Sexy arab egypt and muslim ass pussy show first time pipe dreams

Sexy arab egypt and muslim ass pussy show first time pipe dreams
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"Hey get your lazy ass up we got things to do" I look up but all I see is blur as my eyes get adjusted to waking up "Come on clarice let me just sleep for 5 more minutes " " no you get your lazy ass up and start your chores I want to be able to go out later today, you know since I actually have plans for the day unlike you" she answered as she leaned against my door showing me that she will not leave until I got up I toss my covers off me and hoop out of bed " there happy now" " yea and seems like your happy as well" she opens the door and walks out laughin.

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Looking down I notice the tent that was built inside my boxers. Hope my stepsister liked what she saw because I know looking at her is no punishment she is as sexy as when I first meet her she was 18 and I was 16 my dad began talking to her mom almost as soon as he divorced mom, and now that I think about it maybe he was cheating on mom with rachel(stepmom). But that's old news two years ahead into the present(now) I still can't get over at how sexy my stepsister is she has a atheltic body from all the gymnastics, perfectly chiseled abs with 36C sized brest and the ass of a black girl, I really did not need porn to mastubate to just a image of me fucking her was enough to help me get off.


I get into the bathroom not so long after she leaves as the image of her in her short skin tight shorts and white tang top are still fresh in my memory to rub one towards her. As soon as I'm done I walk down stairs and head towards the kitchen to get some breakfast and see my cousin Jessica eating a bowl of cereal by the table.

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" hi James " she says smiling at me " hi Jessica" I smile back at her as I head into the kitchen to get some breakfast. Even though Clarice had a sexier body than Jessica I was almost really attracted to Jessica, maybe because of all the games we use to play when we were younger, we would always play doctor and explore one another's body, but now that she is older and more mature I wish I could do that now.

While Looking through the fridge Jessica walks up behind " hey James you want to get started on out chores?" Not being to hungry I agree and we head out back to our backyard and get started. Being the same age Jessica and I always got stuck doing the same chores which include just cleaning around the backyard and the basement, but I really did not mind being stuck with Jessica as her body was something I could stare at all day with her slim body Jessica was not as thick as clarice but still had an amazingly slim curvy body with smaller tits that went along well with her body at 36 b her ass was well present as it look like it was ment to be groped by the palm of my hand.

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As I passed the lawn mower through the yard I can't help but get distracted by Jessica as she bend over to pick up trash that was left outside from yesterday's party. She was wearing leggings that was easy to see though.

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And I was able to tell she was wearing red panties. All she was wearing to cover her breast was a blue sports bra that she liked wearing around the house, and I like seeing her wear it.

As we finished cleaning the backyard I heard I car pull into the driveway, I finish up and head back inside to see who it was. As we close the door behind us it was my aunt and stepmom closing the front door behind them " hello kids" they both said as they turn around and saw us " hi" we both answer back Every time I looked at my aunt and stepmom it was easy for me to see where clarice got her looks from as she looked just like her mom except for her mom having bigger breast and having a tanner body.

On the other hand I don't know how some as sexy as my cousin was the daughter as someone as ugly as my aunt.


I liked calling her the wood killer as every time I saw her I went soft in that exact same moment. " how are the chores going along kids" my stepmom asked as she set her purse down on the table "There coming along just fine, all we have left is the basement " I answered " great, any call from your father Hun" " no mom" I answered as I almost got lost in her body My dad was gone on a two week business trip in a different state which made me the only man in the house since Jessica's dad left them since she was 8.

I'm almost glad he left since because he left Jessica began hanging out more with me which ment more playing doctor time, " let's head downstairs and clean the baa segment James" " ok Jessica" we say bye to our mothers and head downstairs abd begin cleaning the basement " I wonder where they went " Jessica asked as she cleaning the dust off shelves and fixed the pool table " I don't know they're never up this early" I say as I clean around the computer and fix up the bean bags " do you think there up to something" " naw they probably just went out for a jog you saw how they were dressed in there tang tops and jogging pants" " your probably right " she answers as we finish cleaning the basement " well we're done with our chores I'm going to go upstairs and watch a movie want to join me" Jessica ask " I'll catch up with you in a bit I have to look for something on the computer" " ok she begin walking upstairs and closes the door behind her.

" boy do I like seeing her walk up stairs" I walk towards the computer and notice something that I did not notice when I was cleaning around it.

The computer was on I move the mouse around and the computer screen starts turning on. I see my stepmoms Im messenger on and see she was IMing some one like 5 hours ago I begin reading through them. " oh my god my stepmother was having an affair" I quickly reach down my short pockets and pull out my phone and take pictures of the IM's before turning the computer off as rachel though she did I walk up stairs and open the door leading into the kitchen and see my stepsister about to go out the kitchen door.

