Emily Right got pounded for concealing items on her body

Emily Right got pounded for concealing items on her body
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Part Two: Finally Entry and intro: Lil Aesha.

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I was soo hard that my cock could have broken a brick or two if it knew Karate. "Oh my god, Valerie, Here cums my cock. Open your pissflaps and let me in.

I'm gonna fuck you hard and fast and then nice slow and with long deep fucking cock dives into your sweet cunt until I reach rock bottom and we cum together. "Put in in me" Hummed Valerie.

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"stick that nice hard lil cock right there and jam it baby deep into my cunt hole, oh please, oh please little Johnny" How could I resist. My blood was boiling with the need for further sexual gratification as I slowly lined up her yearning chasm of a cunt hole. He fingers were working like magic, gently rubbing her bulging vulva lips, diving now and then between their folds into her spasming cunthole.

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I was so hot with burning desire and so was dear Valerie. I rubbed my cock on the outside of her pussy hole right from the top starting at her clitoris which was rock hard too just like aching cock. I line my cock up again with her fuckhole and gazed deeply into Valerie's glassy eyes. Our tongues met again as I told her again as I knocked at heavens door that "Here comes my cock now oh dear Valerie. Open your pussy for me.

Suck me in." I nudged at her fuckhole with my hard extended cock head and then I felt the most beautiful of all sensations as my hard trembling cock entered Valerie's sweet tender young pussy until I was slowly buried to the hilt Rick up to my ball sacks as they rubbed gently at Valerie's arsehole. "Ooh, oohh sweet mother of God" I moaned in blissful delight "This is the best.

Oh here I go, nice and deep. Yeah feel my cock Valerie, That's it grab it with your pussy. Make love to my cock. Oh yeah that's it, milk me dry, oh sweet hmm" I moaned as I gently buried and drilled my cock in and out of Valerie's sweet cunt.

"Go faster Johnny like my daddy does to me. I love it. Because I'm so small and light Daddy usually lets me ride his cock with my ankles around his neck as he walks around out sitting room. Oh you should see us Johnny. I check out our reflections in the mirrors on the walls and the scenes are so hot. I'm on the end of Daddy's long hard cock as he pounds deeply into me. Oh do me Johnny.

Feel me suck and milk your cock with my hungry pussy. Mmm that's it; long deep and hard.


Ram my cunt Johnny. Fill me up. Oh more more more" moaned my dear Valerie. "I wish that there was a never ending supply of cocks and cunts that I could fuck, lick and suck right now and forever. I want it all" Swooned Valerie as she was nearing her second orgasm of the day. "Oh I would fuck anything right now; a dog or maybe yeah; a Horse.

Yeah a stallion with a real long thick cock that would stretch my cunt to its limits and make meeee cummmm!!" grunted my Valerie. "Really my dear, would you let me watch and join in" I asked.

"Of course dear Johnny.

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You will be my partner in this sexual crime he he ummm" stated Valerie between her moans and groans of ecstasy. "Yeah I would love to see my Horse: Zorro's his name fuck you with his 24 inch long monster horse cock Dear Valerie. Would you like that??" "Wow oh that sounds so nice. I would love it. When can we do that? Soon I hope? asked Valerie as she stared deeply with wanton lust into my eyes as I fucked her hard. I could feel my cock starting to boil and I knew that I would be coming again real soon "Long slow and deep aye baby.

Thats how you want it" I grunted as I rocked and fucked my cock in and out of that churning, cock hungry cunt. "Yeah we can go and get my horse later and then we will have more fun" I informed her.

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"Oh Weee", shrilled Valerie. "I'm coming and it feels oh sooo goood.


Fuck me, fuck me oh fuck me harder" I rammed my cock home and then would pull out of that lovely cunthole until the tip my cockhead was barely at the entrance and then I slammed back down and into dear Valerie's beautiful young cunt.

The sensitive that my cock was feeling were sensational. We were tingling all over as we came together in mutual satisfaction as the cum erupted from the end of my cock deep within Valerie's now cum filled cunt. Oh I remember that day so well. Because it was my first and one of the best days of my life. Valerie and I fucked many times after that and each and every time she came and stayed with her relatives; the Jone's next door.

She did take on my Horse Zorro but thats another story that I will talk about in future episodes when I recall my fall from grace and into sexualy depravity.

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To cut a long short story; I married, then divorced as the mean crazy bitch didn't like my sexually preferences. Especially when they come to young girls, group and bisexual sex and fucking animals such as dogs, donkeys and horses. As I grew up I experimented with all types of sex.

Sometime with Valerie my first love when she visited or other young lasses that I have managed to seduce and fuck during my lifetime. My wife went loony in the head and I had her committed so a sanitarium for the mentally insane.

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and one good thing did come my way and that is my little sweet Aesha. She was just about 9 1/2 or should I say 10 years old when she came to live with me full time. I couldn't wait to initiate her into my depraved world of sexual deviances and delights. More to cum. Getting down with Aesha.