Isida Pulls Down Her Panties And Rides A Cock

Isida Pulls Down Her Panties And Rides A Cock
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I'm a 29 year old guy who's always been bi-curious but the opportunity to experiment had never really come up. I went through a bad break up about 6 months ago and decided to use the opportunity to experiment a bit.

I finally plucked up the courage to place an internet advert looking for a hook-up.

I can't remember the exact text, but it was something like - 'Looking to experiment with one or two guys. I'm slim, blonde hair, reasonably fit. Looking to suck and get fucked. It's my first time, so I'm quite nervous and looking for discretion. If you're interested please drop me an e-mail'. It took me a few days to pluck up the courage to post it, the idea that I'd finally follow through with a long held fantasy got my heart racing.

Despite being straight for most of my life, I was obsessed with cum and I'd fantasied daily about receiving a mouthful or having someone blow a massive load inside me. One night after a few drinks, I finally posted it.

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The advert was up for about 2 weeks before I got a reply and I'd almost forgotten about it. The message read - 'Hi, me and a friend are over in the UK on business from the states. I'm black, 32, well-built with an 8 inch cock. My friend is white, similar build with a thick cock of similar size.

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We'd definitely be up for meeting at our hotel next weekend. We understand it's your first time, so promise to go easy (or has hard) on you as you like. If you're interested, drop us a message'. Fuck. This was it. Again it took me a few days to reply, but I finally plucked up the courage and I sent them a message saying that I would be interested and arranged to meet them on the coming Saturday night. I was already extremely nervous and running through things that might go wrong.

But with a lot of similar decisions in the past, I'd never been disappointed when experimenting with something new. The night rolled around and I made way over to the hotel and met them in the bar.


Mark, the black guy was about 6'4' and really well built. Andy, the white guy, was leaner, but looked like he worked out. They seemed pretty laid back and we made some small talk about the states and their trip to the UK.

We sank a couple of beers and they suggested we head upstairs, I nervously agreed. They led the way to the room and I followed behind, we got to the hotel room, went inside and Andy shut the door behind me. I didn't really know what to do with myself, so went and sat on the bed. In similar situations with girls there would be a slow build up, but they both seemed keen to get straight to the action. Mark motioned to me to take my clothes off, so I stripped down to my boxer shorts.

"Nice, looking good" Mark said as he saw me naked. I'd been hitting the gym hard recently, so it was good to get that acknowledgement. The irony was that since my break up, I'd been lifting weights to be more attractive to women. Mark sat on the edge of the bed and I thought to myself 'fuck it, lets do it' and I dropped to my knees and pulled down his trousers and boxers. His cock almost burst out. The first thing that struck me was the sheer size, I'd never seen a cock so perfectly formed and the heat that was coming off it was incredible.

I steadied myself with the realisation that this was finally happening. I slowly took his cock in my hands and started stroking before I sank my mouth over his bulging head and took his length into my mouth. I was surprised how little I could fit and how wide my jaw had to stretch. In my eagerness I immediately started bobbing my head up and down furiously. "Woah, slow down there bud" Andy laughed from beside me.

I looked up and he was now fully naked stroking his cock. I decided to focus on one cock at a time and Andy seemed content to watch for a while. I've watched my fair share of porn videos, and been on the receiving end of some good blow jobs in the past so I slowed right down and made a conscious decision to give him the most sloppy head I could imagine.

Each stroke up and down I produced as much saliva as possible. After a few minutes his cock and balls were dripping.

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I licked down to the base and around his nuts. His ball sack felt incredibly heavy. He'd mentioned in the lift on the way up that he hadn't cum for a couple of weeks and I shivered with the thought of the massive load waiting for me. I picked up the pace and worked both my hands up and down his shaft whilst continuing to blow him.

After about 10 mins of sucking, his moaning got louder and he urged me to keep going. "Fuck that feels good, keep going, keep going, fuck, I'm gonna cum soon". I got a sudden head rush and wave of pleasure and excitement as soon as he mentioned he was close. A few more pumps of my mouth and he let out a long moan followed by "Fuck, I'm gonna cum in your throat".

