Nerdy girl abused in prom night

Nerdy girl abused in prom night
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It was one of those days of long eve studies that would leave me catching a late bus home, though on that night, I wasn't alone. A classmate of mine needed some help in programming, and for lack of better things to do, I did just that.

As we left the faculty and made our way about the campus, the young girl wearing a tight light brown checkered shirt with a well curved figure and medium long brown hair pointed yonder and said: "I have this nice dorm room that's nearby, pretty big, for two, even got my own kitchen, but my roommate isn't supposed to come in until next week…" Snickering, I replied: "You say that as if it is a bad thing." "Weeeeell, it does get a little too quiet there sometimes in such a big space," said Jane, who'd be suppressing a grin while looking down, as if hoping I'd see the attempt, which I duly noted.

Besides, I know from experience that dorms are almost never quiet, except during party aftermaths. "So it's that big over there, eh?" I tossed up. "Yeah, it actually gets a little lonely there… You know, you could come see for yourself! I owe you a big mug of coffee for all this homework we finished after all," said Jane, who looked away in an effort - an honest one this time - to hide a mischievous smile, which I glanced from a car window we were just passing.

It was time to close it off. "That sounds neat, but… There's some stuff I need doing back home tomorrow morning and the buses really suck. Sorry." "…you sure you can't stay for a little while?" "Yeah, the next bus is the last one." "Alright. Maybe some other time," says Jane with a mellow smile, the small glimmers in her green eyes being spared for another night. With those words, we parted as she walked off down an alley for the dorms and I made off to the Metro.


I did lie to her, yes. It was the second-to-last bus and it was leaving in 40 minutes, when it took me five to get to the bus depot. I'd have plenty of time for at least one quickie with that lass, but I didn't want any of it. For better or worse, it felt too easy. Girl's lovegames make me lose interest fairly quick, you see.

In their college years, they still either feign indifference to reel you in, or they like charming boys because they like thinking they got the hot stuff, or because they want to prove just that to themselves.

That, or they're sluts. I don't judge any of it, but having observed women for as long as I have, the female mystery is gone. There's only the sexual drive left, and for someone of my nature, that isn't enough.

There's no true chemistry, no true sense of connection of mind as well as the body. Only fulfilling your low-level instincts.

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Thinking over that, I had snuck inside an abandoned railway workshop just between the bus depot and a train station, almost literally crammed in between. A dark, crumbling, deserted place, with all the tools and material gone, only a space covered in dust and small debris. A place like that that would be begging to become a murder scene. I had thought of going there often and on that night I had done it, as it was one of those times I really, really wished something had happened. Something acute, threatening, challenging.

I do not avoid trouble but trouble has avoided me so far. My mind has a need to constantly think and so all the time I thought what to do when it comes to the worst and so far, it never bore fruit.


Thinking that with a long sigh, for a short time, I directed my thoughts to take in the environment a little and caught a sound of a few planks behind me skreeking under pressure. I turned around, and as soon as I felt movement, I covered my head. That turned out to be a good thing, as I had stopped someone's fist. I had attempted to grasp the arm that trailed it, but they were fast enough to retract. It was still dark, and they kept trying different angles, but a sound of jeans' leggings rubbing one another gave them away, and I kept reacting to their movements later and later to perhaps make them drop guard.

Then one time, that succeeded, for they made for an attack from behind. I made a half-turn to dig my elbow into their hip as I grasped their arm briefly, and the soft curving of the forearm, as well as a grunt that followed, let me know it was a woman.

She retreated, and I waited and listened, looked around, and noticed the sharp light shaft piercing the workshop in two as one of the street lamps lit up. I rushed to the crack in the wall, knowing well she had noticed, and I turned back and let my gaze blur… Imagine looking at the night sky, trying to take in all the stars on the sky, striving to pick up the faintest spark on the canvas of the dome… Or two glimmers of light, closing in fast from the darkness, reflections of the light shaft behind my shoulder.

I stepped aside fast, catching one arm, then another, bringing them behind her back, finally ramming both of us unto the wall. My unconscious decision to bring my legs close together proved wise, as a quick jab with a knee to where my groin would have been had followed from her end.

I was so thrilled, so excited, my heart was racing. She felt so free and intangible until now, and she would desperately long to have it all back, trying to yank herself from my embrace to no avail.

Every twitch, every exasperated breath she gave away marked my victory. I almost felt as if I won her, and she was all mine to do anything I wished. It was finally a challenge I could best, there was a reward to reap right in my arms.

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And so, as she still struggled, I managed to slip my knee past her legs and began to lean it against her lap. Among her struggling respiration I heard a more acute gasp that she had cut short, trying not to acknowledge the pressure I've been putting on her, and she would try pulling her hips away from me, towards the wall, but I only followed.

All it achieved was having us pressed a little tighter to each other, with me gently rubbing my knee unto her a little more consciously, wrapping her tighter to me, still holding her hands behind her back. She put an astute effort in not letting off but a sound, but I could feel it vying to escape her throat. I felt her hands almost trying to grasp mine. Her whole chest was under tension, her breasts leaning into me, wanting to get away, but that would make her lungs exhale, which was the other side of her dilemma; I could feel that she left her mouth open so gently, as if she whispered soundlessly to my ear, torn between spiting me to stop, and begging me for more.

I was too close to not break her resistance down. So as I gave her another rub, I lent in to her neck and closed my lips around it, sinking my teeth in if only by a little. She would breathe out elatedly, almost as if a dam inside her just gave way. She pressed herself to me on her own will, and she forced her lap upon my knee I put there for her, turning her deep sigh into a gentle moan, underlining her soft gasp that she let off as she lent as close to my ear as she could; she wanted me to hear every bit of it, and I listened.

