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Naughty teen is banged hardcore big dick
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Part 4 "Wow, Sofia commented. "Your life is so different than mine." Yet, here we were, two totally different but, so completely sexually compatible people from opposite walks of life.

I couldn't help but smile thinking about all the fun we could have, discovering each other's secrets, pushing each other's limits. I had been waiting for someone like this to come into my life and although it had only been one night, the romantic in me already knew that this is what I wanted.

We finished our admittedly overly luxurious meal, plates polished, several rounds of cocktails downed, and signaled for the check. "What an incredible meal!" Sofia chimed. "But really, this is too fancy for me.

You don't have to do this to impress me." "I want to do this," defending myself, but not allowing my self to sound disappointed in her modesty. "You deserve this. It's nothing really. You enjoyed the meal, right?" "Yes," she nodded as sheepish smile stretched across her lush lips. "Then good," I exclaimed. "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Don't even worry about it. We left the restaurant and Sofia asked if I could call her an Uber. She was having a wonderful morning, she insisted, but she really wanted to change out of her dirty clothes.

I was disappointed—I wanted to spend the rest of the day with her, eager to find out what other types of trouble we could get ourselves into—but I understood. "Can I see you again?" my genuine excitement at the prospect betraying my usually cool demeanor. "Of course you can. Don't be silly. This has all been incredible.

I'm so glad I met you," Sofia gushed. "Give me your phone so I can put my number in it." I handed her my iPhone and she quickly typed her number in it and pressed send. Something in her purse buzzed.

"Now I have your number too," she said matter-of-factly before handing me back my phone and embracing for a kiss. Our lips locked one last time, her suppleness giving way to my pressure, and her impossibly proportioned body pressed against me right before a black car pulled up. "Goodbye, beautiful." "Goodbye. thank you for the wonderful time… It's nice to know someone in this big city." I watched the car pull away filled with a mixture of joy and immediate sadness.

The past 24 hours had been incredible, possibly life altering. I was truly excited about where this could all lead, yet forlorn over her need to go home. I was still drunk on her presence and I wasn't ready yet to face the withdrawal of her not being there.

I strolled slowly along the waterfront, the previously invigorating summer sun now feeling oppressive adding to the weight of my isolation. Sofia filled a space in me that I could only be aware of in contrast to the fullness I felt when with her. I hoped and imagined Sofia felt the same way, both in the emotional and literal physical sense. After all, it was only a few hours since I had filled her with my manhood.

"C'mon man," I chided myself. "Don't let her get to you. She's just another chick." But, I was lying and I knew it.

She wasn't just another chick and my need to be with her was real and visceral. She affected me and made me believe I could have everything I wanted. She was the missing piece. "Slow down," my thoughts continued in a meager attempt talk myself out of what I knew I wanted. "You haven't even known her for 24 hours yet. You're being fucking ridiculous." I was being ridiculous, but so what?

I knew better than to fall in love in just one day. I had made that mistake before, confusing the lust and the excitement of something new for something more sustainable. But, this was different, right? How could two people connect so intimately, metaphysically even and not be meant for something more? I waited one painfully long day before calling Sofia. No amount of effort would facilitate my futile attempt to coerce the clock to move faster.

As restless as I was to speak with her again, to confirm that she wasn't a figment of my imagination, I knew better than to not give her at least a little space. Finally, on Monday night, when a sufficient amount of time had passed, I scrolled through my phone to the place where her finger—fingers that were capable of enacting immense pleasure—had entered her number and pressed send.

"Hello?" the rasp of her Catalan accent immediately sending a wave of warmth over me. "Sofia? I hope it's ok to call you so soon." "Don't be silly," a phrase I had already noticed she liked to call me when teasing. "I'm happy you called." "You are?" I inquired more excited than surprised. "Yes! I've been thinking about you. The other night was so much fun, really. I had been feeling so alone here. You reminded me that New York was supposed to be an adventure, not a challenge." "I've been thinking about you too—a lot.

In fact, I can't get you out of my mind. The other night was, well… special," dangling the word out there hoping she would bite. "It was special," she echoed emphasizing the word to show that we were indeed on the same page. "Good, I'm glad you feel that way. So, when can I see you again?" "Hmmmm… let me think… well, I have classes this week and I really need to finish getting everything organized around here before I go out.

