Two gorgeous girls kiss undress and have lesbian enjoyment

Two gorgeous girls kiss  undress and have lesbian enjoyment
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Upon our return home, things weren't as bad as you might have imagined. Neither of us were traumatised by what had happened we hardly spoke about it but when we did Lynn would find herself apologising constantly, I think she was really unnerved by the fact that they had managed to take her over and control her so completely.

After all, she was a faithful woman, completely in love with her man, how could they have done this to her? I of course understood only too well. Lynn is naturally a submissive and with skill they had tapped into that, tapped into an area of her psyche that had been inaccessible to me As predicted by the old man there were changes.

Lynn would no longer give me oral sex, she would never fully explain why and I never pursued it. We still continued to have sex but I could tell she was different. To be honest she never seemed to be fully satisfied so in an effort to combat this I began reluctantly to encourage her to think of black men during our love making or whenever she masturbated, (as I explained previously, we would often do this to act out a fantasy.) This helped a lot although I was never able to bring her to a climax during sex, (this had always been the case even before Ibiza) I was however able to make her orgasm using my "Magic Fingers" as she calls them.

Work wise, we had a new sales director at head office, his name was Richard. I'd yet to meet him and so far we had only communicated via emails and phone calls. He was very 'proactive' which meant an increasing work load for me.

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I was spending more time at work and consequently was not taking care of business in the bedroom department, well, not as much as I should have done anyway. Again, in an effort to address this I purchased one of those realistic 'cyberskin' dildos from an online sex store and as you may have guessed it was a black one.

Lynn got a lot of enjoyment out of it although if I ever pressed her for details she would go all shy about it. Part of her still thought that using it was "dirty." I love buying Lynn sexy underwear and this particular occasion I'd bought her a quarter cup bra, (you know the kind, supports the breasts but leaves the nipples exposed.) Lynn's 36b breasts are perfectly shaped for this kind of bra.

Together with a tight black thong and fishnet stockings, the outfit was complete. Putting it in a gift box I left it at the bottom of the bed, with a note saying I was going to finish work early and asking Lynn to wear something nice as I was taking her out to dinner.

During lunch I got a call from Lynn, she said how much she loved the outfit and would be giving me something "special" when we got home after dinner. Around 5.30pm, just as I was about to leave I was called to the sales manager's office. He explained that the new sales director had popped into the branch and wanted me to go through some of our existing clients with him. My boss made it clear that I had to 'pull out all the stops' to assist Richard.

As I made my way back to my office, my assistant Sarah told me that the Richard was waiting and that she had shown him in. "What's he like?" I asked. "Very dishy." She replied dreamily. I rolled my eyes, "could you bring us in a coffee?" I asked, "Oh yes" she said excitedly. When I walked into my office I was surprised to see him sitting in my chair.

He was black, around 30 and very well dressed. "I think you're in the wrong seat." I said jokingly. "Think so?" he replied, pointing at the seat in front of my desk. "OK" I thought, "I'll play the game" and I sat down. Just then Sarah came in with the coffee; she let out a laugh, when she saw where I was sitting. "I see he's got the better of you already." She said, hardly taking her eyes off him.

He winked at her and she giggled. After she left we began to talk about the accounts we held and I began to go through each of them.

I was just getting into my stride, telling him how good we were doing when he put up his hand to stop me. "That's very good," he said, rubbing his chin, "But rell me, did you have a good time in Ibiza?" I blinked, "Err, sorry?" I replied. He smiled. "Ibiza, was it nice?" "Sorry," I replied "but I don't remember saying I'd been to Ibiza." His smile widened, "no, no you didn't - but my brother Harold did." He leaned back into my chair waiting for it to settle in.

I sat back down, staring at him, in a state of shock. After what seemed like an age in which neither of us spoke I came to my senses somewhat and asked, "What's going on, what do you." "What do I want?" He interrupted, "I think you know already don't you?" He lifted a photo of Lynn from my desk, it was one I took during a vacation, Lynn was wearing a tight top and her nipples were poking out, proud and very visible.

He eyed the picture then pulled the photo out from the frame and tucked it into his pocket, discarding the empty frame on the desk. "Remember what my father said about your lovely Lynn?" he paused "except, she's not yours, is she?" At this point I began to feel dizzy, sick and scared; all I could do was stare at him as he searched the office taking every picture I had of Lynn. "OK dumbfuck" he said finally, "this is what's going to happen.

