Juicy ladyboy with nice arse strips and gets pounded hard

Juicy ladyboy with nice arse strips and gets pounded hard
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Chapter Ten Joseph slammed his car door as he got out. Lindsey was on his ex's porch, crying as Brian held her. David was sitting in the back of police squad car. Instead of rushing to his little girl, he went for the car. An officer jumped in his way, but Joseph wanted to get to that stupid son of a bitch.

"You sorry prick! Get out here and face me! If you ever touch my baby girl again, I will rip your limp ass dick straight off and shove it down your throat!" "Sir," the officer said, "calm down." "That bastard just raped my daughter!

He's lucky that he isn't dead!" Lindsey ran to Joseph and hugged him tight. "Daddy, please just take me home. I want to leave." "We can't, Sweetie. The officers are going to have to do a rape kit." Her eyes widened. She looked at the officer closest to them. "Give us a minute alone." Once the man was gone, she turned to her father. "Daddy, you and I have been having a lot of sex.

They might find more than David's DNA." "So what do we do?" "I want you to have full custody of me. Then we can move away and leave David and Mom behind." He nodded and approached one of the officers. They were not going to press charges. He would give Lindsey what she wanted.

This meant that things would get better. They could have a family. Just the two of them with Leah. (_)(_)(_) Things went smoothly over the next couple of weeks. Joseph finally had full custody of Lindsey. They were able to raise Leah and spend time with each other. But she had also started school again. Lindsey yawned and stretched as she walked into the kitchen. She loved being able to walk around in as little clothing as she pleased.

It was so comfortable. She was wearing her red lace boy shorts panties and a tiny t-shirt as she poured a cup of coffee. Just as she was about to turn around, she felt masculine arms wrap around her.

She smiled and leaned back into her father as he kissed her neck. "Good morning, Daddy," she said. He squeezed her breasts and inhaled deeply as her perfume hit his nostrils. "You are so beautiful, Baby." "I know," she replied. Joseph slowly pulled her panties down. He knelt and kissed her sweet ass, and then slid up to slide his boxers off. She moaned softly as she felt the head of his cock against her ass.

He spit on his hand and then spread her ass cheeks wide. When he pressed himself into her anus, she moaned softly. He slid in, inch by inch. She gasped as his cock stretched the small hole.

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Then he began thrusting soft and deep. Lindsey moaned softly, grasping the counter. His thrust became stronger, pounding into her with incredible force. "Fuck.Daddy." "You like my cock, Baby?" he asked, nibbling her ear. "Fuck my little ass." He pounded into her with all his might, squeezing her tight ass. Her moans got louder and louder. He was power driving himself into her ass hole. Then he came, spilling his hot semen into her.

She sighed happily and turned to kiss him. As their lips locked, he squeezed her breasts gently.

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"I hope you have a good day at school, Sweetheart." "And you have a good day at work, Daddy. When is the nanny coming over?" "In a little while. And when we get done today, I am taking you out some where nice." Lindsey smiled, and kissed him again. "I love you, Daddy." "I love you too. Now, finish making your breakfast and get ready. We both have a long day ahead of us." (_)(_)(_) School wasn't quite as fun without Ellie around.

Lindsey moved slowly down the halls, avoiding attention. When she got to her English class, she entered and sat down in the back row. As class started, she kept her nose in her book, hoping to ignore everyone. Then a young man entered the classroom. He had short, spiked blonde hair and brown eyes. He was tan and muscular. As he sat down beside her, he clearly noticed her short blue jean mini skirt and white tank top.

"Hey," he said, "my name's Alex." "Lindsey," she replied, trying not to look at him. "I'm new here. My family just moved into town last week." "Cool. It's nice to meet you." Alex nodded. "So, uh, you wanna hang out after school." That caught Lindsey by surprise. But she figured that it had been a while since she had hung out with anyone her own age. "Sure. I'll meet you out in the parking lot." Chapter Eleven Lindsey yawned as she stood in the parking lot.

It had already been an hour, and Alex still wasn't around.


She was just about to give up when he walked out. When he saw her, a smile spread across his face. "You really waited?" he asked.

