Adorable Gina Valentina slurps a bbc like an expert

Adorable Gina Valentina slurps a bbc like an expert
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My partner Susan is a retired blond model, in her mid-forties as I am, with a very good figure and a strong appetite for sex, though her face is starting to show the ravages of time. Taller than most women, with very good long legs, fabulous large taut arse, still firm and large 36C tits and a very large area of trimmed short blond pubic hair.

Earlier in our relationship I trimmed her pubic hair right back, but she insisted on growing it back, 'because she liked it' and I must admit an excess area of trimmed blond pubic hair is a turn on for me, especially the way she flaunts it as foreplay.

"But we haven't had a second man for four weeks now baby. You know I like to be pleasured by two men at the same time once a month. Can you organise something for next Saturday afternoon? Or should I organise? "Another man watching right now would be wonderful. He could be watching you lick my cunt and masturbating his huge cock for my pleasure. "You would not be able to see him while your tongue is pleasuring my cunt lips.

"But I could tell you all about it while your tongue is pleasuring me. "Would you like that baby? You know I would. "Tell me yes and you can fuck me any way you want as soon as I cum. "And I am very, very close." "Yes baby yes, yes," I mutter as best I can as Susan urges my lips into her very wet cunt lips and I lift her arse cheeks higher with my hands. I can feel her tensing, then she shudders as she has a very strong orgasm. "Now you can fuck me any way you want while I fantasise about our next third man.

I expect him to be around fifteen years younger than us, and really well hung. "Perhaps while he is fucking me I will suck your cock. "Or perhaps you can fuck me while I suck his cock.


"Or you can kiss my arse while I suck him, you like kissing my big arse, then you can masturbate for me while he fucks me. "You know I am to please and be pleased.

"If you organise a really well hung man for me, I will organise for you to fuck one of my girlfriends while I watch. "She is always asking about you and she is fascinated by what I tell her about our sex life." "Saturday afternoon baby, I have a big surprise organised for you," I tease.

"Let's have a shower together and prepare for your new man. And I will shave your hairy cunt for you. You always like that as foreplay." Susan has often reminded me, "Three on a Saturday afternoon is a very good time for sex. By then we have both unwound after a busy week at work.

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"Are you excited at the thought of a new man fucking you very soon, while I watch baby?" I tease, knowing the answer. By three we are both slightly tense with anticipation. Susan asked me earlier what she should wear. "Something that will turn two men on as soon as they sight you and make them very, very horny for you.

Leave it to you baby.

You love dressing to impress." Our man arrives right on time and I make small talk with him while waiting for Susan to make an entrance. I am wearing a very short silk dressing gown without a belt that feels wonderful on my naked body underneath.

As I walk it opens slightly to reveal my cock. Noah is a tall, slim, bi-lingual, lightly coloured black French African who works as a part time model he tells me. I wonder if he is also bisexual as he ogles my cock as I walk around to tease him.

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I can hear Susan walking in stiletto heels before she emerges from her dressing room. "Like my outfit?" she teases. Apart from her heels, perfume, lipstick on her lips and nipples all she is wearing is a very high cut, black g-string. The thin side straps of her g-string are very high up and the look is sensational from the side as they highlight her long legs.

She turns around and slowly walks the length of the room with her hands on her hips.

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Her arse looks even more sensational framed by a very thin bead of her black g-string up her arse crack and high sides. As she struts her model's walk her arse moves and jiggles very voluptuously. It is a huge turn on for two men and Susan is thriving on the attention. "I want to watch you two men get naked for me. "Do you have an erection for me yet?" Noah has a raging erection I notice as he throws his clothes off and so do I as open my gown but leave it on my shoulders. Susan has eyes for Noah only, "Fuck, it is true what they say about black men, that must be ten inches, though not as thick as my man.

"My man gave me a new vibrator recently, would you like to see me use it? "I need you to tell me." Without waiting for an answer she turns it on rubs it along the front of her g-string, then applies it along the length of Noah's cock. "Wow, your cock is longer than my vibrator, very impressive." "Undress me Noah, won't take you long," Susan smirks as he slides her g-string down and she steps out of it.

