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Big cock wanked and cum
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copyright: Lesley Tara, 2011 The pretty young secretary sat astride an office chair, her hands tightly gripping its arm-rests, her legs spread wide apart, her short grey skirt rucked up around her waist and her lacy red panties dangling loosely from one of her ankles. Her face was flushed, her eyes were half-closed and her mouth was half-open, as she emitted a series of staccato panting gasps. The cause of her approaching climax was the tall dark-haired woman in her mid-30s who stood in front of her, with one foot placed on the chair.

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The sharply-pointed toe of its glossy black stiletto shoe was pressed firmly into the secretary's cunt, as the young blonde ground her pussy against it with increasing force. The older woman looked down at her secretary with the calm assurance of experience and complete control, and reached for the buttons of the younger woman's shirt. After they were deftly undone, she pushed it off the blonde's shoulders, revealing the matching red bra that encased her moderate but perky B-cup breasts.

The brunette roughly thrust her hands inside its cups, seizing her junior's nipples and firmly squeezing them.


With a sudden harsh cry, the secretary arched her spine and flung her head back, thrusting her tits even more upwards. With the same convulsive spasm, she rammed her pelvis forwards, impaling her vagina even further on the spiky tip of the shoe, and her hips shuddered in the throes of a powerful orgasm. The older executive had already discarded the tight pencil skirt of her smart two-piece suit, and now she removed its check-patterned jacket, letting it fall away to reveal her slim body, still firm and youthful from regular workouts at a ladies-only gym.

She was wearing sheer black stockings which were suspended from a traditional garter-belt, a matching black lace underwired bra that supported her full 32E bust, and no panties at all. Her completely shaven cunt was inches from the young blonde's face, and her secretary needed no further invitation or instruction.


She gazed reverently at her boss's mature prominent pubic mound and puffy partly-open labia. Wetting her lips, the blonde leaned forwards and eagerly slipped her tongue into her boss's moist pink slit, probing her vagina and seeking her clitoris. The older woman still had a firm grasp of the blonde's budding breasts, and as her climax built she rubbed and tweaked them, arousing her younger lover to even more passionate and frenzied efforts.

In the final seconds, the older woman pulled and plucked the secretary's engorged nipples almost viciously so that they both cried out in a chorus of simultaneous sexual ecstasy. Unknown to both women, there was in fact a third coinciding orgasm but too far away for them to see or hear it.

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Two floors lower down in the large office block, I had been avidly watching their antics on a large full-color monitor screen, and had become more and more aroused with each step that had been taken in their sapphic minuet. I was sprawled in my chair, my beige uniform skirt discarded to my right and my lime green thong panties to my left, and my breathing was still ragged as I withdrew the two fingers which I had rammed deep into my own pussy to induce my climax.

Spent for a moment, I watched with pleasure the further unfolding of the scene in the office upstairs. The young blonde rose from the chair and pushed her boss a few steps backwards until her butt bumped against the front edge of her own wide desk, at which point the secretary fell to her knees between the older woman's feet and began to pay homage to her cunt, lapping like an eager puppy.

The statuesque brunette receiving these worshipful oral attentions leant backwards and placed one outstretched arm behind her, braced on the desk top for support. Neither the departmental manager Ms Janvier, a striking 34-year-old of French-Canadian ancestry, with long straight chestnut-brown hair and full pouty lips nor her sweet blonde 20-year-old secretary, Laura, had any idea that they were under observation, and of course officially there were not. However, there are some advantages to being Chief of Security for the corporation headquarters' building, and I had expertise in undercover surveillance from my previous career in the police force.

I had been aware of Ms Janvier's predatory lesbianism for some time, and of her propensity to seduce the youngest and prettiest amongst her subordinate staff, but she had an unerring instinct for those who were already willing or who could be tempted along the sapphic path, and there had never been a complaint made against her.

So, when she acquired this particularly pretty young blonde, a real all-American sweetheart type, as her new personal secretary a month ago, I was keen to see what would transpire for Laura's bright-eyed perkiness and bouncing trim butt drew me like a magnet as well.

I knew that Ms Janvier was regularly getting Laura to stay on at the end of the working day for an hour or more to catch up with work and for 'training sessions', as she had carefully notified my department of their continued presence after normal hours and insisted that there be no interruptions. I had a shrewd idea of exactly what the authoritative executive was teaching her inexperienced aide, and made my own plans.