What about this weekend?" I was disappointed. I wanted to see her now, to feel her against me again. I was craving her and the thought of not being able touch her right there and then sent a sinking feeling to the pit of my stomach.

"Oh. Ok." I replied trying to mask my discontent "It's not that far away, silly," she playfully quipped clearly able to see through my ruse. "The wait will be worth it." "Do you like the beach? We could drive out to Rockaway this weekend." " I love the beach!" She squealed with delight over the prospect.

"Good, then it's settled. I'll pick you up Saturday morning—just text me your address. I'll be thinking about you." "I'll be thinking about you too," she replied with an obvious suggestive tone. "Goodbye, silly." The phone clicked and immediately I was aware of the erection that had developed in my pajama pants.

"Fuck," I said to myself. "This is going to be one long week." ----- Saturday couldn't have arrived soon enough. I don't think I had jerked off that frequently in that short time period since I first discovered porn.

Every time my mind wandered to Sofia, my cock would swell and inevitably I'd have to take care of it. Although it felt like the clocks had stopped and the earth was standing still, eventually, Saturday did in fact, come.

Dressed in my swim trunks—a pair of Olebar Brown board shorts with a hem that lands a few inches above the knee—a linen shirt, and a pair of Soludos, I packed up my car, an Audi R8 convertible that I kept locked in the garage attached to my building—am indulgence that only really saw the light of day when the urge for a road trip would hit me.

Admittedly, having a car in the city was a luxury, but on days like today, when the sun is shining and the air is warm, the little convertible was a luxury I was glad to afford.

I whizzed through the early morning Brooklyn streets devoid of traffic during these pre-breakfast hours. I passed new coffee shops, boutiques, and bars where the workers were still sweeping up from Friday night's festivities. On every block it seemed a new hip business had sprouted up over night. I had heard that old Italian men still played bocce in Carrol Gardens on mornings like these, but as a flew down Flatbush Ave, the signs of Old Brooklyn were few and far between.

At least Junior's was still there.


I turned down DeKalb, zipping past the elegant Brownstones that line Ft. Greene Park, and headed towards the address Sofia had texted me the night before.

I turned left on Washington Ave and pulled up in front of an old Brownstone, not as elegant as the ones I had passed earlier—a little run down perhaps, but nevertheless stately and filled with character. I knocked on the door and an elderly woman dressed in a floral housecoat, with her hair in rollers came to the door. "Ohhhh!" she exclaimed with the type of wonder that is reserved for old people who seem to have reached point in life where somehow everything and nothing are both surprises.

"You must be the boy Sofia was telling me about. My my… you're even more handsome than I thought!" Blushing: "I'm sorry, Ma'am.

I didn't mean to disturb you so early in the morning." "Nonsense, sweetie," she replied in a warm tone. "At my age, I'm lucky of can sleep at all.

I've been up for hours." Just then, Sofia appeared bouncing down the steps. She was a vision, more beautiful than I had remembered.

Her white tunic reached mid thigh, covering her curves, yet clinging just enough to allude to all her slopes and valleys.

Her tan skin contrasted nicely with the light fabric. She wore a wide straw hat and pair of oversized 1970's style sunglasses with hexagon frames. A pair of stacked espadrille wedge sandals and a large wicker tote completed her ensemble.

In her hands were two cups of coffee. As she reached the bottom of the steps she gave me a quick friendly kiss. "Hi silly," she smiled.

"Here… I made you café solo, like we drink in my country." "Beautiful and thoughtful," I smiled, taking the cup from her.

The brown liquid inside was thick and bitter, more like an espresso capped with a small amount of foam. "Mmm… delicious." I stood by the passenger side of the car as she backed into the low seat; her long tan legs swinging around allowing me shut the door behind her. I took my seat, pressed the ignition button, and we were off. Top down, we coasted along Flatbush towards the Marine Park bridge, the wind in our faces, Sofia hanging onto her hat, her flimsy tunic fluttering in the breeze.

As we drove along Prospect Park, Sofia told me about her week and her classes all the while my hand resting on her bare thigh. Further down Flatbush Ave we passed by African and Caribbean storefronts, the smell of spices lingering in the air.

