Busty Arab girlfriend riding schlong on couch

Busty Arab girlfriend riding schlong on couch
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TEASING DAD My daughter, Katie, are telling this story together. It was late June and my wife was away visiting friends for the week leading up to the 4th of July. I was home alone with my 14 year old daughter. Most of her friends were away at various camps or on family trips. Katie had been to both her summer camps for Volleyball and Cheer. She was sufficiently bored with just hanging around the house, so I started to provide activity options for her each day.

She would have to pick one. The first day was easy; a trip to the mall or the golf range. She chose the mall. And that is when my mind really started to go places it shouldn't have gone; places all dads and men are afraid to let their thoughts venture. That is how this story began. But before we start, the let me describe Katie.

At the time she was 5'5" thin athletic body, 32 B, with a perky butt, blonde with blue eyes, and nice lips. She was basically a carbon copy of her mother at that age. So let's begin. DAD- Katie came out of her room in short shorts, so short I could see the entirety of her perfect young legs.

As she walked by, I had to look. There it was; the bottom curve of her tight 14 year old ass. I shouldn't have looked, but I had to. Making it difficult to look away was the snug tee shirt she had on. It ensure you could see her figure with no confusion as to how nice it was. I turned away just in time to keep her from seeing my stare. "Ready?" Katie asked. "Yup, all set." I answered and grabbed my keys off the kitchen table.

KATIE- I wondered about what my friends had been saying about our dads was true. I could see in the reflection of the mirror in our kitchen, my dad looking at my ass in my short shorts. I had pick them out just for this. We were going to the mall and my mom was away so I knew i could get away with clothes she wouldn't be happy about me wearing. I had also put a very snug and thing tee shirt that made sure to show off my body.

My mind was racing with the new thoughts my dad was checking my ass out, and maybe the rest of me. I couldn't wait to get to the mall and test the waters. DAD- We were soon at the mall and she asked if she could head off to look at stuff on her own.

"Sure," I said. As she walked off, I noticed a man checking her out. He had caught a glimpse of her and couldn't help but stare. At first I was shocked, since the man appeared to be a bit older then me. But who was I fooling? I had also been looking as she walked away.

My eyes on the bottom curve of her ass that was peeking out from her very short shorts. KATIE- I walked in front of my dad on the way into the mall. I knew he'd be look at me and at the very least check out how my ass looked in the shorts.

I tried to accentuate my walk make it harder for him to ignore me. Once we were inside, I immediately noticed that my outfit was being noticed by a few boys and a man close to my dad's age. My heart beat a bit faster. I turned to my dad and asked, "Can I go off and look past some stores on my own?" Dad agreed. As i walked away, I noticed the man that had checked me out trying to watch me secretly.

I loved it. About 30 mins later, I was in a Forever 21 looking at skirts and other items when I noticed the man from earlier standing out in front of the store casually looking in from time to time.

I decided to be a little more of a tease. I started bending over pretending to fix my shoe laces with my ass to the store front, knowing he would be able to see me. I knew from looking in the mirror at home that if i bent over just right you could see up the bottoms of my short shorts and could just see the edges of my panties.

It was thrilling. A few minutes later, I noticed my dad in the distance watching the man watching me, and watching me too! I kept up my games for a few minutes longer as I walk and looked at the clothes. DAD- It was a weird thrill to watch this man follow my daughter through the mall. I knew he was having thoughts much more risky and dirty then anything I had let creep into my mind. The more I watched him, the more I created naughty situations in my mind.

I tried to wash them away as I felt guilty for letting my mind go down the path it wanted to concerning my daughter. That slippery slope got even more slick when I saw my daughter in a Forever 21 and watched the man staring at her from outside. He tried not to stare at her, but did every time she had her back to him. I could see him noticeably tense up when he watched my daughter bending over to work on her shoe laces. Oh fuck, my mind screamed as I saw exactly what he was tensing up over. My daughter bending over at the waist; her legs parted just a bit.

You could see up the bottoms of her short shorts just enough to see the edges of her pink panties. FUCK!

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My mind scream, the man could probably see how the sides of her panties hugged her… I couldn't say it in my mind. I couldn't say the word for what I knew the edges of her panties were covering. I looked back to the man and saw that he had his phone out and it pointing at my daughter.

