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Sexy busty webcam girl naked
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Taken My name is Lara Field. I am a biologist. I work at one of the largest Zoos in America. Working at a zoo had always been my dream job. I had just graduated from college with a degree in biology when my world got turned upside down.

Up until then I had been one lucky girl. I hadn't had to pay for my college education because I had received a full scholarship for cheerleading.

I have always worked very hard at keeping my body in perfect athletic shape. In addition to my long brown hair and big blue eyes my 36d breast and muscular legs had given me many opportunities. I had a couple of offers to be a model, but I didn't want that lifestyle. Like I said, working as a biologist at a zoo had always been my dream. At the zoo I was one of the keepers assigned to the take care of the chimps. While I was amazed by something new about the chimps every day, I never forgot that they were wild animals.

My partner Brad was in his early 30s. He was cute and I was single so we always did a lot of flirting. It was a weekend in late September and the zoo was holding an "open house" for all of the major donors.

I didn't have to work that night, so I wasn't planning on going. Then much to my surprise Brad asked me if I would be his date that night. I was thrilled. After work I went home and took a shower, shaved my legs and slit. I wanted to look classy, casual and most importantly sexy. I put on my white lace bra and a matching G-string thong. I decided to wear a short black miniskirt with a white low-cut blouse. I took one last look at myself before leaving the house. I looked hot and I knew it.

When I arrived at the zoo, Brad was waiting for me at the front gates of the park. "Wow, you look amazing", Brad said as his eyes slowly went from my long muscular legs to my large breast. It took him a couple of seconds but he eventually made eye contact with me.

"We're going to have a blast tonight I promise", Brad said as he reached out and gently held my hand. As the night went on we had a really good time. We ate some great food and drank a lot of really good wine (since it was free).

It was around 11:00pm and they had begun shutting parts of the zoo down to restrict access to the visitors. "Hey, since they have shut down our area, let's go see how our chimps are doing. Besides it would give us some time away from the crowd. You know to ourselves", Brad said. "Alright. Sounds like a game plan", I said with a smile. Brad grabbed a bottle of wine that we had just opened and we made our way around security to the back of the zoo where the chimp's exhibit is.

The exhibit is huge with trees ( a small forest), rocks and even a small river and pond. It had a pool of water in front of it to keep the chimps from escaping. "Since the animals are in their cages in the back what do you think about us heading out to drinking some good wine under the stars", Brad said with a laugh. He had been drinking more than me. I could tell that Brad was a little drunk. I had a great buzz, so I agreed and we used our keys to get in past the security door to the enclosure and within minutes we were laying on the grass staring at the stars.

We passed the bottle back and forth, drinking directly out of the bottle as we told stories and laughed. Within 10 minutes the bottle was empty. I was now a little drunk and Brad was even more drunk.

All of a sudden we heard something(s) making loud noise in the trees located about 30' from us. I looked at Brad and said "What the heck is that?" Brad looked confused.

"I don't know but it sounds like there is more than one of whatever it is", Brad said. Brad stood up and began staring off into the darkness. Then we heard the noises that we knew better than anyone else at the zoo. It was the chimps. They hadn't been put in their cages. "They in the enclosure with us", I said as I stood up.

The second that I was standing I quickly realized that I had drunk too much. Out of the darkness appeared five chimps standing on the tree line looking at us. We both knew that there were 30 chimps in the exhibit so we were worried where the other ones where. Suddenly the five chimps started running towards us very fast. "Come on let's get out of here", Brad said. We started running.

It was hard for me to sun in my heels so I stopped to take them off. I looked up at Brad. He reached his arm towards me. Then without any warning we were surrounded by the chimps. They were stomping and hitting the ground with branches that they had broken off the trees. When Brad reached into his pocket to get his pocket knife. The movements made one of the chimps react by smacking Brad across the face with the branch knocking him to the ground.

A couple of the chimps jumped on him and began beating him wildly, quickly knocking him unconscious. I knew that I had to get out of there or they would try to kill me to.

I tried to run but the chimps quickly jumped on me, knocking me on the ground. Two of the chimps grabbed my arms and began to drag me away from where Brad was laying. "Help!" I yelled. One of the chimps reacted to my scream by punching me in my stomach.

