Gay video Nurse Erick was giving me the full treatment and as this

Gay video Nurse Erick was giving me the full treatment and as this
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Chapter 14: A few weeks had passed since my daddy first made love to me. It had been an emotional rollercoaster. His moods had kept shifting, in the first few days he'd seemed brooding and terribly sad.

There had been long talks, lots of tears from us both, but then gradually also lots of cuddles and kisses and dreamy smiles. It hadn't been easy, but after working through it all we seemed to have gotten to a good place. A comfortable atmosphere where it was still new and unfamiliar, but acceptable to touch each other, to kiss, to sleep in each other's embrace.

And to enjoy each other's bodies freely, without guilt and resistance. Our days now consisted of doing our separate things, my school and his work, and daydreaming about each other the entire time we were apart, like we were both giddy preteens in puppy love. I'd rush home, knowing he wouldn't be there yet but still anxious to get there as quickly as possible just in case, waiting there with a watchful eye on the front door and listening for his car in the driveway, eager for the moment he'd get to rush home too.

Running to the door to meet him each day and being swept up into a bear hug by his big strong arms, breathing in his scent greedily while he carried me to the sofa where we'd grin foolishly at each other, run our fingertips along each other's cheeks and lips as though we were reassuring ourselves that this was real. Leaning in for soft slow kisses in the afternoon sun, kisses that lasted until dusk, all without saying a single word, too eager to make up for lost time to waste a moment on chitchat.

Sometimes grudgingly pausing in order to have dinner, talk a little, laugh and tease each other. Sometimes just skipping dinner entirely, and letting the kiss progress into lying down together on the sofa, slipping our hands under each other's waistbands and touching, stroking, caressing those most private places, taking ownership of each other, reassuring each other with unspoken words that yes daddy, you can touch me anywhere, I'm yours, and yes sweetheart, feel how hard I am, I'm hard because I belong to you.

Our lovemaking was always as intense as the first time, and sometimes just as serious and desperate. Sometimes equally intense, but also light, curious and exploratory, fun.

We got to know every inch of each other's bodies so well that he taught me things I'd never known about mine, and vice versa. He found all my sensitive spots, knew how to push every button I had, and I learned how to build him up to the kinds of orgasms he'd never thought he was capable of. I could trace any part of him with my eyes closed, pick his taste and scent out of a line up. We'd go out sometimes.

Shopping, a movie, dinner, ice cream - and each time it was torture. Wanting to be close, to reach over and kiss, touch. Wanting to scream our love from the rooftops but already noticing the suspicious glances from strangers even when we reigned ourselves in and tried to appear as a normal father and his little girl. If we got a chance to be alone, or even relatively unobserved, we couldn't help but take advantage.

His hand, trailing up my leg and under my skirt at the restaurant, caressing my aching button under the table, unable to stop even as he spoke to the waiter. Grinning at me as I gritted my teeth and locked his wriggling fingers between my clenched thighs, coating his fingers in my slick juices as I came while he casually asked the waiter for more water.

And, moments later, seeing his eyes turn nervous when I grinned mischievously and dropped my fork, sliding under the table to "retrieve it". Crawling under the tablecloth and eagerly releasing his already straining cock, running my tongue up the shaft, around the tip, sliding my soft lips around the head and greedily taking him into my mouth as I heard the waiter return with our pitcher of water, increasing my speed and suction whenever daddy tried to respond, to inform him the "young lady" would indeed like to see a dessert menu, making him talk to the waiter with the knowledge that his baby girl was nursing on his hot meat, pushing him over the edge and hungrily drinking down rivers of his sweet cum as he informed our waiter that I'd order when I "returned from the ladies' r.

uhhhh. .room". Watching the waiter's footsteps depart before coming back up and kissing him sweetly on the cheek, whispering in his ear that I'd already had my dessert, neither of us caring how cheesy the innuendo was.

Taking the back row at the movies and "snuggling" as we watched, me in his lap gently rocking myself on his bulge, reaching down in the darkness to release him, guide him under my skirt and into my waiting pussy. Suppressing a low moan as I slid him into me, rocking slowly to avoid attracting attention, feeling his hand snake under my skirt and onto my clitty and gently pulling on it as I rocked us both to orgasm.

Staying there while he went softer inside me, feeling his cum dripping out of me and onto him, leaning back and kissing his neck, nibbling on his ear until I felt him inflating again inside me, continuing to ride him, missing the entire movie. We were insatiable, and instead of growing bored with the constant lovemaking the more used to it we got, it was like we only kept fanning each other's flames higher.

We didn't *want* to get caught, not caught in the way that spelled trouble, but we were so proud of being together that we felt the need to share it with the world, kept taking risks, kept refusing to hide entirely.

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Gradually, it prepared us for what came next. Chapter 15: Panting and covered in a sheen of perspiration, lying side by side in daddy's bed, our fingers still entwined, catching our breath.

I turned to my side and looked at him for the hundredth time, feeling like I should pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. "What is it, sweet pea?" "Nothing. I just still can't believe it sometimes, daddy.