You are going to stay here and work like a good little boy and I'm going over to your house to tell Lynn you're not going to be able make it for the romantic dinner your boss told me about and that you've asked me to keep her company." He leaned forward and smiled, showing a gold tooth. "Got that dumbfuck?" My jacket was on the back of the chair, he went through the pockets, pulling out my wallet. He rifled it, taking out the notes inside, "expenses." He grinned.

Suddenly he whistled, "What's this?" he said, pulling out a photo. I tried to grab it but he pulled it away. The photo was of lynn, her right breast exposed, it was a very sexy photo and I loved carrying it around with me. "Well well." He said, "What a great pair of tits the bitch has.

She likes posing does she? Interesting, got any more like this?" When I didn't answer he fixed me with a menacing stare. "I asked you a question dumbfuck!" "Y-yes, at home." I found myself saying." "Where?" he questioned, "In the cabinet, next to the computer, I keep it locked." He smiled and reached into my jacket pocket, pulling out a bunch of keys. He threw them to me "give me the key." I opened my mouth to protest.

"Now!" he ordered. I did as I was told, throwing the key to him. " I think the slut's gonna be getting a new photographer." He grinned. I felt like I was in a trance, When I came to my senses he was heading out the door. He turned and smiled and while still looking at the photo said, "make sure you're working very late." By the time I reached the office door and opened it, he was gone. Sarah stood there fanning herself. "Phew!" She said.

"He said you'd be working late and you've asked him to tell Lynn so I've given him your address……And my phone number." I closed the door and went back into my office my head was spinning around with what had taken place.

I sat motionless for about 20 minutes before picking up my phone and calling Lynn, I had to warn her. "Oh Babes," she said upon hearing my voice "I had just finished getting ready when I heard your car pull up then I saw that it wasn't your car and I answered the door and your friend told me you had to work late…" "Oh sweet heart, "I started to say, "Look I need to tell you something…" Lynn cut in though before I had the chance to finish, "No it's fine babes, your friend has explained everything, thank you for asking him to pop in and let me know.

He says you've asked him to take me out to dinner as you know I'd be disappointed but that's OK darling, I'd much rather wait for y&hellip." She suddenly broke off and then Richard was speaking, he'd obviously taken the phone from her. "Hello mate," he said, as if we were having a conversation.

"Yes I know you want her to have a good time&hellip.Yes, I wont take no for an answer and don't you worry, I won't keep her out late." CLICK! The call suddenly ended. I tried to call back but all I got was the engaged tone. I poured myself a drink. That dizzy, uncertain feeling was returning. I wanted to dash back home but the tone of his voice, telling me to work late prevented me.

Now I need to make it clear that I am by no means a weak or submissive person and in my cuckold fantasies I'm certainly not the type kneeling in front of my girlfriend and her new lover, while licking his sperm from her body.

However, I now found myself feeling completely helpless to prevent him from doing whatever he wanted to Lynn. I am unable to explain what it was that he possessed, this power he seemed to exude I can only suggest that it has something to do with his race.

I drank some more and it began to take effect, despite myself I drifted off to sleep.

I woke with a start and looked at the clock, it said 8.00pm. I had to get home. I'd drank too much to drive so ordered a taxi and it dropped me off around 8.45pm. There was no car on my driveway or in front of the house, had he left as I had hoped? I entered the house and listened. There was no sign of Lynn and no sound that I could make out; maybe she had gone to bed early.

I checked the bedroom, it was empty but the smell of perfume was still in the air. They must have gone out. The rest of the evening was a bit of a blur, all sorts of scenarios were going through my head, The though of them together at our favourite restaurant, Lynn laughing at his jokes, unaware that she was his prey.

I went into the spare room, taking a bottle with me and began to go through our holiday photos. Goodness knows why but I did it none the less. Once again the drink took over as I sat on the bed and I lapsed into sleep. I woke to the sound of the front door being opened followed by muffled voices.


I checked my watch, half past midnight. I realised I was still in the spare room and for reasons I cannot explain I closed the door till it was slightly ajar and I turned out the light.

I could hear Lynn coming up the stairs and I heard her say, "Maybe he gone straight to bed." I sat rigid, unable to move or speak as I heard her enter our bedroom.

"Babes?" I heard her call. Surely, I though she must know I'm home. Then it came to me. I'd left the car a work and taken a taxi. Lynn was going back down the stairs, "He must still be at work, I'd better call him." "No," I heard Richard reply. "He's either knee deep in work or fast asleep, best not disturb him." I could hear the sound of cups rattling, they had moved into the kitchen.