The hit had knocked the breath out of me. I realized that I was really too drunk to fight back, but I couldn't let them kill me. The chimps dragged me a hundred yards. Then they stopped. The quickly spun me around. The result was my short black mini-skirt being raised on one side exposing my sexy muscular thigh. My head was spinning. When I was able to get focused I noticed that there was a large male Chimp standing in front me. He was looking at me in a way no animal had ever looked at me.

The other two chimps held my arms while he began to move towards me. As the large chimp approached me he placed his hand on my leg and slowly slid his hand up my leg until he reached the side of my G-string. "Please let me go, please don't hurt me", I begged. The large chimp then removed his hand from my muscular thigh and placed it on one of my large perky breast. He began squeezing my breast. "Oh god no", I said.

Then he quickly placed both his hands on my blouse and without any warning he ripped my blouse open. The cold air quickly stiffened my large nipples under my thin lacy bra.

He then began pulling on my bra. "What the hell", I said. I could hear the fabric tearing as he forcefully pulled on my bra. With a snap my thin lacy bra tore open exposing my large perky breast and hard nipples. The large chimp immediately lowered his head and latched on to one of my large hard nipples sucking it with a passion. He used his hands to squeeze my breast while he sucked on each nipple. I began looking around the enclosure trying not to panic. Then the large chimp released my nipple and stepped back.

He ran both his hands up my long muscular legs under my short skirt until he reached my G-string. "Please no", I begged as I began to cry. He began pulling in the sides of my G-string. Within seconds he was tearing it off my young athletic body.

The Large chimp then stepped back to enjoy the view. The two chimps on either side of me held me in place. My skirt was pulled up around my waist and since he hand tore my G-string from my body my bald slit was clearly visible. With my blouse tore and my bra removed my large perky breast and hard nipples were clearly visible as well. The large chimp seemed to enjoy the view as he ran one of his large hairy hands up the inside of my long muscular leg until he reached my slit.

"What are you doing? Stop it", I yelled. Then I let out a gasp as I felt him slid one of his thick fingers inside my tight slit. He began pumping his finger in and out of my tight little slit. I couldn't believe I was being finger fucked by a chimp. Suddenly the two chimps on either side of me let go of my arms and moved in front of me so they could watch the large chimp finger fuck me. I looked around the exhibit for a way out of the situation while the chimp finger fucked me.

I knew that the chimps wouldn't jump into the pool of water we had in front of the enclosure so that was my best option. I decided to make my move. I violently kicked the large chimp knocking him back. I turned around and ran as fast as I could. It was of no use within seconds the other chips had caught up with me.

They grabbed my long brown hair and yanked it, forcing me to the ground. The large chimp soon joined them. He was angry. He back handed me, stunning me for a minute. When I was able to get my composure back I noticed that all five male chimps were surrounding me. They began tugging and pulling at my torn clothing and short skirt until the removed all of my clothing. I was now fully naked in front of these animals.

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"No please don't do this to me. Please!" I begged. Suddenly two chimps grabbed my arms and pinned me to the ground.

Two more grabbed my legs by the knees and spread my muscular legs apart. The large chimp then grabbed one of my breasts with his large hairy hand as he lowered his head and began licking my slit while squeezing my breast. I was in shock that this Chimp was going down on me while the other ones held my arms down and forced my legs apart. Then I felt the large chimp begin focusing his tongue's efforts on my clit while he inserted one of his hairy fingers up my tight slit.

After a couple of minutes my clit began throbbing and my slit was getting wetter. "Stop it now, please!" I begged as I felt my body building up towards a climax. Maybe it was the alcohol but five minutes of intense licking of my clit while being finger fucked my body was preparing for an orgasm. Then with his large hand on my breast the large chimp began pinching my nipples. The sensation put me over the edge. "Oh my god, I'm going to cum", I yelled.

Then I exploded all over the chimp's face. All of the chimps began making noises and grunting. With my muscular legs still being spread by two other chimps the large chimp quickly moved in between my legs. I was so embarrassed that I had came on this chimp's face.

I knew what was going to happen next. I knew that the chimp was going to rape me. I closed my eyes and prayed for this to be over fast. The large chimp laid on top of my naked body using his large fury hands to push my large perky breast together. He then began sucking my large nipples until they were hard. After about a minute he stopped and lowered one of his hands.

Then I felt something that I will never forget.


