Sexy Artemis Toying Her Pussy

Sexy Artemis Toying Her Pussy
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Jessica's Capture Story: #20 Copyright ©2005 Written: January 26 2005 A story By: KaosAngel Proofed by: Piasa_Troll Please send any comments about this story to ([email protected]) ********************************************************************** Part 6 - The Slaughter House The next day Jessica and Jerry met up and headed for the slaughter house today would be Jessica's first lesson in the how-to's on slaughtering and butchering unwilling girl-meat, after saying their hello's they entered the slaughter house together, the two waiting meat-girl's were still upside down on the line with their feet being held by a leg spreader bar attached to chains in the ceiling's conveyer.

The girls are still awake and one begins to talk when she sees Jessica and Jerry enter the slaughtering house "I'm supposed to be spitted whole, not slaughtered and butchered!!" she said, it was obvious that hanging here upside down was taking a lot of energy out of the meat "That must make them easier to kill" she though to herself as she whaled over to the one who spoke and punched her in the mouth hard "Shut up bitch" she replied.

Looking to Jerry for instruction "So what do you want me to do here?" she asked, while the girl recovered from the punch and began to talk again "Let me go bitch!" she said, Jessica turned to her again and punched her harder "Who you calling a bitch?, I'm the one who is in control of your life now and how much of it is left, witch isn't much" she said with a laugh.

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"Pull the first girl's chain over this large tub" Jerry said, Jessica walked over to the tub holding the first girls chain pulling her over the tub as she walked, "the tub will catch their blood and guts as you are cutting into them" Jerry said as the girls head was now over the tub, looking into the first girls eye's "your going to die now bitch" she said, looking to Jerry for further instructions.

Jerry moving closer "Now when you cut her throat the tub will catch the blood, now pull her head back and locate the main artery in her neck" he said pointing to the girl and her now swollen neck "Cut along her neck line, start behind her ear and cut all the way to the other side across her throat" he added handing Jessica a very sharp scalpel type knife, "YOU FUCKING BITCH YOU WILL ROT IN HELL FOR THIS!!" the girl screams, as Jessica without taking a second longer, took the knife dug it deep into the girls neck behind her left ear and pulled it quickly across her throat parting the skin causing her to start coughing up blood as the blood began flowing from her neck covering Jessica in a blood bath.

Jerry begins laughing at the now blood covered Jessica "You didn't let me finish the instruction, I was going to tell you to stand back so the blood wouldn't splatter on you" he said though laughing spasms and giving Jessica a pat on her blood covered ass.

Looking down at her blood covered body "aren't you glad I choose to stay nude all the time" she said beginning her own laughing fit "Im saving you a fortune in cleaning bill's" she added continuing to laugh as she knelt down to head level with the now dieing girl, whispering into her ear as she dies "Maybe I will rot in hell, but ill still be alive in five minute's" she taunted the dieing girl as she shook violently and died.

The violent shaking covered Jessica in even more blood, looking down again Jessica started to feel sexy covered in the dead girls blood and began rubbing it into her skin, her tits and her pussy like a fine spa's oil or cream.


Looking at the floor "I guess the tub wasn't big enough" she said to Jerry with a smile. Jerry finishing his instructions "Ok now about two inches from her pussy cum her first layer of skin all the way up to her breast bone, not too deep we don't want to cut her intestines, that will ruin the meat" he said as she made the cut perfectly, moving onto the next stage Jerry handed Jessica a but plug "Great now spread her ass cheeks and shove this up her ass hole deep" he said, taking the plug from him she then spread the ass cheeks and shoved the plug in hard and deep.

As her guts fall into the tub. Jerry hand her two clamps "Now reach inside and place one camp on each side of her intestines and then make a cut behind eat clamp so none of the waist will fall into the meat, place the intestines on the table, it can be cleaned and used as sausage casing later" he said as Jessica made the cuts and placed the severed intestinal tubes on the table, "Now removed the liver and all other organs and place them on the table as well" he added.