"Yeah. I think it's rude to stand someone up." They walked to his car and quickly got in. "So, where are we going?" she asked. Alex smiled. "I figured that you would like to see my place. My folks won't be around until later today, so we will have some time to relax." She stretched and let her hand come to rest on his thigh. As he drove out of the school parking lot, she gently began rubbing the long lump in his jeans. Alex cleared his throat, clearly losing focus on the road ahead of him.

He drove using one hand as his other rest on hers. He made her rub him faster, groaning with his rising pleasure and need. Every stop light they came to was pure agony. When he finally pulled into his drive way, he couldn't wait any longer. He pulled her close and kissed her hard, shoving his tongue into her mouth. It was clear that she had quite some experience when it came to kissing. Her tongue was strong, wrestling with his as she unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans.

The moment she freed his throbbing cock, Alex knew that he was in Heaven. He groaned as she stroked him with a strong grip.

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His thick tool throbbed, and Sarah moved closer to him. Her lips slid over the head of his cock and her tongue began licking the tip enticingly. Lindsey's head bobbed up and down, guiding his dick in and out pass those full lips. He leaned back and groaned as she sucked harder, her tongue flicking over his sex to coax out the seed waiting to burst forth from his loins. She sucked faster and faster, taking all seven inches down her throat.

Finally, he burst. Alex moaned as his semen shot into the back of her throat. Lindsey licked him clean and sat up. There was a spot of his semen on her chin, and there was also some in her hair.

When she smiled, it lit up the world. She looked at once so naughty and so beautiful. Alex kissed her, and then wiped the cum off her chin with his finger. She smirked and licked it off. "So, should we go inside?" she asked. "Yeah. You can stay until around two in the morning." Lindsey got a twinkle in her eyes as she rubbed his softened cock. It twitched slightly.

"Good. I want to enjoy you some more." (_)(_)(_) Lindsey yawned as she walked into her dark apartment. It sounded like the baby and her father were already asleep. She hung her back pack on the hook. Suddenly, the living room light turned on. She jumped around and looked into her father's angry eyes. "You were supposed to come home after school," he growled. "I was with a friend." He jumped up. Before she could blink, he was on her, slamming her against the wall and squeezing her cheeks.

"Who were you fucking?" he snapped. "Daddy, that hurts!" "Shut up and tell me who you let fuck you sexy little pussy!" He slid his hands down her pants and squeezed her juicy mound. Lindsey screamed in pain. "Daddy, that hurts!" "You are such a little slut! I was going to treat you like my wife tonight, but you ditched!

Now, you will see what you are going to be from now on! If you act like a whore, I will treat you like one!" "Please, no!" Joseph slammed her across the living room and onto the couch. He buried her face down in the cushion as he yanked her pants and panties down. Before she knew what was happening, his cock was buried in her ass without lubricant. She clawed at the couch as he fucked her harder and faster. "Please, Daddy! You're hurting me!" "Take it, Bitch!" He thrust deeper and harder, groaning as her screams filled his ears like melodious music.

In minutes, he came. He pulled out of her torn anus and threw her onto the floor. "Why?" she sobbed. "Because you need to be taught a lesson.

This was supposed to be a fling. I never meant to become your husband, Lindsey! I am you fucking father! And after I popped your sweet little cherry, you became a whore! You have been letting anyone who is willing fuck you!

You are a sex addict!" As her father stormed up the stairs, Lindsey sat there in shock. He was right. She knew that he was. But it was already too late. She was hooked. (_)(_)(_) Joseph yawned as he felt the bed shift. "Lindsey?" he asked in the darkness. "It's me, Daddy." He turned and faced her, pulling her close. Her naked flesh felt perfect against his own. "I'm sorry for hurting you, Baby." "It's okay. I deserved it." He reached out and touched her perfect, smooth face.

"What you deserve is to be treated like the princess that you are. I love you." "I love you too." Joseph leaned forward and kissed her hard, sliding his tongue into her mouth. Lindsey responded by draping a leg over his hip and guiding his hardening shaft into her tight hole.

He kissed her neck as he gently moved his hips. She moaned softly, her cunt tightening around him. Suddenly, she pulled him out of her and turned on the bed side lamp. "Daddy, we have to talk." "Alright, Sweetheart." She bit her lip as she thought. Finally, she looked him in the eyes.