Suddenly the door began to open, Lynn must have realised I was home. I stood and opened my mouth to speak as Richard stepped into the room. He eyed me arrogantly. "We've had such a romantic meal at your favourite restaurant." He said sarcastically."and best of all, you paid." He showed me a large fist "Am I going to have any trouble out of you?" He snarled, "No." I found myself saying sheepishly.

"Good boy," he said "make sure it stays that way." Richard pushed me so I fell back onto the bed "you'll be sleeping on that tonight," he said, "you know where I'll be." He laughed and left the room, going back downstairs. I felt like I'd been kicked in the stomach. Here was a man who was openly going to seduce my fianc?and I could do nothing about it. The muffled sounds from downstairs now moved into the living room. The darkness of the room closed in on me again and I closed my eyes.

I opened them again, straight away except it wasn't straight away, it was now 1am. I had to get downstairs to see what was going on. Undetected I crept down the stairs the living room door was almost closed but I could hear the lowered voices of Lynn and Richard. I passed the living room into the dining room, luckily the light was off but I had to tread carefully. I went to the serving hatch which was open. From the darkness of the dining room I could clearly see into the lounge.

The lights had been dimmed and I could hear our favourite Michael Buble tracks coming from the Hifi. Lynn and Richard were sitting on the sofa. He was leaning toward her, speaking in a low tone. I could see that she felt uncomfortable by his closeness but at the same time, unable to move away from him. I could see that she had really made an effort for me. She was wearing a very low cut brown dress which laces up at the front.

It is one of my favourites. I knew she'd be wearing the underwear I'd recently bought for her. The quarter cup bra really pushed her breasts up so she was showing a breathtaking cleavage which was heaving up and down. Fishnet stockings, again a favourite of mine completed the outfit. In short she looked gorgeous. "A woman like you should not confine herself to one man." He said to her gently she met his eyes and he seemed to lock into hers.

He now held her gaze as he continued. "You said yourself that you'd not been getting much sex recently." Lynn bit her lip "I shouldn't have said that," She whispered. "Then it's not true?" He asked, moving closer to her. Lynn didn't reply but continued to stare into his eyes, her eyes darting from one to the other, Her hace a deep crimson. "Answer me." He said with just a hint of menace in his voice. "Y-yes it's true," Lynn said meekly.

His hand which had been on her knee began to slide slowly up her dress. He continued to talk, emphasising words like "Sex" and "Need." Without realising it Lynn parted her legs slightly then Suddenly she jumped as he reached the crotch of her panties. "I think you should go now." She breathed, still not taking her eyes from his. I saw her dress ruffle and she jumped again, letting out a squeal and grabbing his upper arm, the fingers of which were now sliding into her panties.

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He narrowed his eyes at her and she immediately took her hand away and gripped the seat cushion next to her. She was breathing very hard now, her breasts bulging out of the neckline of her dress with each breath.

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Involuntarily Lynn opened her legs wider and I could tell that his fingers were working on her clitoris. Lynn's resistance was ebbing away and now her body betrayed her as he took control.

She was moaning now her legs spreading wider, her eyes began to roll as a powerful orgasm overtook her and her whole body started to shake. She called out my name then cried out "Oh my god! Oh my god." Skilfully he kept her orgasm going for well over a minute which drained her of both energy and resistance. She collapsed then, her head falling back onto the sofa. As she lay panting he admired his work for a second then began to untie the laces at the front of her dress.

She put up a hand to stop him but he easily brushed it aside. He pulled her dress open exposing her underwear. Richard whistled when he saw Lynn's quarter cup bra, her nipples, red and very hard were completely exposed. "Did dumbfuck buy these for you?" he asked. Without realising what the bastard had called me Lynn just nodded.

Richard ran a finger between Lynn's breasts and said "looks like I'm getting the benefit doesn't it?" This seemed to bring some of Lynn's senses back she put her hand over her face in shame as she realised what had just happened. Although she didn't make any effort to cover up. He pulled her hand away from her face and began to kiss her, very deeply.

Immediately she returned his kiss, opening her mouth wide. They kissed for a long time Richard squeezing hard on her breasts. And throughout all of this I just stood and stared as if in a trance with a massive hard on. Richard stood and began to undress.

He was sleek and muscular, like an athlete. He stood in front of Lynn just wearing tight boxer shorts. She was staring at the huge bulge in his shorts. "Take them off," he ordered. Once again a hint of resistance returned to Lynn as she pushed herself deeper into the sofa, her eyes darting between his face and his crotch. "Please go," she whimpered, "I love my fianc?I-I don't want to do this." I watched his face intently, to see what his reaction would be.

