Mom and sister and broader and foder

Mom and sister and broader and foder
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On Thursday night, in the front seat of a four-door sedan parked outside her parent's house, Alexa was jerking off Kevin, the star running back of her high school football team.

The two had just been out on a date and the young man had been pleading to have sex. "I don't put out on a first date." Alexa told him, "But I'll give you a hand job." The truth was that Alexa never put out. She was a virgin and intended to stay that way.

At least until college.

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But a girl had to have a social life, and jerking off the boys seemed to placate their libidos enough to string them along for a few dates. As she worked her fist up and down her date's cock, Alexa thought about how much she liked this. She liked giving a guy pleasure. She had done this with a group of guys at school. None of them were nearly as cute as Kevin, and Alexa was getting very aroused by jerking this boy off just like when she did those janitors.

Alexa liked the feeling of power that she had when she was jacking off a guy. She was in control and the guy was nearly helpless. "Are you close?" Alexa asked, growing hornier by the stroke of her hand on his small 5" cock. Kevin nodded and was starting to breath heavily, "Yeah.faster. Jerk me faster." Alexa increased the pace of her motions. 'I love this.' she thought. She had this totally hot guy's cock in her hand, and it was turning her on so much that she could feel how wet her pussy was making her panties.

"I love jerking you off, Kevin.


Your cock is sooo cute." Alexa said. "Do you have a big load for me, baby? Are you going to shoot a big load of cum?" Kevin's face contorted and he grunted as though in pain, semen springing up and out of his cock with a sudden rush.

Alexa continued jacking him until his sperm was done jetting out. It had gotten all over her hand and Alexa dug for a tissue in her purse to clean it up.

Just then a light came on in the living room window. "Oh shit! My parents are home!" "I better go." Alexa said, unable to get out of the car fast enough. "See ya at school in the morning." she said as she jogged into her house. Once inside her bedroom, Alexa sighed in irritation.

Something was wrong. She was so turned on that her pussy ached for attention. She went to her bathroom and turned on the shower. As she undressed she ran her hands over her tits and down her stomach to her dripping pussy. She then rubbed her pussy from front to back getting two of her fingers totally wet with her juices. She then licked her fingers and sucked on them; she tasted very sweet. Then, she got into the shower and washed her body. After she was clean, she turned on the shower massager to the pulsating jets setting and aimed the water for her clit.

As she shot the hot water at her erect clit, she kept thinking of how sexy she felt when she jerked off a guy. She thought of the look on their faces as they came. She was so aroused now that she searched for her nipple with her left hand. She squeezed the nipple it felt so good that she let out a small whimper that seemed to echo within the shower. Her legs felt as if they would buckle and she found her self coming so hard that she quickly moved her left hand to her waiting pussy and inserted 2 fingers inside and she could feel the convulsions in her pussy and her ass.

After her shower she dried herself off, dressed in her mini bath robe and called her best friend Jenna. Jenna taught her to jack off a guy when they were both freshmen. "Jenna, why do I feel so horny after jacking off a guy?" Alexa asked. The thought of made her pussy tingle. "Because you like it so much. You like to control that you have over them, but that won't satisfy you all of the time.

You need a fuck buddy. You need to get laid!" Jenna told her. Alexa looked at herself in the mirror and ran a hand through her shoulder length brunette hair. "I need some sleep." She thought. Looking down on her make-up table, Alexa saw the piece of paper with an address on it. She got it from one of the guys at school. It was a note inviting her and her friends to a party where a bunch of guys from her English class would be on Friday night.

It had "for a good time call Chris. Party at my house with John, Jackson, Nate and Sam. Bring your friends. 8:00 pm" written on it. Alexa knew that going to this party meant that she would most likely get a little drunk and that she and her friends would make out with the guys. Jenna and the girls had already told Alexa that they wanted to go. Jenna was into sex and liked being watched as she fucked a guy.

Lisa was just as slutty as Alexa and would take guys into the locker room shower and let them finger her under her mini skirt as she jacked them off or sucked their young teenaged cocks. Robyn was the wildest girl of the four. She had let one teacher feel her up after school and had given her Math teacher a blow job for an A.

Robyn knew all the guys on the football team and they would take turns sitting next to her on the game buses where she would let them do anything they wanted to her under the blanket that she always carried to away games.


