Busty goth babe gets pounded

Busty goth babe gets pounded
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This is my first story written, so cut me some slack and be easy on the comments :). Criticism is welcome, but it must be constructive criticism. I have changed the names of the story for obvious reasons, but other than that the story is 100% true.

I wrote this because I have read many stories here myself, and want to give back with some of my own. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'll first describe myself: I'm a 17 year old Australian guy, I'm relatively tall, 6ft exactly, long brown straight hair that gets bleached by the sun to be blond and I'm a bit lighter than the average build. I keep fit mainly by just doing the odd run every few days, but I don't work out much, so I remain rather slim.

I have two sisters, two parents and I'm very close to all of them, and no, this story isn't about them :).


This story begins in France, where I went for an exchange. I went for 3 months during our winter holidays, as our school is tight and doesn't let us miss much school (it is very academic).

At first, I was nervous around my new host family, which had a host brother, 17 years old too. But as time wore on, I realised I had the best family I could have received. John, being my age and having similar interests, got along very well. His parents were also very cool and easy going, they let me drink around the house and didn't really care what me and John did, as long as if we didn't get nicked by the cops or anything. ;).

Now to the fun stuff. John was having his 18th birthday party on the last week I was there. I'd been to many parties so far, but, besides a few random hook-ups, nothing really happened. I was never very interested in hook-ups, to be honest, even though I was still a virgin, I was more the type to 'wait for the right girl', not just 'fuck and forget'.

I basically hadn't proceeded much further than the 'hook-up' phase, only some kissing and maybe a little touching, not much, but as I said, this low experience didn't bother me too much; my friends in Australia are all younger than me, being 15 and 16, and me turning 18 before some of them were even 17, as I was in a school year lower for my age, so even with my attitude towards hooking up, I probably had more experience than most in my group at home.

Unfortunately for me, my morals were broken at this amazing, yet terrible, party. John, being the host, was constantly moving around the place making sure everyone was having a good time. I was talking with some friends on a couch in a corner of the room, a little tipsy from the alcohol consumption.


A few people were high, but I had discovered since being over there, that weed doesn't mix good with alcohol, so I was steering clear. Talking in (bad) French, I was talking to a girl, named Jess, that I went to school with. She had long brown hair and bright blue eyes, that got me every time she looked at mine. She was funny and had a good sense of humor, and I must add, a great figure. We got along well because she could speak some English and I could speak some French, so we enjoyed practicing it to each other.

I was doing a good job chatting her up, but then her friend called her over somewhere else, and I felt pretty rejected at the time, but meh. I moved onto the seat she left that was more 'in the circle' to talk to some other friends. I was a bit of a popular subject because I was leaving soon. A while later, after some more shots with this group, Jess returned, and was demanding her seat back.

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She was a bit tipsy herself, and I was a bit worse, with those extra shots, more light headed. I jokingly said she could sit on my lap if she wanted to sit, with my intention to get a laugh from her, then get up and offer her the seat, being a gentlemen that I am.

Before I could get up however, she happily sat on my lap. I was a bit surprised at first, but I didn't want to tell her to get off, didn't want to seem rude or anything, so I just went with it. Not that it was such a bad thing, I mean, who wouldn't want a girl you have a crush on to sit on your lap?

I eventually put my arms around her waist as she kept sliding off, probably due to her drunkenness or being high, if she was high, I didn't know. I did notice, however, she kept moving her ass over my crotch, which was normal as she was sitting on me, but I mainly noticed it because it was causing that familiar feeling of blood rushing to my cock.

Now, I was beginning to get worried. Every time she talked, she seemed to bounce on me, probably not bounce, but it felt that way. To make matters worse, another set of shots were passed around. As I had the shot with one hand, the other automatically moved from around her waist and grabbed her side, just above the waste or the side hip bone.

After downing the shot, she started to cough a little as she struggled to down the shot, or it went down the wrong pipe.

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Her coughing jerked her forward and back over my aching crotch, which was getting bigger by the minute. As I had my hand on her lower waist, the other, which had been holding the shot, then reached the other side of her waist to keep her from falling off onto the floor. After she recovered, she said sorry, as it was a bit unusual for someone to choke on a shot in France, and took a big sigh and lay back, on my now fully erect crotch, which I had failed to notice myself earlier; if I had I probably would have moved, but it was too late now.

She felt it, I knew it cause she paused, realizing what was happening. I waited to see for her reaction, to my surprise, she sat up, turned her head and gave me a wink, and very casually started rocking over my aroused crotch! Yes, it was very erotic but, at the time, I was just hoping no one would notice, no one seemed to, probably assuming she was swaying because of her being tipsy. This went on only for a short while, before she got my attention and told me to 'follow her' in English.