I wanted that phone. I wanted to know what he had captured, what he would be looking at later. I broke off from them, knowing the man was really no harm to my daughter; but also because I couldn't watch any longer with out risking that my mind would paint a picture I wouldn't be able erase. I texted Kate, where I would be waiting when she was ready to head home.

The ride back wasn't particularly easy. My daughter sat in the front, as usual, but this time sat cross legged as he texted on her phone. Fuck, I said to myself.

I knew there was no way to look with out being caught. I wanted to so badly. I knew if I did look I'd see a view that would stick with me and fuel very inappropriate thoughts, so I restrained and didn't look.

KATIE- After my dad text me were to meet him, I decided to give the man watching me one more thing to etch into his mind. I walked to a part of the store where I knew he had a view, but that was concealed from others seeing. I had a skirt in my hand and I wanted to try it on.

I looked around, pretending not to see the man outside the store. When I saw it was clear, I undid my shorts and wiggled them off exposing my panties to the man. My snug pink bikini style panties were soft cotton. I bent over, with my ass intentionally to the man and pulled on the skirt.

I wiggled into it for effect. I then took out my phone and snapped some selfies of me in the skirt. I posed a few time, and for the finale I pulled my top up to just under my tits. I took a selfie of the skirt and my exposed stomach. I felt exhilarated knowing the man was watching me. The ride home was fun. I was still feeling the rush of teasing the man at the mall and sat cross legged in the front seat in order to further tempt my dad into looking.

If he did he would have seen how my short rode up my legs and how they hugged between my legs. Much to my surprise he didn't look over. Perhaps, I wasn't as sure about his thoughts as I first thought. DAD- Having been able to endure a night of not thinking about how the day at the mall was with my daughter Katie, I decided to offer choices that would be less apt to create dangerous thoughts.

I offered going biking or hiking. Katie chose the hiking option. I was glad as I did not have a very comfortable bike seat. We got up early and dressed. I was in my usual cargo stye shorts and a tee shirt. Katie came down in a pair of baggy sweats and a hoodie.

Thank god, I muttered to myself. We didn't linger at the house long and soon were were parking at the trail head. It was hot for early morning, so I had my pack loaded with water and a change of shirt and socks. I got my pack ready and snugged up my shoes and was about ready ask Katie if she was all set when I saw a crack develop in my plan. Looking through the car windows to the other side, I saw Katie pull off her hoodie and reveal she was wearing a very snug thin cropped tank top.

Oh Fuck, I cursed in my mind. The top was cut off about and inch below her young perky tits. And to add fuel to the fire, it was easy to tell she wasn't wearing a bra.

Not that she needed one to support her b cups tits, however she often wore one to make them look bigger. I started to look away to gather my resolve when I saw her pushing off her sweats.

Oh no, muttered to myself. I click the car lock after Katie tossed in her sweats and hoodie and closed the door. I walked around to meet up with her to start the walk. She had her back to me as I rounded the corner of the car and saw she was wearing short shorts.

They were just as small as the ones she wore to the mall. My eyes instantly looked and saw that the bottom curve of her young ass was peeking out from under the shorts. Her entire back was nearly expose as she had her tank top tied up in a small knot, that explained what it was so tight on her. As she turned sideways I could see these shorts were actually lower on her hips and exposing more of her young firm stomach.

I knew then this hike was going to take a herculean effort to keep focus away from my daughter. KATIE- I knew I was being sneaky, but tried to make it look like I wasn't. If my dad knew I was trying to tease him it would probably start a very awkward conversation and probably end up including my mom in the talk. I didn't want that. So I covered up my precisely chosen outfit with a hoodie and sweats.

I wanted my dad to feel safe until the moment I would surprise him with what I was going to wear on the hike. It was at the car at the trail head. I remember my heart racing as I pulled off my hoodie to reveal my very high cropped thin tank top, that I had it tied up in the back to expose almost all of my back. It also served to leave it very obvious that I wasn't wearing a bra of any kind. Then I slid off my sweats to expose my newly cut short shorts.

I had found ones that were very low on my hips and cut the bottoms up as high as possible. It left my ass peeking out the bottoms. I knew he looked and was just trying not to look more as we stared off on the hike. He took the lead quickly, I am sure, to not have to constantly look at my ass.