"Love the way your hairy cunt is trimmed," Noah says while he watches very intently as Susan inserts the vibrator into her obviously very wet cunt lips. "I love two men with erections watching me pleasure myself, especially when they are going to pleasure me and me pleasure them.

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"Am I teasing you?" she asks as she takes Noah's huge cock in one hand while using the vibrator on herself with the other hand. "Magnificent, fucking magnificent," Susan purrs as she teases the full length of his cock with one hand. "Who wants to fuck me first?" she asks rhetorically knowing full well she is going to have Noah while I watch.


"You first Noah, I want that huge cock in me right now!" I realise I am very excited at what I am about to watch: my partner is going to fuck the huge ten-inch cock of a man we met only minutes ago for our mutual sexual pleasure and enjoyment. She leads him by his cock to the bed, lays on her back, opens her legs and tells him, "Magnificent, give it to me baby, all of it." I am sitting on a chair close by watching, and I have a huge erection as I watch my partner cuckold me.

I watch mesmerised as he slowly slides all of his huge cock into my partner's obviously very wet cunt. The look on his face is one of absolute pleasure and sexual delight. I feel sure is taking immense satisfaction at demonstrating his sexual prowess as he fucks my partner while I watch.

And I am enjoying watching him in action. "That is so good baby. I have waited and fantasised a long time for ten-inches," she smiles at me with a look of immense pleasure and sexual delight "Do you like watching me being fucked by a ten-inch sex machine baby?

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"I do very much, and I love masturbating for you while I watch," I answer. "My ultimate fantasy baby is to be fucked from behind by a ten-inch cock with your cock in my mouth. "Let's make it happen," Susan purrs as she lays on her side and slides Noah's cock into her again. "Love that big juicy arse," Noah says as he kisses and licks it, then grabs it with two hands, gets into a rhythm and slides his full ten inches into Susan.

"And I love you fucking me with my man's cock in my mouth.

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"Absolutely love it. You are a sex machine, a fucking ten-inch sex machine. "Do you like it baby?" "I do, very much. "And I can't hold out much longer." I look closely at Noah can sense that he is also very close to orgasm.


To heighten my pleasure and enhance my orgasm I tease my nipples and listen intently to the noise Noah is making as his body slaps and slams into my partners juicy arse, while she is sucking on my very erect cock. Susan is almost screaming as she shudders, shakes and orgasms. "So fucking good, so fucking good. "Cum for me." And simultaneously Noah and I did. After as the three of us showered together, Susan teased, "Remember when you were licking my cunt recently, and I said, another man watching right now would be wonderful.

"He could be watching you lick my cunt and masturbating his huge cock for my pleasure. "You would not be able to see him while your tongue is pleasuring my cunt lips. "But I could tell you all about it while your tongue is pleasuring me. "Would you like that baby?

You know I would. "How about you Noah, would you like that?" Susan asks as she rubs oil onto his cock.

"You really are magnificent." "Just look at me, my cock is ready to go." Susan sits in a chair with arms and motions for me to kneel between her legs while Noah stands close by. As I lick my way up her thighs I can see that Noah has a huge erection already. My lips make contact with her clit and I put my hands under her glorious arse cheeks. "I love watching a really well hung man masturbate while I am being licked.

"And you are exceptional. "Two big hands on your cock and room for another hand. I can feel her urging my tongue and lips into her cunt. "Love watching you masturbate that great big cock while I am having my cunt pleasured. "Do you like watching my man lick me? "He is very good, he does this to me at least once a week. "I am multi-orgasmic. "I came eleven times in ten minutes once.

"I am so wet right now with you watching my man licking me while you masturbate for me. "How long can you hold out for? "I am very close. "I am going to count to ten, slowly. "Then I want you to orgasm at the same time as me." I can feel Susan really urging my tongue and lips into her cunt as she counts slowly to ten. Counting to a deadline is one of her favourite sex aids. "Eight, nine, are you ready to blow Noah? "The look on your face says you are.

I can barely breathe as Susan shudders and says, "Ten, fucking fantastic, why are your knees shaking Noah."