"Mmmmm… I love it here," Sofia exclaimed as she took in the sights and sounds. "So many colors, so many interesting people, so many cultures—it's so vibrant!" Seeing her happy made me happy. We continued south, occasionally stopping at lights and hitting small pockets of traffic along the way. It was now getting close to 10am and the streets were filled with all the usual suspects that made driving down Flatbush through the heart of Brooklyn such a distinct pleasure—gypsy vans darting through traffic, delivery trucks double parked, and city busses that would pull away from the curb with little regard for who or what was around them.

As we reached the bridge to the Rockaway peninsula I decided to test the waters, even before reaching the beach. My hand, which had been resting on Sofia's thigh the whole ride crept higher up her leg and under the hem of her summer tunic, my knuckles grazing against the warm fabric of her bikini bottoms. Sofia responded by sinking further in the bucket seat and allowing her legs to drift apart slightly.

I followed her encouraging lead and stroked the front of her swimsuit, feeling her plump lips as the pushed against the stretchy fabric. Eyes still on the road, I pulled the fabric aside so I could access her folds.

She was already wet—in fact, as far as I knew so far, Sofia was always wet—and I let my middle finger slide between her soft petals. I felt Sofia's hand on top of mine as she helped guide my middle finger into her hot, hungry pussy. "God," I thought. "Her appetite is insatiable. With the wind blowing I couldn't actually hear her reactions, but I could feel her open up to accommodate me signaling her enjoyment, holding my hand as she helped me fuck her with my finger.

I watched her biting her lower lip in my peripheral vision. I was growing hard in my trunks, the outline obvious through the thin fabric. I wanted to pull over and fuck Sofia right there on the side of the road, but there were other cars around and so we would just have to continue playing games until we reached the beach.

Before Sofia had a chance to orgasm, I removed my finger and brought it to my lips. Her taste immediately flooded my senses and sparked memories of last weeks' intense escapades. "Why did you stop?" She pouted. "Don't worry, beautiful. I'm sure we'll have a chance to finish soon enough." Moments later we Reached Fort Tilden beach—a more secluded cove popular with Williamsburg hipsters due to the lax clothing optional policy practiced there.

Technically, a woman is allowed to be topless in NYC anywhere a man can, but there were few places where women actually took advantage of this.

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Fort Tilden was the rare exception. We gathered our things and headed out on the hot summer sand looking for a place to set up our camp. At 10:30, the beach wasn't exactly packed, but there were already a healthy amount of young people there so it took us a minute to find an open space. Tattooed bodies in all states of undress were abound as we meandered a bit further down the shoreline, finally laying out the blanket I brought, staking claim to a nice patch of sand not far from the water.

I stepped out of my shoes and began unbuttoning my shirt while I watched Sofia stretch and lift her white tunic over her head. The suggestive curves that had been merely hinted at were now on full display barely covered by her sparse lime green bikini. In fact, calling it a bikini would be generous considering the small green triangles of stretchy fabric strained to actually cover anything at all.

The bottoms were tiny, just big enough to cover her small patch of pubic hair and were only by some miracle able to contain her inner lips, which were clearly visible through the fabric. I would comment on her top as well, but that would be pointless considering that as soon as Sofia removed her tunic, she immediately reached behind herself and pulled the string, untying and discarding the two green triangles. She stood there topless, breasts protruding from her figure in sheer defiance of gravity, as the cool ocean breeze graced her erect nipples.

"God, I love the beach," Sofia extoled. "Don't you?" Staring at the unimaginably perfect figure in front of me, I nodded. "I couldn't agree more." Sofia was far from the only topless woman on the beach that day, but I couldn't help shake the feeling that all eyes were on her. Men and women alike stared, trying to comprehend her impossible geometry.

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My emotions were mixed: on one hand I was proud to act as an accessory to the most striking form on the beach; on the other though, I didn't necessarily like all the attention as I wanted Sofia for myself. Who could blame me? We lay out on the blanket for a while soaking up the sun.

I did my best to banish any jealous thoughts and focused instead on how lucky I was.