I acquired a couple of micro-miniature pin-hole cameras, which it was easy to conceal on the upper shelves of Ms Janvier's office, hidden amongst older box-files that were unlikely to be moved. Their feed was then patched in by a wire-free link to our high-powered and very expensive security system, but their operation and recordings were hidden under passwords known only to me. Today was the first opportunity to use them, and I had let my own assistant leave at 5.30 p.m., assuring him that I would secure the upper floors of the building for the night which I do fairly regularly, so it did not seem at all odd.

As soon as he had left to check the lower floors on his way out, I locked the control-room from the inside, activated the hidden cameras and hit the jackpot first time, watching the raunchy lesbian fuckfest with fascination and mounting desire. Now I sat up from the position into which I had slumped whilst masturbating myself, and wiped my dripping pussy and cum-coated fingers with some tissues. I typed in the commands which closed down the cameras for I had more than enough material already, and in pin-sharp definition.

Next, I removed the DVD disc upon which I had recorded the whole episode, and stowed it away safely in my briefcase. Then I crossed to my personal filing cabinet, unlocked it and removed a bulky object from the very back of the top drawer.

A moment later I picked up my wide A-line uniform skirt from the floor and fastened it over my hips again, its hem hanging three inches below my knees and slightly overlapping the tops of my brown leather boots. My uniform was completed by a khaki shirt and a dark brown tie, but I left the beige jacket which matched the skirt hanging on its peg beside the door. Taking my small shoulder-bag, I exited from the security center, carefully locking it behind me.

I only had to wait a few seconds for the elevator, for by this time around 5.45 p.m. the building was almost deserted our cleaning staff work an early morning shift, rather than an evening one. When I reached the twelfth floor, I moved quickly but very quietly down the corridor and through the outer office section of Ms Janvier's department, until I was outside the door of her inner sanctum.

Listening for a moment, I heard the faint moans which reassured me that they were still in flagrante delicto, and I smiled hawkishly in anticipation. Very carefully, making no sound, I unlocked the office door with my security master key.

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Then, before they had any chance to realise what was happening, I swung the door wide open and stepped briskly through, saying in a loud hail: 'Well now, and what's going on here?' Ms Janvier was the first to react, her face going blank with shock as she clutched the rim of the desk behind her for support. Speechless, she shook Laura's shoulder, and only then did the eager blonde desist from her cunnilingus and glance in my direction after which she gave a high-pitched shriek and nearly collapsed in a faint.

Her boss was swifter to recover, and with all of her natural authority and usual arrogance, she at once tried to bluster her way out of the situation. 'What the hell d'you think you're doing? how dare you come into my office without permission!' she barked with her hands on her hips, as if her carnal activities were nothing to take notice of. However, she deflated like a pricked balloon when I told her that I had been watching and recording them on the security monitors, and she gasped in shock when I reached up to the shelf and took down one of my hidden cameras.

At this news, Laura gave a despairing wail, and her assured and assertive boss suddenly looked stricken and vulnerable. Ms Janvier was no fool, and she understood at once that she would have no defence it would not be a case of their word against mine, when I had such incontrovertible evidence.

Her face paled as the realisation of her peril hit home: using her position to seduce one of her own juniors would be deemed harassment and a cause for instant dismissal, whether the girl apparently 'consented' or not and so I held the fate of her career in the palm of my hand.

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'Oh, shit! What . what do . mmm . what are you going to . ?' There was considerable pleasure in seeing the haughty bitch humbled in this way, for ever since she had been promoted and transferred to the head office about a year previously, she had always contemptuously ignored me, as if my position in the company was barely above that of the janitors cleaning the toilets. I savoured her alarm for a long minute, both for my own pleasure and to make quite sure that she knew and accepted that our relative positions had changed forever.

Then, seeing that Laura was on the verge of hysterical tears, I took pity, and told them that I would not report this incident officially to the senior management, as I intended to deal with the matter myself. Laura was profuse in her thanks, almost babbling, and Ms Janvier gave an audible sigh of relief before her eyes narrowed as she began to consider what I might mean by that last statement.

'I have always thought the punishment should fit the crime', I said with a wicked smile, unfastening the side button of my uniform skirt which, as I had deliberately only pulled the zip up halfway, immediately fell away to crumple on the floor.

