Busty Redhead Cutie Toying her Tight Pussy

Busty Redhead Cutie Toying her Tight Pussy
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Drunk Mom visits her Son Part 4 Danny moved the duvet away from them and pulled her jokey off her body. Kara trough the tee shirt to the floor and laid back. Danny place his one leg over his Mother's face.

His cock hanging in her face, but not for long. Kara guide his stiff member in to her waiting mouth."Mmmm that is a mouth full she mumble" Danny started to lick his Mother's pussy and found out that she was soaking wet, as he moved his tongue over her stiff cherry.

Looking to suck on her clit, while sucking he smelled the scent of his Mother.


It was a bit uncomfortable for him. "Just a minute Mom" and he moved of his Mother and laid between her legs, he pushed her legs up for her pussy was an inch away from his face. He could see her pussy lips her clitoris, red and standing on attention like a soldier in front of a general. He saw the opening of his Mother's pussy were the juice of her arousal leaked out.

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He started like earlier to suck and kiss her pussy and clit. By now she was screaming of pleasure. Kara felt that her climax was on the brink of happening.

She hold her Sons head to her clit for it was like electricity running through her and that gave her Son the chance to suck on het clit, biting it very lightly. Danny entered two fingers in her wet pussy it battle to get in, she was starting to climax and the pussy walls was already in spasm. "Ahhh my god I'm going to cum… Aaaa… Aaaa…I'm cumming…" He pushed his middle finger in to start his massage on her G spot.


Now he was dragging his finger like calling someone. "Oooo my god… your killing me… you want to… Aaaa… damit…" He was looking in bright day light how his Mother climaxed and her pussy and asshole contracted in spasm.

Next minute she started to squirt first a little bit with every move over her g-spot she squirted more and harder. Some of her juices were sprayed over his face. Danny went forward and suck on her clitoris sending her jumping and un-controlling muscle contractions all over her body. "Please have mercy on me I'm your Mother…" She had a full body orgasm the second one for the day. She pushed him away and say. "You will kill me, my heart can't take it anymore. You're killing me.

All my muscles are is in spasm and jumping." Her breathing was swallow and rushing like she was running a marathon. Pearls of sweat formed on her forehead and upper lip.

With eyes widen, looking as if she was frightened. "It was the second… time I cume like… this today…, and my heart… won't take another…" Danny love to see his Mom in the light having a massive orgasm, but what he see now, was not nice, his Mom was shaking and sitting with her legs pulled up against her chest and her hands clamped around them, she was still shaking.

"I thought. I was going to have a heart attack…" Danny put his arm around his Mother's shoulders to comfort her. He can feel her howl body shivering as if she was cold. "Mom are you ok?" Danny was now very concern about his Mom. "I think I will be fine in a Moment baby, can I have something to drink please?" Danny went to the kitchen and pour some cola for his Mom, and rush to the bedroom. His Mother was sitting on the bed with her legs of the bed.

"Thank youSon," she took the glass and with one sip she drank about half the glass empty.

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"Can you help me to the toilet please Son, my legs are like jelly." She smiled at her Son. Danny helped his Mother to the toilet, as she sat down on the toilet he went back to the room, took the glass and went to the kitchen to fill it up and pour him some cola too. He heard a moan coming from the toilet.

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He rushed to where his Mom was standing, washing her hands. "Are you fine Mother… can I help you with something Mom?" Danny ask with concern in his voice.


"I'm fine Son, this was the biggest orgasm that I ever had." Danny hooked his arm under his Mother swung her legs up and curried her to the bedroom. "I'm sorry Mom… I will never do that again" Kara had her arms around his neck, pulled him closer and kissed him.

"Don't worry… I'm not complaining, it is just I did not have any control of my own body. I will get you back for this." Danny laid his Mother on the bed, but picked her up just when he saw the bed. There was a puddle of fluid on the bed, it was so big that it looked like someone throw a two liter water on his bed.

Thanks for the sales person that sold him the bed, she gave him a bed saver that protect the bed if you mess something on the bed. He wanted a good bed where he can sleep, sit, eat, drink and watch TV on.His bachelors flat was not big, but comfortable and on the third floor of a seven floor complex.

There was a lounge not too big, with two couches and coffee tables carpet and his old TV. Open plan kitchen, bathroom with shower, separate toilet, and a nice big bedroom with balcony looking out on the city, with the same size study room where his computer and desk is.

He lowered his Mother to an old Lazy-boy TV chair. "You have to sit here Mom for a Moment" Kara looked confused.

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"What's wrong?" Danny turned around and went to the linen cupboard "The bed needs some clean sheets Mom" he took a big towel to clean the bed saver and a new set of linen.

Before he know it his Mother ask. "Was that me? It look like someone wet the bed" Kara blushed, scooped the linen and tray to clean the wet juice of het squirting. "I'm sorry Son, look at the mess I made… I never in my whole life had some fluid coming out of me when I climax's.

I'm so sorry I think it is pee." Danny take the sheets from his Mother and put his hand with the sheets to his nose. "No Mom this is not pee it smell nice… not at all pee." Kara grabbed it from his hands "Danny stop that you can't smell your Mom's pee" Danny laughs "No Mother really, smell for yourself it is not pee." She smelled the sheet first very carefully, then she said to him "Are you sure it come from me and it is not water?" Kara throw the sheet to him.

Danny smiled "No Mom that is the fluid that come out of you, I know, it was the second time it hit my face, and it taste very nice, sweetish" Kara can see his Mother blush again. "I'm sorry baby, I'm really sorry" Danny walk over to his Mother and take her in his arms, and kissed her on the lips, then he put his tongue in her mouth, her mouth was warm and willingly for a passionate kiss of her Son.

After a while he stopped. "How was that kiss Mom?" Kara looked at her Son and smile. "Very nice… why did you stop?" Danny looked in his Mother's eyes. "Well I did not clean my face nor brushed my teeth and you were just tasting what I taste when you squirt in my face, I even opened my mouth to taste jour sweet honey and it taste like love, if I can explain it to you." The howl time they were naked, Kara looked at her Son. "You're a pig… but I love it.

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I see that you start to get hard again after my ordeal earlier." Her hand went down to his stiffing cock and she took her one hand and played with his balls the other was slowly went up and then down on his rigged penis.