Petite thai ladyboy in jeans jerking off

Petite thai ladyboy in jeans jerking off
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For all the gils, my KIK is Kazaragh Pre-Story "Anthony, are we really going to do this?" She smiled and pulled me closer. "Do anything you want. Make me feel fantastic, like I'm the only girl in the world. Make me into your whore, punish me and make me your own personal slut." Jennifer screamed My fingers slid with the curvature of her slit.

My fingertips pressed deeper between her legs, we started kissing me passionately. Looking down her body is seriously the fucking definition of perfection. "Ohh! Don't you dare fucking be shy! Fucking suck them and finger me! Jennifer's slid her fingers into my hair and eased me lower until my lips were over her breasts, with an animals hunger I beginning sucking her luscious and beautiful breasts.

Her nipples danced with my tongue. I pressed deeper into Jennifer's freshly trimmed slit, she started moaning and jerking upwards in pleasure. It was almost impossible not to just fuck her right here and now.

I started moving my fingers faster and faster into her, while sucking her perky breasts. My fingers were so deep between her soaking wet, tight, pussy lips. Pushing harder, I reached deeper than before in those tight white wet walls. She screamed and cummed, I withdrew my fingers and discovered a thick juice coated my fingers.She started moaning loudly in pleasure, which ended our kissing. "Open your mouth" I instructed here. Reaching up and slid my fingers into her mouth.

She closed her eyes and sucked on her own sticky nectar. She licked between each finger, cleaning the seemingly delicious fluids between them. I leaned down and kissed her lips, she instantly shot her cum covered tongue into my mouth, sharing her own juices with me. "Your fingers stretched me, you're making me feel so good!

It's everything I imagined being with you would be. I want more, do what you want with my body." she said, taking my hand and lowering it.

I found my fingers just over her tiny clit, I began teasing it by ever so gently running my middle finger back and forth across it. Jennifer let out a deep moan. Slowly I started picking up pace, rubbing her clit gently in a circular motion, around and around. As it became more erect, I brushed over it faster and harder. She put a scream and moaned grabbed my wrist, trying to stop me from continuing to pleasure her clit.

I place my hand over her mouth, and rubbed faster, she tightened her legs around my arm.

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Jennifer's body twitched and flickered while I pleasured her clit, It was unlike anything I've ever seen. She was extremely sensitive, more than any of the other girls I've been with and I was loving it I kissed my way down her body, until she could feel my breath between her legs. My face inches from her dripping wet sex., it was almost to a point where she was leaking.

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I leaned my lips lower between her spread thighs and gave her slit a slowly, gentle kiss. "Don't tease me!" She cried out I pressed my tongue into her hole and eased upwards, licking her entire slit. Her juices were deliciously intoxicating, I wanted more. I mindlessly lapped my tongue back and forth over her slit. She bit her lip and tried hard not to scream, but instead, she jerked her hips forward pushing my tongue deeper. Every now and then, I ran my tongue and lips across her clit, sucking and licking it.

Jennifer moan of approval. My tongue darted in and out the walls of her pussy, her juices had already coated my lips. "Oh Yess!

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Oh Fuck…Don't you dare stop now…You're making me cum again… Thrust your fingers into me, while you lick my clit!" she panted. I listened I pressed two fingers into her, and instantly started ravaging her clit with my tongue. She grabbed my head and held me down. I felt her entire beautiful body begin to shake, juices began flooding the carpet.

She bucked her hips wildly started cumming, moaning with each wave of orgasm throughout her body.

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Yes! Ohhh Anthony that was the hardest I've cum in a long time!" She grabbed my hand and brought it to her mouth, she began licking and sucking my fingers, cleaning them completely.

I realized then that she loved the taste of her own cum. The amount of times Jennifer cummed was just simply unbelievable, this was pure erotic lust. I kissed her drenched slit one last time.

It was strange, making a person you hardly know moan and scream in pleasure.


"It's my turn now" she stated I eased myself onto my back and Jennifer positioned her mouth over my dick. She licked the head and gripped it. She began thrusting my hard cock into of her mouth, twisting and turning their tongues in the process. Looking into my eyes, she licked the entire length of the shaft. She lowered her mouth deep onto my cock, trying push it down her throat.

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Jennifer burst back to sucking my dick hard and fast, with her hand stroking in a rhythm. She tried deep-throating again and almost touched her tongue against my balls. Jennifer looked at me and smiled, she lowered herself below my shaft. She then gently started sucking on my balls, while staring up at me. "I can't wait any longer, Fuck me!" She rested on her back and spread her legs open, she was ready for me. I took my dick and aligned it against her slit and slowly began pressing my dick into her.

Jennifer's pussy was extremely tight, but eventually with one quick motion my entire dick broke into her tight slit. With each powerful thrust, this teenager's pussy slightly loosened, rearranging and reforming itself to account my cock. I pinned her legs against her chest and fucked her hard and fast, she screamed and begged for more. She seemed to be breaking and being torn apart, It was amazing that such a thin girl could fit my entire dick inside her.

Jenifer was leaking juices which streamed between our thighs.

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