That I'm really yours and that you're really mine. It still feels like a dream." He turned to face me and smiled. "A good dream?" "The best dream EVER. I wish I had someone I could tell, you know? I just wanna brag and show you off. It kinda sucks that we always have to pretend." He chuckled. "I know the feeling, baby. You have no idea how many guys would envy me 'til they're green in the face for getting to be with you.

Maybe someday we'll be able to do that. Prance around and watch everyone get jealous." I sighed. "Yeah. Someday." He frowned a little, pensively. "You know, I have this friend.

Now, don't get freaked out, but he sort of knows about you." "Huh?" "I haven't told him we're together, sweetheart. But I used to talk to him.

Confide in him about my feelings for you. I've loved you for a long time, you know. It was hard sometimes. Pretty much all the time." I giggled. "Hard all the time, huh? But I know what you mean, daddy. I felt like I was going nuts before you finally made love to me." "I wish I'd known sooner, baby.

We have a lot of lost time to make up for. Anyway, I haven't spoken to him since. Well, since you started to absorb my every waking moment with those sweet little lips of yours. both pairs of them." He winked. I grinned and punched him softly in the arm, sticking out my tongue at him. "So what did you tell him about me?" "Well, that you were absolutely gorgeous.

I've sent him a few pictures of you, and he agrees wholeheartedly. Called me a lucky bastard a million times. I used to tell him how hard it was to want you so badly and be unable to have you. He tried for a while to convince me to make a move on you, you know. I wish now that I'd listened. But back then I thought you'd never go for it, that you'd think I was a freak, that I'd lose you.

I couldn't have handled losing you, baby. So he stopped telling me to try, but he was always supportive, telling me to be patient, that things would get better. He was right, of course. But my point is that he's been a very good friend to me when I needed a friend the most.

And I trust him. I'd like him to know, if you're ok with it, sweetheart. He's someone we can trust to keep our secret, someone that would be happy for us." "Ok. If you trust him, then I do too. Let's tell him!" "Really? .Right now?" "Well I was kinda hoping we could stay in bed a while longer." He smirked. "Well, we don't have to get out of bed to tell him, you little minx." "Huh?" He reached over and took his laptop from his nightstand, flipping it open and signing on.

He pulled up a videochat program and logged in, pointed his cursor at the name "Simon" in his contact list, looking at me questioningly. I grinned and nodded my reassurance. He smiled, kissed me, and sent the chat invite. I sat off to the side and slightly behind my dad where the camera wouldn't be able to see me. I couldn't wait to find out what this guy was like, to see who daddy had been saying all those sexy things about me to.

The screen loaded and soon there was sound and video of a man.


A man I knew very well. A man that had essentially introduced me to sex, a man I'd spoken to for hours a day, for months on end. A man I'd never told my dad about. The man that took my cherry. James, my dear online friend. Dad's Simon was my James. All this took me a moment to process, but luckily I wiped the shocked look off my face before daddy noticed it.

What the hell was going on here?? I sat quietly and observed from the outskirts, my mind reeling. "Paul! Long time no speak. How hangs it, man?" "Hey, Si.

Sorry, I've been busy. You know how it is." "Fair enough, man. Glad to hear from you, how've you been? Has that daughter of yours been giving you a hard time?" Dad laughed. "You could say that. Actually, that's why I called. I wanted to talk to you about her." James/Simon groaned from the laptop. "Man, you know I'm always here for you, but seriously. I'd LOVE to get with her, and if I was in her life you know I'd be putting the moves on her. You need to grow a set of balls and give it a shot, bro.

For the team. For those of us that aren't so lucky." Umm. James was pretending not to have fucked me? Not to know me? I guessed he wasn't there to rat me out after all. But something fishy was still going on, and he'd given me the shock of a lifetime when he popped up on my dad's screen like that. I thought some payback was in order. Dad nodded pensively at his camera. "You know, I think you're right." "Holy shit, are you serious? Hallelujah, the man sees reason!

So, what are you planning to do about it?" Daddy looked over to me, and I grinned as I got on my knees, slowly crawling behind him, draping my naked body casually over his shoulders in a hug from behind, smiling and giving the laptop a little wave.

Simon/James' jaw straight up DROPPED. He was speechless as he watched me kiss my daddy's neck, softly suckling on his ear while looking at the camera. My dad beamed at the cam. "Well, I was thinking of doing her again, for starters. Admittedly it's not very original after the first hundred or so times, but." "Paul. Holy shit. I.

I'm so fucking proud of you, man! Congratulations! Jasmine, it's great to meet you. I've heard SO much about you, you really gave your old man a run for his money there!" I decided to play along with whatever his game was for now. "Nice to meet you too, um. Simon, is it? Daddy speaks very highly of you." "As well he should, darling.

And you're every bit as beautiful as the pictures and your dad's endless whining always suggested. He's a very lucky guy." "I think I'm the lucky one." And, with that, I put my hand on my daddy's chin and turned his face to mine, kissing him passionately, feeling him turn and slip his arm around me, pulling me into his lap. Continuing to kiss him deeply while he stroked my side, squeezed my ass.

