Are my pink panties making you hard yet JOI

Are my pink panties making you hard yet JOI
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Where It Begins: Her BMW crept along the side street; this was a worse neighborhood than she thought it would be. She looked down at the address once again 445 Dexter St.

and on a hunch pulled into the alleyway. The green rusty door near the dumpster was the address. Rachel looked around; it was just after noon and a bright sunny day. She never would have driven here in the evening that was for sure. Rachel was here to pick a Miss Nora Peralta a homeless woman who was injured when an old condemned building collapsed.

Rachel Stein's husband was a renowned reconstruction surgeon who despite being successful he still did pro bono and charity work. Rachel was on her way home from her own doctor and was filled with joy to find out she was pregnant with their first child. She honked the horn hoping that Nora would come out to the car but there was no answer.

She felt the little hairs on the back of her neck but she ignored her uneasiness and left her car to knock on the door. Rachel was listening intently to door and didn't see movement until the two latino males were just a few feet from her. "Hey chica" one of them said in a menacing way. Rachel ran to her car and as she grabbed the door handle one of them grabbed her arm she took a deep breath to scream but another hand tightly covered her mouth. One of them pulled open the green door and the shoved her inside a large dark musty room.

The heavier taller male punched her once in the stomach and as she bowled over he punched her in the face and she fell to the floor. Rachel was dazed semi-concious, she was aware they were ripping her clothes off.

Juan whistled as his brother ripped the clothes off of her. He guessed she was in her mid twenties and she was one hot babe. Manuel ripped off her bra then her panties. "Shit this fuck'in rich bitch is about my age" He pulled off her panties "probably has some old rich guy fuck'in this pussy" Juan laughed "the rich old man probably can't get it up, that's why she's crusin' down here bro. try'in find some hard cock" "Yeah. Is that it bitch?

Look' for some young studs?" Rachel moaned she had blacked out for a moment but now was aware of two naked young men standing over her. "Please" she murmmered. Manuel slapped her hard "dontcha worry bitch.

you don't need to beg for it" Manuel shoved his cock into her and pounded roughly her pussy. He pinched her nipples and when she tried to scream he slapped her again. Just as he was about to cum he pulled out and moved over her squirting his cum all over her face. Juan wasted no time and pushed his cock into Rachel's pussy. Unlike his brother he took it slower, enjoying the feeling of fucking this beautiful young girl.

At 19 Juan has been mostly in rather than out of juvenile detention facilities since he was 12 and the choice of women was always limited. He had never had such a fine looking woman; he thought she could have been a movie actress. Rachel had her eyes closed and was concentrating on not crying as she didn't want to get hit again.

She thought about the baby growing inside her, if she let them rape her maybe she and the baby would survive. Manuel was getting dressed, he had pulled the money and car keys from her purse. He found the address on the paper and chuckled knowing that she meant to go to 495 not 445. No one would know she was here. If they took her car they might not find her for days.

"Ahhh yeah." Juan was cumming deep inside her. Juan stood and got dressed. He turned to his brother "how much?" "$125 bucks, some jewelry, we take the car to Roberto he chops it up and we got a nice haul." "nice pussy too" smiled Juan.

"Shit. you used to fucking fat ho's. She's not bad look'in but I like my women when the fight back a little you know hehee" Juan knew. Manuel was four years older than him, and already did some hard time. He dealt drugs, did burglaries and his liked his sex rough. The heard a noise. Rachel was crawling her way to the door. Manuel ran toward her and kicked her in the head, it snapped back and she fell still. Manuel stood over her and knew she was dead.

"Come on" he yelled to Juan and they took off in Rachel's car. The courtroom was the last time Dr. Francis Nathan Stein was seen in public.

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The police arrested Juan Lopez when they recovered the DNA evidence from Rachel's body. They suspected Manuel was part of it as well but they had no other evidence and Juan professed innocence all the way. Dr. Stein's outward appearance was one of calm but inside he wanted revenge.