" where are you going clarice" I ask " where does it look like I'm going, I'm going to the gym" "Oh well have fun" " well I see you had fun since your tent is down" she answered and smiled" well see you later James" she said as she walked out the door "Bye" I answered turning red I head into the living room where I see Jessica watching a movie alone this means my stepmom was all alone in her room I turned around and headed up the stairs mad at my stepmom for cheating on my dad, but every step u took I began thinking about something better I can do with this evidence something like blackmail, today was about to get interesting I passed my aunts with my step sisters room right infront of hers before passing my room that was infront of my cousins room.

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Before finally getting to my stepmoms room. I stop right infront of it take a deep breath and hope my aunt is not in there with her. I turn the door knob and open the door. " WHAT THE FUCK JAMES!!" She says as she tries to cover her bras and panties quickly with a towel " sorry mom I was wondering if you can tell me what this is on my phone She extents her left arm out while holding up the towel with her right arm " let me see" I walk up to her and bring the one of the pictures I took to her eyes.

Her eyes get wide open" where did you get that from" she says in a scared yet schooked voice " well it looks like someone didn't turn the computer off" I say waiting for her reply " ok just tell me what you want James" she says letting the towel drop thinking that letting me see her in her bra and panties was enough.

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" well first I want to know why you did this" then I would reveal what I wanted " well since your father is berely here I need to find someone to satisfy me while he is gone come in James look at me, this body needs cock" she says as she begins showing of every curve she was blessed with " well that's interesting because from the sound of it; it seems like what I want will satisfy both of us" " James what do you mean" she looks surprise " I mean that when my dad is gone, the only other cock you need is mine" I begin to untie my shorts and let them drop " I am your stepmother James and we will not be having sex ever" where the words coming out of her mouth, but her eyes where saying wow that's a huge cock behind those boxers " well you really have no choice mom either you take my offer or dad gets ahold of these and next thing you know your out on the streets" She begins walking towards me never taking her eyes off my crotch " well James it seems like I have no choice but to put my stepsons huge cock inbetween both pair of my lips" she pulls out my nine inch cock and behinds stroking it with her soft hands and she looks up at me and winks " you have suck a nice big curve cock James, and if I new you were packing this I would if never had to look for someone online to fuck me" " there you go mom that's the spirit, now put my cock in your first set of lips" " well if you insist James" she begins to suck on the head and twirl her tongue around, I reach down and grab her hair getting it out the way " thanks honey just keep it there and let your stepmom take good care of you She begins to rub her tongue along the full length of my cock stopping at my balls and putting them in her mouth, I had gotten head plenty of times before but none if them compared to my stepmoms mouth She let's out my balls running her tongue up my shaft once more stopping at the tip of my cock before she begins taking in my cock in her mouth inch by inch before I hear gagging on it.

" wow honey do you like how your cock makes your stepmom gag" " oh yes mom don't stop" She begins sucking my cock again making the tip of my cock bounce of the back of her thoath. I reach down and realice her tits from that jail women call bras.

I begin to squeeze my stepmoms tits as she gives me the best blowjob I have ever gotten "Your really good at this mom" " honey your stepmom was a blowjob expert back in her day" she starts taking in half of my cock in her mouth and strokes the other half with her left hand as her right hand had moved down to her panties massaging her pussy through her panties thin fabric.

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" looks like your ready for my cock to go in your other pair of lips" She gets up and sits at the edge if the bed pulling her panties off and spreading her legs open giving me the perfect view of her pussy, mesmerized at what I was seeing my stepmom had to pull me back into reality. "Are you just going to look or are you going to come over here and take what you came for" she sits there waiting for me with her fingers in her pussy pleasing herself.

I walk up to her and begin slapping my cock against her pussy, then running my cock up and down get pussylips teasing my stepmom. " oh James I need that cock in me now, come in James pleae" she begins moaning out My cock begins to penetrate my stepmoms surprisingly tight pussy. " oh yes James, you didn't know your stepmoms puss head still tight dident you" she winks at me " no but I'll just take this surprise as a bonus" I begin pounding my cock deep into my stepmom pussy " oh yes James your stepmom loves it hard" I continue to ram my cock into my stepmoms pussy reaching up to get ahold if her bouncing tits as I penetrate my cock deep into my stepmoms pussy, I reach my mouth down to her nipple taking it in my mouth tracing my tongue around her nipple before I begin to nibble on it her hand begins to go down towards her pussy as she begins to finger herself as I fuck her " oh yes James I'm about to cum don't stop" I begin to pick up speed pounding my cock faster into my stepmoms pussy " oh mom I'm going to come with you" I pick her up and begin to bounce her on my cock as she now wraps her hands around my neck letting out soft moans right by my ear I feel her begin to cum on my cock as I continue pounding my stepmoms tight pussy " let your stepmom swallow your load honey " I set her down and she begins attacking my cock tasting her own juices as I began unloading my own into her mouth " oh yea James now I don't have to get up so early for some nice hard cock" As I looked down to see my stepmom swallowing every drop of my load I catch someone leaving by the cracked door I begin to wonder who could have that been End of part 1 tell me what I can improve on for the next parts