"I am going to be your wife. We may not be able to get legally married, but we will live as if we are." Joseph sat up and kissed her. "I like that idea." "And I want to get pregnant. I want your baby." He backed away. Lindsey saw the look in his eyes. "What's wrong, Daddy?" she asked. "Darling, I got a vasectomy after your mother and I had you." She looked away. "Oh. Okay." Joseph sighed. "I'm sorry that I can't give you what you want." "It's alright," she replied, and turned off the light.

As his daughter curled up to go to sleep, Joseph's heart sank. He felt terrible. All of this had gotten so twisted.

It had started innocently enough. Now she wanted something more than just a sexual relationship. Joseph held her in his arms and went to sleep. (_)(_)(_) It was around lunch time on Saturday when the door bell rang.

Lindsey sighed. "Who could be here at ten in the morning?" she asked herself as she laid the baby in the bassinet. She walked to the door and opened it slowly. "Hey," she said when she looked into Alex's eyes.

"I had to see you. Was your dad pissed about me bringing you home so late?" She shrugged. "Not really. He got over it. Come on in. He had to work today." "What does he do?" Alex asked as he shut the door. Lindsey sat on the couch. "He's a cop." Alex sighed. "That makes me feel so much better." Lindsey squeezed his hand, and then cuddled up to him. When his hand came to rest on her ass, she smiled. "Daddy isn't bad. He would like you." "Let's hope so." When Alex saw the baby, he froze.

"Whose kid?" "Mine. Her name is Leah." Alex looked at her, and then back at the baby. "You're a mother?" "Yeah. Got a problem with that?" He shrugged.

"I don't care." Lindsey ran her fingers over his cheek. "I love you, Alex. You're so sweet and understanding." "And not to mention insanely hot," he said before kissing her passionately.

She moaned as his hand massaged her breasts, hardening her nipple. Alex moved faster, sliding his hand down the front of her sweat pants as he laid her back.

Soft whimpers slid pass her lips as he massaged her faster and faster.

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He slid two fingers into her tight pussy, and then pulled his hand away and licked it. "You taste sweet," he whispered as he kissed her neck.

Alex pulled her tank top up to her neck and licked her soft nipples.

"That feels so good," she moaned, running her fingers through his hair. Alex pulled her shirt the rest of the way. Then he slid down her body and pulled her sweat pants off.

As she lay there in a pair of boys superman underwear, he looked into her gorgeous eyes. At that moment, she was the most beautiful girl in the world. He slid the crotch of the underwear aside and slid a finger into her.

The look on her face as she was penetrated made him smirk. When he stood up to remove his shirt and jeans, she lifted her hips and slid her underwear off.

The sight of that completely bare pussy was more to bear than last time. He spread her legs and guided his sex to the wet entrance of her hot little cunt. "I want you so bad," Lindsey whimpered, tossing her arms around him. Their lips locked at the exact same moment as Alex slid into her. The walls of her pussy stretched to accommodate him. Slow, gentle thrusts made her cry out as he nibbled on her small breasts. "Alex, I love your big cock.

Fuck me hard." He stood on his knees and raised her hips as he thrust harder and deeper. He could feel the wall of her cervix as he pounded her young cunt. "Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Lindsey's screams echoed around him as he fucked her faster and faster.

He could feel his climax rising. He groaned as they came together. He pumped his seed deep inside her, coating the inside of her cunt. Before she had a chance to react, he flipped her over and spread her tight little ass.

Alex spit on his cock and stroked it to make sure it was lubricated. Then he plunged himself deep into her anus. She cried out, digging her nails into the couch as he thrust hard. Loud moans echoed around them as he fucked her ass faster and harder.

His hips slammed into her juicy ass, making a delicious popping noise with each impact. After what seemed like a magnificent eternity, he came, spilling out of the widened hole. As he pulled out, he fell back. He was exhausted. Lindsey grabbed his cock and licked it clean before sliding up his body and kissing him hard. "I love you so much," she said. "I love you too." Chapter Twelve Joseph smiled as he walked into his new office.

The chief had made him the new head of the drug force. When he looked at his desk, he froze. "Do I know you?" he asked the young girl sitting on his desk. "No. I go to school with your daughter. My name is Melanie." Melanie looked to be about fourteen, with long brunette hair and light brown eyes. Her body was slender and toned. Her breasts seemed to be a 32 B. And he was willing to bet that she had a nice, round little ass on her. She was sitting on his desk in a white spaghetti strap shirt that was incredibly thin, showing her pink lace bra, and a blue jean mini skirt.