I felt that chimp rub his thick cock against the inside of my muscular thigh. It was like he was trying to warn me about the large cock he was planning on putting inside of me.

Wildly I began trying to push all the chimps off me. I tried to free my arms and legs but they held me place almost effortlessly. I felt the large chimp push the head of his thick cock up to the lips of my wet bald slit. "NO!" I screamed. The large chimp put one of his hands over my mouth while the other lined his cock up with my slit. Then he began forcing his thick cock up my tight bald slit.

I tried to scream but his hand covered my mouth. He leaned over and sucked my breast as he thrust his cock up inside of my young, tight, naked athletic body. My breast bounced up and down with each thrust of his cock. All of the other chimps sat there watching my rape. I could see that they were enjoying watching my bald slit get pounded by one of their own. Finally he removed his hand from my mouth and placed it on my muscular thigh.

I began to sob heavily knowing that I was being raped by an animal. I turned my head to look away and much to my surprise I saw Brad was on his hands and knees watching the chimp fuck me. The large chimp began slamming his body against mine forcing his hard thick cock deep inside of me. I had only been with one man and he had never fucked me so roughly.

The chimp released my nipple and put his face in front of mine. He used one hand to grab a handful of my long brown hair to force me to look at him while the other hand held firmly on my muscular thigh.

With my slit wrapped around his cock like a tight glove he began fucking me hard and fast. I wasn't the pill so I said "Please don't let him cum in me. Please", I knew that there was a small chance he could get me pregnant since a chimp's DNA was so close to human DNA. He began breathing heavy and grunting. I knew that he was close to cumming. I began moving my hips trying to force his cock loose; instead it seemed to turn him on more. He unleashed a few more deep thrust burring his cock inside of me.

Since my legs were being forced apart he was able to go deeper inside of me then any human could. The large chimp leaned back and let out a very loud grunt. "NOOO!" I screamed.

Staring at his face I could see his eyes roll back. Then I felt his cock twitch and pulse as he began unloading his warm cum deep inside of me.

My naked body bounced up and down as he continued to slowly pump his thick cock in and out of my tight slit making sure to give me all of his cum. He laid on top of me sucking on my large perky breast until his cock finally went limp and slid out of my tight bald slit.

I laid there crying because I could feel this chimp's warm cum deep inside of my helpless young naked body. "Please god, don't let him knock me up", I said out loud. After a few minutes the other chimps released my legs and arms. I rolled on to my side and into a fetal position. I was in shock that a damn chimp had just raped my young athletic body.

There had been many guys that I dated that didn't even get to touch my breast, now I had been an animal's fuck toy. I had to get out of there. I rolled over and raised myself on my hands and knees. I could feel the large chimp's warm seed deep inside of me.

Suddenly the chimps began beating the chest and grunting as the circled around me. The large chip that had raped me stood directly in front of me. "What do you want?" I screamed. Then the chimps began reaching out and cupping my large breast, rubbing my ass and running their hands up my long legs. Suddenly, all of the chimps quickly became quite.

Then I felt two hairy hands grab my waist. Another one of the male chimps was going to fuck me. "No!" I screamed. Then he grabbed a handful of my long brown hair and pulled it back jerking my head towards the sky. Two chimps on my side grabbed my long legs and began spreading them. "Not again, please no!" I begged. Then I felt it. I felt the chimp's large cock poking away at the side of my thigh as he tried to line it up with my tight bald slit. I began to cry again knowing that there was no way out of this.

I felt the head of his thick cock line up with the opening of my little tight slit. I closed my eyes and tried to think of something other than the reality I was facing. Then the chimp began slowly pumping his cock inside my cum coated slit. The cum from the other chimp acted as a lubricant making it easier for him to get his thick cock inside of me. My tight slit stretched trying to accommodate for the thickness of his cock.

The chimp released my hair and placed both hands on my waist. My muscular ass bounced each time his body slammed against it. He stood behind me slowly and steadily thrusting his cock deep inside my bald slit.

I lowered my head in shame as my body bounced back and forth with each one of his deep pumps. My large breast swung back and forth in rhythm with the slow, deep and steady fucking the chimp was giving my young athletic body. The two chimps holding my legs apart released my legs.

