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All Boys School CH1: Bad boys and Good Boys: Hey if your under 18 blah blah blah the usual stuff. Feedback is welcomed and encouraged to: [email protected] For anyone who has ever had a crush on a bad boy.

The wind sang through the iron gates making them quiver and rattle the noise echoing against the walls of the building. The building itself had just been rebuilt after 100years of service; St.Cuthberts High school needed some work done, so over the summer a new block had been built and the whole school refurbished.

The corridors smelled of fresh paint, the classrooms had never been used, and the whole building was squeaky clean. Of course this was only the "upper" school which was year 9 to year 11 or year 13 depending if you left school at 16 or not. "Lower" school which was years 7 and 8 was right down on the other side of the school site past Pendower Field (the school's rugby pitch) that building was still old and falling to pieces.

Ryan was 14 when he went into year nine he was in set 9D, which meant he was average in the alpha stream. Ryan had long brown shoulder length hair that shone in the light from how clean and pristine it was, he was tall and slender and extremely pale, but his eyes they were truly beautiful his eyes were a deep shade of blue they sparkled like diamonds every time someone saw them. Ryan walked into through the huge iron gates his jacket on and his bag swung across his shoulder the fierce winds whipping his hair, and making him stumble every time he took a step.

The sky was dark and looming it was the beginning of September and the weather was miserable.


Thunder banged as he stepped inside the building, he turned to look at the lighting but was too slow.he always loved storms.

He shook himself violently his hair releasing the water it had retained.his hair may have been wet and soggy but it still had its usual bounce and beautifulness. Ryan sprinted to his form room thunder banging very step he took, the lighting giving the corridors a soft yellow glow every few seconds.

The cream walls reeked of fresh paint and the crisp new carpets squelched under Ryan's wet shoes, He turned a corner and WHAM he slammed straight into something knocking him to the ground.


"Watch we're your going" a strong deep voice boomed. Ryan looked up and saw was Chris, Chris Jenkins. the schools number 1 bad boy, Chris had been suspended 4 times, had numerous detentions, putting the fear of god into people and fighting was also a regular occurrence. Ryan had seen him often on the schools cricket pitch which students were told to go on during lunch hour.

Chris had dirty blonde hair that was spiked with gel, flawless skin and had muscles every teenage boy dreams of.

Ryan had fancied Chris ever since he came to this school, but he also detested his arrogance and cruel streaks. "Uh oh I I'm sorry" Ryan said nervously as he picked himself up, he swung his bag back over his shoulder and stood up straight, if their was one thing Ryan was known for in this school it was his perfect posture. "Its fine just make sure it doesn't happen again," Chris said in his deep manly voice smiling slightly.

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Chris felt his stomach jump. that always happened when he saw this kid. This kid, his hair was long and dark and flowed so gracefully, his smile would make angels sing but his eyes.oh his eyes they were truly beautiful, the deepest shade of blue Chris had ever seen and boy did he love seeing them.

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`Hey kid what's your name? Chris said as he pulled a cigarette out of his pocket and put it behind his ear. "Its Ryan, Ryan Pendleton" Ryan said terrified that Chris was going to start something. "Ok Rye see you around" Chris told Ryan smiling at him and walking up the stairs towards his year 11 form room. Ryan wondered why Chris was so nice to him, he had seen Chris beat the hell out of kids for less then bumping into him, oh well he thought thank god for small favors.

After registration Ryan walked with his friends towards math with Mr. Walden, a very young math teacher who always smelled like a Chinese sweatshop and his breath reeked of vodka. Ryan had suspected him of alcoholism since the start of the year. "Everyone Text books out turn to page 112 and start solving the equations" Mr.

Walden said warily as the class entered, he strode up to the whiteboard and scribbled the page number and the questions with the class had to complete in his fine chicken-scratch handwriting. "Yep reeks of Vodka" Ryan giggled under his breath causing his friends to laugh behind their books. "What was that comment Ryan?" Mr.

Walden barked across the classroom "Nothing sir just asking Phil for a bit of help" Ryan said in the sweetest voice possible. Mr. Walden nodded and went outside and into his office; he unlocked the filing cabinet and produced his bottle of vodka.

"Mmmm just what I need" Mr. Walden whispered to himself unscrewing the cap and taking a heartfelt swig of the spirit. The bell rang an hour later, and not a moment too soon, half of the students had ether fallen asleep or did really really good impressions of sleeping people.

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Ryan swung his bag over his shoulder and shoved his textbook in his bag, next was Choir, which was one of his favorite subjects and he couldn't wait to shine. The students flocked into the Main hall where Miss. Wilkinson was waiting, she was a stunning woman around 25 with auburn flaming hair done into a neat pony tail, lovely brown eyes and around 6ft tall, if she wanted she could have been a runway model.

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"Welcome, Welcome, Welcome" Miss. Wilkinson said cheerfully leading them to the seats beside the piano. "Now do we have any singers in here?" Miss. Wilkinson said looking around the class. Everyone turned in their seats and their eyes rested upon Ryan, throughout his life he had had a tremendous singing voice.he had even won awards for it.

"Uh Miss I sing" Ryan finally answered raising his hand slightly above his head. "Oh ok then Ryan I'll play the piano and why don't you get on the stage and sing? How about uh do you know the song "Tale as old as time"?" Miss Wilkinson said rather cheerily sitting behind the piano and plopping some sheet music on the stand. "Yes I know it" Ryan said smiling and climbing upon the stage.whoa it was high up here.

Miss. Wilkinson started playing and Ryan took a deep breath and started singing.

