Arabian cock is ready to give pleasure

Arabian cock is ready to give pleasure
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My name is John Davies, and this is my story of my descent from successful businessman to an object of abuse and amusement for cruel women. At the start of my story, I was 38, and the Accountant for a prominent international company owned by Leon Stokes, a man in his early thirties, and his sister Crystal.

They had inherited the company after their mother and father had been killed in a car crash two years previously. I had been married to Amanda, also 38, for five years and loved her dearly. It was the second marriage for both of us, and everything was going just great.

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I loved her sexy body, a little plumper than her younger days, but extremely voluptuous. She also had bright red hair, and reminded me very much of Neve Campbell in her looks. The reason for my undoing and subsequent decline was my need to have sex with other women. None of them meant anything to me, and I only considered my own pleasure when I was with them.

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The problem was that I could not stop myself, although paradoxically, the idea of my wife going with another man filled me with horror.

I remember I had been very angry when Amanda had seemed to be paying too much attention to the good looking, muscular Leon at a company party we had both attended. Anyway, everything had been fine, until I found that I was having trouble finding the money to pay for the expensive presents and lavish dinners required to persuade the various women to spread their legs for me. Although I was on a good salary, Amanda was a very demanding woman, and I needed to raise cash from somewhere.

I did this by embezzling from my employers. Being the Accountant, I was in a good position to do this, and I was confident of getting away with it. I started with smallish amounts, and when nothing was discovered I became more confident, diverting larger and larger sums. My arrogant confidence was sadly misplaced, as I found when I was summoned to Crystal's office a couple of months later.

She was 33, a tall, amazon of a woman with large breasts, prominent backside and strong thighs and calves. She was also strikingly attractive. As I entered her office, she motioned for me to sit down. "I know you have been stealing from the company Davies," she said immediately. "I know exactly how much, and I can prove it conclusively." I tried to stammer out something, but she cut me off. "I do not intend to discuss it here," she went on.

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"You will come to my house immediately after work, and we will talk about it then." I left her office in a daze, wondering what was going to happen to me. I tried to call Amanda to let her know I would be late home, but could get no reply. I arrived at the huge Stokes family home just after 6, and with great trepidation, rang the bell. Crystal herself answered the door, and led me towards the lounge.

I could hear noises as we approached the dining room, and as I looked in the open door I froze in shock. There, leaning over the dining table with her hands flat on it was my naked wife. Behind her was an equally naked Leon, holding on to her hips and pounding his cock into her pussy from behind, causing her tits to jiggle violently.

My wife was loudly shouting encouragement. "Oh Leon you are insatiable!" she cried. "You filthy cocksucking slut, you love it don't you?" her lover snarled back. "You know I do," she gasped. "I love to feel your big cock inside me. Give it to me Leon, make me come again!" "Amanda!" I cried out, amazed at her behaviour as she looked up and saw me for the first time. "What's the matter with you?" she snapped. "Have you never seen a woman being fucked properly before?

Get out, and leave me and my man alone!" Crystal dragged me away, and took me into the lounge. I sat there in shock, unable to speak. The noises in the lounge continued, getting louder and louder as Leon forced a powerful orgasm out of my wife. Finally it was quiet, and a few minutes later the two of them entered the lounge dressed in bathrobes. Amanda shot a smug, satisfied grin at me, as she cuddled up to Leon on the sofa opposite me. Now we were all gathered together, Crystal spoke.

"As I said," she began. "We know you have been stealing from us, and I have enough evidence to put you in prison for a long time. I imagine you would want to avoid that?" "Oh yes," I said quickly. "I would do anything." "And you will!" my wife laughed enigmatically. "Very well," Crystal continued. "First of all, you will give up your rented apartment, and come to live in this house.

In future, you will both be working for us in our second business providing entertainment for the various businessmen who visit us from all over the world, as well as their secretaries, wives and other relatives.

