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Haitian dick jack off with oil big load
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From Lonely Unfilled Housewife to Perverted Slut Chapter 8.re posted Edited by a friend. True Story, Author's infos Gender: female Age: N/A Location: N/A Posted Fri 23rd of November 2012 No persons involved in sexual acts or even witnessing the same are included in this series under the age of consent.

A person under the age of consent may be mentioned in passing but he or she as the case may be is only casually attached or included in this series as a casual informal non-participant in any fornication of any nature. This version was modified by Geo.Venereal Introduction: This is about the adventures I enjoy behind my husband, Paul's back. From Lonely Unfilled Housewife to Perverted Slut Chapter 8.

I stood letting the warm water wash over me, rinsing off my soapy body. Standing in the shower I got an idea…&hellip. I want to work on how to write about what my plans had been to occupy my brothers' wives and Paul's sisters. It was a good idea and it could work like a charm. Paul's birthday was coming up the next week and I wanted to give him a little surprise party.

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I just hoped if I gave him a surprise party he would at least take off the day from working and working out to come to his party. Then I got a brilliant idea for myself even if Paul didn't appreciate the birthday party I would plan for him, at least I would be having a good time planning his birthday party.

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I had always thought Paul's brothers Jason, Ted, Sam, Mark and Tony were hot looking muscular, masculine and most of all dominate men also his brother in-laws Greg, George and Jeff were just as dominate, muscular and masculine as well. I had seen the way they all had looked at me over the years behind their brother's and their wives submissive backs. Now since Vince had brought the true bitch in heat out of me I wanted hot sex all the time.

Now I would have the opportunity to have hot sex with Jason, Ted, Sam, Mark, Tony, Greg, George and Jeff. At least I hoped I could arrange to have a hot sexual day with them. Paul was going to be forty next week. He worked out and was in as great shape in the fifteen years we had been married. I thought that would be a great excuse to give him a surprise birthday because he was turning forty. Jason is only ten mouths younger than Paul thirty nine, Ted is now thirty seven, Sam is thirty six, Mark is thirty four and Tony the youngest is twenty eight.

All his brothers are fit and muscular. Paul's brothers and his sisters husbands all called me telling me they could come to help me plan Paul's birthday, their wives couldn't. I asked them, keeping my fingers crossed, if it would be okay if they came without their wives. They could tell their wives later our plans for Paul's surprise birthday party. I called my Master Vincent and told him about my plans about Paul's brothers and sisters' husbands.

Then he added just as I was about to hang up the phone. "Sorry I can't talk to you very long because I'm on a workout with the other guards. We are all pumping up our muscles to be in shape for the soccer game tomorrow." "What are all the guys doing after you work out in the gym?" I asked. "How many are there?" "There are seven of us counting myself. Why are you asking Joan?" Vincent asked. "Take a guess Vincent." I answered.

"Isn't Paul home yet? Paul must be on his way home from the gym. Isn't he home yet?" Vincent asked. "I remember you to telling me he trains eX prisoners for body building contests." "He isn't home yet.

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You weren't worried when you and your friends fucked me in our upstairs washroom. That was just over a week ago and that was yours and Sandy's anniversary party.

Don't be uptight about Paul today. I need to get fucked and Vincent. I'm in heat. Please try to convince the guards to come over and fuck me. "Let me ask the guys. Hold on a minute." Vincent said and heard him talking to the guards. I didn't hear exactly what Vincent said to them but I did hear the guys yelling.

"Fuck Vincent that bitch with the huge honkers wants us to gang bang her. You don't have to ask twice." Then I heard Vincent say. "But her husband will be home from work soon guys." "Tell the guys they have nothing to worry about with Paul." I pleaded. By then I had pulled my skirt up and was fingering my hot pussy and had my blouse undone until only my nipples were still in my blouse.

Ever since Vincent and his friends' gang banged me in our upstairs washroom, I stopped wearing a bras or panties. "I haven't had a good fuck since the day at the Young Adult Club with those muscular, black past teen boys. Damn you know I really mean those black Early Twenties Men.