Mind adrift, the gentle rhythm of the crashing waves punctuated with soaring seagull cries created a serene soundscape, coercing me to sleep. Twenty minutes passed, before I woke, Sofia next to me, propped on her elbows thumbing through a magazine. We had both developed a sheen of sweat, our bodies glistening in the late morning sun as the rays bounced off our skin. I sat up, rocking my head side to side to crack my stiff neck then raised to my feet to finish my stretch. "It's hot out here," I observed.

"I think I'm gonna go for a swim and cool off. You coming?" Sofia shut her magazine and looked over her narrow shoulder up at me, a coy grin on her face, "Of course. Sounds like a good idea. Let's go." We frolicked in the water, making out as the waves rolled by. Sofia braced herself against me, her back against my chest, as she prepared for an approaching wave.

I instinctively wrapped my hands around her tiny waist pulling her closer, my dormant dick now nesting in the valley between the soft spheres of her barely covered backside. As the wave crashed on us we jumped together to keep our heads above water; it's buoyant force rendering us practically weightless.

The salty air filled our lungs as our hands explored each other's bodies under the cover of the dark green Atlantic.

Her hands reached back and moved along my thighs; my hands first cupping her bare breasts before letting one slip inside the front of her tiny swimsuit bottom.

She purred as another wave passed and lifted us off of our feet craning her neck once we landed so that our lips could meet. With one hand, Sofia lowered the front of my bathing suit and grasped my now partially hard cock, her actions hidden under the water's iridescent surface. She pumped it a few times bringing me to full attention before sliding her swimsuit out of the way and letting me sink into her eager pussy.

Her muscles pulled me in and we let the undulating motion of the water rock us with each wave. My hand in her swimsuit searched out her pearl and I caressed and massaged it as she grinded back against me.

"Fuck you feel good," I breathed into her ear. "I've missed being inside you." "Mmmm… yes baby," she cooed back. "Your dick feels so good." We fucked in the ocean in full view of everyone on the beach and although, I'd like to think that the Atlantic Ocean's warm July waters provided enough of a blanket to mask our under water ministrations, our passion would have been obvious to anyone who bothered to look in our direction. We continued in a slow, steady rhythm, kissing passionately, letting the water's gentle movements dictate our pace, neither of us racing towards an orgasm.

There was no goal to our actions; we merely wanted to enjoy the feeling of floating in water with our bodies locked together. "Mmmmmm… I could do this forever," I moaned overcome with tranquility and bliss. "Me too," Sofia answered. "But maybe we should get out of the water and go for a walk. I wouldn't mind fining a quiet place where we can really be alone. Plus, look at my fingers," she teased bring her hand from the water and showing me her raisined digits.

Reluctantly, I let myself slip free of Sofia's warm embrace and tucked my swollen cock back into the constricting confines of my swim trunks. We walked slowly to the shore, gradually emerging from the ocean, allowing enough time for my erection to subside to the point where the outline may have still been obvious, but no longer vulgar. "I know a place just past the beach we can take a walk to," I suggested while gathering our things.

Sofia stuffed her bikini top in her tote and slid her tunic back over her body, her brown puffy nipples blatant and on full view through the thin, white fabric, offering me yet another impossibly sexy view. Each time I looked at her, I fell in love again. It's as if every thing she did, every action she took was designed to further ensnare me. We hiked towards the remains of Fort Tilden; essentially a series of overgrown sand covered WWII bunkers and hollowed out buildings just off the shore.

As kids during summer vacation, we would ride our bikes there and sneak around the area, looking for old bullets in the sand. And, if I recalled correctly, aside from the odd park ranger there were almost never any other people there, especially if you climbed to the top of one of the bunkers. "Follow me," I guided Sofia, hand in hand along the sandy path, scaling the largest bunker. "Wow!" Sofia squeezed my hand as she took in the view from the summit. Looking to the north, in the distance we could make out the outline of Manhattan's saw-tooth skyline, the buildings seeming like miniatures from where we stood.

And, to the south there was nothing except the endless dark green expanse of the Atlantic. "It's really beautiful up here, " she said as she leaned in. Her lips found mine and my arms wrapped around her curvaceous physique; my hands gripped her ample ass.

We melted into one another, the scent of salty ocean water intermingled with sunscreen, as we kissed. Sofia pressed herself into me, her firm breasts—still covered in white cotton, pushed against my bare chest, her nipples palpable through the delicate material. The blood drained from my body, rushing to my rapidly expanding cock and I was certain Sofia could feel its size against her.