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Jessica cutout and removed all organs and placed them on the table, "nice now take this electric saw and cut off her head, then the toes it in the pile over their" he said pointing to a large pile of dead head's, Jessica takes up the electric saw, grabs her hair tight and cuts off her head with the saw then tosses the head on top of the pile of other dead head's.

"Ok this might be a little harder for you, but you are doing great, so far, cut her hand's free then cut her around the waist all the way" He said as Jessica takes the scalpel type knife into her hand again.

Jessica carefully makes the cut fully around her waistline and awaits further orders "Now take hold of her skin and pull it down from waist to neck and off of her then place it on the table, it can be tanned and used to make clothing" Jerry said, Jessica reached up and took hold of the girls skin and began struggling with her trying to pull the bloody skin from her bone's. During her struggle Jessica losses her balance and slips and falls to the blood covered floor "OUCH!!" can be heard all over the slaughter house.

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Along with the sounds of Jerry's laughing. "HAHAHAHAH" Jerry continued to laugh, "THATS NOT FUNNY!!" Jessica yelled as Jerry helped her up "are you ok" he asked though laughing spasm's "Yes im fine" she replied holding the skin in her hand "I got it off her" she added, placing the skin on the table. "Now let's get on with this, I left Lina chained to her bed I want to get back to my room and check on her" she said to Jerry who was staring at the floor and laughing again, pointing to the little bloody butt print.

Giving him the angry look "Let's get on with this, what's next?" Jessica said, "OK next we remove her cunt fillet, you can keep it as a special reward" He said after he finished laughing "Yummy, I'll have Lina cook it for my dinner tonight" she replied while taking the knife into her hand "How do I make the cut" she added. Hearing this the other girl is crying knowing so it will be her turn at the knife. Taking the dead girls skinned body Jerry reties her bloody arms together and lower her a little so her cunt is eye level so Jessica can see it better "Carefully cut all the way around it and it should come right off, she has nice and meaty lips, should make you a fine dinner" he added.

Jessica started making her cut noticing how easy it was, her cunt was removed, and Jessica placed it on the table with the rest of the dead girls severed parts. "Now lets finish this" Jerry said as he pushed a button that dropped what was left of the dead meat-girl to the floor, Jessica picked up the bloody mean and slammed what was left of the body onto the butchers table "Don't slip again" Jerry says as he places to meat hooks onto the table, "Ok now here we will split the body in half and then place the meat hooks into each foot and attach them to the chains that will list each half and slide in to the cooler" Jerry said handing Jessica the electric saw.

"Cut from where her cunt was to where here head was, right up the middle, to make two sides of meat" he added. Taking the electric saw into her hands Jessica began to make the straight cut right up the dead meat-girl the saw cut right though her like butter through her spine and in seconds the meat-girl was severed into two halves ready to cool.

Jerry taking each foot into his hand shoves a meat hook into each foot attaches the hooks to the conveyer lift and pushes a button that lists her two cut halves and she disappeared through a plastic curtain into the house cooler. Both Jessica and Jerry turn to the remaining meat-girl who then screams "NNNOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" as loud as she can "Yay!

Onto the next" Jessica said as she starts moving toward the now very scared meat-girl still dangling on her spreader bar like a caught fish on a hook.

hearing a screaming from behind her Jessica turns toward Jerry in time to watch him slip and fall to the blood covered floor "SHIT!!" he yelled as Jessica rushes over to help him up. After helping him up and seeing his now blood covered stained suite Jessica begins laughing uncontrollably as Jerry strips off the bloody clothes "Are you ok?" Jessica asked trying to get her laughing to shop, hearing the rest of the slaughter house crew laughing "SHUT THE FUCK UP, AND GET BACK TO WORK OLL OF YOU!!" Jerry yells as Jessica pulls the chain of the next girl over the gut tub.

