Mallu hot movie scene tamil voice

Mallu hot movie scene tamil voice
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As I said before, it begins at a party. We came together with a few other people.

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I don't know how long we're there, or whether or not we had been drinking. But at some point, you sneak away from the rest of the people, and I follow you; you don't seem to notice. I follow you to some sort of secret crawlspace/ staircase. The music from the party is muffled here - just enough so that you can hear the base reverberate through the walls. At the end of the crawlspace, you turn around with your back inches to a near by wall.

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It's kind of dark, but not so dark that I can't make you out. You are wearing tight T & A pants and an athletic looking zip-up sweater. You look good. I see you turn around an instantly I want to rip your clothes off. But I'm not sure if that's what you want. So instead, I move within an inch of your face close enough to breath down your neck. I put my hands firmly around yours hips and I wait for you to stop me or to say anything; you don't.

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Not wanting to miss what could be my only opportunity, I grip my hands around the waist of your panties & yoga pants and rip them down to the point where they are just below your ass and I can just see the top of your bald pussy. Expecting you to stop me any second, I forcefully move my hands up your sweater, feeling your soft skin.


It's smooth and sexy like I remember it being. Right before I get to your chest I look up at you: "Why aren't you stopping me?" To which you begin to reply about the end of your relationship but I cut you off. I was already turned on beyond belief. You have no idea how bad I've wanted you; now that I have my chance, I'm practically belligerent with lust. My heart is beating out of my chest and I want to take you and ravage you right now.

This isn't like before where I would have control of myself and would tease you and make you my slut. I have lost control of myself and need you now. I kiss you hard and press you up against the wall. I drop to my knees and pull the rest of your pants off, briefly licking your clit as I come back up. I whip my shirt off, while you unzip your sweater.

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Before your can take it off completely though, I grab the collar and rip it off for you. I want you to know I am going to overpower you; this is going to be rough and I am going to lose myself on you. After that you just stand kind of still. I roughly undo your bra and with your body completely naked, I step back, and bite my lip while I stare at your sexy body.

With my pants still on, I take your hand and make you feel the erection pressing hard against my pants. You instantly drop to your knees and unbuckle my belt. Looking up at me, you unbutton and unzip by jeans, then take them off me. My cock is throbbing and straining on my boxers for you. Lustfully, you pull my boxers down and move to swallow me. I let you place your lips around the head of my cock only for a brief second; I want you now.

There is no time for foreplay. I stand you up. Looking at you eye to eye in my lustful state, I grab you by the ass and pick you up.

I lift you up to the point where the tip of my cock can force its self into you. Looking at you eye to eye I thrust my entire naked cock into you as hard as I can. I watch your mouth open as you moan and writhe. You scream 'FUCKK' and breathlessly mouth 'oh my god'. You scrape and claw at the muscles in my back This entire time my entire throbbing cock is deep inside you.


You are just as tight as I thought you'd be and I could feel myself stretching you. I pull my cock out half way and you exhale deeply. So turned on by your moans, I start to thrust hard; this time I don't hold it though - I just keep slamming my cock into you.

I want you to scream my name. I want you to cum allover my cock. I have let go of control and have let myself become an animal. Gripping your body tightly, I'm lifting you up like you are a feather and slamming into you with everything I have.

You feel my hard body and can't help but give into me. You cum. Hard. As I feel your tight pussy clench even tighter around my cock, you squeeze your legs around me and grip me tightly. I thrust into you as hard as I can and hold it, making sure every inch of my cock is in you; I want to fill you.

I want your clit to rub against my pubic bone and for you to nearly pass out it feels so good. Your orgasm lasts a minutes or two, and I can start to feel you come out of it so I pull my cock all the way out of you just to here you whimper.

Covered in your cum, I put my cock back in you and change the tempo.

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Instead of slamming into you, I fuck you with just the head of my cock, while only once in while putting the whole thing in you. Every now and then I ram myself into you though, just to hear you moan and to remind you how big I am.


I want you to know that you are mine and your pussy is mine. I want to fuck you so well that you get wet when you hear my name. I want you to moan when you think of me and to touch yourself to the thought of me.

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Tired, I lift you off of me and bend you over against the wall. I place both my hands on your shoulders and drive myself into you. It's hard to describe the things I do to you while you are bent over for me; they are all just different techniques and angles.

Either way, you like it. As always though, I'll slam my entire cock into you, hoping to catch you by surprise. Eventually, after half an hour or so, I won't be able to take anymore. So I'll fuck you hard until the point comes where we cum together and you feel my warm cum inside you.