I was quite a striking sight, even if I say so myself. I stand six feet and one inch tall and am well-built in proportion, with broad shoulders and wide hips. My breasts are a fair-sized 36C cup, still firm and smooth-skinned even though I am 42 years old. I am fit and strong, and can look quite tough, thanks to my years in the army (and particularly in the military police, where all the best dykes are to be found) and then the city police.

I also have 30 years experience of lesbian sex yes, I do mean 30 years, you can do the math, and work out at what tender age I was first started down the sapphic path by my older cousin Bethany and I've never looked back since!

I keep my dark hair cut quite neatly short, but not in an obviously butch way, and my wide mouth and full lips telegraph how well they can suck a woman's tits or devour her pussy. As I dropped my skirt, Ms Janvier gave a sharp intake of breath and Laura squealed aloud, her pretty blue eyes widening first in surprise and then in a mixture of anticipation and anxiety.

Before leaving the security control room, I had buckled over my naked pussy the harness of my largest strap-on dildo, a wide black rubber monster 8 inches long, and it had hung from my crotch, hidden under the folds of the uniform skirt. I swiftly undid my tie and shirt, throwing both of them carelessly aside, and stood with my hands on my hips, regarding the sapphic duo with a hungry, lustful gaze. Apart from the strap-on, which seemed to have hypnotised them as they stared at its pendulously swinging motion, I was now wearing only my brown leather boots and a scarlet half-cup bra which uplifted my tits into greater prominence.

Taking advantage of their shocked immobility, I advanced on them swiftly and seized Ms Janvier by the chin. I kissed her with deliberate roughness, forcing my tongue deep into her mouth, for it was essential to establish my mastery over her from the very first moment.

At the same time, I let my hand fall to capture her right breast and firmly pinched its erect nipple, eliciting a whimpering gasp. My other hand had another target, and like a homing missile it shot between the boss bitch's legs. In one fluid motion, I gripped her cunt, curled my forefinger around to push into her pussy, and then extended it to its full length to spear into her hole.

Ms Janvier's eyes bulged wide, and she gave a shocked moan as my finger shafted into her up to the knuckle. Having quite literally staked my claim for I knew that the submissive Laura would offer no resistance of her own I stepped back, and gave my prizes their instructions.

These were an offer they could not refuse, and they hastened to comply. Following my orders, Laura lay on her back across her boss's desk, with her legs dangling over the side and spread wide open in an inverted V. I removed my silver vibrator from my bag, switched it on, and slowly shoved it into the young woman's clean-shaven pussy until only the very tip of the base was visible, and all of its humming six-inch length was deep inside the pretty secretary.

Then I gathered up her red panties, hooked them back over her ankles and drew them up to their normal position around her waist, so that the vibrator was firmly held in place and could not slip out, no matter how wet and loose her pussy became. Next I told Ms Janvier to bend over Laura and suck her tits, whilst sticking her own butt out backwards in the process. She swallowed, for she knew what such a pose portended, but took up the required position after only a slight hesitation, for already she was bending to my will.

The elegant executive glanced back over her shoulder nervously as I stepped up behind her ass, confirming my belief that she was used to giving it to others and only took it at her own command and control. Well, that was going to change forever tonight, and her new role would begin right now.

I pushed her head back round and firmly down onto Laura's tits, admonishing the manager with a sharp slap on the butt to do as she was told. Then I knelt for a moment, admiring Ms Janvier's trim legs as I unbuckled and removed her high-heeled shoes, which I placed on top of her desk, within arm's reach.

Rising again to my feet, without further delay I grasped her hips and thrust the strap-on firmly into her.

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The humbled bitch gave a lurch and a desperate ragged yell, for the shock of my surprise appearance and the fear of what might happen if I reported her had dried out her vagina, and my penetration scraped her much harder and more painfully than either of us expected. Her thighs trembled and her knees shook, and it was only the combination of her hands braced on the desktop and mine at her hips that preventing her from collapsing completely.

'AAAKKK! Oh, no! Christ, no don't, AARRGGHHH!' she gasped, her usual crisp authoritative tone replaced by whining supplication; 'please .


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. please, oh! not so hard, it hurts!' I laughed scornfully, and my reply for I could sense that she was rapidly getting wetter and looser again was to increase the pace and the vigour with which I was ramming the strap-on into her, in the classic doggy-fuck position.