Hearing James/Simon gulp on the screen, clear his throat. Both of us ignoring him, my daddy's hand wandering to my mound, rubbing his thumb in little circles above my pussy as he broke our kiss and lowered his head to my chest, softly tonguing and sucking on my hard nips while I opened my legs to him and leaned my head back, feeling his fingers stroke my lips and clitty on their way to my opening, and then slipping into me, my pussy gripping his fingers, my back arching, moaning.

And turning my head to the side to look at James, seeing him watching us with an expression of pure shock on his face even as his hand went to his cock and began to stroke it, the first cock I ever truly fucked being stroked while he watched my daddy fingerfuck me.

Yesssssss. Chapter 16: James had cum quickly, smiled, and signed off quietly, leaving me and daddy to it. Hours later, we were finally spent for the night and drifted off to sleep - or at least daddy did. As soon as his breathing got rhythmic and deep, I got up and snuck to the foot of the bed, digging through my pile of clothes to find my cellphone. I texted James. "You.

Me. Online. NOW." Moments later I was perched on the bed in my own room, which felt strange after not having slept in it for so long. I anxiously stared at my laptop, waiting for James to pop online. The wait was killing me. I looked around, picked up a few of my teddybears and hugged each of them, feeling almost guilty for having left them alone for so long. James logged on. I immediately clicked the chat invite button and bit my lip as the window loaded. "Jasmine, sweetheart.

Long time no see! What's up? Ride any good dicks lately?" "James, what the HELL. Quit fucking around, I'm freaking out here!

What is this??" "Well, *I* think it's great, but if you want to conform to society's bullshit standards." "JAMES." "God, calm down baby. Why are you so tense? Didn't you just get a majorly good dicking? I assume it was good since it lasted this long. I was expecting your text hours ago!" "I'M TENSE BECAUSE MY DAD IS BFF'S WITH THE GUY THAT POPPED MY CHERRY, ONLY SUDDENLY HE'S NAMED SIMON AND DOESN'T KNOW ME." "You know, for someone that's so worried about introducing me to your pops, you sure are being noisy.

Calm down honey." ".Fine. I'm calm. Now talk." "You know, we used to be friends. You used to trust me. I'm a little hurt you'd think my involvement is somehow dangerous to you here." "James, please. I'm seriously wigging out here." "Honey, it's really no big deal. You wanted daddy, and I tried to help you get him. It wasn't working and you were sad about it. Meanwhile, there's certain places I go online. Where people that like the same things can meet and mingle.

I met a guy in one of those, started talking to him, became friends with him. The longer we talked, the more he turned out to have in common with your dad, until I figured out he WAS your dad. So I figured I'd try to help you out, encourage your old man, put in a good word for you. That's all this is, Jazzy." "So you told him your name was Simon just in case I'd already mentioned a James??" "No.

Simon is my alter ego. It's for privacy. I went by that name long before I found out who he was." "Then. why didn't you tell me?" "Sweetheart.

You were upset as hell. I wasn't going to give you false hope and risk having him turn out to be a total stick in the mud that would rather die than break a taboo." "Oh." "So, we cool?" "Yeah. James, I'm so sorry. I just wasn't ready to see you on his screen, you know? I didn't know what to think." "I get it, honey. It's okay. I'm sorry I didn't prepare you, but it's not like I knew you'd both pop up on my computer writhing all over each other's naked flesh any time soon, you know?" I grinned.

"Yeah, well. I'll tell you the story sometime." "You better, the illustrations were amazing but I need a bit of story in my porn." He winked. "You guys looked smitten, not to mention you make a SMOKIN' hot couple. I really am so happy for you, Jazzy. For both of you." "Yeah. me too." Chapter 17: A few nights later, as we got into bed and began groping and kissing, I started asking questions.

While daddy tongued my nips, I asked him how he'd met this Simon. While I kissed his neck and squeezed the bulge in his boxers, he told me about places online, places where men could meet other men that know how it feels to love their daughters. As daddy teased my pussy with a slow tender tongue, I asked him how many people he knew there, how many he'd be telling about us. As I took his cock into my mouth and barely caressed him with my lips formed into a soft loose ring, he told me he hadn't been as close to the others as he had been to Simon, but that he wouldn't mind bragging about us to more than one person.

As he ran his cock along my dripping slit, I asked him if it'd be safe for us if they knew. And as I took him into me, he told me that they wouldn't tell, that they'd be incriminating themselves for even being a part of this group if they tried to tell a living soul. It was all just hypothetical, just a little fantasy as we discussed it. But as we began fucking in earnest the talk continued, turning us both on in a way neither of us had expected it to. "Ohhhhh. daddy. I wish they could see us now.

you feel so good inside me." "My God you're beautiful, baby. the way your tight little body responds to me. fuck, sweetheart. If they saw you now there wouldn't be a soft cock among them." "Would they watch, daddy? Could I show them all how much I love you. how wet you make me. How hard you make me cum." "Ohhh sweetheart. they'd watch. they'd stroke themselves to our lovemaking.