They knew that their friend's cock was buried deep inside of me and there was no way I could get out of this. I decided not to fight back or resist. Instead I kept my legs spread and just held myself in position on my hands and knees while the chimp fucked me from behind. I raised my head and looked over to where Brad had been standing and much to my surprise he had lowered his pants and was jacking off while watching me being raped by this animal." You ass whole.

I'll kill you for letting them do this to me", I screamed towards Brad. He seemed unfazed as he continued to jack off. It seemed like the chimp was fucking me forever. He was making sure to enjoy having me as his slut. My muscular ass bounced and large perky breast swung back and forth. One of the chimps watching the show got on his back and laid underneath me and began sucking my large nipples.

He was sucking my breast so hard that I felt my my large nipples get even harder inside his mouth. After a couple of minutes he released my nipples and went back to watching my rape. Finally the chimp that was fucking me from behind stopped fucking me. He reached around and began squeezing my large breast. He pinched my nipples. I screamed in pain. He quickly released my breast and placed both of his hairy hands on my waist.

He started fucking me hard and faster. I let out a grunt each time I felt his cock go deep inside my womb. Without realizing it, I began repeatedly saying, "Please don't let this chimp knock me up". The chimp began making all sorts of weird noises and breathing heavy. I knew what was going to happen next.

I braced myself for his orgasm. He slammed his cock deep inside of me with several hard thrust. Once his cock was the deepest it could go I felt his cock pulsate.

I let out a gasp as I felt his thick cock begin shooting his warm, lava like cum deep inside of my helpless sexy body.

He shot a lot more cum then the first chimp. He held tightly to my waist as he slowly pumped his cock in and out of me making sure to milk all of his cum inside my young athletic body. After about a minute, his cock went limp and slid out of my slit.

It made a popping noise as it exited my tight slit. Quickly, another chimp took his place. This one violently shoved his cock up my abused slit. He pumped my naked body with a passion. I sat there in doggy style position while he fucked me hard and fast. I didn't even try to fight back.

Instead I just sat there on my hands and knees and took his cock. He reached down and grabbed my large breast and raised me up so I was on my knees but my arms were now off the ground. He squeezed my large perky breast and rolled my large hard nipples under his fingers while he fucked me from behind.

The other chimps hit the ground and made all sorts of noises. It was like they were cheering him on while he raped me. I was so humiliated. I was being gangbanged by a group of chimps and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Suddenly the chimp released my breast making me fall back on my hands.

He pumped me so hard from behind that I lost my balance and fell forward. The chimp put his hand on the side of my head and pinned my head to the ground it was too much. He was fucking me so hard that my legs collapsed. I was now lying flat on the ground with my large breast pinned against the grass under neither me.

My body bounced up and down as he sunk his long cock in and out of my helpless body. He was breathing really heavy. I knew that he was going to cum any second. My ass bounced as he viciously pumped my naked body from behind. Then within a minute I felt his cock twitch deep inside of me as he began filling me up with his warm cum.

He continued to fuck me slowly making sure to get as much of his seed in me as possible. Finally he stopped pumping my helpless naked body and withdrew his cock from my cum covered slit.

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I laid on the ground in shock of what was happening to me. After a couple of minutes I managed to raise myself up to my hands and knees then slowly I stood up. As soon as I did I felt a wave of warm monkey cum leak out of my slit and down my muscular thigh. I knew that there were two more male chimps that hadn't taken their turn on me, but never the less I tried to walk towards the water in front of the enclosure.

One of the chimps that had been watching his friends rape me jumped in front of me. "No, not again. Please no", I said. The chimp hit his chest then the ground. I felt broken. I knew there was no way out of this. At that point I gave in. I lowered myself to my knees. The chimp walked up to me and began squeezing my perky breast.

He lowered his head and sucked on my stiff nipples. I tried to look away as I did I caught a quick glance of his stiff cock. It was long and thick. The chimp released my breast and violent pushed my shoulders making me land on my back.

He then walked up to me using his hands to force my long muscular legs apart. I laid back on the grass. The chimp stood over me and placed one hand on my shoulder while the other hand guided the head of his cock past the lips of my slit.

I turned my head to the side avoid looking at him. I saw Brad had moved closer to me. He was pointing the camera of his cell phone towards me. "Oh my god he's recording this", I whispered. Then I let out a gasp as I felt the chimp begin to force his thick cock inside my young tight athletic body. He used his hand on my should to push me down onto his cock. I reached out my arms and gripped the grass around me. Soon the chimp was fucking me very hard with slow, deep and powerful thrust.

