be much more "normal", whatever that is.

The guys each flopped down on a chair and were recounting their victories. Billie brought breakfast to the table and it disappeared as fast as it got there. Man could they eat!! Everything went much the same as any other Sunday. I told them they all deserved a day off so there would be no practice today so they all got rides and headed out. I think that was the first time in a long, long time that Billie and I were glad to see them go.

We couldn't wait to get our hands on each other again. As soon as the last boy left Billie and I headed for the pool. We both have very lucrative careers so we have all the luxuries we want. Billie is the owner of a web host domain and I am a computer programmer/analyst. I will be the first to admit that while I have a 750k a year salary my wife makes at least double. Billie started her web hosting site while we were still in college and now after 8 years she has the most succesful site on the internet.

So that gives us the money and freedom to do pretty much anything we want. And we wanted an indoor pool so we could swim year round!

Anyway, we both stripped off our clothes on the way to the pool but Billie stopped before jumping in. She grabbed my hand and put it on her crotch. Holy Shit!! Her pussy was literally swamped! I slid a finger into her dripping pussy, "Damn baby, your pussy is running like a faucet". "Well for God's sake Nicky, what do you expect? You saw what Brandon was doing! He spent at least 15 minutes rubbing his cock on my ass this morning.

And when you came up behind us he all of a sudden got hard as a rock!" "I noticed. When he turned around his shorts were making a hell of a tent!" I chuckled. "You won't believe what made him so hard though. I wasn't just pushing him harder against you, I had my hard-on in the crack of his ass!" I still had my finger making lazy circles in her pussy and when I told her this I felt her tighten up.

"Oh my God.you have to fuck me Nicky, fuck me now, please!" Billie put her arms around my neck and jumped up, locking her legs around my back and planting her sopping cunt right on the head of my cock. I held her slightly away from me for a better angle and slid my hard-on up to the balls inside her. With gravity helping I felt the head of my dick slam into her cervix and that was all it took. She threw her head back and let out a loud groan as her body shook with the strength of her orgasm.

"Holy shit baby, I can't believe you came already. And so hard! I've got your cum running down both legs! " Sorry I didn't wait for you but I couldn't help it. I got this picture in my head of you buried in Brandons ass and him fucking my pussy. It was just too much on top of all the teasing this morning" Now it was my turn. I was so hard I thought my dick was gonna split. The idea of having that sweet, tight young ass wrapped around my cock. I started pounding into Billies pussy like a jack hammer.

My brain alternated between fantasy and reality. Her tight, hot pussy.his tight, hot asshole.It didn't take long till I was pumping my beautiful wife full of cum. "So it's not just me huh?" She giggled and kissed me, sucking my tongue into her mouth and letting it go. "Hell no!! I'd give a months pay to fuck that ass!

As we talked I walked us over to one of the double loungers by the pool. I bent over and gently slid her off my softening cock and placed her on the lounger. I moved down a bit and joined her on the lounger, my face right above her pussy. One of my favorite things to do is to eat Billies pussy right after we finish making love. I parted her wet, swollen lips and locked my mouth over her pussy hole. I drilled my tongue as far into her as I could and scooped out the sweet juices.

Then Billie started to talk. "Oh God baby.I love it when you suck my pussy.'specially when it's full of cum." "Do you like the taste? Is Brandons cum as good as yours?" "It's soo hot knowing you are eating that sweet young boys load out of my pussy." "Nicky he fucked me so good!!

That boy throws dick like a maniac!" "I bet you would love to suck his cum right out of his cock wouldn't you baby?" She has her hands wrapped in my hair and her breathing is getting a bit ragged but still she talks. "Did it look hot when you spread his ass cheeks baby?

I bet his asshole tightened when you put your finger on it huh?" "Was it hard to get your big cock in that sweet little ass?" I heard him groan pretty loud at one point.was that when you were sliding inside him?" "Was it hot in there Nicky?

Could you feel the head of your cock push past his prostate?" "Tell me what it was like looking at that smooth young back of his." "You do know that every time you went deep into his ass he went deeper into my pussy, right? It was almost like you were fucking me with his dick. It felt soo amazing!" "Oh my God Nicky, I'm gonna cum again.and so is Brandon! He's gonna shoot his load in my pussy baby.are you gonna cum in his ass again? Go deep baby, he just whispered for you to go deep." "OH CHRIST!

Will you please shut the fuck up?" Billies legs were already over my shoulders so I just leaped forward and slammed my cock to the hilt in her pussy. I pounded her so hard her tits were just about hitting her chin.

She started to scream she was cumming as I shot my load deep inside her. We came so hard we were both shaking like we were epileptic or something. I let her legs down and rolled us both onto our sides so we could catch our breath.