Ms Janvier had almost automatically tried to rear up in protest, but I grasped a large handful of her shoulder-length straight dark hair and shoved her back down, so that with every pummelling slam of my strap-on into the boss's pussy, her heavy firm breasts rubbed against the hard nipples of the young secretary pinned beneath her, driving them both to greater arousal. 'Ah! Aah! Aaaagghh! . oh, you bitch, I'm coming . oh fuck!' panted Ms Janvier, after only a moment more of this hard driving shafting; 'I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum right now!

. aaah, make me cum, fuck me! AAAGGH! FUCK ME!' I willingly increased my pace, thrusting into her pussy as hard and far as I could go, drilling her cunt without mercy. With a moaning cry, Ms Janvier climaxed convulsively and then lay gasping for breath, her weight resting upon the young woman sprawled beneath her. I gave the arrogant executive no chance to recover her poise, for I intended to make sure that she was broken to my will.

I slid the dildo out of her cunt and then angled my hips to bring the cum-coated tip of its shaft to rest against the woman's anus, and then pressed firmly forwards against her tightly puckered ass-hole. Ms Janvier gave a shriek and tried to rise up, but I was ready for this and grasped her shoulders with both hands, roughly forcing her down onto Laura again.

I leaned forward and hissed in the executive's ear: 'You'll take whatever I give you, you fuckin' bitch! You'll fuckin' take it, and you'll fuckin' like it you slut, you know you will!' Ms Janvier gave a whimpering moan, for deep down she knew what I had said to be true.

More as a token of resistance, she struggled weakly and futilely, the meat in the middle of a fuck-sandwich, compressed between her wide-eyed young secretary underneath, who was beginning to squirm and pant from the vibrator plunged in her pussy-hole, and the weight of the dominant dyke above who was about to rape her anal passage. 'No, no! oh! NO!!' she pleaded in desperation, 'no, mercy, please no, NO!

don't do tha-aaaaarrGGHHH!! Oh, CHRIST!! AAAAARRRGGGH!!' There was a moment of sweet resistance against me, and then the sphincter of her butt-hole dilated and the shaft of the dildo drilled into her ass, as she screamed repeatedly loud enough that Security would have come running, if Security hadn't been here already.

In truth, her cries were only a little from pain, for the strap-on was now well-lubricated, and they were mostly the product of the shock and humiliation of being used in this way as she never had been before. She understood now that I intended to dominate her, and her resistance crumpled. As I rammed the dildo in and out of her asshole, she surrendered to my control and let herself be used, and she began to respond to the rhythm of the penetrations, bucking her hips up to meet my inward thrusts.

Within moments, her cries turned to broken pleas for me to fuck her harder, until she gave a strangled wailing cry and collapsed in a second and even more explosive orgasm. Ms Janvier was getting the appearance of a well-fucked woman, with her mouth half-open and her eyes half-glazed, her dishevelled hair sticking in strands to her sweat-coated face, shoulders and back, and her sticky pussy-juices dribbling out of her cunt and down her inner thighs.

However, I was far from finished with her re-education, and I gave a firm pull on her garter belt to haul her ass up and backwards, getting her butt in the right position for my next assault.

With the dildo still buried in her anal passage, I calmly reached for one of her expensive shoes, brought it around underneath her pelvis, and positioned the sharp end of its wicked four-inch stiletto heel against the base of her vaginal slit. The brunette's head jerked round as she sensed what was probing her pussy, and she would have tried to struggle and protest if I had not gripped the back of her neck with my free hand and pinned her in place.

I grunted an order to Laura to 'hold the fucking bitch, and stop her wriggling', and was gratified when at once the young secretary wrapped her arms around her manager's waist at least this lesbian slut had accepted who was the real boss now.

Ms Janvier ceased any active resistance and instead began to beseech me not to do it to her, in a hopeless pleading tone that I am sure Laura had never heard from her arrogant superior before. However, there was no longer any real force in Ms Janvier's protestations, for she knew now that I would do whatever I wanted with her, that she would have to accept it and that before long, she would be begging me for more.

I let actions speak louder than words, and my reply was to press the sharp tip of the heel into her vaginal hole, twisting it around with a corkscrew motion which multiplied its impact upon her erogenous zones.

The very knowledge of what was now forcing its way inside was both deeply shocking and powerfully erotic to the haughty executive the symbolism of killer high heels being very important in female rivalry (why do you think we wear them?). Ms Janvier gave a few gasping cries that ended in a bubbling sound of collapse, as I pushed the full length of the heel upwards to impale her pussy, ending with the sole of the shoe flat against her labia.