I arched my back in pain. As soon as I did the chimp put his lips over my large nipples and began sucking while he continued to shove his cock up my bald slit. My naked body bounced up and down on the grass with each thrust of his huge cock. "Please, don't let me get Pregnant", I said trying to hold back tears. My large perky breast jiggled as my athletic body got pumped up and down with each thrust of his cock. The chimp stopped sucking my nipple and grabbed a handful of my hair.

He quickly made a fist and forced me to look him in the face while he fucked me. I was so ashamed. My young sexy athletic body was being fucked hard by a damn chimp. My long muscular legs were spread as a chimp pounded away at my bald slit. To make it all worse, Brad was getting a video of all the action. I began letting out loud grunts as his cock penetrated deep inside of me. The chimp held my head in place with one hand while the other squeezed one of my large breasts.

Suddenly he began fucking me hard and fast. My body violently bounced up and down on the grass in rhythm with the thrust of his cock.

This continued for about a minute then the chimp shoved his cock as deep inside of me as he could. I was looking him in the eyes when he let out a deep breath. I felt his huge cock twitch and pulsate deep inside of me.

I could feel him shooting what felt like a gallon of cum inside of my young helpless naked body. I began to cry as he slowly pumped his cock in and out of me milking the cum from his body. When he finished his cock slid out of my slit. He sucked on my breast for a minute then walked away. I laid there crying as I felt the four chimps' cum deep inside of my womb. I rolled over on my hands and knees when the last of the five male chimps came and stood in front of me. His hard cock was clearly visible.

He moved closer to me. He then began slapping my face with his thick cock. I knew that allowing another one to cum inside of me would only increase my chances of getting pregnant. So I quickly reached out my hand and gripped his hard cock. I opened my mouth and lowered my warm mouth over his large cock.

I started stroking his cock while my head bounced up and down on it. I felt the head of his cock hit the back of my throat causing me to gag for a second. I raised my head up releasing his cock from my mouth so I could catch my breath. I quickly looked over to my side and saw that Brad was still recording this abuse I was suffering. The chimp quickly reached out and grabbed my head and forced it back down so my mouth was wrapped around his cock again.

I went back to sucking and stroking his cock. I could feel the veins of his cock pumping blood to his organ making it larger and harder. The chimp reached down and cupped one of my large swinging breasts. Suddenly I could taste something salty coming from his cock. I knew it was his pre-cum. The chimp placed his free hand on my head and began pumping his hips in rhythm with my head bouncing up and down on his cock.

I had never let anyone cum in my mouth before, but I knew that I wouldn't have a choice this time. He began squeezing my large breast and rolling my large hard nipple under his fingers. Then he slammed his cock down my throat so his hairy ball sack was resting outside my lips. I gaged but the chimp kept pumping away. He was now fully fucking my face. I kept stroking his cock. I started stroking it really fast in an attempt to end this abuse.

Within a minute the chimp began breathing heavy. Then without any warning I felt his large cock expand. A couple seconds later he let out a deep breath. His cock began shooting cum down my throat. My eyes watered as his warm salty cum quickly filled my mouth.

The chimp held my head in place. I knew I had no other choice so I took three big gulps and swallowed all of his warm salty cum. As soon as I did the chimp released my head and breast and stood in front of my staring at me. I knew he was pleased with what had just happened. Some of his warm cum leaked from my large lips to my chin. We stared at each other for a minute then he walked away joining the other male chimps. They were all about 25 feet from me staring at me like I was a prize that they had just won.

I felt so ashamed and dirty. I had just been gang banged by a group of chimps. I couldn't believe that they had raped me. Their warm cum buried deep inside of me made my whole body feel warm. After a couple of minutes I decided to again make a break for the pool of water in the front of the enclosure.

I stood up and walked slowly towards the water focused on getting to it and nothing else. Suddenly Brad ran up to me and grabbed my arm. He threw me to the ground. "You fucking slut. Those chimps stuffed your little cunt full of cock because you are a tease. Now I'm going to give you my cock you big titty slut", Brad said drunkly. He quickly fell on top of me. I was too weak to fight back. He forced his way between my long muscular legs "Take this slut", He screamed as he forced his cock up my bald slit with one swift thrust.