She responded by sliding a hand between us, reaching into my already tight fitting swim trunks, and wrapping her fingers around the trunk she found within. Just then, we heard someone coming up the trail and I froze. I don't know why—maybe it was the my childhood memories of sneaking around the place coming back to me, but something came over me and I instinctively thought we should get out of the way and hide.

"Quick," I whispered our lips separating, her fragile hand still embracing my hard cock. "Let's get behind these bushes." It must have seemed absurd to her, but for some reason she went along with it and we ducked behind a nearby cluster of bushes so that were out of site. Quietly, we observed as a young couple emerged form the trail and came to a stop no more than a hundred feet from us. They couldn't have been older than twenty, both lean and covered in tattoos and sharing a joint.

I thought about getting up, seeing as we obviously weren't going to get busted, an idea, which the longer we sat there, the more ridiculous it seemed. But, something told me to sit still and wait. We watched as the guy brought joint to his lips and took a long pull, the ember at the end burning bright red as he inhaled. As he did this, the girl, sunk to her knees in front of him and began to unbuckle the belt that was holding up his cut off denim shorts.

Now, I had seen plenty of pornos featuring huge dicks or "monster cocks" and frankly, I knew that even compared to a lot of those guys, I was no slouch, but as she slid down is his shorts, the biggest cock I had ever seen began to emerge—a baseball bat practically hanging to his knees, still soft. "Fuck," Sofia whispered. "He's huge… god, I wonder what it would feel like to have that inside me." The girl, however, seemed unfazed by his mass and drew the giant head into her mouth as she started to stroke the outrageously long and thick shaft, her little white hands not even coming close to closing around the whole circumference.

Seconds later, we watched, mesmerized as his cock expanded, filling with blood, protruding at least a foot from his youthful, narrow body. One of his giant hands found her head and he grabbed her by her messy blond hair forcing her down on his impressive appendage. Not even a quarter of the way down, the girl began choking, before finally being allowed to pull her mouth off of him and gasp for air.

"Yeah, girl," the guy said the guy in between pulls of the still lit joint. "You like that big dick, don't you?" I noticed Sofia's tunic had wriggled up above her hips and a hand had pulled aside her bikini bottoms so she could rub her already very wet pussy. Taking my eyes off the young couple momentarily, I watched as Sofia bit her lip, sinking her fingers into her dripping slit. "Mmmm," she groaned, eyes transfixed as the young girl did everything she could to fit as much of that monster into her pretty little mouth.

Finally, after several failed attempts to swallow even half of that giant cock, the young girl stood back up still jerking his massive meat in her tiny hand as he helped her out of her bikini, exposing even more tattooed flesh and a pair of perky little breasts capped with hard little pink nipples. The guy grabbed her by the hips spinning her around and she instantly bent at the waist and placing her hands on her ankles.

He ran his long fingers along her bald slit before sliding two in, finger fucking her to get her ready for the imminent assault on her tiny pussy. He kneeled behind her and placed his mouth against her puckered little asshole as his fingers violated her rapacious, wet hole.

Sofia fingers mimicked the guy's as she slid them in and out of her own dripping snatch. Her free hand had found its way into my swimsuit again and was jerking my cock as we both continued to watch the lascivious scene that was unfolding before us.

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I slid my suit down so that Sofia could have better access, her motions almost subconscious at this point, pumping my cock, but her eyes completely glued on the couple. "Let's join, them baby," Sofia sighed causing me to tense up momentarily at the surprise of her words.

It was one thing to watch, but I had everything I wanted right here and had no interest in sharing. "I don't know, Sofia, I'm not sure I'm into it," I whispered back still enjoying her hand's attentions.

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"I rather just watch with you from right here. Is that ok? "OK, silly," she teased in return, her gaze on the couple breaking momentarily so she could look at me. "But, you're going to have to fuck me while we watch," she added her familiar wicked smile once again gracing her flawless face. Not even bothering to remove her bottoms, the material still pulled to the side, Sofia moved to her hands and knees and crawled in front of me, the two round orbs of her ass cheeks spread apart revealing her dripping lips and tiny puckered rosebud.