Classes on Friday seemed to take forever and Alexa had trouble paying attention. She kept thinking of guys cocks. She couldn't wait for the party tonight. Her friends told her that morning that they could not go with Alexa. Robyn had a date and couldn't break it. Lisa was working late and couldn't come either. Jenna was working until 9:30 but promised to get there by 10:00. That meant that Alexa would be the only girl at the party for at least 2 hours. She liked the idea of being the only girl at the party for a few hours.

She thought of jacking them off one by one. Maybe she would give them a blow-job or maybe she would fuck Chris right in front of them all. All of these thoughts made Alexa very horny and after school, Alexa rushed to the girls room.

Hiking up her skirt, Alexa pushed her panties down between her thighs and started rubbing her pussy. "I'm going to jerk off a bunch of guys. I'm such a slut.I'm a horny slut." She thought to herself as she masturbated. Two fingers served to stretch back the hood of her clit as a middle finger danced over the aroused little button.

Sexy thoughts filled her mind and brought Alexa to a shuddering orgasm, her young cunt leaking its arousal all over the seat. Satisfied for the moment, Alexa went home to get ready for the party. Several cars were parked in Chris's driveway and in front of the house when the she arrived. Alexa tossed a hand through her hair and adjusted her sexy black mini. "Here I go." she said to herself. Chris greeted Alexa at the door and welcomed her inside. He was dressed in simple jeans and a tee shirt.

She could see his a bulge in his pants. She knew that he wanted her. "You're just in time, the guys are getting a little antsy." Chris commented. Four other guys were loitering around the living room, drinking cans of beer and making small talk.

Alexa noticed that all eyes turned to her when she entered the room, most of them staring at her tight sexy outfit that accentuated her big tits and long sexy legs. The way the guys leered at her made Alexa feel slutty and very excited.

"Robyn and Lisa can't come tonight. Jenna will be here in a few hours. I guess you guys are stuck with me until then." She whispered in Chris' ear.

"And guess what? I want to jerk all of you off before Jenna gets here!" she said as she licked his ear and down his neck. Chris put his hand on Alexa shoulders and announced, "Guys, Alexa, the one with the magic hands says that Jenna can't be here for a few more hours. Should we keep partying or forget the whole thing?"Chris shouted over the music playing in the other room. "Let's keep partying!" Said Jackson. "Yeah!" said the rest in unison. She wants to show us something. She will tell us what to do from here.

"I want to jerk you off. Where do you want me to?" Alexa asked bluntly. "You can use my bedroom, it's down the hall.


Why don't you go get ready and I'll send in the first one after a couple minutes." Chris replied. Alexa blew the guys a kiss and a wink then trotted down the hallway, her ass wriggling enticingly. Once in the bedroom, Alexa tossed and ruffled her hair. She took her top off, then her bra, and laid them on the bed.

Smiling, she noticed that Chris had some towels and a bottle of baby oil on the night stand beside his bed. He was kind of sweet, in a pervy sort of way. Taking a moment to pinch and play with the nipples of her large C-Cup breasts, Alexa worked her large brown nipples erect; she wanted the guys to have something to see, which would help her get them off.

Taking a deep breath in anticipation of the first guy, Alexa was getting horny. Deep inside she couldn't deny the thrill she was experiencing thinking about all those guys out there waiting to have an orgasm from her hand. Her pussy was already starting to itch. Then the door opened, and the first guy walked in. He was Sam. A chubby freshman who ran around with the other older guys. He looked nervous. "Hi." Alexa greeted, smiling at the Sam. It was obvious he was looking at her boobs!

"Do you like my tits? They're kind of big, but they're nice and soft." "Uh, y-yeah. They're really nice." Sam stammered. Giggling, Alexa told him "Why don't you take your dick out?

I'd love to get you off." Sam quickly undid his pants, pushing them down along with his boxers. He had a fat belly and a short stubby penis. Alexa chuckled silently in her mind, figuring this guy hadn't seen his own cock beneath that big belly for a long time.

It didn't matter. She reached for the bottle of baby oil next to the bed, squirted some onto her palm, then got on her knees. Sam's cock was only 4" and was kind of limp, so Alexa started smearing the lotion all over him with her neatly manicured fingers and played with his balls.