His expression didn't change; his eyes went from Lynn's face to her heaving breasts then to the crotch of her panties. Even from this distance I could see that they were very wet. Now when Richard first looked at her breasts, Lynn involuntarily pushed her chest out, when he looked at her crotch she opened her legs slightly and pushed her pussy toward him. If I had been able to suspend time and told Lynn what she had just done she would have denied it wholeheartedly.

His gaze went back to her face and his eyes fixed on hers again. "Now." He said calmly. With a whimper, Lynn sat up and as she did so he stepped forward, between her open legs, making sure his crotch was very close to her face. Lynn began to slide the shorts down, her mouth gaping when his cock started to come into view. It was hairless and very thick. As she pulled the shorts completely away, his shaft sprang forwards, slapping her in the face, making her gasp.

Her eyes widened as the cock began to harden. I was surprised to see that he was uncircumcised. As his cock grew to full erection the tight foreskin suddenly slid back unveiling a huge purple head. This was now pointing directly at Lynn's face. My heart sank as she leant forwards and with her eyes fixed on his planted a kiss on the head of his cock and I heard him say, "Good girl." She was still looking into his eyes as he pushed his cock forwards, squashing the head against her lips, distorting them.

He did this a few more times, smearing pre-cum over her mouth Then he held the back of her head and rubbed his cock hard over her face, as he did so I could hear her breathing heavily.

Once again Lynn was betrayed by her arousal, usually, when I got her in this state I could do anything with her only this time it wasn't me who was in control, it was Richard. Lynn pulled his shorts completely off and his large heavy ball sack came into view. She cupped his balls in her hand and gently began to caress them.

Once again Richard pressed the head of his cock against her lips, only this time Lynn opened her mouth and slowly began to suck it. It was at this point that it really hit me hard. Lynn used to really enjoy sucking my cock, especially the head and it's something she can do very well. However, since Ibiza she had refused point blank to suck my cock.

When she called me to thank me for buying the underwear she was now wearing, she promised to give me something 'special.' I was sure that that something special was a blow job except now it wasn't my cock she was sucking and licking, it was Richard's. My own cock was pressing hard against my trousers. Despite the feeling of humiliation I felt incredibly turned on.

I also had that odd feeling that as I watched them, I was intruding. It was like I was the outsider and weirder still, that made me feel hornier. Lynn had built up a steady rhythm now as she sucked his cock. She was having trouble however due to the size of his meat. Every so often he would push his cock a little deeper, causing her to gag, making her eyes water.

I think that was another method of control. He made her suck him for a very long time. Whenever she withdrew, gasping "No more," he would grab her by the hair and press his cock to her mouth, making her continue. Then I heard him grunt and he pulled her hand away from his shaft.

He grabbed the hair at the back of her head and held her in place, pulling her head back so her mouth was gaping, he slowly jacked off until he began to moan and then a huge ribbon of sperm gushed from his cock. It splashed against Lynn's upper lip and into her mouth a second spurt hit her directly into the mouth with such force it went straight to the back of her throat, causing her to gag but still, he held her in place, His cock still pumping out semen.

The only way I can describe the amount of sperm that this black guy unloaded onto my fianc?s face is if you watch a movie that has Peter North in it, when he comes at the end, it was just like that. Lynn was visibly shocked by the volume of sperm on her face and was panting loudly. With cum still oozing from his cock Richard pressed the head against her lips and immediately she began to suck. Strands of thick sperm were hanging from her chin and every so often Richard would gather the strands on the end of his cock and slide it back into Lynn's mouth, I could see her throat moving as she swallowed his juice.

For a long time she continued to slowly suck him, cleaning the sperm from his cock and looking up at him for approval.

Finally she sank back onto the sofa, exhausted.


After a few minutes in which neither said anything Richard smiled and said, "Did you enjoy that slut?" Lynn flinched at the word "Slut" but to my surprise, she looked to the floor and "Yes." His smile broadened, "say it again," he ordered. Lynn flinched again and without taking her eyes from the floor said, "Yes, I enjoyed your cock." "Good girl" he replied, Then he leaned forwards, "Tell me slut, is my cock bigger than your fiance's?" She flashed a look in his direction, her face showing the humiliation she felt then returned her gaze to the floor.