I lined myself up behind her and pushed my tip against her opening, sinking in to the base as her warmth engulfed me. From this position both Sofia and I could see the young couple and we watched as the guy impaled the girl—still grabbing her ankles—with his entire length. A primal, animalistic scream escaped her lips, as she took every inch of him. He grabbed her hips, repeatedly slamming himself into the girl's overstuffed pussy.

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Her screams continued as he grunted brutishly. This wasn't lovemaking in the slightest; this was pure, unbridled fucking. Our eyes fixated on the assault taking place so close by, Sofia reached her hand between her legs, her fingers finding her erect clit, and started rubbing herself in furious circles.


I drove my cock into her steaming sex, her bountiful ass bouncing against my stomach with each thrust. Sofia pushed back, meeting me with matched force. The young man continued his impassioned onslaught, the girl filling the air with an endless string of guttural cries and commands. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me with that giant cock… harder…harder…HARDER!

FUUUUUUUUHHHCCCCCKKKKK! Don't stop motherfucker… keep fucking me! Just like that! UUUHUHUHUHUUHUH!" By this point, I was beyond ready to cum.

We had been teasing each other all day, both building up to massive releases. Sofia started moaning louder, slipping in and out of Spanish, no longer concerned if anyone could here. "MMMM…Fóllame! Sí! Sí! Yes! Fóllame! Qué rico…fuck yes!" Sofia began to spasm around me. I looked down, and I could see her cum splashing out around my steel rod as I speared her over and over again; her hand furiously rubbing her clit as more and more liquid escaped her twitching cunt.

"Don't stop!" Sofia commanded; one long orgasm continuing to enrapture her body, riding wave after wave, her fluids freely flowing in a constant stream.

Looking across the way, I could see the young guy finally pull is impossible prick out from the tiny girl, gaping expanse of her vagina obvious even from our distance. The girl spun back around and quickly put her mouth over the magnificent head as he stroked his massive shaft.

Still stroking, he pulled her off, his hand gripping her hair and aimed his enormous torpedo at her open mouth. With one more pump, he grunted releasing and giant white arc of semen into the air. The first large spurt landed on the girl's forehead followed by several more streams that landed on her outstretched tongue. Sofia screamed again; this time louder as her walls clamped tighter around me and her climax reached a new echelon.

Freshly covered in cum, the young couple sprang up to see where the noise was coming from. Earlier I would have been worried that they'd spotted us, but at that moment I couldn't care less.

Once again I was lost in Sofia, and pulling her back to me one last time, I unloaded my overfilled balls into her deepest reaches. Sweaty and satiated, I collapsed onto Sofia's back as the sticky mixture, the result of our lovemaking dripped free. As reality drifted back into focus I looked up, realizing that the young couple, who had given us such a spectacular show, had not confronted us after hearing Sofia's scream.

In fact, as I looked around, they were nowhere in sight. They must have gotten scared that they were going to get caught or something and ran off when they heard the noise. I laughed at the irony, shaking my head. "Kids," I snickered. Part 5 The afternoon sun was painfully bright as it poured through Joaquim's window finally forcing him out of his deep sleep. He was a sweaty mess on top of the sheets, completely naked, and still clutching an empty bottle of whiskey.

"Fuck," he grumbled as he forced himself vertical, planting his bare feet on the cold wooden floor, and setting the empty bottle beside them. He sat on the edge of the bed—the stale taste of cigarettes and alcohol lingered on his tongue—placed his head in his hands, and rubbed his palms against his bloodshot eyes. Then, running his hand through his hair, "What did I get into last night?" It had been four months since Sofia had accepted the position in the postgraduate program and had left for New York, abandoning Joaquim to his own devices in Barcelona.

Although the couple had fought, split up, and got back together countless times, this somehow felt different and, as a result, Joaquim felt alone and forlorn.

He searched for temporary comfort at the bottom of countless liquor bottles, but only found a toxic combination of drugs, nameless women, and more depression, all of which began to consume his daily life. As an artist, his friends and family were used to seeing him go through emotional peaks and valleys, which most of the time could fuel the passion that was channeled into his art.

Which is why, for the most part, no one intervened as he wandered further and further down this unhealthy path. It had been almost six months since Sofia had left, and each day had gotten progressively harder; especially as the time between emails and phone calls stretched further apart. He pushed himself up, unsteady on his feet, as he stumbled towards the bathroom.

