Shay fox is crazy about a bbc

Shay fox is crazy about a bbc
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2:00 AM, California, Los Angeles, In A Hotel Swimming Pool I was at the swimming pool with a couple of friends and my cousin. I was 15 at the time, My Cousin, Mark, being 13 and my friends John, 14, Steve, 14, and Henry, 16. We were all drinking beers we asked a guy to buy us at a local grocery store, and were relaxing. We were all chilling in our shorts, with all our upper halves revealed, with John and Mark were the only ones to have six packs. Everyone was drinking, we were having a blast!

20 Min Later, we walk over to the Jacuzzi, and sit down all serenity. We started talking a bit, asking each other what would we do for a million dollars, or what is your craziest sex fantasy with a girl, would you ever do your mother, sister, or dog?


From then on the questions got nastier and crazier till were we found ourselves at the point arguing which of our cocks are bigger. John claimed he was 8 inches, which I though was bogus. Henry said he was a good 7 inches but pretty thick.

Steve justs sits there and saids hes 6 inches and my cousin, Mark, stands tall with a smile and saids "Im 8 inches too!" I was being quiet the whole time.until every one looked at me. Well Jack? How about you? I was only 5 inches then and pretty embarrassed of it.I said, " Im 8 inches too!" "Well", said John, "Looks like I am the biggest here!" "Prove it" said Mark, At that instant, John gets up and pulls down his pants revealing a gleaming 8 inch cock Everyone just sits there amazed.

"Well how about you guys?" said Mark, Everyone gets up pulls down their pants, each revealing to the exact measure they said, Meaning everyone was bigger than me. Well I stood there with my 5 in cock feeling pretty embarrassed. What else could I do? Then we realized Steve was attempting something. He turned off the Jacuzzi, and was trying to stick his cock into the holes.

"Hey guys! This feels mad good! Try it!" And all of us, kinda drunk, started trying to fuck the Jacuzzi holes around the perimeter of the Jacuzzi. Henry was having a hard time doing so.but all of us succeeded in the task.

So all of us were having "fun" trying to fuck the holes. 10 Min later all of us finished trying to do so and turned on the jacuzzi back on, leaving everyone insatiably horny and nothing to fuck. or thats what I thought. Now before I let you venture on and read the next part of the story.let me give you a brief but excellent description of myself. I was about 5"8 and weighed around 175, had somewhat little fat, since most of my weight was in my big ass.

I would say it can compete with a black ass due to its big size. I had black hair, brown eyes, and lovely lips! Now back to it! "Im kinda hungry" I said, "Im'a go get something.

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Ill be right back!" Right before I left the pool I saw everyone lean in and talk, most of em pointing to my ass, which left me somewhat puzzled as I left to go bring something to eat. I come back 5 min later to see everyone settle down and become quiet as I sat back down in the pool. Everyone was holding another beer, drinking it till the last drop. "Anyone want some M&Ms?" "Ya sure pass some here" Mark said.


As I get up to give him, John, Steve, and Henry all get up and grab me! "Oh yeah! I was planning for this to happen" Mark said, as he pulled down his pants.

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They pulled down mines too. only to slip on a pink thong. So now I was naked with a thong, Held back against my will against Mark's throbbing cock. I was a virgin then. "Open wide" he saids as he shoves his large and hot cock down my throat. I was gagging, choking on a 8 inch cock down my throat, and could not emit any sound. I tried fighting so hard, I was writhing and fighting amazed no one was looking at us. Then the fighting got calmer, and calmer.till the point where I could not hold my sexual hunger and craving anymore.

I pulled my head off Marks dick and turned around to John, Steve and Henry. "You guys are looking pretty lonely back there, you naughty fucks, just spanking my ass.

how about letting me go so I can really show you what a good time is." All of them looked at me amazed. I was getting "raped" and I wanted it! Henry, Steve, and John all let go of me, and Mark got pissed! "You stupid idiots now h-" I cut him off at mid sentence as a grabbed both is butt cheeks and deep throated his 8 inch monster. I grabbed Steve's, John's, and Henry's pants and pulled em off.leaving them all hanging with their cocks out.

I grabbed Steve's along with Mark's cock, "I want you guys to fuck my mouth.just shove your dicks in and out" I spit in both my hands and grabbed Henry's and John's cocks and started jerking them. "The harder you guys spank me the better Ill jerk" I said with a wink. I returned to Mark and Steve and opened my mouth wide as both of them threw their cocks down my mouth!

As their dicks rubbed against one another, and both my friends spanking me hard in the ass. I began moaning, harder and harder with each spank, both my butt cheeks a bright red color, both cocks in my mouth, rubbing against on another. Until I could not take it anymore, and ripped off my thong. "I want all of you to start licking my hole!! NOW!" Henry and Steve hesitated but Mark and John got down and started to teach my asshole what a good licking feels like.