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"Yes." She replied. "much bigger." Now it was my turn to feel humiliated. He continued to speak to her, making her tell him how much better his sperm was compared to mine but I was so upset I didn't hear half of what was said. I turned and sank to the floor under the serving hatch trying to come to terms with the complete and utter humiliation I felt together with fact that this was the single most erotic moment I had ever witnessed, a moment between my future bride and a black man.

I'm not sure how long I remained in this state but when I stood and again looked through the hatch I could see Richard sitting alone on the sofa. I looked around wondering where Lynn was then I heard Richard speak. "Yes, I'm there now…She's very good, took my load like a porn star. Great thing is that she's so faithful, just the sort we like eh. Her pussy? Not had that yet, it's on my 'to do' list." Richard let out a chuckle and I saw a glint of his gold tooth then I could see he was speaking on a mobile phone.

Richard ended the call just as Lynn walked back intro the room. She'd cleaned the sperm off her face and now stood in front of the sofa, obviously feeling awkward, she was wearing her lilac dressing gown, the one I'd bought her for her birthday. Richard, still naked stood in front of her, she immediately looked to the floor but every so often her eyes would go to his cock. "Y- You won't say anything to Nick about this will you?" Richard smiled "That depends on you" he replied and opened her gown to reveal that she was naked underneath.

"Good girl," he said as he began squeezing her breasts. His cock was starting to harden again as his hand went between her legs, she tried to step back but he'd second guessed her reaction, his other hand gripped her ass and he pulled her back. As soon as his fingers slid between her pussy lips, she let out a sudden gasp and parted her legs.

"You like to be dominated don't you?" he said as HIS 'Magic Fingers' began to work on her clitoris. "Yes." She said, half speaking, half gasping "And Nick, he's your master?" He was staring at her, full in the face but she wouldn't meet his gaze. "I love him," she said, pleadingly "he's my fianc?.He's my mast." The sudden climax took her, (and me) completely by surprise and she cried out loudly, falling against his muscular chest.

It was a powerful orgasm; it took her all her strength to remain standing. I noticed that as the orgasm took hold he took his hand away from her pussy. Now that it was subsiding he began working on her clitoris again. Lynn managed to push herself away but only so far, he still held her in place. He fixed her with a piercing stare, "who's the master now?" he asked, he said it loudly. He was bringing her to another orgasm and you could see the shock on her face that he could do this so soon after her last one.

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Her eyes seemed to be searching his for something, she let out a moan. Her eyes were half closed as he asked her again "Who is your master slut?" she flinched again at that word.


Her body answered as she began to shudder again, "You are" she sobbed, "You are my master." She came again and as she did so he pushed her onto the sofa, pulling away her dressing gown, leaving her naked. "Give me your pussy." He commanded and with out thinking Lynn lifted her legs, bent at the knees and spread her legs, presenting her pussy to him. He was fully erect now and I could see the pre-cum oozing from his cock as he dropped to his knees.

He positioned himself between her legs; he had his back to me and was at a slight angle so my view was limited. He edged closer. I could just see Lynn's face, she had been staring into his face, her eyes wide, her mouth gaping. She looked down to his cock then quickly looked away and cried out my name. I guess he beginning to enter her. I felt a sudden simultaneous urge to hide my face in shame, to pretend it wasn't happening (again) AND to run over and pull this bastard off my fianc?

I did neither Lynn was obviously having difficulty accommodating his cock; she was blowing hard and moaning. He had his hand in front of him and I figured he was either working on Lynn's clitoris or spreading her pussy lips. I saw him spit on his shaft to give it extra lubrication. "Fucking tight!" he moaned as I saw his ass cheeks tighten as he slid into her. Finally he seemed to stop pushing. Lynn was staring at him and panting heavily. He stayed motionless for a while and I guessed he was allowing her pussy time to adjust.

He leaned forwards and began to kiss her deeply. Her arms suddenly went to her sides, her hands gripping the cushions he was starting to fuck her. Almost immediately she came, crying out loudly, begging him to stop and again calling out my name. I heard him chuckle and he suddenly slammed his cock deep into her. She let out a loud grunt and I saw her legs spread wider under the force of his thrusts. Without giving her time to recover he began slamming in and out of her, hard and fast.

She'd turned her head away from him so all I could see was part of her head and face, which was bobbing wildly under the onslaught.

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Every now and then she would let out a loud cry as he made her come again; in all our years together I have never been able to make Lynn come during sex.

Here he was giving her multiple orgasms with ease. After about 20 minutes of this pounding Richard suddenly withdrew and stood, grabbing the back of Lynn's head and pulling her toward his cock. Although I couldn't see I knew she was sucking him again.