During the trial the public defender was able to show that the chain of custody for the DNA evidence was broken and the judge had no choice but to throw out the evidence. Without that and lack of confession, charges against Juan were dismissed. Rage. He was filled with rage. "Frank the best thing to do now is go back to work" Dr. Herbert Marsh was Stein's closest friend since medical school.

He nodded to his good friend but he didn't mean it. Dr. Stein had already made preparations. He closed his clinic and moved all the equipment into a new home that was secluded in the outskirts of the city. Since the funeral the loss of his wife and never born child, it would have been a girl, filled his heart with despair and revenge.

Dr. Stein had formulated a plan. He had the money and the skills to carry it out, he only needed the hate and the acquittal of Juan Lopez provided that. He met a creepy low life criminal named Izzy. Izzy was a short fat slightly Mongoloid man who had a scar from a knife fight he lost and the Doctor made a trade of services with him.

He provided him a handsome scar free face, and Izzy provided the kidnapping of Juan Lopez. It was after midnight and after months of preparation Dr.

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Stein was beginning to worry that Mr. Gore had failed his mission. The rain pelted the roof but it was the sound of the door banging open that made him jump. Izzy dragged the chloroformed body of Juan into the massive basement that would normally be a playroom with a pool table, instead the body was placed on an operating table.

"Mr. Gore thank you. Your debt has now been repaid and you are no longer needed." "Doc, stop with the mister, just Izzy will do. You sure you don't need my help with him?" "We had a deal, and you have met your obligation. Izzy" "Yeah but. I was think'in. my girlfriend, Shawna. she could use a boob job. you know? Maybe there's something else I can do fur ya?" Dr. Stein smiled "perhaps there is. check back with me in two months." Juan was the perfect subject. At 19 he was young enough for his body chemistry to adapt and his build was already thin and slight, perfect for the remodeling.

For two months, Juan remained in a semi conscious state while Dr. Stein worked on him. Dr. Stein now looked objectively over his work. Through implants, injections, bone reconstruction, electrolysis and hormone therapy, Juan had been changed into a 19 year old female.

Not just any female, a beautiful stunning female. He had given Juan full 38C breasts, shoulder length dark brown hair, green sculptured almond shaped eyes, full pouty lips, and a vagina that no surgeon would guess used to house a cock. The vagina was a work of art, one that Dr. Stein could have won awards and had published in the best medical journals.

He was sure it would function like the real thing and produce tremendous orgasms better than the natural one. Gazing on the sleeping nude figure, Frank Stein for the first time since his wife was alive, felt the stirring in his cock. "She's beautiful" he whispered. He then realized his own cock stiffening and felt embarrassed, this was a man. Despite what he did against nature, he was a man.

Which was the idea behind his revenge after all. He wanted Juan Lopez to feel the same degradation he showed his wife. He thought about raping the body himself, those thoughts entertained him especially after a bottle of cabernet. The thought however, disgusted him and he decided to let the street vermin have there way with him. "Mr. Gore. I have an assignment for you, I would like you to pick up a package at my home and make a delivery" Dr.

Stein hung up the phone and decided it was time to dress and wake up his patient and explain the facts of life to him. Juan woke up naked in a small room with only a pile of clothes on the floor and one wall, which was a mirror. He felt dazed and staggered about as if he'd been drinking. His eyes focused and he saw a beautiful girl in the mirror "woo"! He spun around thinking of seeing her behind him but it was an empty room. Dr. Stein waited for the screams to subside.

He noticed the vocal pitch was as high as he hoped it would be and smiled. Looking through the one-way mirror, he waited until Juan's mind was significantly confused. He then began to explain the facts of his new life to him.

During the whole time Juan explored some of his new features but continued cursing during the doctor's explanation of the operations. "So you see Juan, you are now a woman and you must accept it. You will experience every degrading perverted trait you have done to women on yourself now." "Fuck you!