Amanda, why don't you tell your husband the position as far as you are concerned." "With pleasure," Amanda replied. "John, you have lost me sexually. I knew all about your serial adultery, and so I was more than willing when this beautiful man decided to seduce me. He is a wonderful lover, and over the past two months I have become addicted to his huge cock.

He is my master now, he has total control of my sexual activities, and I will do anything for him. I will be providing sexual favours for the businessmen who come over, in particular the well endowed men, as Leon knows how much I have come to love cock." "Thank you Amanda," said Crystal, preventing me from saying anything.

"You John will provide entertainment for the ladies. We have real men who look after the women who want sex, and others who will act as whipping boys for those who wish to let off steam. You will be involved in providing toilet facilities." "You mean I am to be a toilet attendant?" I enquired, and they all burst out laughing. "In a manner of speaking," Crystal replied. "Come to the bathroom, and I will give you an idea of what your duties will be. Do you want to come Amanda?" "Oh yes," my wife responded enthusiastically.

"I would not miss this for the world!" We entered the bathroom, and Crystal ordered me to strip and lay down on the white tiles in the huge shower area.

Then she left the room. "What is going on?" I asked my wife as I removed my clothes and lay down. She knelt beside me. "She is going to shit in your mouth John," she smiled. "She is going to drop a large turd in your mouth and make you eat it, while your wife watches. How humiliating will that be for you? Probably even worse than watching while another man fucks your wife!" She laughed contemptuously. Crystal returned, now dressed in a short robe. She straddled my head, facing my feet and lowered her considerable ass until it was an inch or so above my face.

I was going to protest, but realised it would be useless. I was ordered to open my mouth. "Has anybody ever farted in your face boy?" Crystal asked me. "No," I mumbled, and she let out the loudest fart I have ever heard directly into my mouth, to the great delight of my watching wife. I gagged at this and the awful smell. Worse was to come however. Crystal told me to get ready to catch the first load, and began to strain. I stared open-mouthed at her asshole, and within seconds it began to open, and a large dark brown turd slid out.

As it hit my mouth, I felt the texture and the foul taste of it. My immediate thought as the thing filled my mouth was to spit it out, but Crystal's large bare foot stopped me doing that. I was forced to chew, to try and rid myself of the foul object. "That's it, toilet mouth," my wife encouraged.

"Eat Crystal's turd, it will be the first of many. We are going to see that you eat shit from every nationality!" Crystal fed me two large turds, and I retched constantly as I forced them down my throat. She then made me drink what seemed like a gallon of her acid tasting piss before turning to Amanda. "Do you need to use him?" she asked.

"Unfortunately, I only need to pee at the moment," she replied, positioning her pussy above my mouth. "I bet you never thought you would be drinking your wife's piss," she laughed, as she let go of a powerful stream of warm piss into my gaping mouth.

She continued taunting me as she emptied her bladder, and insisted I lick up the last few drops from her pussy. I was then hauled to my feet, and told to clean up and dress and rejoin them in the lounge. When I returned to the Lounge, Crystal prepared to see us out. "Go home now," she said. "And spend tomorrow getting ready to move in here. Remember John, you are no longer permitted sex with your wife, in fact you will never fuck anyone again. Neither will you be permitted to give yourself any relief, we intend to keep you permanently frustrated while you are here.

You know what will happen if you disobey." I knew only too well, and promised I would not relieve myself. I meant it too, because the thought of going to prison terrified me. We were both tired by the time we got home, and went straight to the bedroom to undress.

I was also feeling a little sick after the shit and piss I had been made to swallow, so made to get straight into bed. "Don't get in yet," Amanda told me. "Take off your pyjamas, and wait for me in the bathroom." "Why?" I asked naively. "We are going to find out if my shit tastes better than Crystal's," she smiled wickedly. "No please," I implored her. "I already feel sick." "Too bad," she responded without compassion.

"If you can eat another woman's shit, you can certainly perform the same service for your wife. Besides, with the amount of female shit you will be eating in future, you are going to be spending a lot of time feeling or being sick!" I trundled resignedly to the bathroom, and awaited my wife.