I then began an alternating rhythm: withdrawing the strap-on nearly all the way from her asshole before plunging it back in again, and as it re-entered simultaneously pulling back on the stiletto heel, which I shoved back in as my hips withdrew the dildo before its next stroke, and so on.

The effects of the double penetration sent the dark-haired executive wild, for she had never experienced anything like it before, having always disliked indeed, rather feared the idea of anal sex. There was no doubt about her physical response to my masterful manipulations: although her eyes were tightly-closed and face was screwed up in an agonised grimace, this was not from pain, but from the overload of pleasure that is next door to agony.

The bitch's arms flailed wildly across her desktop, sending her other stiletto shoe flying through the air.

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Her trembling ass began convulsively to hump up and down, instinctively matching and maximising my thrusts, as sweat poured off her flanks and she emitted an ululating series of deep animalistic moans. Their pitch climbed and the spasms of her hips increased, as I drove her unrelentingly to a third climax. My arms were working like the pistons of a steam engine, and I leaned forwards and snarled in her ear: 'Come, you bitch, come!

Cum for me . cum for your mistress fuck you, CUM NOW!' 'No, oh, NO, NO!' she wailed at first, but her body betrayed her and she lost all control: 'oh, aaaaaah, no! . aah! yes . yes, oh! . yes, yes, YES! I'M CUMMIN, AAAH!! FUCK ME, CUM ME, YES, YES!!!' This twin assault had shattered the last of the arrogant boss's defences never before, in twenty-one years of sapphic sex, had anyone ever dared to use her in such a way.

Ms Janvier surrendered totally to my domination her body was wracked with tremors, her splayed legs were thrashing in the air and her hands clawed desperately for purchase on the smooth pine surface of her desk leaving marks that would need some explaining in the morning as her pelvis spasmed in her third successive orgasm, even more volcanic and overwhelming than those which had gone before.

As it subsided, Ms Janvier lay brokenly across her young junior with her eyes shut and saliva dribbling from her open mouth, taking shallow whimpering pants of breaths, and there was no doubt that she was now utterly my submissive. The vibrator trapped in Laura's cunt was doing its work, but most of all the young secretary was stunned and enthralled by my ruthless demolition of her hitherto-dominant boss. The pretty blonde gazed up at me in wide-eyed wonder over her superior's shoulder, and the young woman's pelvis shook as she ground it fiercely against the almost inert form of Ms Janvier above her.

Laura abraded the projecting end of the vibrator against her boss's clitoris, whilst at the same time using the older woman's weight to force the pulsating machine deeper into her own cunt. A desperate ragged moan escaped from the slumped form of the brunette, who was almost at the end of her sexual tether.

But there is always more to give, especially when you have or have had to surrender control to another, and as the pressure of the vibrator at the top end of her slit fused with the impaling abrasion of the stiletto heel lower down, and the manager's hips and flanks shuddered in a fourth exhaustive orgasm. Laura was almost unaware of her effects upon her boss, for her own moment was fast approaching.

The secretary's pinioned body writhed in climax beneath the older woman, and she released a torrent of pleas to be taken and used and abused, as her moment of release carried her away. Just as I had expected, her very confinement and helplessness magnified the impact of the orgasm ten times over this pretty blonde would almost certainly make a good bondage babe, and I fully intended to be the one to show her all the ropes . and all the positions.

In the wake of their climaxes, the two office women lay sprawled across the executive desk, gasping for air like floundering fish. I had just given both of them the most profound and shattering fucks of their lives, and they were now completely in thrall to my sexual dominance.

Very satisfied with the first part of the proceedings, I withdrew the dildo and the stiletto heel from Ms Janvier's holes, and then delivered several resounding slaps to her exposed ass. 'Get up, you stupid lazy cow!' I snapped at the dazed and disoriented woman, once so capable and authoritative, 'we ain't done yet, bitch, not at all!' Ms Janvier staggered apprehensively to her feet, her cool and collected demeanour having quite evaporated, and supported herself by leaning one hand on her desk, for she was in a state of near collapse.

As I stripped Laura of her panties and removed the vibrator from her pussy, I was interested to see that she looked not only the more eager but also the most assured of the pair.

My first orders to my two new submissives were simple enough, but an important symbolic step.