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wishing they could be in my place. wishing they could make your sweet pussy grip them as tightly as it wants me. You'd make them all cum, baby." "Would you like that, daddy? Knowing they're all so horny. knowing they're all cumming to the thought of being in your place." "God.

you're so wet. so tight. you like this, don't you baby. Yes. I'd love it. showing them all how passionately my darling daughter loves me. imagine it, baby. Imagine them watching us right now. Remember Simon watching us. feel how tight your pussy gets at the thought. Cum for daddy, sweetheart. Cum and imagine them all watching as you orgasm on daddy's hard cock, watching your pussy squeezing me until I explode inside you, watching my sweet little angel take my load deeply, hungrily.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk." "Daddyyyyyyyyyyy yessssssssssssssssssssssss." Somehow, we both knew we were going to go ahead with this, that it hadn't just been idle talk in the heat of passion. There was a sense of excitement and expectation between us for the next few days, and we kept returning to our dirty talks during lovemaking, telling each other how hot it would be to finally be able to stop hiding, to show people our love, to know we weren't being judged but envied, admired, arousing others with our own passion.

Finally, we got around to discussing it seriously. "Baby, do you really want this?" "Only if you do too, daddy, but. yes." He looked at me silently for a moment. "I wish they'd been watching from the start.

I don't want them to just see you as a sex object. I want them to know your sweetness." "Then. why don't we start over?" "What do you mean, honey?" "Well. what if you went back there and started talking to them like you used to.

Before anything happened between us. And then you leave your laptop on and I just happen to walk in." He grinned. "You cheeky little thing, you.

You're going to seduce me, right in front of my buddies, huh?" I laughed. "Well, only if you actually manage to put up a fight, daddy. otherwise I'll just jump you." He pondered this for a moment. "Simon already knows, though. He might tell them it's an act." "Yeah, but we can tell them afterwards, can't we? That we've already been together for a while? It'll just be fun to make a little performance out of it, to show them our story instead of telling them." "Is that what you really want, baby?

Be honest with me, sweetheart. This is a big step." "Daddy. I love you. And it's so hard to never be able to share that with the world. I really really want this, and I want to do it this way because it means we get to have a second chance at a 'first time'. To sort of celebrate that night. Is that dumb?" "No, sweet pea. It's beautiful.

I'm a lucky, lucky man." And, just like that, it was decided. Chapter 18: The wait was hard. We'd decided he'd have to go back to his daily chats for a few days at least, if it was going to come across as spontaneous and believable when we finally put on our little show.

It really ate into our lovemaking time. These guys would hang out in conference video-and-voice chat pretty much all day, but the peak activity seemed to be from midnight onwards. I still got to have quickies with daddy, but I had to go back to sleeping in my own room. Of course, I had a spy. While daddy did his thing, I stayed up and chatted to James.

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He told me daddy had asked him not to spread the word about us yet, that we were working on a surprise for his friends.

And he'd give me updates on what was happening in the invitation-only password protected room they all shared. They all talked about their daughters, or in some cases nieces, neighbour girls, students. Sometimes they showed each other pictures and talked about what they'd like to do with these girls, if only they could. Daddy was becoming very popular, they'd all ask him about me and watch him talk to them about my body, about how he'd love to see my soft lips wrapped around his thick shaft, how he wanted to see his cock stretching my little pussy.

They'd talk him into taking his laptop over to my room, and James would warn me in time for me to shut my laptop lid and pretend to be asleep, always with my legs slightly spread, my oversized tshirt slightly pulled up, or sleeping in just my undies. Struggling to not open my eyes while my daddy stood there holding his laptop, showing me off on his webcam.

Fighting the urge to reach down, to take care of the ache between my legs. Knowing from James' reports that each time daddy did this, several of his buddies would jerk off to me, would cum to the sight of my body. I made a habit of dropping in on dad. He'd always tell them that he hadn't expected my visit, that he'd muted his speakers and minimized the chat window so I couldn't see or hear them.

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He never really did, but they got to think they were a fly on the wall. I'd be as cute as I could be, usually coming in to "say hi" after "getting home from school", my school uniform still on but always in my shortest skirt, with a few buttons on my shirt undone. I'd hug him, sit in his lap, tell him I missed him, snuggle into his chest for a while. And we'd listen to comments we pretended not to hear. "Oh holy fuck.

Look at that sweet little thing, if I was Paul I'd have such a fucking enormous boner right now." "Shit, yeah. I don't think I'd be able to help myself. The way she's burying her face in his chest, and look at that little ass." "Yeah, you just know he's feeling that grinding up on him right now. If I were him I'd just fling her on the bed right now and fuck her brains out." And so it went, for almost a week.

Until it'd been so long since I got to spend an entire day and night with daddy, until I was so insanely horny from all the teasing, that I couldn't help myself anymore. Daddy hadn't given the green light yet, but I no longer cared.

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I needed him back inside me, where he belonged. So I went over to my closet and picked out the same outfit I'd had on on that very first night, the night that daddy finally made love to me for the first time. My cutest pink pyjama shorts with kittens printed all over them. My tiny fitted soft yellow tshirt with the Tweety decal on the front.