The chimps' cum made it easy for him to get the full length and thickness of his cock inside of me. He slammed his body against me. As he was fucking me roughly I tried pushing him off me but it was of no use. He just kept slamming his cock inside of me. He pinned my arms down and bent over and sucked on my large nipples. After he released my breast from his mouth he got in my face and said, "When I'm done with you I'll be keeping the video of your Monkey love for future use.

If you go to the cops I'll post it on the web and e-mail it out to your friends, the news and everyone we work with you little chimp slut", he shouted at me as he viciously pumped away at my bald slit. "I love fucking your bald cunt. You shave it bald because you're a whore and tonight is proof of that", He said as he started breathing heavier. "Please pull out, please.

I'm not on the pill. You might get me pregnant. Pull out Brad!" I begged. It was no use he was in heaven. Brad continued to pump away as my young sexy athletic body bounced back and forth with the thrust of his cock. Brad stared at my large perky breast as they bounced with each thrust of his cock. After a couple of minutes he got in my face and said, "I haven't jacked off in a while.

I'm been saving this for tonight just in case I had a chance to stuff your cunt full on my cock". "Please pull out", I screamed. Brad again pinned my arms down then he thrust his cock as deep as he could inside of me.

"Take this Laura", Brad said. He let out a loud grunt. Then I felt his cock twitch and pulsate as he began to cum inside of me. "No!" I screamed as he pumped me full of his cum. I felt his warm cum mix with the chimps deep inside my womb.

I began to cry as he slowly pumped his hips making sure to milk his cock inside of me. When he was finished he stood up and pulled his pants up over his semi limp cock. "Thanks for the fuck Laura. Now that I have this video we'll be doing that a lot more often".

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Then he ran for the door that we had used to enter the enclosure. As soon as he made it to the door he unlocked it. Then he exited the enclosure.

I stood up. I could feel what felt like gallons of warm chimp and human cum deep inside of me. I knew that I had a change of clothes in my locker.

I figured that since they chimps had allowed Brad to leave they wouldn't give me any problems. I walked towards the door.

Soon I was surrounded by the group of male chimps that had raped me. They quickly grabbed my arms and knocked me to the ground. "Please no more", I screamed as they then carried my young naked body into the forest part of the enclosure. I was quickly surrounded by another group of male chimps.

The rest of the night all of the male chimps took turns rapping me. I was raped by every single male chimp in the enclosure at least once or twice. After about three hours of abuse most of the chimps had gone to eat or sleep.

I managed to get up and sneak to the door that took me out of the enclosure. I locked it behind me. I quickly ran to my locker where I went to change into the clothes I had in my locker. As I stood in front of my locker I felt a river of warm chimp cum flow down my muscular thigh all the way to my feet where it formed a pool of cum.

I sobbed wildly as I quickly got dressed. I grabbed the spare key that I had for my car and left the park. For the next 48 hours I felt warm cum deep inside of me. A couple of days later I returned to work. When I arrived I found that I had a new partner her name was Brenda. Brenda was young and right out of college like me. She was a pretty girl with big blue eyes and long blond hair.

She told me that she was a model, but doing this because she always wanted to work with animals. I was told that Brad had quit. Someone told me that he had told our boss that he was moving out of state to be close to family. Either way I was relieved. Work was never the same. It felt like the male chimps were always looking at me and thinking about what they had done to me.

A couple weeks passed since I had been attacked that night. I was begining to put my life back together. Then late on Saturday afternoon. I was in my office when my boss (Roger) walked in and said " hey there, I've got a surprise for you". "Whats up", I replied. Roger stepped out of my office and gestured for someone to come in. Brad suddenly walked into my office. I felt my heart drop.

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I felt like I was going to vomit as memories of that night came flooding back to me. Brad Smiled at me and said, "hey good looking. What have you been up to?". I was frozen in shock.

Roger said, "well I'll let you two catch up. Brad it was great seeing you again. If you are thinking about moving back I'll see what I can do about getting you rehired". Then he shook Brad's hand and left the room. Brad looked at me and said, "Please sit down. I want to show you something on the computer". As I sat down I begain to trimble. Brad pulled a DVD out of a bookbag he was carring and put it into my computer. He then walked back and shut my office door.