I felt his ball sack twitch and his cock tense as he dumped the first spurt of cum into my mouth. This was it, I was finally tasting cum for the first time in my life. The second spurt erupted with the same intensity as the first. It felt thick and salty and the warmth was incredible.

I started rhythmically moving my mouth with each spurt, keeping my lips tight around his shaft. He started bucking his hips as he orgasmed and I struggled to keep my mouth around his cock. The third, forth and fifth thrusts were each accompanied by more huge continuous ropes of cum.

The feeling of this huge load filling my mouth almost caused me to black out. I tried my best to keep it all in my mouth, but there was so much it started flooding down his shaft. Suddenly a wave of pleasure rushed over me and I realised I was about to orgasm involuntarily. I think Andy knew this might happen because I suddenly felt his lips around my cock.

Mark was still moaning and still hadn't finished blowing his load into my mouth, he bucked forward, grabbed the back of my head with both hands and drove his thick dick deep into my throat, I had a fairly good gag reflex managed to relax my throat enough to accommodate his full girth. The last 3 shots went straight passed my tongue and down my throat, just as he told me.

All this time I'd been pumping my own cum into Andy's mouth. I felt him swallowing it eagerly. Mark finally went limp and I pulled my head back feeling his cock slide out of my throat. I close my mouth and felt it coated in sticky jizz and swallowed down as much as I could. After cumming myself I felt spent and flopped down on the bed, his warm cum still dripping down the side of my face.

Almost immediately Andy approached me and after the show we put on I could tell he was keen to blow a load in me too.


He straddled me and dipped his erect cock into my mouth. I was about to plead for a few seconds rest but his head was already pushing past my lips. His cock was slightly smaller, but thicker and in great proportion. He said "relax you don't have to do anything, I'm gonna do all the work ok?". And I nodded with acknowledgement. I lay back on the bed relaxed and realised that he was planning on fucking my mouth. I grabbed a pillow and placed it behind my head for support. After about 5 mins he was really driving it into me, each thrust pounded my head back against the bed.

His balls were slapping heavily against my chin. Every 10 or so thrusts he ground it as deep as he could go, it wasn't really like a blow job at this point. My mouth was just a hole that he could fuck. His body was raised up and his legs were straddling my head, it was almost as if he was screwing someone in the missionary position.

Mark lifted me up and spread my legs. I could tell I was not the first guy to get this treatment, these guys were smooth. I felt the cool sensation of lube being squirted onto my tight asshole and he spread it round a bit with his hand. He spent about 2 mins using his fingers to loosen me up, whilst I continued having my mouth aggressively fucked.

At this point I hadn't really thought about being fucked by that massive black cock as I was so focused on giving them both blowjobs. That moment was broken as I felt the tip of his cock press against my hole.

The adrenaline kicked in as I glanced down and saw the thick cock that in a moments time was going to be buried in my ass. Mark started to gently feed his cock inside me, it felt amazing and I had to take a few deep breathes as I felt my asshole stretching out to accommodate his thickness.

I'd done some anal play in the past, but this was the first time I had a real cock inside me. It felt incredible. Inch by inch he continued to feed it in. Andy had eased up on the face fucking to let me catch my breath as I was penetrated for the first time.

My legs were spread in the air and I managed a soft moan and shifted position slightly to let him glide in. I almost came instantly just from the penetration but managed to hold back. The first few minutes he gently moved in and out, my hole was extremely tight around his shaft.

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Occasionally he would pull out and I felt my ring tighten closed, before immediately shoving it back in, each time it happened I let out involuntary moans of pleasure.

For the first time since I arrived in the hotel I spoke, "Fuck me…please". Mark laughed, "Alright, here goes".

He hadn't yet gone up to the hilt I was desperate to feel his full length, so on his last thrust I pushed back until I could feel his balls rest against my ass. 'You like that', Mark asked. I only managed a mumble of lustful approval.

I was lost in the feeling of having this huge cock deep inside me. His momentum increased and now he was sliding his full length with each stroke, fucking me to the hilt. His balls started hitting my ass, making a slapping sound every time he thrust into me.