A sense of relief swept over his body as he sighed, releasing a long stream of urine. Then, after washing his hands and throwing some cold water on his face, he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. Red bolts crisscrossed his inflamed sunken eyes, his lids heavy, with dark circles surrounding them.

His normally purposeful stubble had grown coarse and unkempt adding to his disheveled look. "God, I look like shit," he muttered to himself. Still naked and hollow, he left the bathroom and was about to go find his jeans when he heard a noise coming from the kitchen. He lumbered towards the direction of the noise, pushed, open the kitchen door to find a fairly attractive young woman—several years younger than he—attached to a long pair of legs, wearing nothing but Joaquim's oversized shirt, standing on her tip-toes reaching to put away some plates.

She noticed Joaquim and pleasantly chirped, "Good morning, sleepy-head. I didn't think you'd ever get up. I hope you don't mind I borrowed your shirt." "Wait," Joaquim thought to himself. "Isn't that the bartender from last night? I remember flirting with her a bit. God I was fucking wasted. Did we sleep together?" Then out loud, his voice horse and dry, "Ummm, yeah, its fine. Good morning." "You were so good last night, sexy. I came so many times," she commented answering Joaquim's unspoken question.

Then, as Joaquim stood there still naked and scratching his head, she sashayed over and teased, "Aww, you look so sleepy. Maybe this will wake you up." The nameless bartender placed her lips on Joaquim's, her slender hands on his rough cheeks, and nuzzled her body into his.

Joaquim, still a bit lost in the morning's fog, kissed her back albeit with considerably less effort than she. The girl then began to lower her head and she slowly fell to her knees, never once breaking eye contact. "This is to say thank you for last night," she purred seductively as she ran her hands over Joaquim's soft hanging member. Of course, Joaquim had no idea to what she was referring, but at this point he figured that there was no point in mentioning that.

Joaquim watched the slender brunette as she placed her lips around his fat cock, then turning his head upward, he let out a sigh as he felt himself stiffen from her wet touch. Truthfully, all Joaquim could really think about at that moment was getting a cup of coffee, but he resigned himself to enjoy the expertly executed blowjob he was receiving instead. The pretty bartender bobbed her head on Joaquim's substantial pole coating it in saliva while jerking the base with her wet fist.

Occasionally, she would pull back and flick her tongue over the bulbous head darting around his oozing urethra. She lapped up his precum eagerly before diving back down, never really trying to swallow him whole, just happy to open wide and have whatever she could fit in her mouth. As her mouth continued it's diligent work, the bartender moved her free hand between her thighs and worked her fingers between her moist folds.

Using her middle and ring fingers, she massaged her hard little clit through its protective hood, stimulating her desire and in turn, instigating her oral efforts. As she slipped her fingers inside herself, she could feel how wet she was and she knew then, that she was ready for Joaquim to enter her again. With one last lick of his length, the bartender stood up and spun around, her upper body falling forward onto the kitchen counter.

The hem of Joaquim's oversized shirt rode up exposing a narrow but firm little ass, which framed her small, thin-lipped young pussy—slick and ready. "Fuck me like you fucked me last night," her lusty tone somewhere between begging and commanding. Joaquim honestly had no idea what she meant by that. Did he do something unusual last night? He couldn't remember. Besides, he was still groggy, and frankly, not in the disposition to put in the physical effort required for doing anything bizarre.

Then again, the blowjob had gotten him surprisingly hard and he was now fully prepared to ram his aching cock into her inviting pussy. He placed is hands on her petite hips and lined himself up against her slit. He dipped his head into her waiting opening a few times like he was checking the temperature of the pool, making sure it was just right before diving in. Satisfied with how hot and wet she was, Joaquim took the plunge, her tight little lips parting around him as she received his length.

He paused for a moment letting her get used to his abnormal girth and when he finally felt her relax just enough he began to fuck her with long controlled strokes. Although he wasn't ramming into her with reckless abandon, his strokes were nevertheless strong and powerful.

With each thrust he pushed the bartender against the kitchen cabinets, her upper body still splayed out over the counter. As Joaquim fucked this nameless woman who he had found in his flat that morning, he began to feel invigorated, even if only temporarily.