My fuzzy pink bunny slippers. My hair tied into two cute pigtails. And my worn but favourite teddybear, the bear I'd named Daddy when I was just 3. Clutching the teddy to my chest, looking myself over in the mirror.

This would do. Sneaking over to his bedroom and listening at the door for a while. Hearing daddy breathe heavy, and that familiar old slappy noise. Knowing this meant he was stroking the hard cock I wanted so badly, the cock I'd missed so much this past week. Listening to him talk as he masturbated. "She had a lollipop earlier. Oh fuck, I can't even begin to describe how sexy she looked with that thing in her mouth, that stick wobbling with the movements of her sweet little tongue, stretching her closed lips around it every time she pulled it out.

All I could think about was her hot little mouth on my cock." That did it. I knocked, heard him fumble and clear his throat, knowing he was pretending to minimize the chat, to turn off his speakers.

Hearing his buddies mumble "Oh shit, he's busted." - "Shhhh, let's watch!" "What is it, sweetheart?" I put on my best pout and slowly opened the door, standing in the doorway clutching my teddy to my chest. "Daddy. I had a bad dream." "Oh, honey." He'd placed his laptop on his dresser, giving it a full view of the bed he was now laying on as he reached his hand out to me and shot me a knowing grin.

I hid my answering smile by burying my face in my teddy, before we both returned to serious expressions. "Come here." I walked over and climbed into his bed, into his arms, inhaling his scent greedily as he stroked my hair and kissed my forehead. The laptop chattering in the background. "Oh my God." - "Yeah, that poor bastard." - "She's in his BED, man.

That has to be fucking TORTURE." - "Did you see what she was WEARING??" - "Yeah. I'd rip that fucking adorable pair of shorts off her so fucking fast." "Daddy. Can I sleep with you tonight?" "Sweetheart, I don't think that's a good idea." I sat up and stuck out my bottom lip, making it quiver, lowering my eyes. "Oh." The laptop chatter got more intense.

"What is he doing??" - "He's gonna send her away!" - "What an ass!" Daddy reached up and caressed my face, running a finger along my pouty lip while I blinked sadly, looking like I was on the verge of tears.

He propped himself up on one elbow, continuing to trace my lips gently. "Oh, sweetheart. Alright. You can stay with daddy tonight." He cupped my cheek as he kissed my forehead, my eyes, my cheeks, the tip of my nose. Smiling as I smiled back at him dreamily. Looking at my lips.

Moving in slowly. The laptop was cheering us on now. "Yeah dude, go for it!" - "Do it! Kiss that sweet little pout!" - "Oh no. No, NO PAUL YOU FUCKING IDIOT WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Stopping. His eyes widening, moving his face away from mine slightly, frowning a little. Me leaning forward and planting a small kiss on his lips.

Sweet, chaste. Innocent. Climbing on top of him and lying down, my head and hands on his chest, my knees on both sides of his hips. His hands stroking my arm, his fingers running through my hair. Moving to my back and rubbing me in circular motions, making my shirt slowly ride higher, letting his hand slip onto my bare skin. His buddies shouting out their frustrations as he slipped his hand completely under the back of my shirt, caressing my entire back in long slow strokes from my shoulderblades to the waistband of my shorts.

Lower each time. Pushing the shorts slightly down on each stroke. His fingertips eventually slipping under the elastic, rubbing circles on my lower back. My LOWER lower back. The top of my ass. Squeezing my asscheeks now, his hand completely inside my shorts. "Daddy. mmmmm. That feels nice." "Does it, sweetie?" "Kinda weird, too." "Weird how?" "I dunno.

kinda tingly and warm." The laptop broadcasting cheers and shouts. "YES! KEEP GOING, DUDE!" - "Holy shit she wants it" - "Don't be an idiot, she doesn't even know what the tingling is" - "Yeah and she still wants it, holy fuck this is so goddamn HOT" "Where is it tingly, sweetheart?" "Umm. between my legs.

is there. something wrong with me, daddy?" Sitting up on top of him, giving him a worried look. "I don't know, darling.

Let daddy take a look. Here, we'll take this shirt off first." "But the tingly feeling is down there, daddy." I shyly touched myself through my shorts, placing one pointing finger on my pussy where it pressed against his abdomen. "I know, honey. But there's something I want to try. It might tell us why you feel tingly." I raised my arms trustingly as his hands ran up my bare skin, under my shirt and along my sides, sliding it up and exposing my hard little nips.

Hearing the gasps, groans, moans of his internet buddies as he slid my shirt over my head and tossed it on the floor. Sitting perched on top of him now, wearing nothing but my pj shorts, straddling his heavily rising and falling abdomen as his hands inched along my body, caressing my tight tummy, moving up to the middle of my chest, nestling between my nips. "Now tell me how this feels, sweetheart." His thumb reaching out, softly and slowly beginning to flick my nip up and down, then in circles, making me sigh deeply and close my eyes.