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About an hour into the hike, I had had enough of following my dad, I was on a mission to test to see if he was a total perv, as my friends all said men were, or if he was impervious to being tempted. A moment came up and I ducked ahead of him.

I had seen some berry bushes and darted out to grab a few. I stopped in front of dad and pick a few berries making sure to lean over and bend over to reach inside the bushes. I knew if he looked at me what he'd be seeing. He would see as what I had rehearsed in the mirror at home.

My heart picked up as I was bending over, my mind raced with thoughts I shouldn't be having. I felt electric. DAD- I was stunned to silence.

Katie ducked quickly in front of me to get ahead, to get first crack on a berry bush. She looked back and smiled as she got to the berries and began to pick an eat some. I stop and waited. Then she did it. I tried not to look, but every male instinct made me look. Katie bent over to reach deep in to the bush. OH fuck, I muttered in my mind as I saw up her short shorts. I saw how her snug bright yellow panties hugged her young pussy.

Yes, my mind let it out. Let me say pussy when thinking about my daughter.

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It was impossible to look away from. Her lil white jean shorts were cut so high that only a small strip of the shorts remained separating the legs, so when she bend over little strip of white denim couldn't hide her panties or how snug they hugged her between her young legs. She bent over again and again reaching into the bush. I stared. Fuck, I shouldn't have but i did.

I took in the site of Katies panties hugging her young pussy. Then I could feel it, my body taking the next natural instinctual step. I felt my cock filling with blood. It felt good. I had to stop. I turned away, and then trekked ahead a bit and waited. Waited for the thoughts to leave and the blood too. A few moments later, Katie walked past me and said, "Sorry for the delay, I just couldn't pass them up." Dammit, I said to myself as she got back in front of me. Another half hour into the hike we came near a river.

I was drenched I sweat and in need of getting back in front of Katie, as it was impossible to ignore her tight lil ass.

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I made a quick turn to the river and called to Katie, "Hey, let's check out the river." Katie was back behind me. I was a bit relieved. We got to the river and I took off my pack and sat down on a rock to get a drink and change socks. Katie arrived moments later and sat next to me on the rock and had a drink too.

KATIE- As I sat on the rock I doubted my dad was one of the men my girlfriends said all men were like. Other then the occasional glance he hadn't stared or made any inappropriate remarks. I untied my top in the back as it was damp and clinging to me. I drank some water as dad took off his shoes and socks, and shirt. He reached into his bag and laid out new socks and a shirt.

Then he said, "Hey I'm going to cool off my feet in the river." He got up and walked into the river up to his knees. I looked at my dad differently. he was fit and handsome, all my friends had talked about him as a DILF, which I cringed at when I was among them.

Bored sitting there, I decided to go into the water. I leaned over to take off my shoes and socks.


As I was bent over I notice my top was hanging down low since i had untied it. Oh shit, I muttered as I realized I was basically exposed to anyone that looked over. I as I straightened up I could look to my dad and my glance would be obscured by my hanging hair until I flipped it back. OMG, my mind flashed as I saw my dad looking away as I straightened up. He had been look at me, I exclaimed in my mind. DAD- I was in the water cooling my feet when I looked over to see my daughter leaning over to take off her shoes.

Then my eyes froze on her. She had untied the back of her tee and as she leaned over it hung very low under her. Her perfect perky b cups exposed under her. They were perfect. I stared at her perfectly sized areoles and nipples. I shouldn't have stared, but I did.

Her 14 year old tits were perfect on her. As she began to slowly sit up, I had to look away fast before she saw that I was staring. I turn my back to her and stood in the water, willing my thoughts away. Pushing the image of Katies perfect tits out of my mind. KATIE- My heart raced faster with the thought, the knowledge that my dad had been staring at my tits. He turned his back to me as he stood in the water.

I mind swirled and my hormones took more control. I stood up and started to walk to the water when I stopped.


I paused a moment as I considered my next thought. Then I did it. I reach down and undid my shorts. i wiggled out of them and laid them on the rock. I was now in just my thin yellow cotton panties and my loose cropped tank top. My heart pounded as i walked into the river about ten feel from where my dad was. The water got deeper where I was going in at. I muttered, "OH! it's colder then I thought it would be." I looked just then to see my dad turning to see where I was.

Nervous about what his reaction might be at seeing me in my panties and my stretched out cropped tank top, I took a misstep. I slipped just as my dad saw me. I fell in the water. DAD- I had just pushed the image of my daughter's perfect perky tits out of my mind when I heard her walking into the river.

