My boss sucking my blaxican dick

My boss sucking my blaxican dick
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Page 1 - Blizzard - Co-worker, MF I left a business seminar early with my co-worker Tom because the weather looked like it was taking a turn for the worst. It was only a 3 hour drive back to Hartford so we thought we'd have plenty of time to head off the incoming storm.

Driving south through New Hampshire is picturesque any time of the year but during a fierce snow storm it has an almost eerie beauty to it. We talked shop in an effort to take our minds off the ferocity of the storm, but we had been driving for an hour and only made it about 15 miles. We were somewhere in the Lakes region where there isn't a soul to be found this time of year. Tom was driving fairly slow because the view was pure white, he couldn't see the road and he could barely see beyond the hood of the car.

The car came to a halt as we heard a thump, Tom got out to look and realized that he had driven off the road, the two right tires were stuck deep off the pavement and the snow was almost ten inches deep. The roads weren't plowed and at this point we new we were in trouble. The light was quickly disappearing as dusk began to settle in. We decided our best option was to walk and look for a house, hopefully somebody would let us in to ride out the storm. Dredging through the snow was miserable, it was deep, wet and freezing cold.

The houses were sparse, so while arriving at the first house we saw we hoped that we wouldn't have to go any further.

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The house was dark, it became apparent that it was some kind of a summer home that was closed up for the winter. We made a decision to find a way in because the danger of looking for another house with somebody home was too high. Tom started checking windows and doors to see if something was left unlocked.

As a joke I said maybe there's a key under the mat, we both let out a roaring laugh as Tom lifted the mat and found a key. The house was dark and the electricity wasn't working. I had a small flashlight on my key ring and Tom used it to find his way around. There was a fireplace, dry firewood outside the back door and candles. It was comforting knowing that we'd be able to dry off and warm up. While Tom got wood and worked on the fire, I played with our cell phones to try and contact the outside world.

I finally got one bar on the phone and called my husband. He was glad to hear that we were okay and safe, he said he would call Tom's wife and let her know, just in case we lost our cell phone connection. I then called the local police, they said that as long as we weren't in danger then we would have to wait out the storm where we were, they notified the owners of the house in New York and they replied through the police that it was okay as long as we respected their house.

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Tom got a nice fire going. We searched for some kind of clothing because we had to get our wet clothes off to keep from freezing and hopefully find a way to dry them.

There was not one stitch of clothing in the entire house.


We decided to wrap in blankets while our clothes dried by the fire. It was awkward being stranded alone with him, although we have worked together for five years we never really knew each other. No after hours stuff like cook-outs or family gatherings, nothing other than work.

There we were wrapped naked in blankets staring at the fire. At one point we both looked at each other and cracked up laughing. Tom said that he saw a bottle of brandy in the kitchen when he was searching around.

I told him that I don't drink brandy but I sure wish we had something to bring on a quick buzz. He said that scavengers can't be beggars and he went off to the kitchen to get the bottle.

He came out with two paper cups and the bottle, At this point I figured I didn't have any reason not to have a shot. We had a toast to our predicament and not before long we were toasting space travel and President Lincoln.

We got wasted, we laughed a lot and were having a lot of fun, considering a short time ago we were in fear for our lives. It seamed we had managed to forget our imminent problems and also forget the world outside. Every now and then one of us would open the front of our blanket near the fire to let the heat warm our skin, at first we were being modest and positioning so the other person couldn't see flesh. But after a half dozen shots of booze the modesty disappeared and turned into flirting and teasing.

I was getting turned on by oddity of our situation, of course the brandy played a big part in me getting loose and getting turned on. Page 2 At one point when Tom opened his blanket in front of the fire I could see that his cock was getting a little bigger, my husband calls it a chubby. At that point I knew that I would be having a wild night of sex with Tom. The only problem I had was finding a subtle way of letting him know it too, making sure I left an opening as an excuse to say I was joking in case he didn't have it in him to cheat on his wife.

I asked him to pour another shot, we toasted naked strangers stranded a hundred miles from home. As I tipped my head back to down the shot I let the blanket fall completely to the floor. I acted like I was scrambling to pick it up, pretending to be embarrassed, I then stumbled down to the floor, naked with everything exposed and visible only by the firelight. As I struggled to get the blanket back over me I apologized for my exposure.

Like a true guy, he bought it hook, line and sinker.

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"Don't worry about it" he said, "for five years I wondered what you looked like under there and now I know" he continued with a chuckle. "Well?" I asked, "After five years, was it worth the wait?" "It sure was" he answered, "I only hope it won't be another five years before I get to satisfy my other wonder about you", "I've also wondered what it would be like having sex with you" "Another five years?" I asked, "I'm thinking there's a chance it will be less than five minutes" He didn't know how to reply, he poured a shot and we toasted to us crossing the line of awkwardness and knowing we would be having crazy sex tonight.

Downing the shot I dropped my blanket, standing there stark naked with only the light from the fire. Tom stared for a moment as if he was in shock, not from the sight of my nude body but from the realization of the moment.

He didn't waste any time moving in for a kiss. We embraced our nude bodies together, I could feel my tits press against his chest and I could feel his cock against my stomach. His kiss was so much better than I think I might have expected.