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"See it's not funny to slip and fall" Jessica says with a smile as she picks up the knife and the meat-girl begins to scream again. "YOU ARE ALL A BUNCH OF MOTHER FUCKERS GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME YOU SLUT!!" yells the meat-girl "Slut!, Slut!, your calling me a SLUT?" Jessica yells as she punches the meat-girl hard in the mouth breaking her jaw "Yes I am a slut, which will keep you quiet now" she added to the pain screams of the girl and her now very broken jaw. Planting a kiss on her broken mouth Jessica whispers into her ear "Your turn to be meat" she says "How does it feel to know your about to die?" she asked, "Ohh sorry I forgot you cant answer that, silly me" she added while laughing, She tries to spit at Jessica but all that comes out are a few bloody bubbles.

Knife in hand Jessica pulls the meat-girls head back hard slips the knife's point under her left ear and pushes in deep, then pulling it across her neckline, parting the skin as her blood comes gushing out, covering her in a renewed blood bath. "Jessica look at her cunt she is getting off on this" Jerry said drawing Jessica's attention to the dieing girls cunt, seeing the cum oozing out Jessica plants both of her lips on the girls cunt sucking and licking up the cum, When the cum was all cleaned up Jessica sucked her tiny clit into her mouth a then quickly bit it off, chewed it up and swallowed it "MMM raw clit, my favorite" she said looking to Jerry, "So you like this after all you horney bitch" Jessica says into her ear as she dies.


Looking to Jessica the sigh of her eating the meat-girl's clit raw and the cum dribbling from her mouth was making him extremely horney "Jess can you take care of this for me?" he asked pointing to his now rock hard cock "What? right now?, im covered in blood" she replied, but being to horney herself to really say no, bending over the butchers table Jessica slaps her blood covered ass "Go ahead big boy, I told you, that you never have to ask, just take me" she said with a smile on her face.

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The dieing girl still jerking violently spilling blood everywhere as she slowly died, Jerry moved over to Jessica and entered her cunt pumping gently at first to start the movement "OGG you are nice and tight" he said as he started to pump faster "OHH, Yesss that's it faster" was Jessica's reply Pulling her into him Jerry forces his cock deeper and begins moving faster "Pant, Pant, Pant" was heard through out the slaughter house along with the unmistakable screams of pleasure "OHH, Yes harder" was Jessica's next response as members of the slaughter house crew moved in for a closer look at the action.

Grabbing her ass for deeper penetration as he explodes inside her forcing Jessica to cum as well, a voice in the background can be heard "Ohh ya, boss give it to that cow!!" one of the slaughter crew said assuming Jessica was the meat-girl he was about to slaughter. Snickering, Laughing and Cheering can be heard at the remark of the unknown crewmen "She is not a meat-girl or a cow to be slaughtered" Jerry yelled to the unknown crewmen "She is also not to be taken by anyone without my permission" he added as he quickly turned Jessica around to face him and kissed her passionately "Thanks, I needed that" he said "Your welcome, was my pleasure" was Jessica's response, having completely ignored the comments from the unknown slaughter house worker.

Looking to the dead meat-girl You finish up here, your lesson is over, you will soon develop your own style of slaughtering and butchering, this is what works best for us here, but feel free to kill the young sluts anyway you like from now on" he said as he sat down to rest and to watch, Jessica took the electric saw in hand once again and quickly used it to cut off the girls head and tossed it to the pile of other dead head's.

Placing the saw down she picked up the knife and carefully sliced off the cunt next placing it on the table with the other one, cutting the meat-girls hands free and then cutting around her waistline she began to pull off the skin making extra sure not to slip and fall again, once it was off she placed it on the table with the other skin.

Releasing the meat-girls feet from the spreader bard she slammed what was left of her body onto the butchers table, took the electric saw into her hand again and cut the girl into two sides of meat, mimicking what she had done to the other girl, placing a meat hook into each foot and attaching each hook to the conveyer lift, she then pushed the button and the two halves were lifted high into the air through the plastic curtain to join the other girl in the cooling room.

Clapping can be heard behind her "Very good Jessica, your a fast learner, I hope you keep this fast learning streak up cause I was just informed that we have a new shipment of freshly caught, live girl-meat coming in tomorrow, I think its time you had a lesson in how to inspect, examine and grade girl-meat" He said with a smile as he stood up and left Jessica to clean her mess, Looking back he could see the smile on her face.