Give me back my cock. You better fuck'in turn me back or I swear my brother and I will fuck'in kill you." "There is no turning back. Put on those clothes" "No fucking way". "Well then, enjoy your new life miss." Dr.

Stein then flipped a switch that filled the room with a gas that put Juan to sleep. Frank then dressed Juan in high heels, stockings, thong, a red leather mini skirt and white halter-top. Izzy placed her in his car and drove the lightly sleeping Juan to the inner city. During the ride Izzy glanced over to the young girl. He was thinking the doctor must have picked up this hooker and was returning her to the streets.

She might be a whore, but she was certainly one of the prettiest girls he had ever seen. He glanced from the road to her during the entire drive. He wondered how "out of it" she was.

He touched her smooth cheek and she didn't flitch. He grew bolder and moved his hands to her tits and squeezed her nipples.

Driving into the city he pulled into a deserted alley. He picked her out of the car and lifted her over his shoulder.

He opened the rusty green door and carefully placed her on the dirty floor. Several rats scurried about but the place was dark and empty. Izzy stood over the sprawled unconscious body and unzipped his pants. The morning sun beamed through the broken glass and into Juan's eyes. He hoped it was all a dream but he recognized the room, the clothes he was wearing and the breasts that were exposed.

Manuel would help him. He tried to walk in the heels but ended up carrying them. Manuel was doing his morning routine. He was counting the cash he grabbed from some old broads purse last night, sipping a beer and smoking a joint.

He hadn't heard from Juan for a few months now, but that was not unusual for their life. Juan was probably in jail somewhere or maybe shacked up on the run. Manuel heard the knock on the door and saw the chick through the door peephole.

He opened it up and Juan stumbled in. "Hey bro you gotta help me. look what that fuck'in bastard did to me" "Hey chica. Do I know you? You Sergio's girl?" Manuel watched the girl throw down her shoes and watched her ass as she bent to get a beer from the fridge. He smiled and licked his lips. She was ranting about something, but don't they all, he thought. Juan guzzled the beer. "Man that fuck'in doc he fucked me up. He chopped off my dick we gotta go get him and have him put it back.

Then we'll chop off his dick. Fuck man. Yo bro. You hear me? What the fuck man? " Manuel moved up to Juan and offered him a toke of his joint. Juan took it, frustrated that Manuel wasn't acting as angry as he should be. Juan inhaled the joint and he felt Manuel grab his ass with one and a tit with another.

Juan pushed him away. "What the fuck man. It's me Juan, your brother" "Ha. yeah baby.

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come here" "Fuck man listen to me. Hey it's me Juan. That fuck'in crazy doctor did this to me". Juan threw away the joint and took away Manuel's beer. He attempted to explain it to him. He even proved it by telling him things that only the two of them knew. Manuel finally caught on and was stunned.

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"What if he can't turn you back man? Then what do we do?" "Fuck I don't know. But he fucking did this and he can undo it." "Yeah okay little brother. We'll make him put you back. Hey look Leon is coming over to sell me some more product. We'll go soon as he leaves. Shit tho. you one fine bitch." "Fuck you" and they both laughed. They smoked a joint and soon after Leon knocked on the door. Manuel let Leon in and Juan, embarrassed, went into the bedroom. Leon was a large bald black man who wholesaled cocaine to Manuel.

Manuel walked into the bedroom and saw Juan smoking a joint and watching tv. He was sitting on the bed with his skirt bunched up exposing his thong panties. Juan looked up at him. "Hey uh. Leon wondered who you were so I said you were ah. Juanita, a friend." "Whatever" "Look ah. Leon offered me a whole fuck'in ounce of powder for free" "Free? Shit when has Leon ever given anything for free.

