Jessa Rhodes gets a face full of hot cum from Johnny Sins beast of a cock

Jessa Rhodes gets a face full of hot cum from Johnny Sins beast of a cock
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I grew up in Madera CA. My Dad is 35 and my Mom is 33. I'm 15 now.

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My parent's sex life has been wearing on me for a couple years, ever since I started puberty. The walls are pretty thin in this house so every night I masturbate to their sounds. I hear my mom breath heavy and moan then, "AHHH, AHHH YEAA", as she comes. This happens usually twice then a third as my dad comes.

I hear his manly roar, then, I hear the scratching of my mom's nails up and down his back. At first I shot my load when my mom came the first time, then as time went on the second time, and then for a while I like to time my orgasm with my dad's and moan with him.

Then the trouble all started when I decided to start practicing and training myself to last as long as I could. I eventually got to the point where I could last for at least twice as long as my dad.

From then on I started to feel jealous that my mom wasn't enjoying my cock that could last longer than my dad, even if mine might not b as big as his. So, I started to formulate my plan. First, for the hardest part, I had to decide which sex position I would walk in on them on.

Which meant for both access to my mom and for the parent to be most likely to accept my presence in the bedroom being on top. I decided that it would be best with my mom on top facing my dad.

Second was the easy part, to break the door lock when they weren't home so they wouldn't be able to lock their bedroom door. Third, for my plan I had to decide if I could walk in and demand I had a turn and explain why, or should I sneak in and shove my cock in.

I decided to sneak in. Finally, I had to decide which hole I would take since I was sneaking in and my mom's pussy would be full with my dad's cock I decided to go for her ass. So now that I had a plan I knew there was no going back. I knew timing was everything so I waited until they were fucking for a couple of minutes before I began my sneak attack. My Mom was grinding on my Dad and they were too into it to notice the door had opened so I crouched down and approached the foot of the bed.

As I peeked over the foot of the bed I saw the object I had been craving for so many years. I started to tug on my cock as my eyes ran over my Mom. Her long soft hair that flowed down her back almost down to her round butt, that as of right now was clenching and releasing repeatedly on my Dad. My eyes were drawn to her tight little asshole that was just slightly darker than her ass and just below it were my Dad's balls shaved and relaxed as he was used to my Mom fucking his brains out on a regular basis.

This brought me out of my trance of watching my Moms ass work and motivated me to slowly start to climb up onto the bed. My Mom was already making the bed move and squeak a lot so I just had be slow, quiet, and not touch anyone until I was ready. Then when I was close enough I went into action like lightning.

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In one swoop I strattled my Dads legs and had the head of my throbbing dick at the entrance of my Mom's poop shoot. My Dad and Mom looked at me and before my Dad could open his mouth my Mom yelled, "NOT IN MY ASS".

I was holding my Mom's waist and we locked eyes and she saw my need. She softened and said," try to fit it in my pussy with your father's". My Dad was stunned and started to speak only to have his mouth stuffed with tit as my Mom leaned forward to give me access. "Okay", I thought, "it's my turn now" I pulled my Dad's legs closer together and sat down on his legs, feeling his hairy legs tickle my ass as I scooted forward towards their genitals.

I aimed the head of my cock at the back of my Mom's pussy and pushed in. It stretched my Mom's cunt as it fit the first time.


My Mom yelped and my Dad groaned. I pushed in slowly, as I did I felt the belly of my Dad's shaft on mine and my Mom's pussy contracting on the other side of my cock.

I continued to slide in until I startled as my balls touched my Dad's. Immediately both our scrotums tightened up.

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I paused to see my Dad's balls lift then I continued to push in until our heads touched inside my Mom. I stopped pushing sat where I was, resting my ass once again on my Dad's legs and my balls on his. My Mom was moaning and mewing and my Dad was moaning and his pitch would increase every time our balls touched. I started to rub my Mom's ass and she moaned, " awwww yeaaa". Now I began to pump making sure to keep my ass on my Dad's legs which meant keeping good friction on our balls.

As I pumped I flicked the head of my cock back and forth over my Dad's. He groaned deeply and my Mom asked him, "Is he teasing your cock with his? heheh-ohhh… keep doing that I'm gunna cum!" I picked up my pace and my Dad's cock throbbed in response. I could feel my Mom's pussy tighten, then my Mom's ass tightened in my hands, then my Dads thighs tensed up under my ass.

Then my parents came and came hard, my Mom's pussy contracted in rapid fire convulsions around our cocks as she screamed at the top of her lungs.


Her snatch overflowed on to my dad and I; which made our balls slick and glide across each other. This sent my Dad over the edge as well as his cock swelled and shot its wad in my Mother alongside his son. This sent me into climax as I came hard with my Parents.

My cock twitching in perfect timing with my Father's. When I was finished cumming I fell backwards onto the bed and fell into a deep sleep. As I did I noticed a camera that had been filming behind me the entire time. When I awoke my Mom was on top of me in a 69 sucking my dick. I was in the same spot I was in when I fell asleep so her knees were on the edge of the bed. My Dad approached my Mom from behind and stroked the head of his cock up and down my Mom's pussy.

Then shoved it in balls deep. My Mom groaned on my dick. Without being told I began sucking my Mom's clit while my Dad's balls drug across my face. My Dad picked up his pace as he was getting closer to cumming so I decided to help him out and suck on his balls.

He said, "fuck yes son" as he increased his pace again. Just as I was switching back to my Mother's clit, with my mouth open, he pulled out to far and missed reentry hitting my mouth instead. With one thrust forward he buried himself balls deep in my mouth, not only that but that was his final thrust as he came directly into my stomach.

As his cock pulsed in my mouth and throat I came in my Mom's mouth. When he finished he smacked my Mom's ass and said, "damn that pussy of yours is great." Then my Mom said, "thanks but that wasn't my pussy." My Dad looked down with a stunned look on his face as he saw his cock withdrawing from my mouth.

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It has been a few weeks since I started sleeping with my parents, that's when my Mom approached me and said she missed her period. She explained that my Dad had gotten a vasectomy after I was born and she had forgotten. That's when she noticed me smiling.

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