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A hush fell over the class as his beautiful voice sang through the air and filled their hearts with happiness and their eyes with tears. Ryan Belted out the song to the best of his ability not realizing his voice was making its way around nearly the whole school. Chris slammed the classroom door behind him, he had been sent out by Mr. Witikar, For apparently answering back and being "un-teachable" he couldn't even teach his wife to stop sleeping around let alone teach a 16yr old hormone driven boy to be quiet during an explanation of "Plant cells".

Chris rested against the wall and thought to himself If only I could get out this shit hole, if only I could just take my motorbike and drive off" Chris stood silently entertaining his mind with vivid images of himself blowing up the school with all the teacher still inside it. His chain of thoughts were broken suddenly by a voice, a voice singing, it was amazing Chris had never heard anything like it, it was truly beautiful and astounding. Chris jumped to his feet and ran up the stairs towards the Hall, yep he could definitely hear someone singing and now he could here the piano.

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Closer and closer he got the louder the singing became, the piano music more distinct and now he could hear the sounds of students whooping and clapping. Finally he got there.the hall, he looked through the glass door and his eyes fell upon the stage. It was Ryan, Ryan was singing that beautiful tune, and Chris felt his heart skip a beat. Why the hell did this kid have that effect on him? All he knew was, he was indeed gay he had done numerous things with his gang members and he did feel something for Ryan, Chris smiled as he knew he was going to ask Ryan out.

The class ended and Ryan was last to leave the hall, he zipped up his jacket and put his bag over his shoulder, the glass door stood before him he clapped his hand around the handle and pulled the warm metal a shock to Ryan's ever cold hands.

Ryan walked outside and started going down the stairs when a hands gripped around his arm and pulled him back. "Hey Ryan" Chris said as he put Ryan up against the wall and smiled. "Uh Hey can I help you?" Ryan said smiling slightly but the nerves inside him were building.

"Oh sure come on I am taking you outta school for dinner" Chris said leading Ryan towards the stairs. "Your what??" Ryan said alarmed. "Taking you out for Dinner then we are going to go see a movie. Don't worry we wont get caught I do it all the time" Chris assured Ryan a tinge of pride in his voice.

"Uh ok" Ryan said smiling as Chris led him down the school car park and into the street, Ryan felt a twinge of fear in his gut. What if they were caught? What if Chris was gonna beat him up or something? Nevertheless Ryan smiled a bit; it felt good to be breaking the rules for a change.

"Hope you don't mind wearing this" Chris said to Ryan smiling as he handed him a motorbike helmet. Ryan felt his mouth drop as he and Chris came across a motor bike, a glorious motorbike it was all shiny and big, Rye couldn't tell what make it was but it was just WOW in Ryan's opinion.

"Do you like it?" Chris said spitting on the bike handle and shining it up with his sleeve and checking his hair was still gelled in its place.

"Yeah it's great" Ryan said his eyes locked on the bike. "Well get on then don't wanna miss the movie do we?" Chris said putting his helmet on and fastening tight onto his head.

Ryan quickly swung his leg over the bike and put his helmet on. He held on tight to the back of the seat as Chris started the bike and they drove off in quick speed. The wind crashed against Ryan's face, making him smile as the cars rushed past them Chris smiled and waved to some old woman who had scowled at him. Chris swerved around sharp corners and sped up making Ryan terrified the fear was raging inside him the cars now becoming a blur and the people just becoming dots of colour on the streets and Chris stopped suddenly making Ryan slam into him a bit.

Chris Pulled up outside the movie theatre and locked up his bike. "So how did you like that then?" Chris asked Ryan as he took his helmet off and readjusted his gelled hair. "It was AWSOME" Ryan said smiling widely, he took his helmet off and his long dark hair flew free from its prisoner making Chris stop still for a moment or two.

"Well I thought we'd go see The Texas chainsaw massacre is that ok with you?" Chris asked Ryan, he wanted Ryan to be happy with him he wanted Ryan to be comfortable. "Yeah I love horror movies," Ryan said walking up the steps to the main door of the Cinema. "Where the fuck you going kidda?" Chris said looking confused, he stepped over to Ryan and took him by the arm and gently dragging him to the side of the building, their was an open window, Chris pushed a bin underneath it and stood on top climbing expertly through the window.

Ryan was shocked but in a way excited he'd never done this before, never broken the rules.never been.bad. Chris stood on the other side of the window and waited for Ryan to climb through, he put his arms up to help, Ryan down from the window. "Thanks" Ryan said his hair slightly messy from the climb he has just made.

"No problem" Chris said taking the cigarette from his ear, striking a match and lighting is, taking in long draws and puffing out blue clouds of smoke. "Come on this way" "Its all dark I cant see a thing" "Oh for fucks say here" Chris grabbed Ryan's hand tightly and start pulling him along, he loved the feeling of Ryan's hand in made him blush and feel good at the same time.

Ryan was pulled through a row of seats and they stopped just by the aisle. "Ok we can sit" Chris sat sitting himself down in the chair and putting his feet up on the row in front of him.Ryan sat himself down beside Chris who was already enchanted by the trailers on screen.

Ryan shurrged and leaned back into the chair relazing. Just do it you know you want to. Chris thought to himself wanting to put his arm around Ryan and kiss him. Go on do it he wont mind. Chris fake yawned and put his arm over Ryan who flinched slightly.but only slightly Ryan looked at Chris and their eyes met.Chris leaned in and kissed Ryan softly and tenderly on the lips feeling the fireworks between them.the alarm bells in his head and that fire in his heart.

Yes he definitely would ask Ryan out.