As his erection grew, Alexa frowned in frustration. His little dick wasn't really long enough for a good stroking motion. She improvised and squeezed him tightly, just circling her fist back and forth while occasionally yanking on the thing and tickling his scrotum. Sam panted wordlessly, quickly and easily aroused by Alexa's manipulations. He barely lasted a minute, squirting out a meager amount of sperm onto Alexa's wrist; she was disappointed there wasn't more.

Embarrassed and shy, Sam man quickly dressed and shuffled out of the bedroom. Alexa could hear the rest of the guys whooping at Sam. "Done already?" she heard one of them say.

Jackson, the second guy had a larger cock and Alexa enjoyed stroking him. He wasn't as meek as Sam and talked dirty to Alexa. "God damn sweetheart, you got some sexy breasts. Jerk me off baby. Faster. Faster, that's it, jerk me off real good. Oh fuck yeah." "Mmm." Alexa replied, encouraging him. "You have such a nice cock.

I love jerking it off for you. Do you want to cum on me? You can cum on my tits if you like." Alexa squirted some baby oil onto his shaft to get it good and slick in her hand.

She sensed he liked swift strokes so jerked his cock off as fast as she could work her fist up and down. She felt his cock get hard and surge; Alexa anticipated he was about to orgasm. "Oooh, are you going to cum baby?" she cooed as he grunted, aiming his sperm at her chest while he exploded. Six big spurts of pearly sperm coated Alexa's tits.

With one of the towels, Alexa was about to clean herself up when the third guy walked in. "Leave it." he said. "You look like a sexy slut with all that sperm on you." That sent a charge through Alexa's pussy, being called a slut, and for the rest of the night she made sure they all shot their loads onto her.

Some of the guys wanted to cum on her face, while others shot it all over her breasts and trim little tummy. Even Alexa's skirt was stained with the stuff and it dripped off her thighs.

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By the time she finished jerking off four guys the bedroom smelled of sex and sperm. It was a heady aroma and it turned Alexa on. Her pussy was on fire and she wanted desperately to masturbate. But where was Chris? She hadn't seen him since she came into his room a hour and half earlier.

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Out in the living room, Alexa could hear Jenna's voice. She was moaning loudly. She could hear Chris' saying "Jack off my cock Jenna, you sexy slut!" Alexa opened the door and walked down the hall way.

As she rounded the corner she could see Jenna pumping up and down on Chris' 9" cock. Nate was lying on the floor and Jenna was on top of him with her back to him as she moaned. John was behind her fucking her in the ass with his little 5" dick.

She was also stroking Chris long thick dick with one hand and sucking on Jackson's thick 6" long cock. This turned her on so much that she stood there and fingered her own pussy. Seeing her best friend fucking and sucking and jerking these guys made her so horny that she could not control herself. Alexa stripped completely naked and went to a nearby couch and rubbed her clit quickly.

Semen covered her body, hanging from her face and breasts. Some of it was growing dry and sticky. Masturbating her clit furiously, Alexa began to moan.

"Alexa?" Chris said, staring at her enticing body. She was the hottest thing he'd ever seen, with a slender frame outlined in bikini tan lines. Her breasts were were the size of cantaloupes but the nipples were perfectly erect and puffy from arousal. Alexa's pubic hairs were trimmed to a 1" strip.

She looked so sexy. She was lost in the heat of arousal, writhing on the couch. "I am so horny!" Alexa panted, inhaling the scent of cum all over her body and lost in the bliss of orgasm. "I'm going to cum! Oh I'm cumming.I'm cumming.!!" Dumbfounded and extremely aroused, Chris didn't know what to do. His erection was telling him he should have sex with this girl.

By now Jenna was wildly fucking Nate and John on the floor while Sam took Chris' place and was now getting a getting a blow job while she jerked off Jackson. "Let's get you cleaned up, okay Alexa?" Chris said softly as he picked her up from the couch. With half-lidded eyes, Alexa was like a limp doll in Chris' arms, a hand still between her legs. He carried her into the bathroom and stood her up, starting the shower. Figuring she was too delirious to do it herself, Chris took off his clothes and went into the shower stall with her.

Leaning against him, Alexa let the hot water wash over her naked body, rinsing the sticky jizz off her skin. Chris had a washcloth and was wiping her off gently, which felt really nice.

Alexa nuzzled the side of her face against Chris. He made her feel warm, safe, and protected. His body felt good against hers. "We're both a couple of perverts, I guess." Chris added.