I turned to see. My eyes exploded wide as I saw my 14 year old daughter in her panties, snug yellow panties, and her loose cropped tank top. Her flat tight stomach on display. Just then she slipped and down she went into the water. I took a quick step in her direction but stopped as I saw her spring up fast out of the water. Her face filled with shock of the cold water. My eyes saw too much in the next moment. As she sprung up the wet thin top clung to her chest leaving little to the imagination as to how perfect her chest was.

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But the more unforgettable part was when I looked down her body. Her cotton panties were heavy with being soaked. As she darted up they slid down her hips.

Slid down her hips enough to exposer her smooth bald 14 year old pussy. FUCK YES, my mind yelled as my eyes soaked in the image of her young pussy. My eyes widened. I looked, focus on her pussy. I made no attempt to not look. As she got her balance back she reach down quickly to grab her panties and pulled them up her hips fast. She pulled so quickly she got them snug against her pussy, outlining her lips.

I then looked up at her. KATIE- The water shocked me as I went under for a moment. I sprung up fast looking up so my hair would be out of my eyes. As my waist got clear of the water I could feel it. I felt my panties, soaked and heavy, sliding down my hips, down over my ass.

As got my balance, i reach down and pulled them up fast, too fast. I pulled them up tight into my pussy. I then looked to my dad and saw he was wide eyes staring at me, still staring right at my pussy. I stood still but held my panties up tight. too tight for the thin fabric. the side broke apart and my hand slip free of them. My and slipped free as the side broke and my panties slipped back down a bit. The broken side flipping over and left my pussy exposed again. I stood still and looked to my dad.

DAD- I knew Katie was looking at me looking at her panties as she pulled them up tight, but I didn't look up to make eye contact. Then another miracle happened. The side she was pulling up broke and her hand slipped off. Her panties fell open again.


I stared. I looked right at her smooth pussy for a long moment before looking up. In that short time, my cock had filled and was rock hard in my shorts. There was no hiding it.

I stood looking at my 14 year old daughters pussy with a hard on in my shorts. When I looked up I saw Katie blushing and smiling, then her panties slide down her leg and into the water.

She flashed a embarrassing grin as he stood motionless before stepping out of her panties and letting them float away. She looked down at my shorts. Then back to me. I could tell she wanted to say something but couldn't find the words. KATIE- I looked to my dad as my panties slid down my leg. He was looking right at my pussy. Then I noticed it. It was impossible to miss. My dad was hard under his shorts.

I looked back to dad and we made eye contact. I blush and grinned, then stepped out of my panties and let them float away. My heart was racing. My hormones taking over. I wanted to say something but couldn't. "Fuck honey, I'm sorry. I just couldn't stop it." Dad said as he looked down to acknowledge his hard-on. "It's ok daddy. I don't mind." i said and looked at his shorts. "Maybe we should get out of the water, " dad suggested.

As dad started out he looked to me to say something else when he slipped and fell in on his ass. I took a few steps to dad to help him up. When I got to him he looked up right at between my legs. right at my pussy. DAD- I sat for a moment as the cold water soaked my shorts. Just as I was about to get up Katie was there holding out her had to help. But when I looked up I looked right between her legs, right at her pussy.

Fuck, my mind screamed as I now saw her smooth pussy closer. I got up on my own. Now my shorts were snug and clinging to me.

Highlighting my hard cock.

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We walked to shore and got to the rock where Katie had laid her shorts and where my pack was. "You should probably change ur shorts." Katie muttered. My heart pounded. My hormones, my male instinct, desire, taking over; pushing logic out. "Yes, I should," I answered. I looked at her in her wet cropped top and her body, naked from the chest down then I looked away and I started to undo my shorts.

"You should change your top." I said and looked back at her. I unzipped and pushed my shorts down. Revealing my wet boxer briefs clinging to my hard cock. I was throwing the last of my inhibitions away. The last of my morals and restrictions were being washed away by the sexual energy in the air. KATIE- My eyes widened in a flash as my dad suggested I take my top off. I was distracted from immediately taking it off as I watched my dad push off his shorts.

I looked right at his bulge under his boxer briefs. Oh fuck he's big, my mind exclaimed. I looked from his briefs to his face and I blinked rapidly and looked back down. Then it happened. We got to the line we shouldn't cross.

