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Kacie james erpresst Schwester
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Fbailey story number 593 Picture Taker I went looking for my camera and it was missing. When I asked Mom about it, she said that my sister had borrowed it, and that she had given her permission to do so.

I had taken some nude pictures of myself beating off and they were still in the camera. My hard cock was in my hand with a lot of stroking and some pretty amazing squirting.


I had to get that camera back. Mom said that they were out taking pictures somewhere in the woods in a clearing near a stream. I knew exactly where my sister was. It was a great spot. I walked through the woods as silently as I could. I heard giggling and slowly moved in closer until I could just barely see them off in the distance. Oh my God, they were both naked.

My fifteen-year-old sister, Gloria looked just as good as those girls in Dad's skin magazines. Her girlfriend Rachael looked even better to me. Rachael had my camera and she was taking pictures of my sister as she posed.

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I only wish that I were the one taking those pictures. My cock was so hard that it hurt. Gloria took the camera and started taking pictures of Rachael. I moved a little closer and could hear them talking. Mostly it was to have the other pose in a new position but in between they talked about how sexy they felt being nude, posing for pictures, and not caring if someone came along and caught them.

Yeah right! Rachael asked, "What if your little brother caught us?" Gloria replied, "I think I might like that. Did you see how big his cock was in those pictures?" I felt both embarrassed and thrilled at the same time.


My sister liked my cock pictures. Rachael added, "Did you see how much cum he shot?" Gloria said, "That little shit could get us both pregnant at the same time." Rachael said, "Yeah, if we were lying side by side in his bed and he was moving his cock from your pussy to mine when he started to cum." Gloria said, "Yuck!

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Can you imaging lying in his bed with all of his left over cum dried onto his sheets?" Rachael replied, "I think it's sexy and dirty all at the same time." Gloria said, "You slut!

You really are a dirty girl. I bet you would suck his cock after it came out of your ass." Rachael said, "I'd suck his cock after it came out of your ass!" Gloria giggled and said, "I would too! I guess we are both dirty girls." I stood up and walked toward them. I got about halfway before they noticed me.

Gloria tried to cover both of her breasts and her pussy with just two hands. Rachael giggled and held out a hand to cover one of my sister's breasts for her. She did not do anything to cover herself up. I walked closer. I asked, "Would you girls really let me butt fuck you? Gloria looked shocked, she knew that I had been listening, she replied, "No way!

You're my brother." Rachael laughed and said, "That's not what you just said, dirty girl. Now give him the camera and let him take some pictures of us together." Gloria handed me my camera and then she stepped back to Rachael. I turned it on, raised the camera, and watched the two of them making out.

I could not believe that my sister would kiss Gloria like that. Their tits were pressed together until they were flattened out, their tongues were in each other's mouths, and their hands were on each other's ass cheeks pulling them in closer. If Gloria had a cock, she would be fucking Rachael.

I took some pretty good pictures of them as I walked around them. They did not act as if I was even there. Soon they parted and Gloria was sucking on Rachael's nipple and fingering her juicy pussy. Rachael was groaning. Gloria helped Rachael down to the green grass and straddled her head.

They got into a very sexy sixty-nine. I took a lot more pictures. Eventually I remembered what they had been talking about when I was listening. I stood behind Gloria and undressed. Rachael smiled up at me and motioned me closer. She pointed at my sister's pussy. I held the camera in one hand, my cock in the other hand, and I dropped down onto my knees. Rachael grabbed my cock and held it up to my sister's hole. I pushed it in. Gloria looked back at me and shouted, "What to fuck are you doing?

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Get that thing out of me. Now!" Rachael had her in a bear hug and Gloria could not get loose. Then Rachael shouted, "What to hell do you think he's doing?

He's taking your virginity. He'll be getting mine in a few minutes so relax and enjoy it." My sister was a virgin! So was I but after this neither one of us would be. Wow! Who would have thought that I would loose my virginity in my own sister? Gloria started to relax and she even started thrusting back at me. I had been clicking off pictures of my cock in various depths in her pussy. Thrusting up against her ass like that felt terrific. I could certainly do anal with her. Just as I was about to cum, I leaned over and grabbed onto Gloria's tits.

She cried out in her own orgasm as I started pumping gallons of fresh hot cum into her. I felt Rachael sucking on my balls. It was the best climax I had ever had…and it was inside my sister.

When I pulled my cock out, Gloria sat down onto Rachael's face and said, "Suck it bitch and you…bring that thing around here so that I can suck it." I was fourteen years old and my sister had been my first fuck, now she was giving me my first blowjob too.

Once I was hard again she pulled back and said, "Fuck Rachael now. She likes it rough." Gloria moved off from her and I got between Rachael's legs. Once again she grabbed my cock and that time she aimed it at her own pussy. I plunged into her, dropped my chest down onto her breasts, and then I forced the last inch into her hole.

Rachael cried out but not in pan, she cried out in pleasure as her first orgasm hit. She didn't stop there either, she had three more orgasms before I filled her pussy. Each of her orgasms was better than the last one. When I finally pulled my cock out, Gloria got right in there and started sucking on Rachael's pussy. I picked up the camera and started taking more pictures. Later I would find out that my sister had taken almost a hundred pictures of me fucking Rachael and taking her virginity too.

We were lying on the grass afterwards. Both girls were cuddled into me, one on either side, with their breasts pressed into my ribs. I asked, "Can we do this again sometime?" The girls laughed.

Rachael said, "I'll let you fuck me as often as I can." Gloria said, "You can fuck me as often as we can be alone." We dressed and headed toward my house. As we enter the kitchen door Mom said, "I see you found your camera." I told her that I had and that we were going up to my room to download them into my computer.

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Mom smiled and said, "I'd love to see some of them." Gloria blushed and said, "I told Mom that we were going to be taking nude pictures of each other out in the clearing next to the stream." So that was why Mom had sent me out there. Did she know that we had had sex? The next thing I knew Mom was following us up to my bedroom. I knew that the first pictures that she would see were of my cock as I jerked it off…into a pair of her panties. The End Picture Taker 593