What he wants you to kill someone?" "No man. He. ah. he wants to fuck you." "Fuck you. No fuck'in way I ain't no queer. I ain't fucking a guy. No fucking way" "Hey man. Right now you not a guy, you're a chica. You know? It's a full ounce free man. you know how much that is?" "Fuck you. You fuck him" Manuel then slapped Juan hard across the facing the beer smashing to the floor and nearly sending him off the bed.

"You are going to fuck him bitch." He slapped him again. Manuel then pulled off the top and pulled down the panties. He saw the dried cum inside them. "Shit you been fucking already fucking queer.

Yo Leon! Come and get it my man!" Leon walked into the bedroom as Manuel walked out "Oh she likes it rough man. She plays games that way". "get the fuck away from me Leon" sobbed Juan. Juan couldn't understand why he was crying.

He never used to cry before. What else did that doctor do to him he wondered.


Leon had stripped down and his 9 inch cock was fully erect. He walked to the side of the bed and grabbed Juan by the hair forcing his face against his cock.

"Suck it bitch" Juan tried to pull away. Leon grabbed her hair tighter and pinched her nose. Juan tried but couldn't force his head away. Leon's fat cock jammed into Juan's mouth and he started face fucking her.

Juan thought about biting it, but the thought of biting down on his cock was gross to him, besides which he realized Leon would not hesitate in killing him. Leon face fucked Juanita for a couple of minutes he then pushed her back and spread her legs. "I hope you fuck better than you suck cock." Juan struggled but Leon was twice his size. Juan felt Leon's cock stuffing into him. It hurt, a pain he never felt before. Leon was pumping away looking down at her.

He was thinking how damn gorgeous she was. He started playing with her nipples. Perhaps if he gave her a good fuck, he can get her away from Manuel. Hell a nice looking bitch like this could make him some good cash on the street. Juan was tired and let his body go limp. He closed his eyes to accept his fate. Then somewhere came a feeling. His hearting was beating heavier and he felt his blood getting hot.

He was feeling something else too. It was a sensation from Leon's cock rubbing in and out of him. Instinctively he lifted his legs around the large black man and moved his hips in rhythm with Leon. Leon noticed the change immediately. She was digging it. He changed his stroke pulling his dick out to the tip then all balls into her pussy. He licked her nipples and she gave out a guttural moan. Manuel was watching from the door. "Shit she loves it" he whispered. He rubbed his own cock through his jeans as he saw Leon let out a groan and a shudder the same time Juan screamed and "ahhhh" into an orgasm.


Manuel let Leon out. Juan pulled off the rest of the clothes and went into the shower. He wasn't a fag but. undeniably what he experienced, he never experienced as a man. Still, thinking about that cock in his mouth made him puke in the shower. Juan wrapped himself in the towel and walked into the room.

Manuel was already into the cocaine. Manuel beckoned him over and offered him a few lines. "Hey sorry about hitting you. Man it was worth eh? I mean. didn't look like you minded it any way eh? "Fuck you. I feel like some fucking fag. Damn this is some good shit though." "Well let's get over to the doctors house you know?" "Yeah.

we will Juanita" Manuel stared into her green eyes and those lips. He wanted to kiss those lips. "Yo. It's Juan man. whatchu lookin at?" Manuel moved his hand along her smooth shoulder then a quick caress her breast through the towel. Juan pushed his hand away. "Hey bro cut it out." "Come on baby.

Show me those tits." Manuel moved in closer. Juan backed off but Manuel put his hand on her back and moved her into him. He kissed her on the lips. Juan pulled away, the towel falling to the floor.

"Cut it out. I am your fucking brother for Christ sake." "Hey Juanita. Gimmie some sugar" The mixture of drugs and the sex act that he witnessed earlier totally dominated Manuel's mind. "Hey I am not Juanita" and Juan ran into the bedroom. Manuel followed and shoved her on the bed. Juan landed face down and Manuel was on top of him holding his neck down into the mattress. "Hey I know you love it man. You gave it to Leon, you can give it to me bitch" Manuel was always stronger than Juan and in this female body he was not able to move him at all.

