Mae manda video para o filho so de calcinha

Mae manda video para o filho so de calcinha
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SISTAH TO SISTAH Connie had left my house at about three o'clock and it took all of my strength to climb up into my bed for what I thought would be a quick nap. Around six thirty, I was suddenly awakened by my mother's voice.

Thinking I was dreaming, I kind of ignored it until I heard my mother speaking in her native Tagalog. That is when I woke up out of my sleeping stupor. I looked around and did not see my mom anywhere around.

It was then that I realized that she was speaking to me over the house intercom system. After hearing my name for the tenth time, I answered her back saying, "Yes mommy, I am awoke." Her response was, "Karmelita, dinner is ready.

Come on down and get something to eat." Even though I was starving, I told her, "Mommy, I will get something later.

Don't worry about me." There was a short pause and Mom finally answered, "Okay Karmelita, rest up and I will see you in the morning." Mom was the only one who called me Karmelita.

I was named for her mother, Karmen and when I was 3 or 4 she started calling me Karmelita, which meant Little Karmen. I used to cringe when she continued to call me this as I got older, but I know love it because it is her special name for me. I rolled back up in my bed, still only wearing a camisole top and no panties.

Connie had warned me that I might feel a little dry and itchy down there for a while. She was supposed to tell me what I could put on it to soothe the dryness.

But I totally forgot and know that she did too because of our other fun that we were having. Deciding to just let it hang out and go commando, my hope was that it would just subside.

Around nine o'clock, there was a light knock on my door. A voice on the other side spoke out and said, "Karmen, it's me Katrina. Can I come in?" Totally surprised at her for even knocking, I immediately said, "Yes, come on in. Why are you even knocking? You know that is Mom's thing about privacy and not ours." As she entered my room, Katrina yelled back, "See a sistah was only trying to give you a little respect and all she gets back is a whole lot of shade." I was always amused with my sister when she did her code shifting thing.

Katrina was always schooling me about the real world. She knew that I grew up very privileged and did not know about a lot of things that my parents had shielded me and my brother from. Anyway, she came in carrying a tray of food and drinks that she had brought up from the kitchen.

Apparently, my mom had set aside some food for both of us, as Katrina had called her and told her that she was going to be late getting off of work. Katrina and I laid up in my bed watching some Khardashian's reruns and munching down on the food. We were going back and forth about how talent-less they were and how this was not reality just bad acting.

We both laughed and laughed and seemed to be having a great time. About an hour into the show, Katrina asked me, "Karmen, were you in my bathroom today and did you borrow some stuff." In my mind I was cursing myself for forgetting to return her stuff. I told her, "Yes, that was me and I am so sorry for not returning your property." "You know that is not a problem.

I just wanted to make sure that our little brother was not on another one of his horny teen boy search missions to spy on his sisters.", Katrina answered back. I shook my head and laughed because I knew all about that. That little pervert was always going through my stuff, looking for whatever he could show off to his horny pals.

As weird as it was, I always felt proud that he was showing his sister off to his young friends. From Katrina's tone, she did not mind also because she knew it was a part of his growing up process.

I decided to show Katrina why I had borrowed her stuff. Pulling back my sheet and blanket from my body, I let Katrina see what Lil Sis had done. Katrina had a little surprised look on her face, but commented, "Damn, that is a nice job for a first time. Last weekend, you had enough fur down there to stay warm for the winter and now you are as bare as a new born baby's ass." We both laughed and all I could say was, "Connie did a great job.

It was quick and easy." "Oh, so you trusted Connie and did not come to me. I should be hurt like a motherfucker." Her face got a little twisted but she soon broke out into a big smile. She added, "Connie must be a good friend. I only let my GOOD SPECIAL friends touch my Kitty Kat." I was relieved. I said, "Katrina, there is just one thing.

My pussy skin is dry as hell. I just want to scratch it like a cat." She shook her head and said, "No don't do that, I will be right back in a second." As quick as she left, she was back in my room holding a small bottle of something.