She came in a few moments later, naked, and told me to get on my knees. She then pushed her ass into my face, and spread her cheeks with her hands. "Kiss my asshole John," she ordered. "And get used to it, assholes, pussies and tits are all you will get to kiss in future!" I began to kiss her rosebud while she constantly taunted me about what she was going to make me do in future.

I was then made to stick my tongue into the hole, to coax the shit out of her. Finally, I felt a turd pushing against my tongue, and automatically opened my mouth to receive it. If anything, it tasted even more foul than Crystal's, and I retched violently as I tried to eat it. This pleased Amanda very much. Thankfully, she could only manage one turd. "Lick that filthy asshole clean!" she cried out, thoroughly enjoying my humiliation and degradation.

I finally got her ass spotless, and she returned to bed telling me to wash my mouth out. She would not allow me to put my pyjamas on, and told me to get into bed naked. Once in, she put her arms round me, and pushed her own naked body against me, causing me to become aroused. "Come on," she laughed. "Get a hard on for me. I am going to have so much fun, keeping you stiff and unsatisfied. Between us, Crystal and I are going to drive you crazy with frustration. It won't bother me of course, as I will be filled every day with big cock!" Amanda then turned over, leaving me with a stiff cock reeling at the events of the past few hours.

We moved into the big house the next day, and the following day began our new jobs. Crystal took me to the room in which I was to serve any ladies who wanted to feed me their piss and shit.

As I looked through the small glass panel in the door, I could see three overweight German women in their early fifties, dressed in short black night-dresses. All had attractive faces, but with that stern expression many German women seem to have. I entered the room with some trepidation. "Ah, here is our shit boy," announced one of the women, whose black hair was tinged with grey. I am small and slight, and all three women towered above me.

For the next two hours, they took great delight in tormenting me. I was put on my knees, as they slapped me around, telling me what a useless specimen I was. I was made to lick all their ageing pussies, smell and lick their assholes and kiss their feet before they got down to the business of using me as their toilet.

First, my mouth was forcibly held open by one of the women as another pulled her pussy lips apart above me, and filled my mouth with piss before allowing me to swallow. This was repeated until all the women had had their fill, and then I was made to lie flat on a rubber sheet as one after another they dropped the contents of their bowels into my mouth.

I vomited after each woman had finished, and was soundly punished for this by being savagely kicked in the side and stomach by the barefooted sadists. Eventually they had had enough, and left me laying there in agony, as they walked away laughing amongst themselves.


Just after, Crystal came in and told me to clean up as she had another job for me. I was taken to the room where my wife was working. As we entered the room, which was filled with the smell of sex, I saw my naked wife on the bed, her legs apart and hands by her sides. There was cum all over her breasts and stomach, and I could see more dribbling out of her well-used pussy.

"I think your wife needs cleaning up," observed Crystal. "She has just experienced her first gang bang with four large men." "Yes," smiled my wife exhaustedly. "And it was wonderful! Come and lick all this cum off me, and suck it out of my cunt. It's another taste you are going to have to get used to cumsucker!" I got down and began the disgusting task of clearing all the jiss off my wife, while she continually reminded me of the fact that I was not permitted to come over her or inside her, while complete strangers were being allowed the privilege.

When I had finished, she unceremoniously told me to fuck off, as she wanted to sleep. Still aching from the treatment by the German women, I sat quietly in the lounge to try and get some peace.

About twenty minutes later, Crystal found me. She told me that one of her other employees had gone sick, and I would have to entertain a couple of Japanese ladies. We looked again into the room, and I saw two small, very pretty women in their late twenties, dressed in short towelling robes.

They were sitting in armchairs a couple of feet apart. "They look so sweet and demure don't they?" said Crystal. "Don't be fooled by that, they are so used to being submissive at home, they love to let their hair down when they have a wimp at their disposal." I went into the room, and the two women looked me up and down.

