Solo shemale jerking her hard dick

Solo shemale jerking her hard dick
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It all began on a hot summers night. I could not believe what I was hearing as I lay in my bed and listened to the sounds around me, unable to sleep, due mostly in part to the fact that my twin daughters in the next room were masturbating.

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From the sound of it they were enjoying themselves immensly. Jennifer and Maria were both 14 years of age and had begun to explore thier bodies.


Of course this was not surprising to me as I myself had begun at about the same age. But those girls they were driving me insane.

I tried to relax and tune it out by turning my alarm clock radio on to drown them out but when i did this they only maoned louder the bedsprings creaking as one or the other, or both, really got into themselves.

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My cunt began to get wet against my wishes, I tried to think unsexy thoughts nad calm myself down, but it was useless. like swimming against the current of a wide flowing wet river of cunny juices. Finally I could not take anymore and was forced to slip into my bathrobe and open the door I walked down the hallway, all of seven or eight steps, to thier door and knocked softly.

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Blisffully Maria, the elder by about two hours, called out that I should come in. Figuring they had stopped I turned the handle and pushed the door open to peek inside slowly.

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Oh but how I blushed as I saw thart not only had they not stopped but it was more than i had ever expected to see. My two dark haired babies were laying with thier legs entwined and a double ended dildo, heaven only knows where they got that large thing, pressed half into each of thier cunts. Jennifer giggled softly and waved as she spoke in her cute way. usually the shy one of the twosome. "Mommy wanna watch us?" The thought stunned me and I could not stop myself could not even hessitate before nodding and slipped inside.

I closed the door slowly behind me and watched to Maria's bed Sitting on the edge as my babies began to pump that slick pink jelly toy in and out of each other They were obviously excited as thier joined fluids had begun to make a large stain on thier white sheets sopreading out in a lovelly little puddle between them. I was fascinated but a part of me was screaming to run to get out of there, that this was wrong so wrong and that i would be damned ot hell for it, But my body had other ideas as I sat frozen watching I was unaware of my own actions but moaned out and blushed brightly as I felt fingers, My own fingers!, rubbing my own cunt beneath black lace panties.

"I think mommy wants to join us" Maria woudl moan out as she begant o slam that toy into and out of her dripping cunny so lewedly. I noticed small details then that I would not have imagines I could have, Hairless pussies, hairless meaning that my babies had taken to shaving themselves. Our each other.

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At the simple imagry of my twins shaving each other touching each other in that moist private patch I shuddered and was about ho cum.

My girlsbeat me to it however and both in near perfect unison screamed out as thier orgasms hit them and obviously hard. Jennifer grabbed hte dildo and yanked it free as my girls came and came hard Finger busilly rubbing thier firm pink clits hard and fast A pair of streams of thin almost crystal clear cream flew from each girl. I could almost watch it in slow motion as the streams crossed and splashe dhte pink fuckhole opposite them. but as soon as they had come down from intense climaxes they looked at me and as a pair fell atop me.

Maria tearing at my pantes and Jennifer tore my bra from my tits. Jenny sat in my lap and and begant o rub as she playe dher smallish b cups to my very impressive d's My nipple hardened allready begam almost painfully hard as I gasped, I moaned half way inbetween and early passed out as Maria, between my legs began to lap and suck on my hairy pussy.

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It hit me like a ton of bricks as I climaxed and my baby began to suck on my cunt. Pulling out my juices and then kised her sister.


I was falling ito a world of shamed blackness. The last thing I heared were my babies, My sweet litlte angels giggling and sharing my cum in htier kiss with sloppy sucking soudns and lewed little whimpers.

When I awoke I had a girl under each arm nuzzling to my large tits and purring.

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To be Continued.