"What can I do for you?" he asked. She spread her legs slightly. "Your daughter made the mistake of leaving her diary in the locker room at school. I know everything about the two of you." Joseph gulped. His heart raced. It must have been obvious. "Don't worry, Joseph. I have a proposition for you." "That would be?" Melanie got a seductive look in her eyes.

"My father is in jail awaiting trial for a drug bust that you did. I want him free.

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If you don't, the news will find out about dear little Lindsey being stuffed with her daddy's cock." Joseph sighed. "I will see if I can make the evidence disappear." "And you have to fuck me." He looked back at her. "Excuse me?" "I want you to fuck me.

And I want Lindsey to know. She and I have never liked each other. I'll enjoy seeing the look on her face when she finds out that I am riding the same cock that she has had inside her." Joseph nodded.

"Fine. But I want that diary." She reached into her purse and pulled out a bright pink notebook. With a smirk, she tossed it to him. "If you screw me over, I have copies.

You can't get out of this." (_)(_)(_) It was late when Lindsey heard her father pull up in front of the house. The moment the door opened, she jumped up. She glared at Melanie. "What the fuck are you doing here?" Joseph entered and tossed Lindsey her diary. "She found that in the locker room." Lindsey's world was suddenly sinking in around her. Melanie grabbed her father's crotch. "Your dear old daddy and I will be upstairs.

I hope you enjoyed the time you had with him. After he gets my pussy, consider yourself replaced." Joseph hated the fact that he had to leave his sweet little girl down stairs. Honestly, though, Melanie was a nice piece of ass. He watched her walk into his room and smiled when she turned to face him. Their kiss was passionate, and her hands were quick to remove his pants.

She sank to her knees and yanked his boxers down. Her lips were instantly on his cock. She sucked and licked, making his knees feel weak. Then she slid up and kissed him again as she unbuttoned his shirt. Joseph pulled her off, and then ripped through the thin fabric of her bra. Melanie made a little moan as he pulled a tiny nipple into his mouth.

"This was a great idea," she moaned. Joseph laid her down on the bed and slowly unzipped her skirt as his tongue plunged into her mouth.


She helped him remove her pink lace thong, and then through her arms and legs around him. He rammed deep into her, making her scream out in pleasure. "Yes! Give me that cock!" He thrust hard and deep. Suddenly, this was the greatest moment that he could have imagined.

Melanie was such a slender, sexy young teen. Even if it hurt his daughter, he couldn't stop fucking this incredibly tight pussy. (_)(_)(_) The taste of the cold apple juice was so refreshing to Lindsey as she stood at the open fridge. When she set the bottle back inside the fridge, she saw Melanie walk into the kitchen.

"Did you have fun?" Lindsey asked, not really caring about the answer. Melanie sat down on the counter. Her sheer pink robe slipped open slightly, and Lindsey saw her bare pussy.

"I was thinking about what I did to you," Melanie said, looking completely guilty. "You should. What you did was wrong. I love him." "I know. I am gonna burn the copies of your diary." Lindsey's eyes widened. "You're being nice?" Melanie shrugged.

"I'm sorry. I just realized that I really like you." Lindsey stood between Melanie's legs and looked into her eyes. "You like me?" She nodded. "A lot. You're really pretty." They kissed hard and passionate. Lindsey slipped the robe off Melanie's slim figure and spread her legs wide. Her finger slid inside Melanie's tight pussy. The girl moaned softly. Lindsey pumped her finger gently into Melanie, wiggling it around. Melanie lifted her hips off the counter moaning louder and louder.

Lindsey moved her finer faster as she knelt to lick Melanie wet clit. Melanie gasped and ground her pussy in her friend's face. "Fuck! That feels so good!" Lindsey spread the pussy wide and slid her tongue into the cum drenched depths. Moans echoed through the apartment. The girl licked and sucked on each other, their lips locked as they slowly made their way to the living room. Then Melanie slid on top of Lindsey, ramming two fingers into her. In seconds, their time as enemies faded away, giving way to a beautiful relationship.