"Kneel down and kiss feet," one of them said in stilted English. I knelt down and spent about twenty minutes kissing and licking their tiny feet. Then I was told to kneel between the armchairs and keep my mouth open. They each lit a cigarette, and began smoking and chatting to each other. Every now and again, they would flick their ash into my mouth, giggling as they did so. Several times, they took delight in adding a large gob of spit to the ash they had dropped into my mouth. When they had finished the cigarettes, they made me stick out my tongue.

They both stubbed out the cigarettes on my tongue, and ordered me to eat the butts. I was then taken to a large metal frame, and my arms and legs tied up, leaving me helpless. Then one of them picked up a 2" wide leather strap, and the other a cat-o-nine-tails. With one behind me, and one in front they began whipping me alternately on the chest and stomach, and back and ass.

This went on for some time, with the blows gradually becoming more severe as their excitement increased, and they began to sweat profusely. Finally they said something to each other and stopped.

I thought it was all over, but they both removed their robes revealing their small, very sexy naked bodies. Changing places, they continued whipping my already bright red body.

By the time they had finished, I was crying out and sobbing with pain as they laughed at me. After they left, I dragged my aching body to the bedroom where Amanda lay awake waiting for me. She was highly amused at the state of me, and told me to get in beside her.

She then cruelly put her arms round me and started stroking my red raw body, laughing at my cries of pain. She kept this up for ten minutes, before turning over to sleep. I lay awake for hours, unable to get comfortable.

Over the next few months, things continued in much the same way. Fortunately, most of the women wanted sex, so I only had to deal with an average of two women a day wanting toilet service.

This was just as well, as I was having to swallow every bit of Amanda and Crystal's waste. One day, out of the blue, Amanda told me we were going to her sister's place on Friday for dinner.


Now I was not too pleased to hear this, as Amanda's divorced Sister Jane and her teenage daughters Mary and Jill did not like me one bit. You see with my out of control libido, I had tried to hit on all three of them at one time or another. They had not said anything to Amanda to spare her feelings, but each held their own grudge.

Anyway, just before we left for the dinner Crystal and Amanda took me to the bathroom and forced two large portions of their shit into my stomach. Consequently, an hour later I was sat at the dinner table unable to eat a thing, as my sister in law and nieces watched me. Jane, like Amanda had red hair, and her figure was similar with large breasts and long legs. Also like Amanda, she was stunningly attractive. Mary was 19, slimmer than her mother, but with a sexy figure, while Jill, 16, was quite short with pert little breasts.

Mary had always reminded me of Melissa Joan Hart, while Jill was the image of Drew Barrymore. "Why aren't you eating John," asked Jane. "Don't you like the food?" "Tell them why you are not hungry John," Amanda said menacingly.

"Because Amanda and my mistress shit in my mouth before we came out, and made me eat it," I blurted out, my face crimson red. The three women looked stunned for a second, then burst out laughing.

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"Uncle John is a shit eater!" screamed Jill. "He's a fucking toilet mouth!" added Mary incredulously. "Oh Mom, Aunt Amanda, can I use him?" begged the younger girl. "Well Amanda," her mother interjected. "Why don't you stay the weekend, then we can all use him." "Great idea," agreed my wife, and it was settled. Over dinner, Amanda explained to the others why I had a mistress, and what my new job was.

She also told them that I had not had sex, or any form of relief for over three months, despite seeing naked female bodies on a daily basis. They all seemed to get a kick out of hearing about my enforced celibacy. "Well," laughed Jane. "I remember you telling me that you would like to see me naked John, so you can spend some time in my bed tonight having a real good look while I tease your cock!" This sent them all into gales of laughter. To everyone's amusement, Jane also said I should take all my clothes off so I would feel at home.

I sat there naked, totally embarrassed as the young girls sniggered. Mary also commented that between my legs I seemed to have something that looked like a penis, only much smaller. This brought another round of derisive laughter at my expense. After dinner, I was sent to wait in the lounge while they cleared up.