Please, please, please bring them over to fuck me." "The guys are really hot and horny. I don't think I could stop them from going to your place and fucking you even if I tried.

You must have heard the guys' yelling their approval. I'll be right over in the company van and park in your back alley. Be ready for us bitch." Vince said, sounding excited. I had no sooner hung up the phone when I heard Paul coming up the back steps. It didn't sound like he was alone. I heard a lot of footsteps so I know Paul must have brought some of his work buddies with him. He seldom brought his workers home, so I was surprised to hear other footsteps coming up the back stairs.

This would be the first time he had brought any men home since I'd been gang banged in our upstairs bathroom. Paul didn't know I had been gang banged in our washroom upstairs while he sat around at the party. I managed to pull my sticky wet fingers from my pussy and let my skirt fall covering my hot wet pussy. I managed to do up another button on my blouse. Most of my breasts were still exposed.

Paul seldom took a good look at me anymore so I figured even if I was topless he wouldn't notice. It's really true Paul had never been a man to pay attention to what I wore. He took me for granted ever since we had gotten married. But up until less than two weeks previously he had no reason not to trust me.

I had been his loving loyal faithful wife until Vincent came into my life. "Hi honey. I brought some new construction workers home with me.

We're going to work out in the basement I'll be teaching them safety and other rules on the construction sites. I hope you don't mind. If you need to ask me anything please ask me now because this may take all night dear.

"Thanks for asking Paul. I know how important your construction workers are to you. I'll be reading for a while and then go to bed." I answered.

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"Come on in guys." Paul shouted holding the back door open. In walked ten muscular, young black men. I noticed all ten men were wearing tight t-shirts and tight jeans look at me up and down right in front of their boss. Paul had turned and was closing the back door when all the hot looking black men gave me the look of pure lust. I had dropped my arms to my side while Paul's back was turned and looked at all the hot, muscular, young black men.

They all looked to be in their late teens or early twenties at the most. I dropped my arms to my side with the top of my large breasts pressing against my half opened blouse. I saw the lustful look in all their eyes as they starred at me while Paul was closing the back door. I quickly thought of a reason for Paul to leave the room for a few minutes to see if it was possible to get Paul's new construction workers as horny as I was horny. "Paul before you go downstairs with your new construction workers could you go in the living room for me and take a look at the air conditioner.

Just take a look because it doesn't seem to working again. It works for a while then stops." I said. "Okay, I don't think I can do anything, but I'll take a look. I'll be right back guys." Paul answered. Nothing was wrong with the air conditioner. I just wanted to give the new construction workers a good look at my breasts and maybe even more. I wanted to see if I could turn them on enough to fuck me while Paul was in the basement.

Not only did Paul own and run the construction business he also was in charge of eX prisoners. He had been put in charge of them and they had been living at Paul's private gym on the other side of the city. That's all I knew about them. Paul only told me once in a while he was proud how the eX prisoners were showing signs of improvement all the time. That's all he really said about them except they were all black. That's all I knew about Paul's other job.

"Have a seat guys while I check on the air conditioner. I shouldn't be very long." Paul said. All the black men sat around the large kitchen table and looked up at me. They were all looking at me with lust in their eyes.


I decided to put on a little show while Paul was in the other room. I pretended not to notice that I had half of my blouse open. I knew I had the attention because of the way they all starred at the exposed part of my breasts. Then I said. "Darn I don't know what's wrong but I have this itch. You guys don't mind if I scratch it, do you?" I asked looking from one hot black man's face to the other.

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"Of course not, after all it's your home. If your arm itches go ahead and scratch it." A big muscular black teenage man sitting in the chair beside me said." Another big black muscular teenage man on the other side of me added.

"Yeah go ahead it's your house." "Thanks but it's not my arm that's itchy." I said. I didn't give the guys time to say anything. I just lifted my skirt to my waist and rubbed my fingers over my puffy cunt lips.

