Pussyrubbing realtor gives buyer a treat

Pussyrubbing realtor gives buyer a treat
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Seven Wednesday morning was a regular event for Victor as he drove up to the office. He arrived to find Carmine waiting by the door. Just as yesterday, she wore a grey high school sweatshirt, jeans, and glasses.

Her hair was up in a pony tail, and she wore no makeup.


"Oh hey." Carmine blushed. "I got an extra coffee…Maybe do you…?" "Sure…" Victor said slowly as he stepped past her and unlocked the office. He took it and thanked her before stepping around to his desk. For thirty minutes, they were alone in the darkened office. Due to the building's environmentally friendly design from an inspired nature loving era previous, skylights and wide windows made up most of the lighting.

With all the windows still only dark grey in the early morning, the pair's desk lamps illuminated their islands of the office. They were painfully aware of each other's existence as the only two people on the floor, as they worked under the spotlights.

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Victor noted that she faced his desk now from where she was working. He tried to be unconcerned about the changes in Carmine and what it could mean, as he swiveled around to make a call off his client book.

He wanted to confirm anything he could, and change a Friday business lunch to later that day, or on Thursday. As he turned back, he found Carmine had invaded a worktable directly in front of him. Obviously, it was a bid for more attention, but she played it up well and had printouts spread around her to look busy.

Victor got up to placate the suddenly mousy Latina. "More coffee? I got a nice brew." Carmine blushed and pulled her feet up to her chest. "I know, I always liked it. Thanks for always sharing, I know I never said thank you." Victor felt like he was back in high school with little to say and a burning face. "I… I will be right back." Quickly he blurred through and splashed out a hasty pot of coffee.

After rushing, he collected himself in the kitchen area before pouring a cup and returning to his desk. "Here this one is on the house." He said and instantly regretted it. "Ah… forget it." "It's okay, I think it's sweet. Not the coffee…the coffee is good." Carmine squeaked.

Victor tried to ignore her until the work day started in earnest. Meredith was as brief with him as usual. Victor watched her notice Carmine as she came in. Victor presented her coffee in her office as usual. "Carmine looks like a picture of a girl studying hard." Meredith noted from her desk looking through the glass wall.

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"Yes, I noticed she started letting her appearance go, so she could concentrate on other things." Victor replied following her gaze out to Carmine who fidgeted under their gaze.

"She does look like a nerd now." "This isn't good." Meredith noted looking at the coffee curiously and back up at him. Quietly he took it back and cursed himself. "How is Jan?

Is she not in today?" Jan had spent the night at Meredith's by direction. "No." Meredith said simply. Sometimes direct questions worked better for Meredith. "Okay, is she still at your house?" "Yes, and she will continue to work from there." Meredith said nodding. "Interesting." Victor paused thinking whose idea that was, then pushed on. "Where is your mother staying when she comes this weekend?" "They will stay at my house, in the spare bedrooms." Meredith announced.

"They?" "Aunt Maronie it coming too." Meredith said tipping her head as she watched his face. Victor was always given the Jewish conversion speeches by her foster parents on visits but Meredith's Aunt Maronie was the worst. Unless she drank, then, she regaled him with stories of all the black men she had wanted to fuck. She was pushing fifty or sixty and was somewhat more than just a little 'chubby'.

She cooked too well, which was her problem. Meredith's family was very religious but they did make slight exceptions on 'Kosher'. If it was good enough and didn't have pork, or shellfish, they simply didn't ask how it was prepared. By lunchtime, Victor and Meredith boarded the elevator to get food, and found themselves sharing a ride with Marcos and his woman Kaarthen.

Kaarthen was a very tall pale white blond with a thick muscular top heavy frame. She looked like a leather biker lesbian, or like she could go fishing topless in some alpine mountain stream. She was stunningly beautiful, with full almost dark purple lips that contrasted well on her chalky pale face and albino white blond hair.

With her curvy body, she could find her way onto pin-ups by accident. Today, she wore a purple and black pants suit that still seemed overtly sexual in a very subtle way that Victor couldn't find any real fault with. Both looked at Victor furtively from behind Meredith and asked innocently for their company at lunch.

The place they agreed on was a bar and grill that had its own wine, beer, and vodka labels from a vineyard and brewery outside town.

The location was locally famous place that made frequent play on its French-German hybrid name, and close sounding country theme. At 'The Château de Weiss Stern', they enjoyed the house wine and discussed the paths their lives were on. "So, getting married?" Marcos noted. Victor nodded behind his wine glass. "Yes, we decided why not? We've known each other for years we're not getting any younger." "I know how you feel. Kaarthen and I get married sometimes." He noted.

Victor puzzled over that, Meredith seemed to get confused as well. "So how goes your friend's search for Mara?" Kaarthen asked after a moment. Victor shrugged. "I don't talk to that person that much so I wouldn't know." He said hoping to let the subject wither and die.

"A pity." Kaarthen shrugged. Victor got through the rest of the lunch by barely eating, keeping the drinks coming, and turning any topic back onto Marcos or Kaarthen.


Finally, after too many drinks, they left but Victor noticed they weren't presented a bill. "You own this place?" He shouted at Kaarthen. "Yes, I am the 'White star' or perhaps I could say that I am…" She seemed lost in her thoughts and started talking to herself thoughtfully. "Well anyway," Marcos said steering them out. "That girl at the club from last night was a cop?" Victor was shocked into sobriety, pushed Meredith along ahead of him. "Yes, I believe that's what was said.

After that little story I left…" "Ya, that was good you knew her.

