Swinger wife throwing that ass back on some guys long cock SLOW MOTION)

Swinger wife throwing that ass back on some guys long cock SLOW MOTION)
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When Mike woke up Tuesday morning, with Candy in the bed next to him sleeping heavily, he grinned. Today Zoë got back into town. He checked the alarm clock (6:34) before turning over and looking at Candy.

Once his worst nemesis, now his fuck buddy, Candy was not as attractive as Zoë. Mike frowned at the comparison of the two. He had found during this absence of Zoë's that he missed her. A lot. Maybe it was just high school hormones. But she was most certainly something to him. And when he thought of Candy, as he had at school yesterday for example, it was with a grin for the antics they got into, but not with any feelings of pining attentions or wanting company. When Mike thought of Candy he thought of sex.

The first round had been hot; hot enough or him to take her anal virginity with no feelings of remorse at all. But then she had been a total bitch for a very long time. It had been sweet payback. Now here she was, his bitch of a mistress, who enjoyed being cursed out while they screwed. She also, he had discovered, enjoyed getting drunk. Sunday night she had gone home for a while and returned with a bottle of Jack Daniels. That had been interesting. Michael let his mind wander through the happenings of two days.

Then he went back, all the way back, to one week earlier. In one week he had obtained a girlfriend, had sex with a freshman girl, cussed out his demons and fucked one of those demons in every single hole she had.

And continued to cuss her out the whole time he did so. He'd had a pretty good week for someone whose life after… that… had been empty and shitty. Now he had a reason to smile. Candy stirred beside him (A wonder since the earliest she ever woke up was seven forty five) and groaned.

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Mike grinned as he gently threw off the covers and stepped away from the bed. "Unnngh… Michael… ohhhh God…" Michael walked around to her side of the bed and kissed her forehead before checking the hall and walking across to the bathroom.

His parents and Dana had returned Monday night, giving Michael just enough notice to hide Candy. Somehow she'd convinced her parents to let her stay at a friend's house until Tuesday morning. How, Michael didn't worry about. He had to keep her from his parents, which meant going out almost every night and eating out with her.

He had almost had enough of her. He shut the door and was about to lock it, until he heard a knock. Cracking the door he saw Candy standing nude in the hall. "Michael, hurry up!" the hoarse whisper came through the door as Michael frantically opened the door and pulled her in by one arm.

He heard the joint pop as he roughly stopped her against him and shut the door as quietly as possible, locking it. "Candy, what are you doing? You were asleep a minute ago, and you know that they don't know you're here!" She looked at him devilishly.

"Actually, I woke up just about the time you got out of bed. I'm a lighter sleeper than I look, and we got up around the same time yesterday. Plus, I need to shower." With that she proceeded to turn on the water. Mike sighed and looked into the mirror, if only to someone else as exasperated with Candy as he was. He heard the water spurt a few times as Candy flipped the toggle on the spout, turning on the spray.

But still he looked into the mirror. He had lost a few pounds, leaving a light reserve of belly fat but nothing that was noticeable unless you knew where it was. He had grown a bit paler, but nothing else had really changed. His hair was light brown; his eyes were that same, piercing blue.

They seemed almost grey to Mike. He was the same height, somewhere around six feet, give or take two inches. He was never quite sure. "Are you going to join me, lover? This is our last morning, so you'd better put out at least twice." He turned to Candy, standing there seductively in front of him. Her wavy hair, light brown against femininely tanned, muscular skin; her eyes hazel as her hair, and her entire body screaming radiance and beauty.

And yet… Mike pushed any thought of Zoë out of his head as he met Candy in front of the shower. IN the two days they had spent together, the two had learned how to lean into one another to make it seem natural, almost as natural as water. Mike's arm encircling her waist, Candy's right hand going to the back of his neck, her left into his hair as their hips touched and bumped and their chests hovered inches away from one another.

The kiss started out light, as it always had. Then Michael swung around, pulling the hand from his hair and dragging her into the shower. 6:40. Once they were under the water, Mike resumed the kiss and let his free hand roam Candy's sexy body. He tweaked a nipple, stroked her thigh lightly and gently caressed the valley of her vagina. She moaned quietly against his touch, still holding his lips against her.

Her other hand, however, was now on the rapidly hardening cock, nine inches roughly and thick enough that her fingers barely fit around it. He was only an inch or two taller than her, but still the head of his cock touched and rubbed her breasts. She giggled as she felt the head slide against her skin. "We don't have as much time as we did Sunday… Lets skip this part, as much as I enjoy it…" "You're right… I still have to do this one more time, right?" She looked at him with that mischievous smile.