She proceeded to squeeze some of it onto her hands. Rubbing her hands together, she said, "Before applying this, make sure that your hands are warm and not cold. It always feels better that way. Now lay back and open your legs." Doing as I was told, I laid back and opened my legs nice and wide. This seemed to be a familiar position in the last couple of days.

Katrina started applying the cream to the top portion of my vaginal area. Not only did it immediately start to soothe the itching, but it also started to feel damn sexy again. I tried not to change my expressions, but it was going to be hard. Katrina applied more of the cream on both sides of the lips of my pussy.

I immediately knew that the dam was about to be flooded. Her motions with her hands had the lips of my pussy rubbing together. Katrina could not miss the beading of my juices towards the bottom of my pussy lips. I had even started to rotate my hips back and forth, along with some up and down humping motions. Katrina left no skin uncovered.

To the left, to the right, on top and on the bottom, all of my skin was covered.


I finally told her, "This feels so good, don't stop." Katrina answered back, "Anything for my baby sister. Do what ever makes that beautiful body feel good." Again, I did as I was told. As Katrina started to apply some of the cream to the insides of my pussy lips, I almost lost it. I was now in full body motion. I had even grabbed her hands and was trying to get her to finger my pussy. "Katrina, put those fingers in my pussy.

I want to come so fucking bad." "Baby Gurl, are you still a virgin." Katrina asked. I could only shake my head to signal yes. My moaning was getting more intense. "Alright, I will be careful and not go too far.

Hold on!!!", Katrina commanded. Katrina used her thumb to start rubbing my clit back and forth. She took her forefinger and middle finger and started fingering my pussy. Katrina asked, "How does that feel baby?" My response was, "Sister, sister, sister, please, please, please, don't stop. Oh, oh, oh, my pussy is GOO…ING to explode. Faster, faster!!! I feel it CUMMING. I am there…" "Karmen, Karmen, are you alright?

Your ass passed out, but not before you just about pissed a river of cum on my hands and on your sheets." I looked down and then at Katrina. I was a little embarrassed and it showed on my face.

I even tried to cover my eyes. Katrina cuddled my head into her lap and told me, "Don't ever be embarrassed at being a woman. That was some beautiful shit coming from a beautiful young woman. Shit, there are bitches out here that only wish they could get a drop of anything to cum from their dry ass pussies. Your shit is boss and you can't help if you are a horny little something, something." We both burst out laughing, Katrina made me feel so good.

I looked Katrina in the eyes and asked her, "Should we be doing this as sisters?" I went on and told her about all what Connie and I had done earlier that day. I even told her about my videos. Without blinking any eye, Katrina's words put me at ease, when she said, "It is good to learn from the BEST and not the REST!!!

I learned that, when I was your age and I feel good about passing it on." Katrina leaned down and gave me a soulful tongue kiss that tingled all of the way down to my toes. As we embraced each other, I thought more about her words and wondered if there was somebody in our family who had taught Katrina these same lessons.

(Note to self: ask her soon and very soon.) Katrina helped me to clean up my mess and to even change my sheets. As we were working, Katrina was asking me about some of the outfits that she saw laying across the chaise lounge chair that I had in my room. "Karmen, you have some nice looking clothes over there.

I love those pieces of lingerie and I know CJ would love a special fashion show with me in them. What do you think?" I told her, "Katrina, any red blooded male and a whole lot of females would pay to see you in those. I know I would.

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Your plump ass, gorgeous figure and firm tits, would look good in them." Katrina looked at me, smiled, "Thank you Lil Sis. That feels good to hear that from another female." When we were finished, Katrina and I decided to take a shower together, like we used to.

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This time we were grown or almost grown and the views were much better. Katrina took my hand and led me across the hallway to her bathroom. Her shower had a bench seat and multiple shower heads that were in front and on both sides. Katrina helped me to remove my camisole top, since that was all that I had on.