"It feels. nice. really really nice. but it's making the tingling worse, daddy." His speakers pumping out a steady drone of "Ohhhh"s and "Fuck yessssss"es as daddy raised himself up on his elbow and placed a hand between my shoulderblades, pulling me closer and making the nip on the side closest to the laptop land in his hot waiting mouth, closing his lips around me and beginning to suck it into his mouth, circling and flicking it with his tongue, making me pant softly and bury my fingers in his hair.

"Daddy. I. I. ohhhhhhh." His muffled murmurs as he continued to tongue one nip and finger the other. "Is this nice, baby. Is daddy making your little nips feel good. Is the tingling getting worse. Tell daddy, sweetie." "Mmmmmm. it feels so soft, daddy. so nice. I feel. Ohhh. it feels warmer. between my legs. on my. my." "Pussy, baby. Say it. Tell daddy how your little pussy feels." Me, twitching and grinding myself onto his pubic bone, feeling the bulge in his boxers nestled against my ass, the speakers relaying his buddies' grunts and groans as they watched their friend toy with his little girl.

"My. my little pussy. it feels warm and throbby, daddy." Not taking his mouth off me, he gripped my sides, flipping me over and laying me on the bed and beginning to lick and kiss a trail down my chest, down my abdomen. "Let daddy see, baby.

Tell daddy where the throbby feeling is. What do you want daddy to take a look at for you, sweetie?" "I. I want you to look at my. my little pussy, daddy. Please daddy. look at my pussy. it feels so. ohhh." For one of his internet friends, this was all it took. "Oh holy fucking shit she's so fucking hot. Oh fuck. I'm cumming." This turned me on so much I couldn't help but buck my hips, pressing my still covered mound onto my daddy's face, making him grip my waistband and pull, slowly exposing my hairless mound to the camera, and to himself.

Completely naked now in front of this group of 14 strangers and my dad, while daddy kissed my mound and caressed my leg, telling me to move it aside, to let him see.

Eagerly obeying and hearing the gasps from him and his friends, wet as hell now. Feeling his teasing finger making soft trails along my pussy lips. "Here, baby? Is this where it throbs? Where daddy's finger is touching?" "Yes.

no. I. I don't know. it's there, but. not. daddy I. please." "Please what, sweetie? What do you want from daddy?" "I don't know. I just. it's so. please touch me more, daddy. I feel so weird." His finger now slipping between my outer lips and softly circling around my clitty in smaller and smaller circles, nearing my button slowly, finally touching it and making me moan loudly.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." "Right there, sweetie? Is this where you want daddy to touch you?" "Yessss. yesssssss daddy. Touch me there. there." "On your little clitty, honey. Say it." "Daddy. please. touch my little clitty." He groaned and dove forward, taking me into his mouth and sucking on my button, murmuring "Ohhhh my little baby. you taste so sweet." and instantly bringing me to an earth shattering orgasm, my hips bucking wildly as he rose up on his elbows, gripped them and followed my pussy with his mouth wherever it went, keeping me cumming for what seemed like forever, my juices visibly all over his lips, cheeks, dripping down his chin.

The laptop going insane. "He made her cum! Holy fucking shit she came in his fucking mouth!" - "She just kept cumming and cumming!" - "Jesus Christ that little bitch is SO FUCKING HOT for him, he made that pussy juice in just SECONDS, man!" - "I just fucking came, holy fuck!" Chapter 19: Daddy laid down beside me, softly stroking my naked body from my chest to my legs, looking down at me lovingly as I caught my breath.

"WOW. daddy. what was that??" "It's called cumming, sweetheart. You just came." "Cumming.?" "It's what happens when your body feels a lot of pleasure. Tension builds up and then it's released from your sweet little pussy.

Did it feel nice, baby?" "It felt amazing, daddy. I never knew I could feel like that. thank you. thank you." Kissing his cheek repeatedly, my naked body pressed against his, fluttering kisses along his neck, his chest. Looking up at him adoringly as he looked down and brought his lips to mine, acting surprised for a moment before tentatively kissing him back more and more passionately. Letting my hands travel on him as he explored me, "accidentally" brushing past his straining bulge, breaking the kiss.

"Daddy, what's that?" Laptop: "She just touched his dick!" - "Oh Jesus she wants to know what it is. If he plays this right." - "No way dude, don't get your hopes up. Not a chance she'll just suck the first dick she's ever seen." - "Oh fuck off. She just came in his mouth for like two minutes straight! Don't you think she's hooked already?" - "Good point, I've never seen a woman that responsive before. Maybe." "It's my penis, baby. A cock. Usually it's soft and limp, but when I get excited in a certain way.

Sort of like how you feel when your pussy is throbby. It gets hard like this." "Why?" "So that it can be used for sex, baby. When it's hard, a man can slide it into a woman's pussy until they both feel really really good." "THAT goes INTO a pussy???" He laughed.

"It sure does, sweetheart. You'd be amazed how stretchy a pussy can be." "Do boys.

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cum, too? Like I just did?" "Sort of. When boys cum, it's a little different. Your pussy makes itself nice and wet when you're excited, so that a penis can slide into you easily. When you cum, you produce lots more of that wetness and your pussy squeezes itself lots of times, so that if there's a penis inside you, it grips it nice and tight.