"This is what's itchy." "Oh wow!!" All ten hot black men said the same time. I knew I wouldn't have much time so I moved closer to the hot black, muscular, teenager beside me. I undid the rest of the buttons of my blouse and let them bounce out hitting him against his muscular chest. At the same time I reached down and put my hand on his muscular upper leg and worked my hand up until his hard cock pushing against his tight jeans was in my hand.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm. You're a big boy in more ways than one." I said reaching on the other side of me and messaging the other young black muscular boy. I moved my hand up his muscular leg until I felt his huge cock pushing against the thin material of his worn jeans.

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I thought for a moment his huge cock would rip through his jeans. I felt the head of his cock.


His mushroomed shaped cock head was huge. I had two jean covered cocks in my hand. Both big cocks had huge cock heads. Mmmmmm. I believe all you boys will need to come upstairs to use the washroom. Won't you? A friend is coming over with a few of his friends so don't be surprised when you come into the living room I'll be being fucked.

Don't worry about interrupting me being fucked. I'll gladly make my pussy, ass or throat available. I'll tell Paul the toilet is broken and you guys will have to use the washroom up here. I hope instead of using the washroom you big muscular boys will want to screw me." I knew Paul would be back from the living room soon so stood up my skirt falling back down covering my pussy. I started to re-button my blouse.

I managed to get a couple of buttons done up when I saw the door knob turning. The door between the dining room and kitchen opened and Paul walked in. "The air conditioner looks fine dear." Paul said as he brushed past me heading for the door leading to the basement. "Let's go guys." Paul said holding the door between the kitchen and dining room. The steps going downstairs was next to the kitchen. "Oh yes Paul, I had to do some laundry this morning and used the washroom in the basement.

It over flowed when I flushed it, so you and your men will have to use the washroom beside the kitchen. "Don't worry about bothering me. I won't even hear you. I'm going to be watching a movie on TV. I'm sorry about the toilet over flowing but it wasn't my fault." I said. I wasn't sorry about the toilet being broke. I hadn't planned the toilet being out of circulation. I had no idea Paul was bringing the hot, black, muscular, teenagers over when I found out the toilet was broken.

I had gone down stairs to do some washing and gone to the washroom to go to the washroom. I had tried to flush it but it wouldn't flush properly. "No problem the guys won't mind coming upstairs to use the washroom. Let's go guys we want a good workout before we get down to business." Paul said opening the door to the basement and stepping back.

The black guys walked through the door Paul held open. He closed the door behind him and I couldn't hear anything. Our basement is sound proof. Once the door is closed I can't hear what's going on in the basement and no one in the basement could hear up stairs. I knew Sandra was going out to one of her girlfriends for the night. Her best friend was having an all-girl sleep over. I didn't have to worry about her walking in on me and the guys. I stood in front of the kitchen window looking out for Vincent and his friends.

While I waited I couldn't help pulling my skirt up and fingering my pussy. I stood looking out the kitchen window no more than five minutes. I saw Vincent enter the back yard followed by six Italian looking, muscular teenagers wearing tight t-shirts and jean shorts. I went to the kitchen door before Vincent and his fellow guards had time to knock.

"Come in guys." I opened the kitchen door and letting Vincent and the other guards come in the kitchen. "Follow me into the living room." I said. I unbuttoned the rest of my blouse walking from the kitchen, through the dinning room and into the living room. "Make yourselves comfortable. I'm just going to slip into something more comfortable. Nothing at all." I said undoing the top button on the side of my skirt.

I pulled the zipper down and let my skirt fall to the floor. I looked at Vincent and the other muscular, black guards sitting on the couch. "Don't just sit there guys." I said walking to the couch and put a hand on one of the muscular men's thighs and my other hand on the muscular black man sitting beside him.

I worked my hands over to the outline of their big hard cocks out-lined in their tight jean shorts. End of Chapter 8. I'll be working on Chapter 9 of my adventures.