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Got to be careful, cops are always trouble." Marcos made him wince with his gender reference. Victor nodded hoping that was the end of it. Meredith pushed for an early day at the office after fighting the heavy wine. Victor drove her home and they stepped in the door to find Jan cooking naked wearing high heels and an apron that barely covered her nipples. Zwei followed her about the house and kitchen while Drei looked down from the upstairs landing. Meredith as usual was ignored by the dogs as she crossed over and assessed her newest pet.

Silently she walked around Jan who self-consciously tried to ignore her as she went about finishing her cooking and cleaning of the kitchen. Victor watched the dusky brunette as she would shadow the fair-skinned blonde and reach out grabbing the hefty weight of her udders, or slide a hand across her backside.

Victor stopped himself before he interrupted and watched Meredith finger Jan to a quick orgasm as she tried to mix mojitos to go with the dinner of vegetarian lasagna, miso soup, and buttered garlic cheese bread.

"Is Jan… Are you a vegetarian?" Victor asked trying to mask his disappointment. "Yes, this girl is a vegetarian." Jan said demurely. Victor's cock hardened listening to her soft words of submission. "That's hot." He muttered. He could only guess at what the hell Meredith did to her. Meredith stopped and turned Jan to face Victor. "Jan is our maid now. She is just like from the Brady bunch." Meredith said. Victor had to stop to think and even Google the name on his phone.

"Alice, babe. It says Alice was the housekeeper's name." Meredith looked back at him non-plussed. "Her name will be Alice then." Victor almost laughed but saw Jan accept it. He shrugged and pulled Meredith over for a kiss and snuck a hand up her skirt. "Fine, set the table Alice, while I shag the Mrs. If you hurry I'll let you drink whatever's left." He pulled Meredith along out of the kitchen into the living room and threw her into the couch.

Hastily he slid up her dress and threw up her legs before he dined on her pussy. Meredith always liked the hasty sex they had. He buried himself into her deeply as her crotch hairs tickled his nose lightly.

As she wettened up, his hands slid up her sides and latched onto her breasts.

His fingers wormed across her with minds of their own finding and defeating the buttons of her blouse. They distracted and diverted her attentions as she squirmed on his tongue.

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His fingers snaked under her soft body and found the hard point on her bra and liberated her breasts. Her darkly tanned body undulated and writhed as it hit the open air. She bucked her back onto him as he fondled, jiggled, and teased her. She loved his attentions on her breasts and even started to pinch her own nipples as he escorted her off into her climax. Once it hit, he pulled out his cock.


He noticed how Jan stood watching them from around the corner of the kitchen. She rubbed her chubby thighs together in hunger.

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Quickly with that image in mind, he picked up Meredith and rolled her up into a doggy position leaning onto the back of the couch so she could watch Jan looking back at her with hungry need. He pushed into her pussy and she rose high onto her hands and knees, trying to play for dominance.

Victor grinned and pushed into her achingly slowly. Meredith hated the anticipation, and with a snort, she pushed back hard making him take her. Victor picked up his pace as she grunted and wriggled her hips urging him non-verbally to her pace.

Like a practiced team, they worked up a perfect pace that let Meredith sag back lower and lower onto the thick column until she jerked back up howling a release. Time and time again Meredith would drop down steadily taking his member deeper until bouncing back up in a keening wail of a hard climax. She started to sweat under the strain of Victor's trained thrusts. Only Meredith could last with him like this.

On the forth time she bounced up, Jan was there to catch her and wipe away the hair from her sweaty face. Meredith arced up and stared into the heavens open mouthed and unaware of Jan's attentions as the blonde lesbian rubbed onto Meredith like a lonely kitty and started climbing over the back of the couch to be with her.

She kissed her lovingly sitting on the back of the couch before Meredith suddenly realized she was being molested by her submissive lover. She writhed as she tried to get her breath back. Behind her, Victor wheezed as his equilibrium was broken by her movements, and with a few stifled grunts he bucked into Meredith and spewed a heavy gout of himself into her walls.

The dark brunette reveled in the feel of him loading her up with a huge load of hot warm sperm. Meredith pulled Jan down onto the couch underneath her for support and laid over her as Victor slowed his pounding. As he leaned forward to rest, Meredith pushed back as her pussy milked his spent cock. After he pulled away, Meredith spun over her and straddled her face. Jan instantly went into her crack with her soft tongue anxious for their mixed taste. Victor stood over them and Meredith pulled him over and dropped down to give him a suck.

His cock thickened again as the purple head poked out, and went into her mouth. Her soft mouth worked him expertly as she moved around his cock bathing it in affection.

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Meredith was the closest to a real flesh and blood woman when having sex. She knew what it was to cherish something when a cock was in her mouth. In no time, her delicate tongue and dedicated lips pulled the vitality back into his loins. They paused once it was hard and looked at each other before he just pulled her mouth back to finish.

With building urgency, he tilted her head back and humped harder into her face. Meredith just opened up wider and let him use her throat in her magical way. Victor felt the impending eruption and stepped back and Meredith rose up onto Jan.

He felt the pulses rise and shook out his load onto Jan with a grin. Several splatters caught Meredith in the face as she went for his cum, and massaged it into Jan's breast and stomach.

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She relaxed and the three unwound enjoying their shared intimacy before Meredith stood on the couch and Victor helped her step down.

"Alice, serve dinner, and run a bath." Meredith commanded as she strode up to her room. Victor looked at Jan's white butt, and his cock twitched as she scurried to follow her Mistress's order.