They flipped me over and motioned me to go into the doggy-style position for a spit-roast. I rolled over onto all fours and they both steadied themselves at either end.

As soon as I was in place they both started jack-hammering into me. I glanced across at a full length mirror next to the bed and could see these two men fucking the ever-living shit out of me from both ends. Most of the pounding was coming from behind, his thick cock was sliding in and out of me, pushing against my prostate. I took one of my hands off Andy's cock and reached behind to feel the thick girth of the black cock currently impaling me.

'Finish him off first' Mark said, and Andy reached around and started tugging me off, I could feel the pressure building and I came violently for the second time. It felt like he was pumping the cum out of me with his dick. Each thrust inside me was followed by a spurt and my whole body was shaking as I came. This seemed to spur them both on. I knew they were both close to cumming too. I felt limp at this point, completely used up. My body kind of sagged down a bit with cum still dripping out of my cock, but there was no way they were stopping.

I think they both wanted to finish at the same time. Mark had already finished once in my mouth, his cum now deep in my stomach. But Andy still had a fresh load waiting for me. I heard Mark moan 'Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum again'. With one final last thrust I could suddenly feel a warm pulsing sensation deep in my bowels.

He pushed his cock up to the hilt, almost as if he was trying to deposit his seed as deep inside my guts as he could. I could actually feel his whole cock expanding and contracting along the length of my colon. I felt warmer and warmer as 6 or 7 spurts of his hot semen filled me up. I could feel his whole body shaking and his cock was so rigid I felt like I was being lifted from behind and just as I thought the cum was going to stop, he pulled out and with one final grunt threw his entire bodyweight into one last thrust.

The sight of his friend emptying his heavy nuts inside me tipped Andy over the edge and my mouth started to fill with spunk for the second time. I kept my lips tight half way down his cock and I could feel his rod tighten and pulse as each thick glob hit the back of my tongue.

I was being filled with cum from both ends. I used both my hands on his cock and started trying to drain it as much as possible. After about 8 thick spurts he pulled away and finished off on my face. I caught a load across my cheek and another sprayed across my lips and chin. By this point I still had a huge load in my mouth and gleefully swallowed in down. They were both spent and Mark slowly withdrew his massive cock from my ass, I felt his cream start to drip down my leg.

I lay there with the cum dripping out of me, whilst I 'cleaned' Andy up, lapping every drip off his cock and balls. I felt Mark rubbing his cock down my leg and he started spooning the cum and pushed it back upside me.

I lay there for about 15mins glazed in cum, drifting in and out of sleep while the two guys showered and cleaned up.

I assumed that since Mark had cum in me twice that Andy might come for round two as well. Sure enough he was soon standing over me on the bed wrapped in a white hotel towel and I can see underneath he was still semi-hard. I dutifully rolled over on to my front and he dropped his towel and mounted me like an animal. My boxer shorts were still around my knees my legs when his cock slid into my sloppy hole.

I was still quite loose from the previous session and Marks cum was still dripping out of me, so his cock was sliding in and out of me with ease.

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'Fuck me harder, cum inside me' I groaned. I was weary by this point, but the thought of having two mens cum sloshing around inside me was keeping me going. It still felt warm and I wanted more.

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At this point he shifted his weight, pinning me down to bed with my legs spread apart with his full bodyweight on top of me. He started groaning and picked up the speed, grabbing my hands and pulling them behind my back.

At this point he was smashing into me with full force. My hole was torn and completely used up by these two strangers so I begged him to finish, a bit more vocal this time 'Cum in me, fuck, cum in my hole, fill me up'. The last few thrusts were aggressive, he grabbed both my shoulders so he could thrust harder and I could feel it again.

He came with an intensity I hadn't yet experienced.

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Rather than spurting it felt like a long continuous stream of cum. I could feel his whole body shaking as he bred me like a bitch.

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He was still cumming as he eased out and I felt his ejaculate spray and cream out around the entrance to my hole. I felt his whole body weight press down on me, spent. The evening was over and I pulled on my clothes and said my goodbyes. I walked out of the hotel, feeling like a used slut. I left the foyer into the night air, with cum still slowly dripping down my leg.