I had been waiting for nearly an hour, when the door opened and Jill walked in. I noticed she had put on make up, which made her look extremely sexy and a lot older than her 16 years.

She was also wearing only a tight-fitting tee shirt, which barely covered her pussy, and I could see her nipples poking out of the material. I felt my cock twitch. "As you did not have dinner, I have made you a sandwich," Jill told me.

"The others have gone for a drink, but they helped me with the sandwich and drink before they left." "What is it?" I asked. "It is a shit sandwich," she said. "The shit is mine, but it looked a bit dry on the bread, so we all spat on it to give it some moisture. Then Mom and Mary blew their noses on it, so that it would slide down better. The big jug is full of piss from all of us, to help the sandwich down." "Please Jill," I implored.

"I can't possibly get that down." "Up to you Uncle John," she smiled. "But Aunt Amanda said to tell you that if it is not all finished by the time they get back, she is going to kick you in the balls half a dozen times while we watch.

She says she has done it before, and you will probably eat the sandwich!" She laughed, as I quickly picked up a sandwich and began to eat. She watched eagerly, as I swallowed every mouthful of her shit sandwich, encouraging me to drink lots of piss with it.

"It's great watching you eat my shit," she remarked. "Because we all despise you so much. But I am really looking forward to having your mouth under my ass tomorrow, so I can show my total contempt for you by shitting directly into it." After I finished my "meal", I told Jill I felt sick.

She told me to go upstairs, and while I was there to clean out my mouth and use the mouthwash. Then I was to meet her in the lounge. She was sitting on the sofa when I returned. I went to sit down, but she stopped me and told me to kneel in front of her. "I have a few boyfriends," she announced.

"They all fuck me nicely, but none of them will do other things I want to try. You can do them for me. First of all, I like to have my feet pampered. I want you to spend some time licking and kissing them, and sucking my toes." I took her pretty young foot in my hand, and began kissing all over it.

"I see you like my feet Uncle," she said. "Your little cock is getting stiff. It looks like I will be warming you up for Mom's cockteasing session later on!" After I finished on her feet, I was made to slowly kiss up her smooth, young white legs until I reached her soft, dark haired pussy. "None of the boys I know will lick me out," she told me. "You do it for me Uncle." I lapped away at her cunt for nearly an hour, as she squirmed and squealed with delight.

My cock throbbed wildly, and I dearly wished I could slide it into her war, wet cavern. She reached her climax just as the other women returned, all rather tipsy. "Oh Jill," laughed Jane. "You have started him off for me!" I was told to wait in the lounge while they all got ready for bed.

They returned shortly after, all in sexy transparent night-dresses. Mary, Jill and then Amanda came up and kissed me warmly, pressing their bodies against me to increase my frustration.

"Don't sob too loudly," Amanda laughed. "You will keep us all awake!" With all the women laughing, we went upstairs with Jane leading me by the hand. When we got in her bedroom, She pulled off her night-dress. "This is what you have always wanted to see isn't it?" she purred seductively. "Come on, let's get into bed." As soon as we were in bed, Jane began to French kiss me passionately, rubbing her hands over my body, cupping my balls, and occasionally brushing her hand briefly against my stiff cock.

"You want me badly, don't you John?" she breathed, before forcing her tongue into my mouth again. "Yes I do," I whimpered, as she broke off.

"Well you can't have me wimp," she responded cruelly.

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"You are going to spend the next couple of hours sucking my tits, and licking my ass and pussy. I am going to have you sobbing and begging me for relief." And she did, by the time I had covered her whole body with my mouth at least twice, I was a sobbing wreck. Finally, she relented and let me lie down. "You had better try and get some sleep," she grinned. "It's going to be a tough weekend for you, trying to please four women who hate your guts!" She turned over, laughing to herself.

I spent some time trying to calm down, and wondering what they had in store for me over the next couple of days.