I still remember that image even now, as if it was yesterday, her eyes looking into me full of lust, and her sexy mouth saying those hypnotic two words that would bring any man to her bidding. As normally as possible, we casually exited the house and started walking up the street. We approached a house up the street, than it came to me.

I remembered John telling me she lived only a few houses down the road from his. I had a feeling I knew where this was going to end up, but I didn't have the stomach to say I didn't want it. She unlocked the house, and we entered, as soon as the front door closed, a make out session erupted, she taking the lead, thrashing me against the wall, hands roaming everywhere, her tongue exploring my mouth.

I found the idea of French kissing with a French girl quite ironic. I was holding back, as I didn't want to continue, but my dick was fighting for control over my brain and its 'strong sense of no random hook-ups'.

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I ended up acting like a puppet, letting her push me around where she wanted, as I had no idea what I could do, even if I had the will power to stop these incredible feelings. A good reason to stop came into my mind, I asked her in a trembling state about her parents, and she said don't worry, they aren't home and won't be until tomorrow night.

This comment was doom for me. Clothes soon started coming off, her hands removing my shirt, followed by my jeans and socks, leaving a trail of where the sex began. Soon we were in, what I assumed, her room, me being in my jox and her without her top on, in only a bra.

I can't even remember when she took off her top, but she pushed me onto the bed, quickly stripping herself off. Me, being astonished at the lack of underwear, and the fact of seeing my first real-life naked girl, started panicking, I had no condom, but, even if I did, I didn't really want to have sex, I barely knew this girl and wanted my first to be 'with the right girl', but how could I back out now?

I was unable to comprehend all my emotions and feelings at once. During this few second lasting trance, I had failed to realize she had ripped off my jox, and was aligning my super hard dick with her opening, my mind was such a wreck I don't think I had the ability to do anything.

Closer and closer her opening became, until I felt the initial penetration, and then finally, my dick being sucked in by her sweet hole. Inch by inch she squatted down, until I was fully inside of her. The tightness and heat I felt was amazing, I had never felt anything like it. It was the best feeling I had ever experienced.

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She relaxed and let her legs rest by my sides, her feet meeting my arm pits, while her sitting on me with my dick inside her, with her leaning on her hands that were resting behind her on the bed, and she leaned her head back, savoring the feeling. Each little movement or tremble from each other was always accompanied by a small moan. I then began to start summing up what was happening, in my over-analyzing brain; I had just lost my virginity to a girl in France I barely knew, I am not using a condom and I didn't want it to happen like this.

However, if there is one thing in my life I've learnt, my number one rule has always been 'shit happens', so if shit does happen, then make the most of the situation. I remember thinking these exact words, at lightning speed; my brain was working over-time at that point. I concluded I should just stop thinking, and enjoy it, and think later. Suddenly, after leaning back for a minute or so, she moved her legs so that they were bent on either side, causing her to move around my dick, sending shock-waves of pleasure through my body, she then started bouncing, beginning slow, and then speeding up.

I was in pure bliss, I had shut off my over-worked brain, and now I was just enjoying the moment, my hands quickly found her ass and giving a nice squeeze, as she bounced up and down, my hips starting to meet her rhythm, while my hands helped her ass up and down.

I couldn't decide what felt better, sliding out or sliding in, each was as good as the other, but each had a unique feeling of ecstasy. Noticing her bouncing boobs, I realised I hadn't even felt them yet, so I began kneading and fondling, sitting up to be able to reach them. As I did this, her legs wrapped around my lower back, just above my ass crack, and I grabbed her around the waist and started helping her bounce on and off my dick, quickly noticing that her boobs were in my face.

I instinctively took one into my mouth, giving a good suck. I hadn't realised it, but we were both moaning like animals, lost in sensation and lust. We went at it like this for a few minutes, but all good things must come to an end. I tried to think of the French word for 'I am cumming', but I hadn't studied anything involving sexual language at school. I managed to get enough for her to understand what I meant, before returning to her tits, and she said she was too soon.

Right at the point where I thought I couldn't take any more, her pussy muscles started expanding and contracting wildly around me, her orgasm beginning.

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This, sending me over edge, forced me to pump my load deep inside of her, pump after pump after pump, orgasming simultaneously. I don't think I've ever came that much. I fell back onto the bed, with her falling in my arms, and me, being exhausted and combined with alcohol, fell asleep.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I understand the tenses (past tense and current tense) are a bit messed up, but meh. :). PART 2 will be the last part. I will make it if I get some good responses or I can be bothered.


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