Within a minute there was a clear video playing on my computer. It was the recording he had made that night. I was on the grass completly naked getting pounded doggy style by a chimp while other chimps where watching. Occasionaly the camera would zoom into my large breast to watch them swing back and forth or on my ass to watch it bounce as the chimp fucked me with a passion from behind. Brad stood up next to me and lowered his pants and boxers to his ankles. "Suck me off Lara", he commanded.

I knew that I had to do as he instructed so I wrapped one of my hands around his cock as I guided his cock into my mouth.

I stroked his cock and sucked while he watched the video. I could hear the audio on the video of be getting fucked by a chimp. Brad reached down and squeezed one of my large perky breast while I sucked his rock hard cock. After about five minutes he said, " oh shit here I cum.

Swallow my cum, just like you did that monkey's, you slut". I felt his cock twitch and pulsate as he shot warm stream after warm stream of salty cum into my mouth. I gagged as he held my head down on his cock. I closed my eyes and took several large gulps making sure to swallow every last drop of his cum. When I had swallowed it all I broke free and took a deep breath gasping for air. Brad quickly pulled his pants up and got dressed and said, "thanks for the head Lara.

You really know how to suck a cock. I guess those chimps were good practice for you". Then he took the dvd out of my computer put it in his bag and said, "I'll be seeing you real soon. Kept that little cunt of yours tight. If you even think of quiting I'll send this tape out to everyone you know and post it on the web, so don't do anything stupid. A month later I found out that I was pregnant. I hadn't had sex with anyone so I knew that either a chimp or Brad had knocked me up.

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Brenda had started a rumor that our boss had knocked me up. I confronted her about her lie and Brenda and I got in a bad argument. It was late that night and most everyone had left the park. I asked her to help me get something from the enclosure.

After Brenda calmed down she agreed to help me. I opened the door to the enclosure and as soon as she stepped out into the enclosure I shut the door and locked it. "What the fuck Laura", she screamed. I then went and opened the doors for the chimps to go into the enclosure.

I went to the window and watched as the chimps surrounded Brenda.


The male chimps jumped on Brenda forcing her to her knees. I watched as they violently tore her shirt open. Her large breast were barley covered by a thin white lacy bra. The group of chimps quickly jumped on her grabbing her legs and arms. I watched as they tore Brenda's bra off exposing her large breast and pink nipples.

A couple of chimps held her arms while one large chimp pulled her shorts off. He then moved in front of Brenda and begain sucking on her breast. She cried out for help as he slid his hand down the front of her bikini panties.

I could tell from the look in her eyes that he was finger fucking her. Suddenly the large chimp stepped back and gripped her little panties. Then with one quick yank her tore them off her exposing her slit. I was sort of amazed but she had a small patch of blond hair above her slit. I watched as the chimps then pinned her arms down to the ground. She continued to cry for help. Then I watched as the largest male chimp in the enclosure spread her long legs.

Two chimps held her legs apart while he positioned himslef in between her long legs. Seconds later I heard her scream "NO!" as I watch the chimp's ass flex. I knew that he was slowly pumping his cock deep inside her little tight cunt. I watched as he passionatly pump away at her naked body.

After a few minuted he slammed his cock all the way in her. Brenda tried to scream but he covered her mouth with his large hand. A few minutes later, I could tell from the expression on her face that he was cumming inside of her.

I continued to watch as the chimps gang raped Brenda's mouth, slit and even her ass. She kept screaming for me to help. I just grabbed my I-phone and recorded the whole thing. An hour into the event she had stopped fighting and just laid their taking their monkey cocks.

Hermosos gemidos de mi ex

After about three hours the chimps left Brenda's naked abused body alone. She made it to the door. I opened the door and let her in. The chimps' cum was leaking down her long legs like a river. I then showed her that I had recorded her being fucked by multiple chimps over the three hours. "If you ever talk shit about me again, I'll post this tape on the intranet and e-mail it out to our co-workers.

Do you understand, you fucking monkey slut", I said. Brenda just sat there crying. "I understand", she said.

"Good now get dressed and I'll see you tomorrow", I said as I handed her some clothes to change into. I went home and cried. I wasn't sure why I had done that to Brenda. I guess I wanted to get her back. I was more worried about wither the chimps had knocked me up or Brad. I guess I'll find out in eight months.