They knelt in front of me, and each in turn bent humbly forwards to kiss the tip of one of my boots, before reverently removing it and then kissing and sucking on my bare toes I had deliberately not worn hold-ups for this very reason. From her prone posture, Laura gazed upwards in admiration at my tall commanding form, eagerly drinking in the sight of my glistening and gaping vagina, with the shaft of the strap-on projecting out like a battering ram and the twin peaks of my heavy breasts silhouetted above, whilst Ms Janvier swallowed and looked more fearful.

After this token of formal submission, I told them to stand up and for each of them to pay homage to one of my breasts, reaching behind me to unsnap my bra and let them swing free. Both women took to this quite eagerly, and my tits were rock hard as their tongues licked around them and their lips sucked them inwards.

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To give them encouragement, I reached down between their legs and thrust the index finger of each hand into their pussy-holes my left hand into Laura, and my right hand into Ms Janvier. I then hoisted upwards, until with a sharp cry both women were forced to stand on their tiptoes, and the lustful pair began to hump themselves against my hand once again, I noticed that Laura was the first to act. Ms Janvier was so weak at the knees that when this finger-fucking made her come again she nearly fainted, and had to brace herself against my shoulder for support.

The two women's attentions to my breasts had got me ready for the final act of our little drama. I instructed the humbled boss to lie on the floor on her back, with her legs apart; she looked concerned, but also grateful, for in truth she was barely capable of remaining standing at that point. I removed the strap-on from my waist and then buckled it onto Ms Janvier's prone form, so that the rod of the dildo was pointing vertically upwards.

I straddled the exhausted and now submissive executive, and lowered my cunt onto the plastic pole, sighing with satisfaction as its length slid into my slick and capacious vagina.

Once comfortably in place astride Ms Janvier, I told Laura to stand above her boss's head, facing towards me, and then to sink down until her cunt was on the older woman's face upon which I delivered two hard smacks to the manager's vulnerable breasts and ordered her to eat out her secretary's pussy. Ms Janvier now knew her place, and she obeyed me instantly, burying her face between the blonde's thighs whilst reaching up with her hands to find her secretary's breasts and tweak on their tits.

I began to fuck myself on the dildo, mercilessly riding the prone form of the capitulated executive, whilst upon my instructions Laura cradled my swaying mammaries in her hands, kneading and squeezing them, and alternating between them with her hot eager mouth. My fires of lust had already been stoked by all that gone before, and it only took a couple of dozen thrusts onto the immobile dildo to bring me off.

In the moment of ecstasy, I grabbed Laura and passionately French-kissed her, whilst her fingers rubbed my tits. As I climaxed, I seized Laura's nipples and gave them a hard pinch, and she quaked in orgasm, a gush of her cum-juices squirting onto Ms Janvier's face. Laura and I rose to our feet, but Ms Janvier remained lying on the floor, breathing in quick shallow pants and gazing blankly at the ceiling as if unable to understand what had happened to her and what would be happening again and again, from now onwards.

She only responded when I prodded her sharply in the ribs with my toes, and instructed her to get up, remove the strap-on, and get dressed. She looked at me half sideways, and asked in a quiet subdued voice: 'What now? Please . what are you going to do with us now?' I smiled benignly at her, secure in my dominance.

I knew, for of course I have access to the files of all the employees, that Ms Janvier lived alone in a large and expensive apartment nearer to the business district, whilst Laura still resided with her parents in an outer suburb. I told the latter to get on her way home, to come to work the next day wearing her prettiest lingerie, and to wait with her boss here after work but neither was to touch the other until I arrived.

Laura looked delighted at the prospect, and after she had quickly got dressed she came unbidden and rather shyly kissed me before scampering out of the door and along to the lifts. Ms Janvier had registered that I had not yet told her what to do, and a sign of her acceptance of her new submissive role was that she had patiently waited for me to enlighten her.

Now that the two of us were alone in the room, I beckoned to her and told her to kneel in front of me. I cupped her chin in my hand, bent down and kissed her on the lips, and then informed her that we would be going to her apartment where we would shower, she would prepare a meal, and then if she was a good girl she could eat my pussy again and I would fuck her with my strap-on, and we would sleep together.

I could see that these prospects excited her, and her tongue darted out to wet her lips. I knew that my conquest of the arrogant executive was complete when she humbly lowered her head and whispered softly: 'Thank you, mistress, thank you use me, my mistress, please use me, in any way you want.'