"At least once more!" They laughed for a second, until Michael pushed Candy against the wall and kissed her roughly, pressing his torso against her wet, glistening breasts. "Ohhhh God Michael give it to me!" Mike pulled her up to his level, pressing his cock into her tunnel and smiling as she groaned.

"Fuck I might never get used to that…!" Michael kissed her again as he slid his cock in and out of her pussy, loving the feeling. Candy was looser than his other experiences… Michael banished that thought.


He focused on the girl in his arms, on their writhing. He pressed into her harder and began to push faster, bumping into her cervix every few thrusts.

Candy felt him speed up and could barely contain her moans and whimpers, even let a few out. Michael felt his orgasm growing closer and decided to switch it up.

He pulled his cock out of her, enjoyed the kitten's mewl that she made in disappointment before he pushed slowly into her ass.


He watched her eyes get wide as he fucked her ass. He had only done this once, Sunday afternoon when he'd taken her virginity, and she had begged him to do it again.

He preferred her pussy, but this got her off faster. He grinned as he pushed his tongue into her mouth and she came. "Ohhhh…! Michael… Michael… ohhhh!

God yes give it to me!" Michael nearly told her to shush as he came, but then realized that she was whispering. Barely whispering, almost not speaking at all. He sighed and pulled his cock out of her ass and set her down.

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Candy kissed him hard, full on as he set her down. "Thank you… Michael." 6:59 *************************** When Michael opened the door to his room at seven forty five, he heard the door next to his open at the same time.

He never expected what happened. Dana, his awful stepsister, walked out into the hall obliviously nude; as she turned and began to walk towards the bathroom, which was between their bedrooms on the opposite wall, Mike cleared his throat.

Her eyes had been shut as she sang part of a song, or said something to herself. Her eyes snapped open and she looked straight at him, eyes wide. Then she ran back into her room. Mike listened, prayed to the gods she didn't scream for her mother, and thanked them as he found silence. He motioned for Candy to come out and they ran down the steps, though Mike heard the faint sound of crying in Dana's bedroom.

Finally they were out the door, no one in the kitchen or the living room, and out on the steps. Mike looked around to check and make sure no one was on the street at all before he grabbed Candy, much to her surprise, and pulled her to him.

The kiss was short. When they pulled apart Candy looked at him blankly. "What was that for?" "Think of it as a gift.

I almost wish that I wasn't getting an official girlfriend today. But…" He paused as Candy looked at the ground. He thought, for a second, that she was crying. He continued anyway. "I think it might be something that is going to turn out. You and I… it was mind-blowingly good. Amazing.

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But I can't help and miss her." Candy looked up and Mike felt his throat close up at the sight of tears rolling down her cheeks. "I could tell.

You got this… this tiny smile, like a grin but more… and your eyes glazed over… when you thought of her. Thank you, Michael." "For what? You were the one who stayed and gave me three days of… I don't even know what it was.

Hell, it was better than sex." She smiled and brushed away her tears. Michael noticed that she hadn't been wearing makeup when she was over, and now he realized how much prettier she was without it.

"For not being what I was.

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I treated you awfully for the past… how many years has it been? Two years now. And you gave me love, if only for a short time, and if only a piece. I know that you feel something else for her, but I can… hope… that what you gave me was something similar. You are… so much more than I thought you were. In more ways than one." They both grinned at that. "Michael… I…" Mike didn't let her finish.

He pulled her to him again, this time kissing her lightly. When they separated, she was crying again. "Candy… I'm sorry.

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I'm glad we had this… and hopefully we can do this again. I really wish, in some part of me, that you were the one getting back from a trip and you and I were the ones getting together." Mike could read Candy's emotions then.

Didn't want to. "Michael…" "Please, do me one favor." She nodded, nearly crying full on now. " Don't leave me alone.

Act as normal as possible. I won't hide it from her. But… I'd rather the other girls didn't start spreading things that could make me or you or her look bad." He lied. He couldn't tell anyone that it was Rose he was afraid of.

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Candy nodded. "I can do that. I wont slap you anymore… but I can act like I'm trying to get back at you after the last time we saw each other." She kissed his cheek, turned slowly and walked down the steps.

Halfway, she turned, now crying fully but holding in her sobs. "Michael… I love you. Thank you so much." Before he could say anything she walked off. He knew she had parked her car down the street, not even five minutes away, but he wanted to go to her. But he thought of Zoë and he sighed. He walked back in the house and shut the door, setting his forehead against the wood and repeatedly banging his head against it.

"So… I take it you finally let that girl go for good?" Mike spun around to face his father, sitting at the table having coffee as casual as could be.