But when a penis cums, it's made to do something different. The cum my cock produces isn't just wetness, it's called sperm and it comes from the tip, so that if it's inside a pussy, the sperm goes deep into your body. That's because sperm wants to get to your tummy, because that's where it can make a baby in you." "So I can't. like, if I lick it like you licked me, it won't make you cum?" "Oh it would, sweetheart. Believe me, you could make it cum so hard with that sweet mouth of yours.

But you don't have to, honey. I can do it myself, too. With my hand. Just like when I used my fingers on your little clitty. There's lots of ways to cum." "Can I. Can I see?" "See what, baby? You can say the words." "Can I.

see your cock, daddy?" He smiled and began removing his boxers, grinning as I gasped when his cock sprang out. I'm sure he thought it was funny because I must just be acting surprised for the webcam, but the truth is I'm still amazed every time I see it. He took himself in his hand and began stroking his cock slowly as I stared and licked my lips.

"Do you like it, baby? Try it on yourself. Watch daddy stroke his hard cock while you explore your pussy with your fingers. Show me how you make yourself feel good, sweetie. Find your little button, rub it for me.

Play with your sweet little pussy for daddy." I sat at the foot of his bed, facing him, and opened my legs slightly. My hand traveled down to my again aching pussy and I pretended to fumble around a little, to be unable to find my well known spot as I watched him. The laptop was spewing forth comments on how daddy must be a robot for not cumming immediately, questioning how he could hold it in when his baby was right in front of him, watching him jerk off and fingering her pink pussy for him.

I bit my bottom lip and honed in on my clitty, letting out a low moan. "You found it. Good girl. Pet your little clitty for daddy, honey. Just like that. Let daddy watch you play with your sweet pussy.

God you're so fucking hot, baby." I kept my eyes glued to his cock as I stroked my button, already on the verge of cumming but not letting myself, watching his strokes increase in speed, watching him nearing his own orgasm. Suddenly getting to my knees and crawling over to between his legs, lowering my face to his cock and giving the head a tentative little lick, feeling his precum coat my tongue. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Sweetheart. you don't have to." "Don't you like it, daddy?" "Baby, it feels incredible." "Then I want to. you taste so good." Laptop: "HOLY FUCKING SHIT SHE JUST LICKED HIS FUCKING COCK!!!!!" - "Wow, that sexy little bitch." - "Did she just fucking say he tastes good???" - "Ohhh my God I'm gonna cum." Opening my mouth, pretending not to know just how daddy liked it, pretending to be cautious and unsure, taking the tip between my lips and suckling softly while I looked up at him nervously, questioningly.

His hand on my cheek, nodding his approval. "Ohhhhhhh fuck. My girl. My good girl. Just like that, sweetie. Use your sweet little lips just like that.

Take a little more into your mouth, baby." Sinking down on his hard shaft, trailing my tongue all over him as I suckled and pulled back, fucking my mouth onto his throbbing meat with my eyes dreamily half closed, murmuring on him, feeling him inflate as he always did when he was about to cum.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk baby I'm gonna cum. it'll go in your mouth if you don't stop, baby. Fuck. stop. I'm gonna. Oh fuck I'm cumming in your hot wet little mouth baby.

take it. drink daddy's cum." Gulping and swallowing wildly, loving the taste of my daddy's cum and wanting to drink every drop, but purposely letting a little of it escape my mouth and drizzle down my chin, continuing to suck until every drop was mine. Finally releasing him and beaming proudly. "Daddy, I made you cum!!" "Ohhhh God baby you did." "It tasted soooo nice." Collecting the escaped drizzle from my chin with my finger, sucking it off my fingertip with my eyes half closed, making "mmmm" sounds as the chatroom went dead quiet except for a mixture of heavy breathing and moaning.

I climbed back on top of daddy, cuddling him as I had at the start, but both naked now, his half limp cock nestled against my still dripping pussy, his hand stroking me all over as he kissed the top of my head and whispered "my baby. my sweet little girl." as his hands traveled down and squeezed my ass, slowly spreading and squeezing it together again, his fingers creeping slowly lower until they were on the outer edges of my pussy lips, softly pulling them apart, allowing his already hardening shaft to fall between them before releasing them again, over and over until I began to sigh and wriggle my hips, rubbing myself up against him.

Feeling his finger dip slightly into my wet little hole, slowly penetrating me in little thrusts, deeper and deeper. The laptop playing his friends' whispers of amazement as he added another finger, stroking me on the inside as his fingers stretched me open, making sure to grimace in pretend pain and hiss a little when he stopped halfway in and pretended to find resistance.

Removing his fingers and taking his own cock into his hand, kissing my forehead and murmuring "I love you, baby. I love you, sweetheart." as he aimed his cock towards my little hole and stroked my slit with it.

I bit my lip, looking at him anxiously as I began to push back against it. "Sweetheart. What are you doing?" "I. I don't know, daddy. I just feel. Like I need." "What, baby? What do you need?" Laptop: "No fucking WAY." - "SERIOUSLY?? SHE'S GONNA." - "Holy fucking SHIT she wants him to fuck her." - "This can't be happening." A tense silence as they waited to see what would happen next.