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I slowly unbuttoned her blouse and gently pulled it from her arms. Her beautiful tittys and deep cleavage were now left held up by her bra. Next I reached behind her and unzipped the zipper on her skirt.


Since the skirt was fitting nice and snug on her hips, she had to help me get it down. As she wiggled her hips the skirt got lower and lower. I was quite surprised to see that Big Sister was commando under the skirt. For some reason Katrina decided to lean forward and grab a hold of the sides of her vanity.

I took this as a cue to move forward and check out her goods. In a sexy voice, Katrina asked "Karm, do you like what you see back there?" I said, "Hell yeah!!!" I gave her ass several smacks along with prolonged kisses.

Katrina's face lit up after each smack. Her response to the kissing was to grind her ass hard against my face. I used both hands to pry open her ass cheeks to put her pussy and asshole on show.

As I patted her pussy a couple of times, Katrina squealed in delight. When I started to rim her asshole with my tongue, Katrina started to hump back on my face. She put her hand on the back of my head and pushed my face deeper into the cleft of her ass. Katrina purred, "Baby don't stop, I love this shit.

Deeper, deeper, please eat my ass." If anything, I followed her direction and ground my head and tongue as deep as I could. I pulled back for a quick second and asked, "Sis, tell me that you love me. Tell me that you are my BITCH." "I am your BITCH!!!

Don't stop, don't stop!!! I miss CJ, I need more. Sister, finger my ass with your whole hand." I used the juices running from her pussy to lubricate her ass. When I had her asshole slick enough, I inserted two, then three and finally four fingers into her ass. Her anus was stretched. Katrina yelled, "Bitch, I said all five." At that, I added my thumb to her asshole and started to pummel my hand in and out of her asshole. Katrina was yelling for me to do the same to her pussy.

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As I followed the same method with her pussy as I had done with her ass, I now had five in her ass and five in her pussy. Katrina told me, "Ball up your fist in my pussy and keep moving it around." Following this direction brought more movement out of Katrina as she was humping forward and back. On each movement, my hand went even farther into her ass or into her pussy.

Her breathing got very hard and she was sweating up a storm. "Oh my God, I am feeling so good. Fuck me harder and don't stop until I come. Oh yeah, that's the spot. Keep going, I need to come. I feel it!!! Yes, oh yes, you are deep in me. I am there." Katrina was frozen in time. You could see her legs start to buckle as her ass refused to stop humping on my hands.

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I urged her, "Cum for me, you are my bitch now. Cum, I feel it.

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Your dam is bursting." Katrina gave a final, "OH SHIT!!!" Her body slumped forward onto the vanity. My hands were still moving in her pussy and ass. She was writhing as her body lay on her vanity. She was in total spasm. Pulling my hands from her holes, I asked, "You alright?" Katrina did not answer, even after several attempts with the same question. Her breathing was slowing down, so I knew she was okay and in bliss. I took this as an opportunity to check out her tittys.

Removing her bra, I was able to get a better look at her prize possessions. Her nipples looked as hard as rocks and the size of little pebbles. Flipping her body so that she was now sitting on her vanity bench, I grabbed hold of both of her tittys and held them up.

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Licking on one nipple and rubbing the other one seemed to revive Katrina. Her exact words were, "Bitch, don't do this to me. I can't take anymore of this." Being the nice sister that I was, I flatly told her, "You belong to me now and forever." Katrina looked down at me and then helped me to get up on the bench next to her.

Looking into my eyes, Katrina said in a sweet voice, "I am yours and you are mines." We exchanged a deep soul kiss and finally entered and sat down in her shower on the bench for two. Katrina pushed several buttons and the shower began to fill up with steam.

Both of us leaned back against the marble wall of the now steam filled shower and held each other.

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My mind and body were in another place. I still had on my mind the question of who was the BEST that taught Katrina better than the rest. The secrets of Sistah to Sistah would have to wait a little longer to be revealed.