I knew at that moment I had broken her, but I didn't care anymore. I just didn't want it to end. Thus, as her hands were looking for mine, I let them find mine; I let go for a briefest moment… She could have done me in and ran, but she didn't care anymore. She just didn't want it to end.

Her hands had wrapped around my nape and back as she pressed herself to me even more, and I used my free hands to grasp her hips and feel them as firmly as I could, almost lifting her up, and holding there.

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We looked in each other's eyes for a good moment, taking in deep breaths full of excitement and desire in sync. We couldn't see much of each other, but we knew where the eyes were… I could swear I saw cinders in those eyes that would ask me to kindle them and I had a spark of my own to do just that. I closed in to her lips and deeply embraced them with mine. I dared to have a firm feel of her curves, slipping down to her bottom.

She responded in kind, sliding her hands beneath my shirt unto my back, almost scratching me as she sought to make her mark on them to let me know how intense I am making her feel, to dare me to go on. I stopped exploring her butt cheeks for a moment, only to roll her top up and unclip her bra on the way, toppling it nearby after the fact. Even the faintest mark of light on her naked skin, the exposed fine curves of her breasts had me long to play with her.

I didn't stay apart from her for any longer, instead gripping her firmly and ever so slightly gliding my tongue across her left breast. She would give me an elated moan, running her fingers through my hair in such a wanting manner, pushing my mouth against her breast.

I went on to suckle her nipple gently, giving it a brief lick at times, sometimes switching over to long, wet kisses… And I of course couldn't forget her other breast that I would cup and stroke with my hand like a wonderful pillow granting the sweetest dreams to whoever sleeps upon them. She would moan softly, time and time again, pressing my head closer to her, and her lower body closer to me, having me feel that my jeans are not quite as comfortable anymore.

I slid her hand on the evergrowing bulge… She quickly understood, and after a brief time, toyed a little with what she found inside, bringing it outside to stroke it for a while, while I slid my hand into her lap to repay her in kind.

Both of us started panting ever so softly as we looked at each other with tainted, wanting grins, as if threatening each other in all kinds of ways, should any one of us stop. I slid my hand further down her panties as we went farther, we stroked firmer, sometimes slower, but sometimes faster, sometimes being a little more quiet, and sometimes giving way to the excitement we gathered for each other.

After a moment, she would pull my hand away from her already wet lap, descending on her knees.

I felt her lips circling my tip soon after and made an excited sigh as I set it forth to advance down her tongue a little and I felt it gliding along my shaft, back and forth, I felt how she tasted it a little deeper bit by bit. All that made it so much harder to not go to the end of things and just bend her over and finally take her, and indeed before long, I had her stop as I picked her up and slid her pants down, pushing her against the wall and giving her a thorough spank, hearing a consenting gasp from her in return.

I stroked her soft skin warmed by my play and gave it another run, and then ran my fingers between the cheeks, just to see her reaction, to toy with her a little… But then I slipped even lower and dipped but one finger inside where I already made it so wet for me. She would grow a twisted smile as she moaned, pushing her against my finger, slipping it even deeper.

She took it so eagerly and did not look anywhere near satisfied. I slid the finger out almost fully and put another one in, fingering her deep, but steady, stroking her breasts and blissfully listening to her moans and groans as they come right up my ear, feeling how she tightens up around my fingers.

I couldn't bear the thought I could feel that around my dick, but it was still all hard outside. I slid the fingers out, and after I had her lean over a little more, I finally slid inside her and couldn't resist biting my lips and smelling her sweet-scented sweat by her neck. She felt just wonderful, eager to take it all deep in, tight and so wet… I didn't have any intentions to let her take the feeling in and I already went ahead and thrust in a few times, deep as I could, making her seize up completely before she cried out what she held for the past second, which only riled me up even more, and I wasn't the only one, as her pussy made my whole lap wet and I kept going inside her completely on autopilot, just as she kept pushing herself against my cock, as if hurrying it, welcoming it inside.

It wasn't long when it had occurred to me she was making me want to cum already and I couldn't resist giving off some moans here and there, complementing her sweet and toxifying cries of utter satisfaction with my own. She started screaming with bliss and I could feel her insides tighten up around me as she let her juices free onto our laps, and I was so close to finish myself, until I followed her and took in every moment of my cock throbbing against her tightened up pussy, pumping inside her.

We then just stood there for a minute, trying to realize that what just happened had been real.

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I wouldn't concede to believing it then and there. Only after a while I slid out of her, leaning on the wall next to her, and we would look at each other, face to face, for the longest time. We were both so exhausted; the fire of hostility and desire we had in our hearts was still burning in embers, but sated.

If it wasn't for the fact we weren't in a place you could simply just lie down and pass out, we would have just curled up to each other until one of us woke up and left. This way, we just dressed back up, and I let her leave.

I did not look where she had gone.

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I don't know if I will ever see her again. I don't know who she was, but it didn't matter. We both badly wanted a thing the other had and we gave it to each other in more ways than one. For all I know, there is nothing else connecting us now.

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With that sad, yet so beautiful thing in mind, I came out of the workshop only to discover the last bus home about to depart, and I managed to run up to it just in time, passing out to sleep in the bus as it started, only to not be able to sleep the rest of the night after I got home, thinking about the girl I was so close to, yet so far from, like ice and fire, that being fully opposed, are nothing without one another.