He let out a throaty cry and began to twitch as he came. When he pushed her back into the sofa she was coughing and wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, giving him a disgusted look and I guessed that he'd made her swallow most of his load.

He began to ask her a series of questions. Questions about me and my love making prowess. How long did I last? How many times did she come during sex? What were my favourite positions? Each question Lynn answered immediately and truthfully, he was pleased with the answers. He pulled her to her feet and began to kiss her. At first she resisted but his hand went between her legs, his expert fingers working on her pussy and she was soon returning his kisses.

I turned away in shame but looked up sharply when I heard him tell her that it was time for bed. This took me by surprise. I was expecting him to leave now that he's had his way with my Fianc? He took her by the arm and began to pull her out of the room. I gave it a couple of seconds and then followed, entering the hallway from the dining room, just as they were ascending the stairs. I could hear Lynn saying something. I couldn't make it out but the tone was a protesting one.

I followed at a distance, ascending the stairs as they reached the landing. I heard Richard ask which one was our bedroom. Lynn pointed to our room then said "But the spare room is just there," pointing to the room next to ours.

She took a step towards the spare room but Richard stopped her. "You must be fucking joking," he told her as he opened our bedroom door. He roughly took her by the arm and I momentarily saw her mouth open in protest just before he pushed her into the room and followed her in. without even a glance behind he slammed the door shut. I crept up to the door and pressed my ear against it. I could hear her saying something about this being our room, that he shouldn't be there.

She asked him to leave but there was no response at least not one that I could hear. Again I wanted to burst through the door, to stop what was happening. Instead I went to the spare room and sat on the bed. After about 10 minutes of silence I began to hear a dull thudding sound followed by the sound of Lynn moaning loudly. He was fucking her on our bed. I lay on the spare bed.

Lynn was moaning so loudly now that our neighbours were bound to hear her. I drifted off into sleep, when I woke I could see that my door was half open. I guessed that Richard had looked in on me. I got out of bed and stepped out of the spare room. Our bedroom door was wide open and I looked inside to see Lynn on top of Richard, She was riding his cock, her back was glistening, covered in sweat and even from this distance the room wreaked of sex.

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I went back into the spare room and got into bed. When I awoke I looked at my watch, 8.30am. Slowly I got out of bed and looked into our room. Lynn was on the bed, alone, the bedclothes strewn carelessly around the bed. I checked my computer. All my photos of Lynn were gone.

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The cabinet which contained further photos and my video and still cameras was empty. Lynn suddenly woke as I stood there, taking me by surprise. Upon seeing me she looked around nervously, relaxing when she realised Richard had left. "Did you have a busy night babes?" she said nervously. "Oh very busy" I replied and what did you get up to?" "Oh, after Richard dropped me off I just watched TV." She lied, she was blushing like mad. I decided then that I wasn't going to mention that I knew, wasn't going to mention that I'd watched while another man, a man I now despised had completely and utterly taken control of my woman Then the words of Harold's father rang in my ears, spoken to me a thousand years ago in Ibiza.

"She is no longer your woman." The weekend was strained. We didn't argue or anything like that but I knew Lynn felt ashamed about what had happened. I cought her once or twice muttering to herself; "never again never again." At bedtime I tried to instigate sex but she made excuses and wouldn't let me near her.

When Monday came I was dreading going into work and when I arrived it was worse than I could have imagined. My name had been removed from my office door. In it's place was Richard's name. There was no sign of my assistant Sarah, that was until I walked into the office. There resting on top of what used to be my desk was Richard. On her knees in front of him, was Sarah, she was sucking his cock.

"Do you mind?" he bawled out at me "You can't just barge into my office like that, Knock first dumfuck." "S-sorry" I blurted out like an idiot and I backed out of the room. Around ten minutes later Sarah emerged from the office, looked me up and down and sniggered, "you can go in now." When I entered the office Richard was sitting behind the desk.

"As you can see there have been a few changes," he said. "This is my office now and I've taken Sarah is my secretary." "But how will I&hellip." I started to say.

Richard waved his hand dismissively. "You won't need an assistant, not now that you're MY assistant." He smiled and I noticed a number of photos on his desk. They were photos of Lynn, my photos of Lynn which he had stolen. They were displayed as if Lynn were his wife, his grin grew wider when he saw the hurt on my face. "Obviously Lynn doesn't know that you know I fucked her brains out the other night and that's how it's going to stay.

I plan on seeing a lot more of that slut and you are going to make it happen." He laughed, "That's why I've made you my assistant."