His hands wrapped around me and rubbed my ass cheeks. We were both breathing heavily while we kissed. I never even thought about doing this guy and now I was thinking that he's one of the hottest guys I made out with. Now I only hoped that he was going to be one of the best guys that I ever fucked. My head was spinning a little from the booze, I'm not really sure how I ended up laying on my back with Tom's head buried in my crotch. His mouth was working my clit, as if my clit were another set of lips and he was making out with it.

One of his hands was caressing my tits and the other was probing for my G-spot. I was melting as this guy worked my pussy with such knowledge of where to make it feel good. The feeling of him licking and fingering me is indescribable.

I couldn't reach his cock so I used my hands to massage his head and neck as he ate me out, my fingernails gently scratched at him, I could tell it was giving him goose bumps. My legs tightened around his head as I came, I came almost violently on his face. The orgasm was intensified when he continued to keep his lips planted on my clit and his fingers in my cunt. It seemed to last for a long time, it was wild until I couldn't take it anymore and broke away in near exhaustion. I rolled him on his back, It seemed like I couldn't get his cock in my mouth fast enough.

I love the feeling of a wanting cock in my mouth, I love knowing that I'm driving a man insane when I give him head. His cock was rock hard, It's seems like it's been quite some time since I felt a cock this hard. It was warm to feel but as hard as it was, the skin seemed so soft. I teased his head for a moment before I took it deep in my mouth, I buried the tip in my throat while I clamped my lips around his shaft.

My lips moved up and down as I used my face to fuck his cock. He moaned and writhered as I gave him head, my hands playing with his balls and my fingers teasing his ass. Whenever I needed a momentary break from sucking him I would lick his balls while I stroked his cock. That hot, hard cock with the warm soft skin felt so good.


I know that I was enjoying giving him the head as much as he enjoyed receiving it. Page 3 He moved me into a doggie style position and knelt behind me. I felt his head spread my soaking lips apart as his rod drove into me. My swollen pussy lips massaged his cock on it's way in.

That cock felt so good, it was certainly one of the best I've had. He gripped my hips and began fucking me, at first he moved slow but it didn't take long before he was pounding away with hammering thrusts.

I felt my tits swaying back and forth as he fucked me. I lost track of how many times I came while he drilled back and forth. I could feel my fluids running down my leg, I was so fired up that I don't think I ever got this wet before. It was great fucking by a great guy, he certainly knew how to please me.

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I didn't want him to cum yet because I wanted the sex to last. We were repositioning ourselves when he poured another shot of brandy. I laughed and toasted that I think never had brandy before but it is probably my new favorite drink. We downed the shot and lay back down on the floor. We were side by side in a sixty-nine position.

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I couldn't wait to suck that cock again. His lips were franticly making out with my clit and his cock was slowly thrusting deep in my throat. We both had our arms wrapped around each other as we locked into an unbelievable mutual sucking session. Once again I came on his face, I hope he didn't mind how wet I was and how much fluid I dripped on his face. He kept licking away, so I guessed he was okay with it.

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I rolled him onto his back and mounted on top of him. His cock slid right in my cunt and I moaned out loud, I loved the feel of his cock deep inside me. My cunt tightened as I started to ride him up and down. I felt his hands grab onto my tits, he gripped them in a way where his fingers could gently pinch my nipples.

I felt surges go through my body, straight from my nipples to my clit. The feeling was something that I don't think I ever felt before and in caused me to explode into a multiple orgasm, this guy was really driving me wild. He told me that he was about to cum so I slid off and knelt beside him. I grasped his cock in my hand to control it as I guided it into my mouth. I could taste the pre-cum and I could tell by his moans that he was in total ecstasy. His cock was soaked with my pussy juices, I stroked it as I bobbed my head in rhythm with his gentle hip action.

I could taste my own juices has his dick throbbed in my mouth. When he let go, his entire body shook. The orgasm was intense, I continued the stroking and sucking while his cum filled my mouth, I kept my tongue sliding across his head while the cum gushed out. The thought of knowing how great his orgasm was had given me an orgasm, with my other hand I rubbed my clit furiously and together we both had an intense explosion.

I don't know about him, but this is one of the best fucks I've had in a long time. I fell to the floor beside him and we both fell asleep. During the night the fire had dwindled and we managed to get cuddled together under a blanket. We both woke up as the sun started to shine in the windows.

I was hoping I didn't have a bad hangover from all the shots and I wondered how we were going to handle this new awkwardness. At some point during our waking we locked eyes, we paused for a minute and we both cracked up laughing as we came to realize what we had done. We both got up and got dressed. It didn't take us long to make sure the fire was out and put the house back the way it was, or at least the best we could. We could hear the snow plows on the street and Tom ran down and paid a guy to pull the car out of the ditch.


Soon we were on the road again. Neither one of us had a bad hang over so we stopped for breakfast at some roadside diner. During the meal his cell phone rang, he assured his wife that everything was okay and we would be there in a few hours. He seemed a little awkward with the phone call and told her that he couldn't talk right now. After he hung up he told me that she was asking all kinds of questions about where we slept and how we slept.

We put together a matching cover story that would match if either one of us were ever talking about it or if we were asked. It was simple, we fell asleep early and slept in different rooms, never mention the brandy. As we were leaving the restaurant my phone rang, I assured my husband that we were okay and that we would be home in a few hours.

No cover story needed here, my husband could hardly wait for me to get home and give him the details of our wild night of sex.