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Both Mark and John now swirling their tongues around my tight hole, and I started moaning as Henry decided to be romantic. He came over to me and started kissing me.and I would moan and kiss him back.

His tongue was swirling in my mouth, licking it all inside, as I felt Steve's finger inside my hole along with the rimming motion of Mark and John. Oh I was so hot.I felt so wet in my hole, I felt so sexy with my tongue meeting Henry's, I felt so gay with four men doing my every desire, I got up and walked to the edge of the jacuzzi, pointing my finger at Henry and fingering my ass.

I wanted to give him a prize for his romantic move He got up and walked toward me all excited, but I stopped him 2 inches away and made him sit on one of the benches. then pointed at Mark and John and Steve to sit at the other edge of the pool. I smiled and started teasing Henry while on all fours, poking my hole, moaning loudly, teasing him to the verge of explosion.

I forbade him to jerk and just let him sit there with a THICK 7 inch cock about to explode. For my first time, I knew what I was doing as doing it good.

I wanted Henry to be so hard, So horny, that he would become a sex beast. I wanted Henry to fuck me with his all.

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I wanted him to fuck me till I cry. The second I pointed backwards, Henry jumped up, but was disappointed once I pointed at the other 3 and called them over. I started sucking John off and jerking the other two while I started shaking my ass to tease Henry. I was moaning loud on Johns cock.sucking it with pleasure, Then I pointed at Henry.

He came up from the pool and reached for a bottle of lube he got from the house. I took it out of his hand and threw it into the pool. "No need for that babe", I said. And then he shoved it in. Yes, the first cock in my ass.

And the loudest I ever moaned! I was moaning and panting hard, amazed he didn't rip my ass apart. I let go of all their dicks and started focusing on the one currently up my asshole.

Henry was fucking my like a beast, as his dick pushed up the walls of my ass, as I felt it go in and out, I was going nuts! He was fucking me with full force, I was being fucked so hard, I was moaning, crying, holding on to John . I started licking Johns balls, as I felt Henry's balls slap mine. He was fucking me so hard, taking revenge for the way I teased him, screwing me with all his might.

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I felt like my eyes were rolling in my head, I was in heaven. Then Henry stopped, and called over Steve. Then he pulled out and whispered in my ear, "Ever heard of double penetration?" My dick got hard as a rock and so the same with my nipples.

I got so excited. Henry and Steve lied down and intertwined themselves with their balls and dick meeting one another.Two cocks standing in somewhat of a perfect unison. I was standing on top of em, about to sit on two hot throbbing penises. I slowly lowered myself.first feeling Henry's cock, then drooping down onto Steve's. I was in so much pleasure.I didn't even mind the pain.

I was jumping up in down in joy, moaning sounds emitting from my neck, and 2 penises throbbing in and out of a tight hole. Mark and John sitting watching with envy. Looking at them. I thought about Mark and John.

and looked at my two lovers below me with a lustful smile. How about we try 3 guys? Both looking up and liking the idea. I called Mark and John over.

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"Measure your cocks up against the other and make out." John and Mark looked at me in amazement. "Cmon, for me? It really turns me on!" John shrugged and leaned in and started to French kiss Mark as I measured their cocks.

To my amazement, John wasn't lyinghis cock was the biggest. And he was my third candidate. He lied down spread his legs and lined up his dick with Steve and Henry's. "Oooh, this is interesting" and once again lowered myself onto their cocks. 3 cocks in one hole, one slutty gay bitch on top of em, moaning his lungs out, as the cocks were moving in and out. 3 cocks in one hole, and I was LOVING it! I was going crazy, moaning, and jumping, and cursing. I was so horny!!!

Then Henry saids along with Steve " Im cumming! I need to pull out!!" I looked at Henry and said "In here babe!" and pounded all their cocks with my huge ass.

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John, Steve, and Henry all came inside of my ass.It was dripping cum!!! It was all over as I fell off. I looked at Mark and told him."I want you to finish in me babe." Mark stuck his dick in my cum filled ass without any questions.I was fucked by three cocks but it was still tight!!!

And I mean TIGHT! And He fucked me, harder, and harder, and harder, and I was moaning louder and louder and louder. I couldn't take it anymore and I said "IM CUMMING, OH MY GOD IM CUMMING!!! CUM WITH ME MARK!!!" And then I let out my cum and so did he all in my asshole. I felt so good after that.I wanted to stay thier bitch forever, As Mark fell on top of me. And I said, " As your new bitch, what should be my name?" Tiffany, Yes Tiffany. the cross dressing slut with a big ass.