Lush lips nursing on hard cock pornstars

Lush lips nursing on hard cock pornstars
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When I was about 22 years old, my girlfriend and I were talking about one of her relatives in particular, her uncle. I might have been buzzed from drinking vodka and seven-up/sprite when I said that her uncle was hot.

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I have seen her uncle and I wanted him. Seeing him for the first time was instant attraction. I innocently in a flirtatious matter held and lifted my big breasts to him.

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She made a call to her uncle said that we were coming over and took me over to her uncle's place. I kissed her uncle which was nice and her uncle graciously kissed me back. As he was kissing, he took his hand to touch my breasts. He asked me to unbutton a few buttons for him, so I did. He kissed me more deeply as he removed the blouse and was in hurry to take the bra off. I stood before him half naked. He grabbed my hands and pulled me to the couch to sit next to him.

He took my breasts where he grabbed, pulled, pinched, sucked them. After he was done he pulled my pants and panties off. He suggested that we should go to the bedroom but we should take a shower first. Innocently, I said,"Shower with you." Both my friend and her uncle said "Yes, don't worry, I won't hurt you, you are so sexy.


The next thing I knew I was in the shower with him and going down on him in the shower. After he had cum, he dried me off and carried me to his bed. I must have fallen asleep but he woke me up as he ate my pussy and sucked my tits.


Though it was real, it felt as if I was dreaming. I was really buzzed and I fell back to sleep on him after he fucked me, which felt good. The next morning I had to call my girlfriend to ask her what happened. She laughed as she told me what happened and it was a funny but serious sexual experience, but I vowed to myself that I would never drink alcohol before a sexual experience so I could remember it and be aware of what was happening.

I felt so very sexy that a much older man wanted me and that having sex with my best friend's uncle was so hot. When I was about 17-18 years old, I was alone with one of my uncles.

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We were in their bedroom setting up their new bed. He either, accidentally or purposely brushed his hands against my breast and asked me how big they were. Feeling awkward and uncomfortable, I got angry. He is one of the hottest uncles which I grew very fond of and excited by the pass he made. It is a fantasy that I regretted and kept as a secret from the family. If I were to submit to his pass, I would have answered his question, I would have allowed him to touch, feel, see my breasts, I would have been topless and would never said anything to anyone.

At that time, I was a 36D. Close to their divorce, I wanted so badly to rekindle that afternoon with him. This time, I was in my late 30's. I was alone with him, but did not know for how long. Therefore, I would fantasize how he would take it, me standing naked before him. I wanted so badly to expose myself to him.

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Allow him to see, view my breasts and do whatever he pleased. I also wanted him to do the same with my vagina.

Without a doubt, I wanted to see, view his penis and have his penis in my vagina. Many times I was in their bathroom and wanted so badly to shower in their clear glassed shower and get caught by him. I wanted to have him in the shower with me. When I was alone with him in his office, I fantasize him telling me to remove my top or having him come behind me to feel my breasts.

I don't see him too much anymore, but when I do, I managed to either brush or bump into him with my breasts discretely. He may notice it but never mentioned the brush or bump bothering him. This is a fantasy: If he were to walk into the bathroom while I was in there. I would not mind him seeing me naked, but I would say to him lock the door. I would kiss him, and it would not be a peck in the cheek.

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I would confess to him that I have been lusting over him for years and take his hands to my breasts and cupped his penis through his pants. Tell him that he has always been my favorite uncle and have not forgotten about his question while we were setting up his water bed and want to make it up to him by servicing him. Then I would try to set up a date with him and tell him all of my fantasies that I had about him where I have never stop thinking about it.

This goes so far as submitting and having intercourse with him. I would not even wear a bra and panties, but wear a very short skirt and white tee-shirt.

I would intentionally pour ice cold water on my white tee-shirt so my nipples would be completely exposed for him to see. This would entice him to make advances to me. He would unzip his pants to expose his penis and demand for me to service him like a good niece would.

He would say that my brushes and bumps was a complete turn on and for me to keep continuing to do so. He says that I was one of his favorite nieces and admitted that he also has fantasies about me and having sex with me and that he always will love me. As for now he wants to caress, fondle, touch, and feel every inch of my body as I suck and lick his penis.


He wants having sex with me to be very special where he wants to buy me the sexiest dress, a bra, a pair of panties, a sheer nightgown, and then wine and dine me for an entire weekend. We vowed to never mention this to the family.