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"But hey, we sure had a lot of fun tonight. Chris wiped a few strands of wet hair off Alexa's forehead, letting her nuzzle back up against him. That's when she felt something poke her in the stomach and looked down at Chris' erection. "You've got a boner, look at that thing." Alexa commented softly. "Yeah. Well, it's not every night I have a sexy teenage girl in my shower with me. Sorry about that." "It's okay, I don't mind." Alexa said, taking his erection into her hand and gently caressing it.

She was suddenly aroused again. This guy was turning her on more than she had ever been before. "Chris, do you want to fuck me?" "What are you crazy?" Chris said.

He knew that she was a virgin. "Please? I want to, I really do. I'm so horny from all those guys cumming on me and I need some dick, I'm ready for it. Will you fuck me? I want to feel your cock inside my pussy." "Alexa, you turn me on so much when you talk that way." Lifting a hand to Chris' face, Alexa kissed his cheek. "Fuck me." she whispered, "Put that big cock of yours into my pussy." Watching Alexa turn around, Chris looked longingly at her body.

She was so young and sexy and he wanted to fuck her so badly. She put her hands against the shower wall and spread her skinny tanned legs, letting the shower water cascade down her back and the curve of her ass.

"Take me Chris. Give me your big hot cock!. I want it! I need it." She said. Unable to resist, Chris moved forward and laid his hands on Alexa's hips. He positioned his cock against her pussy, rubbing the head of it between her labia.

"You're going to have to push, Chris. To break my cherry. But I need to feel what a cock feels like inside me. I want you to be my first." Pressing his erect cock into her, he could feel the thin veil of skin that was Alexa's hymen. Pushing a little harder, he felt it tear and his penis slipped further into Alexa's depths. Crying out from the sharp pain, Alexa felt the intrusion remove her virginity.

It was happening just like in her fantasies. As Chris' thrusts increased, she felt the pain but because she was so aroused she also felt a deep pleasure that made her wet and lusty.

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A tight warmth surrounded Chris' penis and he moaned with pleasure, "Alexa.oh Alexa, your pussy is so tight." With his palms digging into Alexa's ass cheeks, Chris began humping against her backside. He kept his thrusts slow and erotic, not wanting to hurt his virgin. He liked the idea that he was her first. The pain in Alexa's cunt was quickly subsiding, replaced with the incredible sensations of having Chris' cock fill her tight hole.

"Oh! that feels so good, Chris. Keep fucking me slow like's so nice." Leaning backwards into him, Alexa rested her shoulders against his chest and let the warm water spray against her tits and tummy. She felt up her own breasts and soon Chris's hands joined hers, kneading and groping on her stiff-nipples and soft flesh.

"Tell me I'm yours, Chris, tell me that I am your naughty slut!" Alexa moaned. Chris bucked his hips slowly, fucking Alexa with a hot intensity. "You're so fucking hot. You're my naughty little slut with the magic hands." Alexa gasped as she felt Chris' shaft grinding back and forth along her swelling clitoris.

"Oh fuck." she cursed in a raspy breath, the shower water spraying against the hot union of these teenage sex maniacs. "Cum inside me, Chris. I need to feel your hot sperm spraying inside my pussy." Chris' hands glided all over Alexa's wet body, feeling every inch of her warm flesh. "Alexa, baby, I'm gonna cum. I'm going to shoot my cum inside you." "Yes!!" Alexa screamed, her pussy quivering in orgasm.

She felt the hot gush of Chris' cock swell, twitch, and dump its load to fill her tight cunt. "Oh fuck.oh fuck Chris.I'm cumming too!!" The pair of them rutted against each other, Chris' arms holding Alexa tightly against his body until the waves of their mutual orgasms faded away, leaving only the gentle spray of shower water against their heated bodies.

"Oh Chris." Alexa cooed, writhing back gently against his body. "You fucked me so nice. You're such a good fuck. Did you like fucking me?" Breathing heavily, Chris kissed Alexa. "I loved it. You're my first time too." Once out of the shower, Chris held Alexa in his arms with a big towel wrapped around her, rubbing her body dry. "Are you okay?" Alexa smiled and nodded up to him, "I feel wonderful. Can I stay here with you tonight? I'll call my parents and tell them I'm staying with Jenna.

I want you to fuck me again, okay?" Chris kissed her again. "I'd like that too."