Manuel reached under Juan and started fingering his pussy. Juan's mouth was muffled into the mattress and could barely breathe. That feeling started to happen again to Juan. That pussy the doctor put in him was causing these sensations. Know there was something else it wasn't Manuel's finger. Manuel eased his cock into her pussy. Her ass lifted up to accept it.

This perfect round ass, tight pussy and fuck machine, this was all woman. He started slow and increased his pumping speed grabbing her ass with both hands. Juan was on his knees now arching his back and wanting rubbing going on inside him to go faster. He was on the verge of something. "Yes faster. Faster. fuck yeah" Juan moaned into the mattress. "Yeah bitch. Fuck it." Manuel slapped her ass hard several times.

He reached around her and tweeked her nipples hard.

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He was fucking her fast and hard now. He grabbed the back of her hair and pulled it back. "Uhhhh. oh yeah. hit it. hit it." Juan moaned.

Manuel slapped her ass again. He pulled out his dick and then shoved it into her asshole. Juan yelled at first but soon got back into the rhythm of the fucking. Juan reached between his legs and shoved his fingers into his pussy. "Ohhh ahh Ohhhh yeaaaa yesssss" Juan orgasmic moans and collapsed on the bed. Manuel hadn't cum yet, due to the drugs, he turned her over and shoved his cock in her mouth. Juan was in such an orgasmic state without thinking he opened his mouth and eagerly sucked on his dick.

Manuel smiled down at his beautiful brother and his cum filled her mouth. They fell asleep. Sometime during the night Manuel woke up saw the beautiful girl next to him and fucked her again. This time he held her wrists and although Juan did not resist, Manuel slapped her around and Juan enjoyed it.

The next day it was about noon when Juan woke up. He realized he enjoyed the feelings his body was giving him. Still, he didn't want to be a girl anymore. Today Manuel and he would go back to the doctor and make him turn him back. Juan thought that before they do that Manuel would want to have sex with him again, and one last time as a girl wouldn't be too bad. The next day it was about noon when Juan woke up. He realized he enjoyed the feelings his body was giving him. Still, he didn't want to be a girl anymore.

Today Manuel and he would go back to the doctor and make him turn him back. Juan thought that before they do that Manuel would want to have sex with him again, and one last time as a girl wouldn't be too bad.

"Manuel? We going to pay a visit to that doctor now?" Manuel opened the bedroom door. Juan was naked sitting up on the bed. "Yeah Juanita, soon. but first I got some friends" Leon and four other guys followed Manuel into the room.

There was the old landlord, and couple of scruffy local guys that Manuel and Juan used to hang with. They all took in her body and whistled approvingly. "See guys just like I promised." Each of them gave Manuel fistfuls of cash and proceeded to take off their clothes. "Have fun guys and don't forget to tell your friends, we're open 27/7" Where It Ends: A year later Juanita was working the Parliament Hotel.

She was stunning in a tight fitting gown that showed off her cleavage. She sauntered up to the sharp dressed man on the stool and asked him for a light of her cigarette.

He looked her body up appreciatively and took out a gold dunhill lighter. They talked and flirted for a bit. She then offered to go up to his room. "How much?" he asked her. She leaned next to his ear and whispered "five hundred" she then squeezed his cock and kissed him deeply, her tongue licking his lips.

He got up, threw some money down on the bar and she took him by the arm and they headed into the elevator. In his room she was insatiable. She teased him with a slow strip and grind. She sucked his cock and licked his balls like a nympho and when it came to fucking she wanted it in every position.

She had made him cum twice. They rested back on the bed and he gently held her head between his hands. "You certainly made an adjustment Juan. You know I never could get you out of my mind/" Juan looked up and recognized the man as the doctor that converted him.

The doctors grip on his face was now gripped tightly. "I hope your brother can adjust as well as you did, he's waiting for me back at my home right now". With a quick twist of the neck and blackness filled Juan's eyes.