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Vieilles Salopes aux Gros Nichons Old Bitches with the Large Tits)
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Aiden came from a wealthy family. He always usually got what he wanted. When he was 10 his parents started to send him to a camp where they taught people how to live on their own. It lasted all summer. He is 13 now. He had never really been attracted to girls and never had a girl friend.

He had been openly gay with his friends but hadn't come out to his family. No one really followed the rules but everyone liked being their as they got their own cabin. Since they all came from fairly wealthy families they had enough money to decorate it how they wanted.

Aiden moved his things into his cabin in late May waiting for the camp to officially open the first of June.

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It wasn't really a camp at all. More like a mini mansion gated community.


This 'camp' was on a gigantic piece of land. They had the living sector with all the houses. They had something that resembled a town where they had shops of different sorts. It was like its own city with teens and pre-teens. Then they had roads that connected everything. No real cars where allowed but things like pocket bikes or golf carts could be driven. Since Aiden felt uptight about the snotty kids staying at their cabins before camp opening he had surveillance camera put up around his cabin just to make sure no one did anything bad.

When he was watching the cameras in his phone when he saw a cabin being built next to his. When it was time for camp to open and Aiden returned The new cabin was finished with a new kid and his parents moving things into it. He thought he ought to go over and introduce himself. Aiden walked across the yards to the door where the three of them where walking out to get the last items out of the U-haul. He extended his hand and introduced himself " Hi!

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I'm Aiden, your new neighbor." "Hey, My name's Anthony, My friends call me Tony, which backwards is 'y not?'" Anthony's mother and father had finished moving in the last boxes labeled clothes while Aiden and Anthony made small talk. Anthony's mother and father left after they finished. He invited Aiden into his cabin. "Hey wanna soda? just an FYI: they aren't cold yet" asked Tony "Sure" replied Aiden Tony grabbed a Pepsi from the mini fridge and tossed it to Aiden.

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Aiden looked around the cabin. It was a mid-sized main floor with a small stairway leading up to a balcony that was a wide as the rest of it but was about one third the length. Tony flipped on the TV to the new episode of House M.D.

At commercials they would talk about life, masturbation, that sorta thing. "I'm gay" Aiden said to Tony. "Good, Me too" Tony replied. "Wanna watch a porno?" Asked Aiden "Ok" "Kay, Imma be right back.

I need to get my laptop." said Aiden. Aiden half jogged out the door, across the street into his cabin and snatched his laptop, a Dell Studio 17. "Sweet laptop!!" exclaimed Tony. "Mines a mini but I just connect it to the TV" said Tony.

Aiden turned on his laptop and opened up the internet page. He went to the porn site where he secretly bought a membership with a prepaid Visa card. When the video started playing each boy could see a tent rising up in each others pants. Aiden hadn't jacked off in days and really needed to let loose a few ropes. He couldn't take it any more. "I really need to jack off. You mind?" Aiden burst out "Not a bit I could too." Tony replied They both stood up and dropped their pants.

Tony had a 5 1/2 incher. While Aiden boasted more of a 7 incher. They sat down and started to jack off. "Man Your really hot." Tony Blurted out He took his hand off his dick and started to jack Aiden.


he started pumping faster. And faster. And faster. "I'm gonna cummmm!!!!" screamed Aiden Tony then moved Aiden's dick into his mouth and sealed his lips around it.

Within seconds Aiden spewed 1,2,3,4 ropes of hot juicy cum into Tony's Mouth. There was a little trickle of cum seaping out of his mouth down his chin. Tony swallowed the rest and Aiden bend over and licked up the little trickle off Tony's chin.

"Wow that was the best cum I've ever had. Surely I must repay you." said Aiden after a moment of silence. "Meet me up in bed on the balcony in a minute for my repayment." replied Tony in a deep sexy voice. Tony walked up the stairs and went into a small room for a minute while Aiden watched the rest of the porno. Tony had striped the rest of his clothes off. He then Dimmed the lights and hopped onto his queen sized bed. With one leg out, the other bent half way, leaning on an elbow and the opposite hand resting on his knee when he called out "Oh Aiden!

Get up here!" Aiden hopped up and almost sprinted up the stairs. He stopped in his tracks and his eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw Tony laying on the bed like that. He could get out of his clothes fast enough.

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Aiden Plopped down on the bed and they started to french kiss. They rolled all over the bed. Tony was on top of Aiden. Tony twisted around and the went into a 69 possition. Tony moaned in pleasure. "Give it to me up the ass!" Aiden didnt have to be told twice. He rolled over Tony and slid his fingers in to loosen him up. He put a little spit on the head of his dick then carefully slid his 7 inch into Tony's ass. At first Tony winced in pain but it quickly turned to moaning in pleasure.

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They where currently doggy style but aiden didn't like that because he couldn't see their face or penis. He pulled out and flipped tony over into his back and put Tonys feet over his shoulders and slid back in.


Aiden slid halfway out. Alll the way in. He pounded Tonys ass harder and harder. They where both moaning and making unusual noises.

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Aiden was about to shoot for the second time. He thrusted his cock in and out as hard and fast as humanly possible. He shot some cum up Tonys ass but not much. Aidens penis began to deflate ad he collapsed onto Tonys chest and they both fell asleep. Aiden didn't even pull out. Aiden awoke to find tony not in bed. He got up and made his way to Tonys dresser and found a pair of white Calvin Klein Boxer briefs.

They where snug but he liked them that way. Aiden went down stairs to find tony making breakfast in The kitchen. Tony was wearing the same underwear as him just in briefs. "how do you like your eggs?" tony asked. "scrambled" aiden Replied. "hope you don't mind I borrowed. Pair of underwear" aiden said "not a problem". Tony answered with a wink. Aiden went up behind tony putting his hands on tony's hips with his whole front side touching tony's whole back side.