"When you said earlier that cocks. That they can go into. Into a pussy." "They can, sweetheart. But your pussy is very, very tight and it might hurt you." "But. Your fingers. inside me. It felt so. I just. I feel so. empty. I need." "What, sweetie. Say it." "I need to be. filled. I feel like I need your cock inside me, daddy. please. please." "Oh God honey. I'd love that.

I'd love it so fucking much. But you still have your cherry, baby. It's what girls have before the first time they get fucked. It hurts a little the first time, sweetheart." "I don't care.

Please, daddy. Please. fuck me. I really need it. so bad." The mixed groans from my daddy's mouth and his laptop speakers, his hand pointing his cock right at my entrance, his hips pushing up, the head pressing against me, slowly stretching my opening. My moans as I pushed back and he entered me to just below the head, and then stopping. My little pussy stretching on his thick cock, twitching around him. "Oh Jesus. Baby. you feel so fucking tight.

So silky. I'm at your cherry, baby. I can't go any further." "Please, daddy. Please. Fuck me deeper. Fuck my little pussy, daddy. Please." Another guy in the chatroom cumming loudly as I put on a face of pretend agony for a few seconds and thrust back onto my daddy's hard cock, taking him into me completely, pretending to sob on his chest as I held still and he stroked my hair. "Ohhhhh fuckkkkkkk. Shhhhh, darling. Shhhhhh. It'll pass soon. I promise. It'll feel better in just a minute, sweetheart.

It'll be okay. You were so brave. The bad part is over now, baby. My brave little girl." Sniffling, calming down. Beginning to sigh, to moan, to wriggle, pretending not to know how to fuck. "Let daddy take care of you, baby. Just relax. Just let daddy take care of everything." Rolling over, still buried deep inside me, placing me on my back with my legs spread wide apart, him on his knees between my legs, stroking my chest, my tummy, beginning to slowly pull out and thrust back into me.

My tummy swelling visibly with each thrust, moaning loudly now, my back arching as my body responded to his hot cock. His fingers finding my clitty, stroking it as he fucked himself into my tight little body. "Cum for me, darling. Cum, sweetheart." "Cum inside me, daddy.

I want. I need to feel it. I need you to fill my little pussy. please." "I'm close, baby. So close. Daddy's gonna cum in your silky little pussy. Feel how you're gripping me. Squeezing daddy's hard cock with your sweet little pussy. You're gonna milk me dry, baby." "Yessssss. Daddy. I feel it. I'm. I'm gonna cum." "Cum for daddy, sweetie. Cum on daddy's cock. Suck daddy's cum deep into your little body. My baby. My little angel.

Take daddy's cum." "Daddy. I love you. I love you so much. I'm. I'm cummingggggg. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH DADDYYYYYYYYYYYY." Cumming. Harder than ever before. Gushing and gushing forever, his cock filling me so deeply.

Moaning, feeling him pumping me full of his hot cum, hearing him moan through a chorus of other moans as most of his friends came with us. Chapter 20: I pretended to be asleep while he got out of bed and snuck over to his laptop.

I listened to excited whispers of amazement, of congratulations, of disbelief. Listened to him carry the laptop over to the bed to point the cam between my legs, to show them his creamy cum still dripping from my little hole. Almost able to feel their eyes on me, feeling so happy, so content. Hearing him agree to their request to never stop fucking me, and to leave his laptop on 24/7 so they could watch.

For the next two weeks, we made love more than ever. The laptop was always on, we were always being watched. His friends had invited their friends, who had invited theirs.

The word had spread like wildfire, and instead of the original 14 guys, there were now 43. There had been many, many more, but his friends protected me as loyally as my daddy did, and booted out anyone that was disrespectful, called me a slut, or suggested my dad do ridiculous and disgusting things to me. They were devoted to our relationship, and even though I couldn't thank them, I adored them for it.

Until one day I came home from school and found daddy waiting for me in the kitchen for a talk, away from the prying eyes and ears of our fanclub.


"Sweetheart, how would you feel about being introduced to them?" I laughed. "I think they already know me pretty well, daddy." He grinned. "Smartass. But I meant to talk to them. So we no longer have to pretend not to hear them. So we can respond to them." "Hmm. You know they'd tell us what to do." "Well we wouldn't have to listen, honey." "No, but we could, daddy." "You mean you'd like that?" I shrugged.

"It'd be kinda hot." And so that night, after making love, snuggling, we repeated a version of this conversation in front of the webcam. "Sweetheart. Do you trust me?" "Yes, daddy." "Listen to me, honey. I have. Some friends." Laptop: "Is he talking about us??" - "I think so." - "Dude, he's gonna tell her??" - "She's gonna flip!" "Huh?" "I know some people on the internet, sweetheart.

Remember, you trust me. So listen to me now. There's some people I'd like you to meet." "Okay, daddy." And, with just those two words, my life was about to change forever. END - [email protected] xoxo

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