Gracious gay boy gets hard dong unfathomable inside of his holes

Gracious gay boy gets hard dong unfathomable inside of his holes
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The presentation The presentation this morning was one I had been nervous about for some time.

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George was presenting, with David and I demonstrating. George is not the most interesting of speakers but my nervousness came mostly from knowing how exposed I would be and hoping that I would be able to do all that was asked of me. The audience, almost all men, seemed almost uninterested: perhaps weary at the prospect of yet another dull presentation on a topic they all in practice already knew well.


My nervousness grew, and I hoped very much that this would not be humiliating. George had suggested his idea only the day before, and I had been at first shocked, then certain that it could not be done, and then excited. But now I just felt anxious. George began the presentation with a sketch diagram. "Today's aim", he announced, "is to demonstrate the sexual position called 'Missionary' in order that we can be clear about how each stage is achieved and especially how sex in this position can be made most satisfactory." "Sarah will demonstrate the position live", said George, "with David." I was pleased to note the stir in the audience at this.

A live demonstration had not been listed in the agenda, let alone a sexual one, and I felt a little thrill as I saw the men looking at me with what seemed to be approval. In fact the number and intensity of gazes directed my way, and the murmuring of the audience, caused a small flush to wash through me, visible in my cheeks.

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"To begin", said George, "we will ask our demonstrators to disrobe." Although obviously I was prepared for this moment, I was also ware that I would be naked in front of an audience of many men: so it was with some reticence that I opened my robe.

As it opened, exposing my naked body, men leaned forward and I saw in their eyes an intent sexual eagerness. I know the signs of male arousal and I saw those signs in almost all of the audience. Even the few women seemed excited, sexually aware.


I felt humiliated, shamed, but at the same time myself aroused. The air was cool on my bare skin and I hesitated with the robe open but on my shoulders, before lowering my arms and letting it slide to the floor. There was a small sigh from the audience and I felt gratified, pleased that I had kept my body fit and trim and worthy of male sexual interest. David was now also naked beside me and I noted for the first time how firm was his young body and also the already visible tumescence of his cock.

To George's laboured and unnecessary explanations I laid myself on my back on the low bed provided. To begin with, I laid my arms down at my sides and kept my legs closed. George switched the projector from PowerPoint to live video and the big screen was filled with four live video images.

One, from the camera above, showed my naked body laid out on the bed. Another showed me in side view.

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The third, cleverly placed, showed in close up my pubic mound and the tops of my thighs. When I opened my legs this camera would show a close up of my cunt and eventually of the cock that would penetrate it: the camera was mounted on a telescoping arm that the operator would have to control carefully to maintain a clear view at all times control that the camera operator and I had practised last night but so far without the penetrating cock.

The fourth camera showed my face in close up and was intended to show especially how I reacted at the moments of penetration and orgasm. At a signal David reached to spread my legs. His fingers touched my bare thighs and I opened my legs a little by instinct. The big screen was high and near to me, so I could see very clearly how the camera kept its focus on my now exposed cunt.

The situation, the touch on my thigh, and the sight of David's naked body, raised an arousal in me and I felt a responsive wetness in my cunt at the same moment as its slick glisten appeared unmistakably on the screen and George's monotonous voice droned: "Notice how Sarah's vagina is already moist. This first stage of sexual arousal means that when the penis does penetrate her its passage will be well lubricated so the sexual act will proceed quite literally smoothly." and he laughed indulgently at his little joke, playing on the actual smooth entry that my wetness promised, and the idea of the sexual act proceeding without problem.

Now David separated my legs fully, spreading me, and my cunt was clearly visible on the screen as he moved to kneel between my thighs. His cock was already erect, and without thinking I reached with one hand to caress its shaft and cup its balls. "You will observe how Sarah touches the male penis. For a sexually experienced woman this is a natural instinct, and it serves a dual purpose: first in confirming to the man that the woman is ready and willing, even eager, for his penetration; and second in further increasing the man's arousal as you will see from the hardening of the penis." Indeed, the cock had grown in my hand and was like a warm rod of the hardest steel, the balls like heavy warm sacks to remind me of the promised flow that would soon flood inside me.

David moved, and his cock pushed its way up my thigh to rest with its head snuggled against my cunt lips. On the screen it looked shiny and stiff, the rounded head nestled in my cunt hairs and already beginning to part my cunt lips.

A small line of glistening wetness outlined the lips of my cunt and accentuated the contrast between the thick hard cock and my soft yielding cunt. My body was alive with sexual tension and need.


I felt the warm flush wash through me, George's dull voice noting that intense and animal flood of excitement as the reddening of my breasts and cheeks were revealed to all on the screen. Even though almost my whole being was focused on the cock pushing against my cunt I was aware of a palpable sexual tension in the air: men straining forward, eyes alight with desire, crotches shuffling as erections grew. The cock pushed. On the screen I could see David's bare buttocks flex and his hips hump as he began a slow drive of his cock into me, George narrating and explaining each inch of penetration, the cunt camera showing how the shaft slid in, pulling my wet cunt lips after it, how my thighs parted further as I opened myself to take it.

"See how Sarah tenses her body, and how she lifts her hips to increase the penetration, and note how this facilitates the pumping action of the penis and enhances its effect." My body was on fire, the cock in my cunt filled me, the sexual tension in the air excited me almost beyond endurance, the audience had begun to murmur and moan their own desire, some men had risen from their seats and gathered round the bed where I lay impaled on the thick hard penetrating cock that now began to fuck me, pumping my cunt, in and out and in and out like a hard thick piston.

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The close up cunt camera captured the shaft as it plunged, showed how it came out covered with slick wetness. The fourth camera showed my face, my head thrashing side to side as the cock fucked me, pumped me, hammered me.

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Orgasm started quickly. Everything happened at once. The overhead camera showed David's buttocks clench, the cunt camera showed the cock bury itself deep in me and the shaft start to pulse, I felt the pulsing flow begin and my own orgasm caused my cunt to spasm and squeeze and milk the cock inside me, My body snaked, my hips humped up, the cock drove in and in and in, the hot sperm flowed and flooded into me, the men around the bed began to shout: "CUM!

CUM! CUM!" and I came and David came and the cum filled me to overflowing. An excellent presentation after all.