The feelings of self-loathing and neglect dissipated. Feeling a bit adventurous now, he let a dollop of spit escape his lips and land on her flesh and it made its way between her splayed open ass cheeks. Softly at first, he began massaging her tight little rosebud with his thumb, using the spit at lubricant.

Then, when he felt she was ready, he pushed his thumb past the tight sphincter and let it rest inside her. "Yessss…" she howled as his digit entered her. "You love playing with my tight little ass, don't you? Fuck you're so dirty." "Oh, is this what you want?" he goaded back as he increased the frequency of his thrusts, his thumb wiggling around in her tiny, young asshole. "That's it, that's it," she encouraged, "make me cum you dirty old man!

Yesssss!" Joaquim watched her body convulse as her orgasm ripped through her; her long thin legs shaking as she reached forward flexing her fingers. He pulled his hard cock from her and watched her sex spasm taking pride in the job he'd done, his thumb still working her ass. "Are you ready for more?" he asked not really caring if there was an answer. He removed his thumb from her and moved his cum-slick cock head in its place.

The girl gasped, "What are you doing?" she asked with a genuine sense of nervousness. "I don't know if that'll fit." "You've never been fucked in the ass before, baby?" "I… I… have…" she stuttered, slightly embarrassed.

"And you didn't like it?" "No… I liked it… a lot. It's just that… just that, you're so much thicker than the last guy who tried it. Will you be gentle?" Joaquim was in no mood to be patient or gentle, but he also wasn't interested in really hurting this girl either. So, instead of pushing himself in with one aggressive thrust, he used a mixture of her cum and his spit as lubricant and let himself sink in slowly, giving her time to acclimate to the new sensation of her ass being so full.

"Fuck, you feel huge. I feel like you're going to tear me in half." "Just relax, you're doing fine… god, you feel amazing." Slowly, he started working himself in and out, mostly remaining buried inside, but allowing himself small motions.

She was almost painfully tight around him and he could feel her holding him like a Chinese finger trap: the more he tried to escape, the harder she clamped down.

Joaquim had run out of patience and decided this girl had adjusted as well as she could. He was ready to fuck her. Again, he held her hips as he pulled back, slowly extracting himself, just leaving the head buried past the tight sphincter. The girl moaned as her cavity constricted, overcome with a feeling of emptiness. However, Joaquim didn't want her to get used to that feeling and so with one steady movement, he pushed his entire cock back inside her.

In response the girl let out a loud shriek. "Ohhhh my god!!! Fuuuck! "Are you ok?" "Yes," she whimpered, breathing heavily.

"It's just so OHHHHHHHH—" She yelped again as Joaquim repeated his motion, but this time faster. With each slow, full stroke he picked up the pace, gradually reaching a point where he was fucking her impossibly tight asshole forcefully.

The girl's screams morphed from pain to pleasure and at one point she even reached back to fondle her clit while her asshole was getting repeatedly plowed. Joaquim couldn't last long with his cock in such constricting confines. Each stroke brought him closer and closer to exploding. With one final push he released his hot load deep into the bartender's bowels, grunting as he came.

Almost simultaneously, the girl let out another involuntary scream as she rubbed her pussy to its second climax, her juices dripping down her inner thighs. Slowly, he pulled himself free of her stranglehold and watched as his cum spilled from the distended opening.

The sticky white fluid flowed over her pussy lips and intermingled with the wet remnants of her own orgasm. The girl reached back scooping up some of the mixture and brought it to her lips to taste it. "Mmmm… don't we taste good together," she teased playfully. "That was so fucking hot," she added as she turned over and pulled herself up. "Mind if I take a shower?" "Go right ahead." Joaquim replied.

She placed a quick peck on his lips and pranced off towards the bathroom, still wearing his shirt. The brief sense of euphoria wore off quickly and Joaquim was left naked in the kitchen, to confront is actual emotions. He walked over to the cupboard and pulled out a bottle of whiskey. He took a shot from the bottle, wiped his lips with the back of his bare arm, and proceeded to put on a pot of coffee. While waiting, he sunk to the floor, back against the kitchen cabinets, clutching the comforting whiskey bottle, the tile cold on his naked skin.

"What the fuck am I doing? This isn't what I want. I don't even know her fucking name."