I didn't care in that moment about anything but keeping the thrill going, keeping he electric energy coursing through me going was all I wanted. I had to feed it. Dad reached down and pushed off his briefs, exposing his hard fat cock.

I looked. I stared. Dad looked over at me looking. I pulled off my top then, exposing my chest. I was now naked in front of my dad. Dad looked me up and down and he reached and grabbed his cock. Then he caught himself. "Oh fuck, shit, I'm sorry. II, fuck." He turned away from me.

"Do you like looking at me?" I asked. Dad looked back. Looked into my eyes. "It's complicated for a man." Dad said. "How?" I probed. "Sexual exposure can flip a switch in a man, probably a girl too, and once it is switched, you'll do almost anything sexual. with almost anyone." Dad looked me up and down "I feel the same way." I replied and looked down at my dads cock again then back up to dad's eyes. "I'd do anything right now." Dad turned to fully face me.

His cock rock hard pointing straight at me. He grabbed his cock again and stroked it. "There's nothing I don't want to do to you right now Katie. Oh, fuck Katie. I've been looking at your fucking hot lil ass for two days and &hellip. " Dad strokes his cock. "What daddy, tell me. tell me." I prodded. "What are u thinking right now?" Dad took a step closer, stroking. "I shouldn't tell you, you shouldn't hear things like that from your dad." "Like what daddy, my gfs and I talk." I smiled wide then said "Is it something like wanting me like this?" I then slipped to my knees in front of him.

I looked up. "and like this?" I opened my mouth, tongue out. "OH FUCK!" Dad moaned and cam. I was shocked. It surprised me. I long thick stream of cum shot out of my dads hard cock and into my mouth, onto my tongue and lips. I flinched in surprise and closed my mouth, then another long stream erupted and landed on my cheek, lips and forehead.

"OH FUCK KATIE" dad moaned again. I leaned back instinctively. Then a third stream of cum shot from dad's cock and onto my tits. then two more smaller burst of cum landed on my tits and stomach. I looked up at dad, his cum still my mouth. Warm cum on my face and tits and body. I blinked and smiled as best I could with his cum in my mouth. He looked down at me and then I swallowed. Swallowed so he could see me swallowing his cum. His lips moves to the words "oh fuck Katie." I finishes swallowing and smiled "Was that one of the things you were thinking about for the last two days?" I smiled.

DAD- After I heard Katie say she would do anything my mind switched to a new thought stream. I couldn't contain it, I didn't want to anymore. Then it came out, I said something that could never be forgotten, "There's nothing I don't want to do to you right now Katie.

Oh, fuck Katie. I've been looking at your fucking hot lil ass for two days and. " I stopped in mid sentence. my next works were going to be over the top. I was stroking my cock looking right at my naked 14 year old daughter and I wanted to finish telling her what I was thinking.

I wanted to tell her that I wanted her to suck my cock. I wanted her on her knees like a good lil girl sucking my fucking hard cock until I exploded in her mouth.

I wanted to tell her I had been thinking about cumming in her mouth and watching her swallow my cum. I wanted to tell her I wanted to bend her over and pull those fucking lil shorts off and ram my hard cock into her lil 14 year old cunt. That I wanted to fuck her lil pussy until I cam inside her! Then the unimaginable happened. Katie dropped to her knees in front of me and said, "Is it something like wanting me like this?

and like this? " and she opened her mouth wide and held her tongue out. I couldn't control myself. I lost all restraint. I nearly screamed, "OH FUCK!" as my cock erupted with a shot of cum bigger then any I had ever shot. I unloaded a long stream of cum straight into her open mouth.

Then another on her face. Then one on her fucking perfect tits. and two more smaller streams on her tits and stomach. I don't remember if i said it to her or just thought it but my mind was screaming "OH FUCK! YOU LITTLE FUCKING SLUT TAKE MY CUM. TAKE MY CUM, YOU FUCKING LITTLE BITCH!" When I finished covering my 14 year old daughters face and tits with my cum, I took in the wonderful site.

I looked at her tit and face covered with my cum, and then I saw her swallow the cum I had shot into her mouth. I muttered, "Oh fuck Katie." Katie answered with, "Was that one of the things you wanted to do to me for the last two days?"

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